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                                                      Newsletter of
                                         First United Methodist Church Fox Hill
                                                     Jan & Feb 2013

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New Year                  New Beginning                   New Direction

                                       I am so thankful for the rich spiritual heritage given to me
       Ongoing needs:                  in the 1960s and 1970s at First UMC Fox Hill. Ladies such as
                                       my mother, Joyce Fly, Mrs. Milby, Vi Steitenroth, and many
     Roland Stanworth                  others ran the children's programs and kindergarten that
        Ralph Quinn
                                       provided childlike faith in God for so many of us - seeds of
      Caleigh Bauer
                                       faith. My teen years were so blessed through Boy Scout
   Makenzieanne Wygans
    Rebekah Sanderson                  Troop 151 started by my Dad, Ed Fly, and so many other
      Margaret Heath                   men that served to train up boys in the way they should
    Phil & Zane Brooker                go. Thanks to First UMC Fox Hill for hosting all that growth
        Evelyn Verry                   for so many of us. Thanks for continuing to plant and
         Jim Miskelly                  fertilize those faith seeds in the next generation.
      Selena Landon
     Nancy Markham                     David E. Fly (Menomonie Wisconsin).
        Betty Triplett
       Marcia Quinn
       Jean Sprouse                    -Julie and Nathan Williams extend our heartfelt thanks to
                                       all the church members who contributed in any way to
    Gregory Creekmore
                                       help our daughter-in-law's (Stephanie Hurley) family as we
       Aileen Haight
                                       all faced her mother's (Lani Hurley) untimely death in
       Sandra Palko
       Merv Shearer                    October. We especially thank Laura Harris for her time
      Peg Hopewell                     and expertise in helping to design the funeral bulletin and
         L.M. West                     for her helpful guidance as we planned the funeral. We
     Darlene Hayden                    thank Brian Sixbey for allowing a family friend of the
       Frances Seely                   Hurley's to conduct the funeral service. We thank Ann
                                       Maninga for singing a solo with her angelic voice and for
     Immediate needs:
       Brian Eubank                    playing a hymn. We thank Jim Branstetter and Mary Parker
         Brian Allen                   for overseeing the sound booth and sanctuary
       Kathy Kromoff                   screens...the family was so comforted by the DVD of the
        Keith Pizzeck                  funeral that Jim recorded for them. We thank Dave Sharp
        Eddie Forrest                  for ushering at the last minute. We thank Martha's Ministry
                                       for the delicious food and plenteous paper products
                                       which were lovingly given to the family during their first
                                       week of grief. We were all blessed beyond measure by
                                       the way our church members enveloped Stephanie's
                                       family with Christian love and service.

                                       Julie & Nathan Williams

We want to care for and pray for all our members. If you have a need or know of someone with a concern or
wish to be removed from our list please contact one of the pastors or Laura Harris in the church office.

                                                    “Ava’s Question”
           About six years ago, I was dipping Easter Eggs into chocolate while working at Beech Grove
United Methodist Church’s Easter Egg Factory one afternoon. I was feeling good about how things
were going at the church – we were growing bit by bit, our new worship service was reaching people
we hadn’t reached before, and I was gaining confidence as their fairly new pastor. Then Ava walked
in, put on her hair cap and started dipping eggs beside me.
        Ava was in Middle School at the time and was the daughter of Lisa from West Virginia and
Harpreet, who was a skilled surgeon from India. Their family was bright, fun to be with, energetic, and
engaged in the life of the church. As Ava stood beside me, we talked. This is a summary:
        Ava: “You’re bringing lots of people in the church, aren’t you?”
        Me: “I wouldn’t say that (because I’m far too modest to take credit, don’t you know?). But
               yes, lots of people are coming in these days!”
        “And many of them are becoming members of the church too, right?”
        “Yes! Well, not as many as I’d like, but it looks like the membership class model is working pretty
              well. Now, we just need to make it work better. Too many are joining, but not getting
        “What are you going to do with all those people?”
        I didn’t have an answer for Ava’s question! We all know we want the church to grow.
Sometimes, we want specific people – young people, people with families, people who represent
parts of the neighborhood who aren’t in a church yet. More often, though, we’re just excited about
people joining. We don’t realize there are two questions we need to ask: First, how will these “new
people” change us? Second, and even more important, what is the purpose of our church? What
are we going to do with our people?
        Ava’s question made me realize I hadn’t thought enough about what the church is here to
do. The church is here to help people become disciples, followers of Jesus. The “new people” of
whatever stripe, who come to our church, are here to help us navigate our way into the future. As
I’ve heard other pastors say, our membership rolls represent our past, our attendance represents our
present, and our new members represent our future. The point isn’t that we ignore the past or the
present. The point is that we have to pay attention to where we’ve been, where we are, and where
we’re going. We are in the disciple-making business, and so most of our energy should go into the
present and future.
        This Lenten season, I invite you to join me as we investigate “Ava’s Question.” We’ll ask
ourselves what disciples look like, how we make disciples, and how we know if we’re becoming
disciples ourselves. One of the answers to Ava’s question we can answer right now: We’re doing
what we’re supposed to be doing when the guests of the church become the hosts of the church.
The ultimate answer is, of course – “We’re here for Jesus to use for whatever purposes he has in
mind.” Sometimes, we just need to keep asking the questions, though. What does God want to do in
you, through you, and for you – today?
       Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus,
       Pastor Brian
    Worship: Covenant Renewal,
 Baptismal Reaffirmation, Installation

The first three Sunday in 2013 will each
be special. First, on January 6, we will
welcome the New Year with the
Wesleyan Covenant Renewal service
and communion. On January 13, we
will reaffirm our baptismal covenant. If
you have not been baptized, or are
not sure, please see Pastor Brian – we
can take care of that! Then, on
January 20, we will have a single
service at 10:30 am so we can all get                       “Who’s on First”
to meet and know who the new
officers and servants of the church will      After another exciting year for the
be for 2013. Following the service, all       Nominations      Committee,       we     are
those people will be going to “Who’s          beginning to realize there are things we
on First” to learn how our church             can and should do better. One of those
functions for the committees.                 things is supporting the people who say
                                              “yes” to serve on our committees and in
                                              leadership. Last year, we hosted a
                                              leadership dinner, but this year, it seemed
Council Retreat                               we needed to do a general overview of
                                              how our church works for all the people
We invite all Council Members and
                                              serving. Thus, “Who’s on First,” an
chairs of all committees, along with lay
                                              overview, and a reference to one of the
leaders, to come to the Council
                                              best comedy sketches of all time! All
Retreat on Saturday, February 7, 2013,
                                              those who are listed in the Charge
9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at the Nike site
                                              Conference packet will be invited, along
on Grundland Road. We will briefly
                                              with family members, to a lunch meeting
revisit some of the work we did in 2012,
                                              on Sunday, January 20. On that same
talk about our mission focus (not what
                                              Sunday, we will have one service at
we’re doing for missions, but our focus
                                              10:30am so that the whole church can be
on the mission of the church), and
                                              part of the Installation of officers and
plan our “big rocks” for the year (the
                                              servants. The lunch meeting will finish by
things that involve lots of people, time,
                                              2:00 p.m., and the nursery will be
and effort). Finally, we’ll discuss putting
                                              available. In the meantime, if you are in
an assessment team together and
                                              the packet, look for a letter early next
how we will follow up. Final note: the
                                              year. Lunch will be soups and breads,
site may possibly change – please
                                              hosted by Nominations Committee with
check your emails and the weekly
                                              help from Family Ministries.
Anchor for any updates.

               Lent or Lint?
The season of Lent begins early this year,
with Ash Wednesday happening on                        Covenant Company
February 13. Ashes symbolize death, rebirth,
repentance, and purification. Join us at               Pastor Brian has frequently spoken
7pm for this ancient, and yet always new,              of the power and significance of
worship service. The Sundays of Lent begin             small groups – they are the way
on February 17, and go until to March 31,              Jesus grew individuals and the
which is Easter. In addition to Ash                    church; they can be transformative;
Wednesday and Easter, we will also have                and they are sustaining. If you are
special services on Maundy Thursday,                   convinced of this, or are willing to
March 28 at 7pm, which will be a                       become convinced, there is a way
remembrance of Jesus’ Last Supper. On                  for you to experience it yourself. We
Friday, March 29th, we’ll have a Good                  will be forming a weekly small group
Friday Stations of the Cross service outside           with Pastor Brian beginning before
at 6pm. This will be a walking service, up             the season of Lent (end of
and down Salt Pond Road (about one                     February). The goal is simple: That
mile), and it has become a popular service,            we will be the church for each
attracting around 40-50 people. Whether or             other, and we will plan for ways to
not you choose to give something up for                expand the fellowship and nurture
Lent, remember that the Sundays do not                 beyond the group and into the
count for the 40 days of Lent. Unless your             community. If being a part of a
fast is for something that will improve your           covenant company appeals to
health or sustain your life, you can break             you, drop Pastor Brian a line!
your fast on Sunday.

During Lent, we will center worship around
“Ava’s Question” (see the Pastor’s Corner).
If you have neighbors, friends, or relatives
that wonder what Lent is about, you can
say this: “It’s just like the lint in your dryer. If
you don’t clear it out, your dryer will catch
fire and burn down the house. Or, it’s like lint
around the house. If it’s not cleaned up, it’ll
attract bugs and critters, and soon the
house needs an expensive extermination.
Lent is when I clean the spiritual debris from
my life so I can start fresh and reconnect
with God and other people.”
                                                       Commodore Chorus
                                            On Sunday, June 9 we will open our doors
                                            to the Commodore Chorus, the performing
                                            chorus of the Norfolk, Virginia chapter of
                                            the Barbershop Harmony Society, an
                                            organization based in Nashville, TN which
                                            boasts more than 28,000 members
                                            throughout the world. This Chapter was
                                            chartered 54 years ago on March 28, 1957
                                            and is a significant part of the history and
                                            heritage of barbershop harmony in the
       Open Door Series 2013
                                            Southern Division of the Mid-Atlantic
As the New Year begins we have much
                                            District. Members of the chapter hail from
to look forward to – including two
                                            all areas of Hampton Roads and include
excellent concerts that are scheduled
                                            men from as far north as Kilmarnock, VA,
for the Spring of 2013.
                                            and as far south as the Outer Banks of
                                            North Carolina!
             Hilton Brass                           Brian Allen, a member of our
On Sunday, April 14 we will host Hilton     congregation, is the director of the group.
Brass. This group is considered by many     Brian has been a member of the
to be the Peninsula's preeminent,           Barbershop Harmony Society since 1974. A
professional, brass ensemble. The           retired Air Force officer, his career travels
quintet, which is composed of local         have taken him to a number of different
musicians,     has     delighted    area    chapters. He has time on both sides of the
audiences with its exciting and diverse     director's podium, having sung with
musical offerings since 1983. The group     choruses in Plattsburgh, NY, Alexandria, VA,
has an extensive repertoire of music,       and Montgomery, AL. He had the great
ranging from Bach to Bacharach,             honor of singing with the Alexandria
Handel to Husa, and Mozart to Mancini.      Harmonizers in 1986 when they won their
Its members are all professional            first gold medal as International Champion
musicians, comfortable with all styles of   Barbershop Chorus. He directed the
music.                                      Merrimac Chorus in Newport News, VA,
       Hilton Brass has performed in        from 1980 to 1982 and the Commonwealth
variety of musical situations including     Chorus in Suffolk, VA, from 1993 to 2002. In
local events such as Grand Illumination     addition, he helped form and directed a
in Colonial Williamsburg, First Night       small barbershop ensemble while living in
Williamsburg, the Life Enrichment Series    the Panama Canal Zone. He has also sung
and Newport News Arts in the Parks. The     in several quartets during his travels.
quintet has also been featured in area
concerts such as the Brass at Newport       Mark your calendars now and plan to bring
News, the Mariner's Museum Series and       a friend -- you don’t want to miss these
the Smithfield Times Summer Series.         concerts!

   “Walk to the End of the Light”
Some years ago, a young boy was
staying at his grandmother’s house in
the country. He loved the fields, the
barn, the animals, but he grew up in the
suburbs and had a few things to learn.             
One night, his grandmother said a storm
was coming in the night, and he should     It’s not too early to think about summer
check and make sure the barn door          camp! This summer, Pastor Brian will be
was closed. He grabbed a flashlight,       returning to Camp Overlook near
went to the back door and cried out, “I    Harrisonburg the week beginning July
can’t see that far!” Grandmother called    21. Beth Hughes will also be going as
back, “Of course not! The light doesn’t    camp nurse, and we plan to bring our
go that far! Go on out of the door and     children. We’d love to bring more
walk to the end of the light. Once you     children, enough to bring the bus and
get there, you should be able to see the   fill a cabin, or even enough to carpool
barn door.”                                with a few vehicles! If you have children
                                           (or grandchildren) from grade 3 to 10,
With all the changes that have
                                           mark the week of July 21, and check
happened in our church and our world
                                           out the website: http://www.gbgm-
in this past generation, we can learn
from       Grandmother’s         wisdom.
                                           m.html They aren’t ready to accept
Sometimes, we don’t know what a new
                                           registrations yet, but they will be by
technology or idea will bring. We know
                                           February – this site will tell you about
that change will come, whether we
                                           programs. Costs may go up, but usually
make the change, or let the change
                                           not by much. Even if the week of July 21
make us. However, this much we can do
                                           doesn’t work for you, if we register
– we can walk to the end of the light,
                                           enough children, the discount will still
and from there, we can see farther.
From January 27 to February 10, we will
have a mini sermon series about
walking to the end of the Light.

         Martha’s Ministry

                   The Oct/Nov Team,                       H.E.L.P.
                   led by Jean Pickin,
                   was    privileged      to           Night’s Welcome
                   provide service to the
                   family of Julie Williams.           for the homeless
                   Thank you.
                                                       February 16-21
The Dec/Jan Team, led by Karen McNeil
stands ready to serve. Members are
Anne Bryan, Ann Drummond, Donna
Fleenor, Gail Gulla, Bonnie Hulton, Betty
Knaub, Deanna McNeil, Karen Nolin,
Frances Seely, Gladys Burtt and Susan
                                               Thank you to EVERYONE who had anything to
Special appreciation is expressed to
                                               do with the pumpkin patch!!!            Despite
Gladys Burtt for joining with us and to
Susan Morehouse for serving on the             “Sandy”, we had our 3   rd best sales year ever

Feb/Mar Team as well as the Dec/Jan            [donations were down slightly so the year
Team.                                          total net was in fourth place by $97.38.] Our
                                               success would not have been possible
Joanne Holley will replace Jonnie Emory        without your help!!! Here are the numbers:
as leader of the Feb/Mar Team. Jonnie
will remain as a team member. Thank              Pumpkin Sales Income       $17,158.75
you, Joanne and thank you, Jonnie for
your years of service as team leader.            Donations                      456.87

                                                 Total Income               $17,615.62

                                                 Pumpkin Expense            $11,444.89

                                                 Other Expense                   91.82

                                                 Total Expense              $11,536.71

                                                 Net Income                 $ 6,078.91

                                               While there are so many folks who in so many
                                               ways were instrumental in the success of our
                                               annual patch, a few need to be mentioned
                                               without detracting from all the others. Robin
                                               Carroll, Lynn Landrum, and Joyce Winston
                                               scheduled and led “story time” for 355
                                               children (plus teachers and parents) from
                                               local day care and preschool facilities. They
                                               read them a pumpkin story, explained about
                                               pumpkins, and each child picked out a small

         For reservations and/or questions for any Fifty Plus outing, contact Anne or Bill Bryan at 851-
         0748 or by e-mail to abandbb1@cox.net.

Saturday, January 12, is the date of our
annual “Planning Breakfast” at Golden Corral.
                                                        The Hampton History Museum serves to
Mark your calendar for 8:30 am and don’t
miss this opportunity to share fellowship and a         increase awareness and understanding of
few bites to eat with your FUMC Fox Hill Fifty          the history of Hampton by collection,
                                                        exhibition, interpretation, preservation, and
Plus family. The buffet, beverage, and tax
totals about $9.80 and is payable at the door.          promotion of the vast historic resources of the
                                                        City. The morning of Tuesday, March 19 will
Reservations are not mandatory, but please
sign-up so we will be able to give an                   be our time there, followed by lunch at the
estimated attendance to the restaurant.                 Grey Goose. The Museum includes nine
                                                        permanent         galleries    arranged        in
                                                        chronological order showing the 400 years of
                                                        development of the city and surrounding
                                                        areas. In addition, the travelling display Civil
                                                        War in Virginia – Part II, Coming Home fills the
                                                        second floor exhibition space. We’ll have
                                                        docents to show us around and time to visit
                                                        the gift shop. The always tasty meal at the
                                                        Grey Goose will be “on your own”. Price is
                                                        just $4 plus your meal.

How many times have you read about it in
the newspaper and said I’ve got to go, but
never quite made it?          Well, Thursday,           Our annual spring trip will be here before you
February 7, is your opportunity to join us for a        know it.      From Wednesday, April 24 –
wonderful tour of The Mariners’ Museum in               Saturday, April 27 we will be traveling south to
Newport News. Explore over 60,000 square                our nearby neighbors – New Bern and
feet of gallery space with rare figureheads,            Wilmington, NC.      This 4-day, 3-night trip
handcrafted ship models, Civil War ironclad             includes touring historic sites throughout the
USS Monitor artifacts, paintings, and much              area, visiting several fascinating museums
more. We will begin with a docent-led tour              and an aquarium, enjoying a lunch cruise,
of this exciting facility – one of the largest          sharing delicious meals, and performances at
maritime history museums. You can also                  three different theatrical venues with a
explore on your own and there are plenty of             variety of entertainment.             Complete
places to sit and take a break if you like.             information and sign-up forms for this great
Don’t miss a stop in the museum gift shop               multi-day trip are now available in the
before we head out for lunch. The trip price            Narthex rack. We will begin sharing trip
is just $11 plus your meal. [Note: This is a            information with our neighboring church
change from our original planned date and               friends in January so don’t wait too long.
destination.]                                           Remember, bus seating is based on the date
                                                        of your deposit.

                           Message from the Facilities Team
       Over the last year the Facilities Team has been busy. As the church ages more
problems with our expansive heating and cooling arise. Replacing bad ballast and lamps
and other electrical problems require several hours each week. Plumbing problems and
equipment breakdown are starting to appear more often. Roof leaks and door problems
are also becoming a cause for concern. The facilities team consisting of 12 dedicated and
skilled men has managed to make most of the repairs needed to keep the church
operating. Retired and other members not working their day job meet one Tuesday
morning each month to make repairs and do maintenance as required. I would like to
thank these men for the labor and material that they have donated to the church this year.
This has saved the church thousands of dollars.

       Our sexton Julio Aviles continues to work hard each week keeping our expansive
building clean and ready for use. Our lawn contractor Green Cow does a good job
keeping the lawn cut and landscaping trimmed.

        We still have many issues facing us that cannot be resolved by the men on the
Facilities Team. The church building has six different heating air-conditioning systems that
supply different areas of the building. The main system which supplies the fellowship hall,
choir room and sanctuary with air-conditioning has been operating with one of the three
chillers out of service because of a compressor failure. The other two chillers seem to
provide the necessary cooling in moderate weather. However during afternoons in the hot
summertime we notice that the sanctuary and choir room can become uncomfortable.
Cost to overhaul or replace this chiller is over $19,000. We have put this repair off for over
two years. Other repairs to the building seem to increase in number and cost each year.
Examples are door latches and locks, lighting repairs, parking lot pavement repairs, air-
condition/heating and plumbing problems just to name a few.

              Over the last few years we have spent our maintenance reserve fund and
because of other expenses and income we have not been able to replenish it. The
Facilities Team and the Board of Trustees are seeking your help with these repairs. If you are
talented in HVAC, pumping, electrical, painting or carpentry and are willing to give your
time we need you on the Facility Team. We also need your additional financial support to
replenish our maintenance fund so these repairs and updates can be done. We are
blessed that God has allowed us a building in which to worship and do his work. As
servants of the Lord we must take care of this property.

Bill Satterfield

                  Financial Fundamentals This periodic report briefly addresses finances at FUMC
                  Fox Hill. The latest weekly and year-to-date information is printed in the Weekly
                  Anchor available at every service or in the church office.

               As I write this, we have three more Sundays before the end of the year. This has
               been a difficult year for many financially and it is no different for First Fox Hill.
               Total contributions have been the lowest since 2003. While our contributions per
               giving unit have generally increased, and are some of the best in the York River
 District, we have fewer giving units. We are paying our operating bills and our mortgage, but
 have had to shortchange some of our local mission support and our obligations
 (Apportionments) to the Virginian Annual Conference.

 We are looking forward to a better year in 2013. Our budget is down due to the scheduled
 mortgage roll-over, changes in our staffing, and everyone “tightening their belt” when
 budgeting. While the budget is lower, we will all need to continue our strong financial
 support because we have not been covering our current budget.

 To date, we have received pledge cards from 104 “giving units” (families and/or individuals)
 for a total of over $450,000 dollars. The number of pledges is down slightly from last year, but
 the amount per pledge is the highest ever. Note that 30% of the pledgers checked the box
 indicating theirs was a tithe or step beyond a tithe. As you work to meet the goal of being a
 tither, remember to just add a little to your regular giving and in time you will reach your
 goal. We thank those who continue to so diligently support the programs and ministries of
 FUMC Fox Hill. And, if you haven’t yet turned in your card, we are always happy to receive
 them. Check with the church office if you did not receive a card or it has been misplaced.

 We do have positive news. Change 4 Church is going well and will help us lower our
 required minimum monthly payment when our mortgage rolls-over on Feb 1, 2013. In the
 months July – November, we have received 146 pounds of coins and bills, totaling $3,132
 plus “matching” donations of $3,434. By the way, the church mortgage had a balance of
 $805,932 at the end of November. In addition, we netted $6,082 at the eighth annual
 Pumpkin Patch. Thanks to all who worked the patch.

 Your annual giving statement for tax purposes should be received by the end of January
 2013. If you have any questions, please contact the church office promptly.
      Total One Fund – Through November 2012
Income For Planned Expenses1             $530,409         Thank you for sharing the abundant gifts God
Total One Fund Expenses        Planned   $684,860         has given.
(excludes pass through2)       Actual    $538,057
Pass Through Income2                      $17,550
Pass Through Expense2                     $13,795
                                                          If you have any concerns or questions about
Pay-It-Forward Contributions               $8,130         FUMC FH finances, please contact our financial
1Includes  regular and memorial contributions, building   staff through the church office or Bill Bryan,
 use income, interest, etc.
2This item represents funds contributed, but passed
                                                          Finance Chair, at 851-0748 or by e-mail to billb-
through to non-budget items, e.g., flowers, Advocate      1111@cox.net.
subscriptions, special mission programs, etc.

                                            Vibrant Church (Worship)
The Wesley Circle meets at the
Church on the second Tuesday of         The Vibrant Church committee
each month at 10:00 AM. Sarah           thanks all those who joined us on
Sudduth is the Circle Leader (851-      November 29 to help decorate the
9222).                                  sanctuary for Christmas and to Jean
  The first meeting will be             Bernstrom    for    decorating  the
  January 8, 2013                       narthex. You all did an awesome
  The second meeting will be            job!
  February 12, 2012.
                                        We also want to thank Lisa Hite for
The Wednesday Morning Circle meets      putting together the Veteran's day
on the second Wednesday of each         DVD. It was such a memorable and
month at 10:00 AM. Kay Foster is the    meaningful tribute to our veterans!
Circle Leader (851-1827).               The next Vibrant Church committee
  The January 9, 2013 meeting will be   meeting will be February 5, 2013 at
  at Alice Sturk’s home at 1740         7:00 p.m. in the TRI-X room.
  Lafayette Dr.
  The February 13, 2013 will be at
  Amy Johnson’s home at 47 Beach

The Thursday Evening Circle meets on
the second Thursday of each month
at 7:00 PM. Mary Smith is the Circle
Leader (851-9672).
  The January 10, 2013 meeting will
  be at Mary Smith’s home at 25
  Bonneville Dr.
  The February 14, 2013 meeting will
  be at Joyce Winston’s home at 2411
  E. Pembroke Ave.

                  Worship Assistants for January
       8:30 AM                              11:00 AM
       Greeters (Joann Smith)               (Jane Barbour)
       Joann Smith                          Clarkie Branch/ Jesse Barbour

       Ushers (Dave Sharp)
       Jimmy Roberson                       Dick Haight
       Joyce Winston                        Ralph Knaub
       Jeff Johnson                         Dallas Jenkins
       Joe Patykula                         Bud Harper
       Fred Foster                          Kathy Fisher

       Liturgists (Dan Brookman)            (Sandy Williams)
       John Maninga                         Seth Seaman

       Acolytes (Susan Nadeau)
1/6    Charlie Winston                      Ellie Hopkins
1/13   Caedmon Sixbey                       Marcie Calhoun
1/20   Erin Malinowski                      Holly Calhoun
1/27   Charley Winston                      Daniel Bunting

       Sound & Lights, Media (Tom Ardern)
       Sound/Lights/Media                   Sound/Lights/Media

       Children’s Church (Lynne Bunting)    Night Watchmen (David Rogers)
1/6                                         John Maninga
1/13                                        David Rogers
1/20                                        Dallas Jenkins
1/27                                        Rick Kessler

       Flowers (Becky Thompson/Bev Stanworth)

                   Worship Assistants for February

       8:30 AM                              11:00 AM
       Greeters (Joann Smith)               (Jane Barbour)
       Joanne Miller                        Clarkie Branch/ Jesse Barbour

       Ushers (Dave Sharp)
       Calvin Leary                         Tom Ardern
       Dan Brookman                         Cecil Hatchett
       Jean Pickin                          David Rogers
       Bill Drummond                        Erlinda Bravo
       Frances Seely                        *

       Liturgists (Dan Brookman)            (Sandy Williams)
       Dan Brookman                         Jean Bernstrom

       Acolytes (Susan Nadeau
2/3    Catriona Sixbey                      Ellie Hopkins
2/10   Caedmon Sixbey                       Marcie Calhoun
2/17   Charley Winston                      Holly Calhoun
2/24   Hannah Malinowski                    Erin Bunting

       Sound & Lights, Media (Tom Ardern)
       Sound/Lights/Media                   Sound/Lights/Media
       Children’s Church (Lynne Bunting)    Night Watchmen (David Rogers)
2/3                                         Dave Hopewell
2/10                                        Jimmy Roberson
2/17                                        Hunter Francis
2/24                                        Rick Nolin

       Flowers (Becky Thompson/Bev Stanworth)
2/10   Jean Pickin
2/24   Poinsetts

                                  JAN 11                  JAN 22
                               Steve Howell             Ron Kravitz
                               Brian Sixbey             Dennis Lee

                                 JAN 12                   JAN 23
                            *Steve & Barbara           John Kravitz
                                Arbogast             Erin Malinowski
                                                     Charley Winston
        JAN 1                     JAN 13
     Evan Garrity                                        JAN 24
                                 JAN 14                 Matt Allen
        JAN 2              Sandra Gulbronson          Joan Moriarty
*Dorothy & Joe Garrity         Dawn Miller             Jean Pickin
                              Louise Russell
       JAN 3                                             JAN 25
  Claudia Caricofe                 JAN 15               Bill Allen
                          Allison Poinsett Peretin   Tanya Ammons
         JAN 4                                        Charl Granish
William S. Freeman, Jr.           JAN 16
                           *Patrick & Pat Parker         JAN 26
        JAN 5                                          Bobby Smith
*Dick & Aileen Haight            JAN 17
   Erica Schwartz             Thomas Carroll             JAN 27
      Lori Ward           Gregory Creekmore, Jr.        Deb Ware
                                 Kim Fly             Louellen Weaver
        JAN 6               Kimberley Overby
     Rick Kessler                                        JAN 28
                                  JAN 18             Mitchell Woods
        JAN 7                  Jennifer Day
                              Theresa Embler            JAN 29
        JAN 8                Kimberly Gaskins        Catarina Brown
  *Thomas & Sandra                                   Cindy Gibbons
     Gulbronson                  JAN 19
    Candy Powers                Sam Hoyt                 JAN 30
      Les Ware                                        Zane Brooker
                                 JAN 20              Anna-Kate Hulick
      JAN 9                   Robert Leavell
   Randy Charles                                         JAN 31
                                 JAN 21              *Ken & Lori Ward
          JAN 10               James Dilley          George Woodley
    Billie Jean Neil          Hannah Smith
     Dave Sharp                                        *Anniversary
    Kathy Steinke

                                  FEB 10                        FEB 22
                               Glenn Boone                   Gregory Cato
                            Thomas Gulbronson               Teague Carper

                                  FEB 11                      FEB 23
                               Ray Ammons               Kenneth Gulbronson
                               Cathy Powell                Ryan Williams
          FEB 1
    Marjorie Decker
                                   FEB 12                     FEB 24
   Susan Morehouse
                               Dorothy Garrity               Phil Stout
Katie Brookman Thurston
                            Brooklyn Hildebrandt         Lawrence Taylor, III
                                                         Michael Westphal
         FEB 2
                                   FEB 13
*Mike & Kathy Monteith
                                Jeff Winston                    FEB 25
    Edwin Stanley
                                                             Jason Carroll
                                  FEB 14                    Janet Clough
        FEB 3
                               Jean Sprouse                Laura Soulé Delk
    Charles Embler
                                                           Emma Westphal
                                   FEB 15
          FEB 4
                               Jim Branstetter                   FEB 26
  *Larry & Judy Taylor
                               Cody Winston                    Phil Brooker
       Beth Davis
                                                             Linda Flaherty
   Ernie Gurganus, Jr.
                                   FEB 16
      Joyce Wilson
                           *Scott & Linda Williams               FEB 27
                                    Ed Fly                     Julio Aviles
         FEB 5
                                                                Pat Leary
*John & Marjorie Decker
                                   FEB 17                     Emily Shuart
     Luke Messick
                                   FEB 18                     FEB 28
         FEB 6
                          *Rachel & Keith Melanson       LaRose Richardson
      Alice Sturk
                             *L.M. & Linda West
                                Shan Sixbey
         FEB 7
    Brandon Gulla
                                   FEB 19
    Michael Pavusa
                                Tom Flaherty
    Lydia Simpson
                               Randy Holmes             The Pastors and Staff extend
      Linda West
                                                            our best wishes to those
                                   FEB 20                 celebrating an Anniversary
         FEB 8                                          or a Birthday. God Bless You!
                                Daniel Feury
      Ray Spunzo
                                Ian Osborne
                                                       Please notify the church office if
        FEB 9                                           your birthday or anniversary is
                                  FEB 21
     River Eanes                                        not listed or listed incorrectly!
                              Don Johnson, Jr.
      Kay Foster
                               Ruth D. Morris
     Rick Holden

                                                 Change 4 Church – Ministry Beyond Mortgage:
                                                            You are doing great!

Thanks to everyone who has been putting their change (as well as currency and checks) in the
Change 4 Church jug. You are helping to lower our monthly payments by paying down the
mortgage principal before our loan renews Feb 1, 2013. Donations in November were heavier
(weight-wise) than in October, but the monetary tally was down a bit. Don’t miss your chance to
help make more funds available for future ministry. Bring your Change 4 Church and keep filling the
jug in the Narthex!

Report for November 2012 – Thanks for your donations!        November          Total To Date
       Weight of Jug with coins and currency                  25 pounds         146 pounds
       Donations Received                                     $ 365.63             $3,132.36
       Matching Donations Received *                              500.00            3,433.75
       Total                                                  $ 865.63             $6,566.11
*From anonymous donors. If you would like to do a future match (in whole or in part), contact Bill
Bryan, Finance Chair, at billb-1111@cox.net or by phone to 851-0748)

[Thanks to Glenn Boone, Bill and Ann Drummond, Howard and Mary Hogge, and Pavlina Manavska
who helped me count the coins; it took about 45 minutes. Bill Bryan]
         We Invite You to Worship with Us
              Brian Sixbey – Pastor
        Tommy Markham – Assistant Pastor

        Opportunities to Worship:
Sundays 8:30 & 11:00 AM-Worship Services
         9:45 AM - Sunday School

        First United Methodist Church, Fox Hill                               Non-Profit Organization
                                                  ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
                                                                                   US Postage
        One Salt Pond Road                                                           PAID
        Hampton, VA 23664                                                      Hampton, VA 23664
                                                                                  Permit # 209

                                                   Place Label Here

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