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					                                              teaching/lecture resume……

                                              In 1989, I began teaching at a local quilt shop in the Dal-
                                              las/Ft.Worth area. Since that time, I have been fortunate
     EVOLUTION/                               to have been invited to teach and lecture at many Quilt
 REVOLUTION                                   Guilds, Art Centers, and Conferences around the country.
                                              The following is a list of some of my travels.
 This slide lecture explains and dem-
 onstrates the process and inspira-
 tions for many of Barbara’s quilts.
                                                   Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Williamsburg, VA
                                                        North Carolina Quilt Symposium, NC
                                                                                                                Barbara Oliver
 She also shows how her quiltmaking              West Coast Quilter’s Conference, Sacramento, CA                Hartman
 has progressed from the early days                      Quilting by the Lake, Morrisville, NY
 until now and how her style has                     Lampasas Quilt Extravaganza, Lampasas, TX
 changed. Barbara will also bring sev-          Greater San Antonio Quilters’ Guild, San Antonio, TX
                                                        Green Country Quilt Guild, Tulsa, OK
 eral quilts.
                                                       Arlington Quilters Guild, Arlington, TX
       PRACTICAL MATTERS                                Varied Arts Association, Lewisville, TX
                                                          Austin Quilter”s Guild, Austin, TX
 This lecture shows through a series                                                                        “I have found that the time
 of slides different ways that Barbara                 American Quilter’s Society, Paducah, KY
                                                                                                            you are willing to spend is
 accomplishes many aspects of                          Concord Quilter’s Guild, Concord, MA
 quiltmaking. From inspiration to                       Mountain Top Quilters, Prescott, AZ                   directly related to your
 the design process, topics such as                   Quilter’s Guild of Sudbury, Sudbury, MA
                                                   Bryan/College Station Quilter’s Guild, Bryan, TX
 choosing fabrics and construction
                                                         Quilter’s Guild of Waco, Waco, TX
 techniques will be covered along                                                                               Barbara Oliver Hartman
                                                          Killeen Quilter’s Guild, Killeen, TX
 with some finishing and fabric dye-                      Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, Dallas, TX
 ing tips.                                            Trinity Valley Quilt Guild, Ft. Worth, TX
                                                          Quilter’s Guild of Allen, Allen, TX
                                                    Quilt Guild of Greater Houston, Houston, TX                  122 Red Oak Lane
    DYEING WORKSHOP                                  Golden Triangle Quilt Guild, Beaumont, TX
                                                          Red River Quilters, Shreveport, LA
                                                                                                              Flower Mound, TX 75028
               one or two day
Using Procion MX dyes, students will                  Del Rio Council for the Arts, Del Rio, TX
learn several methods of direct application                                                                      tel (972) 724-1181
and immersion dyeing techniques. Lost                                                                 
of experimentation and “playing”. Most
supplies are furnished and students will
                                                       VISIT ME ON THE WEB AT
have an opportunity to over-dye some of
their own prints.
                                                                                                                  ♦    WORKSHOPS
                                                                                                                      ♦ LECTURES
NOTE: Site approval is required. A fee
will be charged for supplies and fabric.                                                                              ♦ JUDGING

                                                                                                                          THE POWER OF PATTERN
                                                                                                                                      half day or one day
                                                                                                                   Each student will work on designing their own
                                                                                                                   block or shape and through exercises will explore
                                                                                                                   possibilities for using the block or shape in combi-
                                                                                                                   nations to create their own original design quilt or
                                  about                                                                            wallhanging.
Raised in Yuma, Arizona, the influence of Bar-
bara’s Southwest Heritage is apparent in her work.                                                                     BIG STITCH EMBELLISHMENT
Since beginning quiltmaking in 1980, her original                                                                                    half day or one day
design quilts have displayed a Contemporary                                                                        In this class students will work on a project of their
Southwestern flavor along with Amish, and Art
                                                                 KALEIDOSCOPE DESIGN                               own and we will explore techniques that will en-
Deco styles.                                                                                                       hance the design using threadwork. Participants can
                                                                             one or two day
Barbara’s Grandmother quilted out of necessity           Students will learn Barbara’s easy method of design       bring any one of a number of types of projects to
using scraps and discarded clothing and made spe-        and construction to make dramatic kaleidoscope            work on. Suggestions include but are not limited
cial quilts for each family member. Her mother           quilts. Using a simple design plan, each person will      to; a block or number of completed blocks, a quilt
was a dressmaker and entrepreneur and began a            begin a quilt using her easy foundation methods.          top, a finished quilt or wallhanging, or a piece of
small dressmaking company in the 1950”s which                                                                      special or hand-dyed fabric they are inspired by but
specialized in southwestern style clothing. Bar-                                                                   reluctant to use.
bara’s father was a talented artist and craftsman as a
gunsmith and knife maker. Quiltmaking has given                                                                                  PROJECT CLASSES
her the needed outlet to express herself and the                                                                       SOUTHWEST WALLHANGING OR QUILT
work she is doing today reflects her attitudes                                                                                               one day
about herself, life in general, and some social                                                                    Students will make a wallhanging or quilt from a
commentary.                                                                                                        pattern furnished in class. Top will be substantially
Award winning quilts by Barbara have been exhib-                                                                   completed in one day
ited in many quilt shows around the country. She                                                                                      THE RANCH SKIRT
has also been juried into Visions: San Diego, Quilt                                                                                      one or two day
National numerous times, and has participated                                                                      This is a classic skirt that uses Seminole style piecing
through invitation or jurying into many shows at                                                                   to produce a spectacular garment that will always be
museums and art centers throughout the country.                                                                    there for that special occasion.
                                                           MANDALA: QUILTS THAT HEAL                               NOTE: In one-day class, all of the elements are demon-
In addition to making quilts and teaching, Barbara                                                                 strated and sewing is started. In two-day, it will be mostly
                                                                           one day or two day
also has judged many quilt shows, curated exhibi-                                                                                             completed.
                                                         Each ancient culture has produced a form of Mandala
tions, and has self-published a pattern line since
                                                         designs that serve as spiritual and healing symbols.
                                                         We will develop quilt designs that take circular shapes
Barbara lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her hus-       and create a quilt that includes your own ideas and
band Bob where she spends as much time as possi-         symbols. Students will be given exercises, formats,
ble making quilts when not traveling and teaching.       and inspiration to help get started on their own per-
                                                         sonal design

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