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									Early Childhood
 Full Name is Edward “Ted” Moore   This is his entire family, which contains some famous
             Kennedy               people like John. F Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy

He was born in Boston,
   Massachusetts on February
   22, 1932.

He was the youngest of nine
   children and was brought
   up in an Irish Catholic
Early Childhood
His parents were Rose Fitzgerald and
Joseph. P. Kennedy and that is a picture of
his dad. 

Since his father was a businessman they
had to shift a lot to accommodate his
father’s posts.

He moved so much that he had switched to
ten different schools by the age of 11.

One great thing about his early childhood
was that his father was still a part of his life.
He would send telegrams and letters home
to his family and would also come home at a
moments notice if his children needed him.
                                       One interesting fact about the Kennedy’s
His mother was a person who taught
her children the value of education.    was that dinner would involve quizzes
                                         over politics, history, and literature.
                                          Ted liked sports more than academics.

                                          Since he wasn’t going to be in the
                                          spotlight for having good academics
                                          he decided on other ways to get the

                                          Ted was a an extrovert and the family’s

                                          Since he was the youngest child, his
                                          parents had a soft spot for him
Since his expectations were lowered than that of
his brothers this was later a huge part of his life
when he tried entering the professional world.

In 1948 he entered Milton Academy, but did not
stand out like his brothers and sister.

After he graduated he went on to Harvard
University. He was expelled, and returned in two
years where he was almost recruited to the Green
Bay Packers.

He declined and said he interested into another
contact sport--politics.

He went on to the International Law School and
then went to the Virginia Law School and got his
law degree in 1959.
  These incidents of death in Ted’s        Dictionary.com’s definition of
family would seen be known as “The     lobotomy is, the operation of cutting
          Kennedy Curse”.             into a lobe, as of the brain or the lung.

 In 1941, Ted’s older sister,
 Rosemary, was
 lobotomized. The operation
 failed and he was

 In 1944, Joe Jr. was killed
 when he plane was shot
 down during a Navy
                   In 1948, Kathleen died in a private plane crash over the French Alps.

In 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. As seen in the above picture was the aftermath
                              of the shooting shown in a piece of artwork.

   A year later Ted was in a horrific plane crash that he survived, but he had sustained a back injury and
              internal bleeding that ultimately left him with chronic pain for the rest of his life.

  Robert who was his closest brother in the family was assassinated during his presidential campaign in
After JFK was elected president, Ted
   was elected to his brother’s old
                                       Vietnam War as a time for
            Senate seat.               criticism for Ted Kennedy.
  At age 30, he was now the
  representative for the state of

  Kennedy was supporting the
  Vietnam War, but changed
  slowly and started to oppose
  it and also criticize the war.

  Ted was the youngest-ever
  majority whip in the U.S.
                                         This incident would always haunt Ted
Ted Kennedy was involved in the
                                         and also stopped him from running for
   Chappaquiddick incident
                                               President numerous times.
The Chappaquiddick incident was
when Ted Kennedy accidentally
drove of a bridge on
Chappaquiddick Island and his
companion in the car was Mary Jo
Kopechne who drowned. Ted was
found guilty of leaving the scene of
an accident.

He was reelected to numerous
times even after this scandal.

He also ran for President, but lost in
the primaries to Jimmy Carter
 After Bill Clinton was elected President, Ted Kennedy
 started to become an influential legislator who
 supported the health-care reform.

 From then on he was know as a prominent member in
 the Senate with what he was doing for the American
   Ted Kennedy                   This is a picture of Bill Clinton and
                                was a person that helped Ted become
accomplished A LOT!                        who he is today.

 Ted was involved in a lot of
 bills that helped many

 He was an author of the
 1966 Health Insurance
 Portability and
 Accountability Act and also
 the 1977 Children’s Health
He worked on immigration reform, criminal
code reform, fair housing, health care, AIDS
research, public education, and numerous
programs to help the poor.

He also upheld his positions on abortion,
busing, and capital punishment. He was a kind
of guy that used his political skills and his
bipartisan friendship to his advantage while
still being liberal.

One act that was very important to me was the
No Child Left Behind Act and a picture is
shown on the right depicting its logo.

He also worked with September 11th victims
and helped passed even an act over terrorism.

He passed acts for the disabled, the current
war in Iraq, Medicaid, and so much more.
                              Ted with his brothers

 He offered ideas and
 proposed so many bills and
 acts and helped so many

 He survived a plane crash
 and avoided “The Kennedy
                                   He was a great man,
                                 thank you Ted Kennedy.
 He was known as the
 “liberal lion of the Senate”

 He proved he was a
 formidable force

 He left behind a legacy of of
 public service for everyone
 to see and benefit from

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