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Minutes - Llwchwr Town Council by zhouwenjuan


									                           CYNGOR TREF LLWCHWR

                        LLWCHWR TOWN COUNCIL

               Minutes of the Welfare Hall Management Committee
                     Meeting held on the 6 September 2010

Present: Councillor A. I. Evans (Chairman)
         Councillors J. Bowen, M. G. Dennis, Wendy Evans, William Evans,
         I. James, T. Jones, R. V. Smith and P. M. Williams.

         (Welfare Hall, Loughor: 7.00pm – 7.10pm )

        There were apologies for absence from Councillors E. Davies, S. E. Davies,
        D. A. Evans, S. M. Evans, C. Richards and A. Veck.

        There were no declarations of interests under the Council’s Code of

17.     MINUTES
        It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on the 5th
        July 2010 be confirmed as a correct record.

        There were no matters arising.


         (a) Blood Donor Session
             It was NOTED that a Blood Donor Session had been held in the Hall
             on the 2nd July 2010 which had been well attended.

         (b) Business Gas
             (i) It was NOTED that the Gas consumption figure for the quarter to
                 14 July 2010 amounted to £282.71.
             (ii) It was NOTED that the Clerk had agreed a two year contract for
                  the supply of gas in the following terms:-
                  Standing Charge 8.9p/day and unit price 3.374p

         (c)   Payments
               The following payments were authorised.
               (i) SWALEC – electricity charges May to August - £367.49
                (ii)Wattech PA – repairs to cables and servicing sound system-£45.00

(d) Fire Extinguishers
     It was NOTED that the fire extinguishers in the Hall had been
    serviced and were in full working order.

(e) Telephone Charges
    It was NOTED that the telephone charges for the last quarter
    amounted to £65.76 and that they were paid to BT by Direct Debit.

(f) Welfare Hall Receipts
    It was NOTED that the receipts for the year to date could not be
    produced since the paying in books were currently with the Auditors.

(g) Hall Sound System
    It was reported that there had been a problem with the Council
    microphones. The problem had been traced to the two leads which
    were broken. They have now been repaired and are in working order.
    At the same time the system has been serviced and re-set properly. The
    system is now working properly but there was still a problem with a
    droning sound while the system was on stand bye. Further
    investigations were being undertaken.
    It was RESOLVED that
    (i)    Welsh Woodcrafts be asked if they could construct a cover
            which could be locked in place when the system was in use to
            prevent any alteration in the settings; and
    (ii)    a note be placed on the microphone cables indicating that the
            leads were not to be removed.

(h) Shelving in Basement
    It was reported that due to storage limitations the Clerk had requested
    the Welsh Woodcrafts Group to install shelving in the basement
    storage room in the Hall. This had been carried out at a cost of £200.00.
    It was RESOLVED that
    (i)    the action by the Clerk be endorsed and the sum of £200.00 be
           paid to Mr R Beaven;
    (ii)   the Clerk be instructed to review the files being stored and
           dispose of as much as possible.

(i)    Leak in Ceiling in Ladies Toilet
      It was reported that with recent heavy rain water had been entering the
      ladies toilet from the ceiling. Further investigation showed that there
      was also a leak in the centre toilet cubicle which was then placed out of
      It was NOTED that the Clerk was making arrangements to get a
      quotation for the repairs.

(j) Foyer Lights
    It was reported that during the recess one of the light fittings in the
    foyer had come free from the ceiling. The fitting had not been very
    secure of some considerable time and had finally come free and had to

         be removed. The Clerk had arranged for a two new light to be fitted in
         the foyer. These now provided a better level of light and looked much
         better than the old light fittings.
         It was RESOLVED that the action by the Clerk be endorsed and the
         cost of replacing the lights in the sum of £164.50 be paid to Mike
         Young and Son (Electrical Contractors).

      There were no urgent items.



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