of fundraising by keara



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Art	Exhibition,	auction	of	promises B 	 abysitting,	BBQ,	book	sale,	bike	ride,	 breakfast	party,	barn	dance Car	boot	sale,	cake	sale,	car	wash Darts	tournament,	dances,	disco,	 dress	down	party Eighties	night,	easter	egg	hunt F 	 ashion	show,	fancy	dress	party,		 football	tournament G 	 uess	the	weight	of	…,	garden	party,	 give	up	chocolate H 	 alloween	night,	head	shave I 	 nternational	themed	events:		 indian	curry	night,	brazilian	carnival Jumble	sale,	jazz	night Karaoke	night L 	 awn	mowing,	lucky	dip,	lunch	party,	 loud	tie	day Cook	a	meal,	music	concert Netball	tournament,	new	year	party Odd	jobs,	odd	clothes	day P 	 arties,	parachute	jump,	picnic,		 poetry	reading,	photo	exhibition Quiz	night Raffle,	run Sponsored	activities Tennis	tournament,	treasure	hunt Underwear	as	outerwear Valentine	party,	variety	show,	valet	service Walk,	write	to	trusts	and	companies X 	 mas	cards,	xmas	parties,		 xylophone	concert Yo-Yo	competition,	yogathon Zoo	outing

of fundraising

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