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The key to successful fundraising is originality – doing something that is a bit different but suits you and your audience.
To help you with ideas, we have put together the following list – but don’t feel you have to stick to it. In fact, people come up with their own brilliant fundraising ideas all the time. If you have one, we’d love to hear it! Remember - the Heart Foundation loves fundraising activities that promote a healthy balanced lifestyle, but there are plenty of other great fundraising ideas that will give you, your company or group a fantastic and rewarding experience and help you to raise vital funds. Please feel free to contact your local Events Coordinator for advice on what fundraising activity might best suit you.

After work drinks and nibbles Auctions Balls and dances Bicycle ride Book sale Car wash Carol concert Car boot sale Casual day Christmas lights Competitions Crafts Dress red Emailing requests for sponsorship Exhibitions Fashion parades Fetes

Film premiers ‘Fine’ box Fun runs Garage sales Guess the baby competition Head shave Heads & tails Healthy morning or afternoon tea Heritage walk Jump rope challenge Karaoke Luncheons Netball challenge Network night Open garden Party Picnic in the park

Piggybacking on other fundraising activities Quiz night Raffles Silent auction Sponsored silence Sports days Talent contests Themes Treasure hunt Trivia night Very delicious dinner party Valentines Day Walking Website: Create your own sponsorship page on our website Yoga Zany fancy dress

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AdtoisZg Ideas of Fun ra in

words of advice…
Some extra
Straightforward meaning fundraising activities that you should be able to organise on your own. Once you have completed and submitted your Proposal to Fundraise form, you will receive an Authorisation to Fundraise letter from us at the Heart Foundation which you will need to return after your fundraising activity. Getting trickier meaning fundraising activities that you will need to refer to the fundraising guidelines for. But you can still do them as one or two people. Significant commitment usually requires a team of people and can involve a financial outlay that you may not recover if the fundraising activity doesn’t go ahead or fails to attract as many people as expected. When deciding on what you will do (or what combination) remember to make sure that it is something you are comfortable doing, and that you feel able to achieve. It is much better to start slow and build up as you gain confidence and experience rather than aiming too high and not enjoying this experience. Try and think of fundraising activities that will appeal to your friends and family’s interests, such as social events, sporting tournaments, or sponsored activities like a sponsored quit smoking/junk food, or a walk, cycle or anything you love or do a lot of! If you are uncertain of what you should do or of how much time and other resources your chosen idea will need then please call your local Events Coordinator. They have a lot of experience in this sort of thing and will be happy to give you some advice and possibly provide some additional resources for your fundraising activity. As a rough guide we’ve classified some popular fundraising strategies into straightforward, getting trickier and significant commitment.

Writing to all of your friends asking for their support Setting up an online fundraising page and emailing people asking them to support you Gold coin donation, other fundraising day at work or hosting a dinner party Entering any of the Heart Foundation events – complete a run, walk or cycle and ask friends to sponsor you

Getting trickier
Running a raffle

Significant commitment
Large charity auction

Holding a small dinner at a local restaurant

Completing your own challenge event – eg. cycling around Australia

Small charity auction

Running a ball or large dinner dance

Treasure hunt

Arranging a preview movie screening at your local cinema

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AdtoisZg Ideas of Fun ra in
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