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									Spring 2012 Volume 28, Number 1

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                                            President’s Note

    All,                                     The one other item that I             still get calls from Troopers who are
    As we head into spring the rain       stumbled across was the fact that in     afraid to stand up for themselves
will disappear and the sun will           the 1980s there was a raging debate      because they are fearful of
begin to shine and most of us will        about game troops manipulating           retaliation or retribution. I can tell
not bother to notice. The longer I fill   their itinerary to be able to work 4,    you that in the past I saw retaliation
the position as your President I come     10 hour shifts rather than 5, 8 hour     at its ugliest. I don’t believe that is
to realize that the names change, the     shifts. The document ended in a          tolerated today.
seasons change but the issues stay        directive to management to put an           I also want all of you to
the same.                                 end to game officers manipulating        remember that the Troopers who
    I recently went through a bunch       their shifts. All of this still rings    stood up and took on the fight to
of old files and found some copies of     true today.                              form an Association did it for you.
the old District Discipline Reports.         At times we remain our own            I distinctly remember Sr. Trooper
Some of you who have been on              worst enemies. We love the job, we       Doug Hoffman standing in the
forever will remember when the            want to work and we would do the         Roseburg Patrol Office when he put
Department used to print a generic        job for free until we realize that the   his badge on the table and told the
document describing acts that had         city or county jurisdiction is making    Lieutenant that he was willing to
received discipline over the past so      more money that we are.                  put his career on the line to make
many months and place it in the              The other clear message I got from    sure things got better for everyone.
briefing folder.                          reading these historic documents            That kind of integrity and resolve
    The reports were full of Troopers     was that the Department leadership       is what started this organization
wrecking cars, backing into things        was furious for the Troopers trying      and I intend to make sure that it
and a variety of “oh no” moments.         to form an Association. I don’t          continues to be represented.
They were also spattered with more        think anyone in management still            Thank you all for your hard work
serious misconduct that makes you         feels that way and most don’t even       and dedication….Until next time be
scratch your head and wonder why          remember “those days” due to the         safe and take care of each other.
someone would even think it was           fact that in “those days” they were
OK to do that. With the follow up         in diapers.                                 Darrin
thought of, we truly do hire from the        We have slowly but surely
Human race (I stole from the past         changed the culture and processes
President).                               of the Department for the better. I

4    Oregon State Trooper
                                       Editor’s Note

   Hello, my name is Erin Reyes-Smith and        to the members and to the department for
I am your new Editor for the Oregon State        which I still admire and have had the privilege
Trooper Magazine.                                to be a part of for almost two decades.
   For those of you who do not know me,             Since this is your publication too, I am asking
I started with the department in 1990 as         for your help. Please send me photos appropriate
a Dispatcher for the Southern Regional           for publish of OSP personnel from around the
Dispatch Center back when it was located         state. Everyone likes to be able to put a face to
in Medford. In 2008, I decided on an early       the name of their co-workers. Do not hesitate
retirement for myself and left the department    to send me articles or even ideas of articles you
holding the rank of Sergeant assigned to         would like to see in future issues. I would be
Sworn Applicant Processing in 2008 so I could    more than thrilled to publish pertinent articles
pursue a private business venture and accept     written by OSP members.
a position as a Criminal Justice Faculty Chair      Many of you have sent photos and article
with a local university.                         ideas already. Thank you and I will continue to
   My new ventures have afforded me great        chase members down for more material. Listed
opportunities and experiences, however, I        below is my contact information, please do not
must admit there are many                                                hesitate to get a hold of
aspects of the Oregon State                                              me.
Police that I miss. It dawned                                               Thank you and I look
on me not too long ago, I                                                forward to this new
have been employed in some                                               assignment and am
facet of the Criminal Justice                                            committed to developing
Field since I was 18 years old,                                          your Oregon State
most of those years with the                                             Trooper Magazine.
Oregon State Police.                                                        Erin E. Reyes-Smith
   Working as your Editor                                         
will allow me an avenue to                                                  503-393-6535
make a positive contribution

                                                                                   Oregon State Trooper   5
                 In the Spotlight
            Senior Trooper Bryan Fitch
       Senior Trooper Fitch is                                                      assigned as a paratrooper but realized
    an eleven-year veteran of                                                       it was not something I really wanted
    the Oregon State Police. He                                                     to keep doing after I received several
    invited me to visit him at                                                      significant ankle injuries from jumping
    his home in Lincoln City, so I                                                  out of planes,” explains Fitch. So he
    could ask him more questions                                                    requested a change of duty and began
    about his career. When I                                                        work as an Explosive Ordinance
    arrived, I learned that it was                                                  Disposal Technician. He finished out his
    his youngest son’s birthday                                                     Army enlistment holding this position.
    and in a couple of hours his                                                       Prior to jumping out of airplanes,
    house was going to be full                                                      handling explosives, and patrolling the
    of more than half a dozen                                                       highways of Oregon, Fitch was just a
    seven-year-olds. I made myself                                                  regular kid. He was born and raised in
    at home in the kitchen as                                                       Dallas, Oregon. His parents still reside
    Senior Trooper Fitch rushed                                                     there and he often takes a quick drive
    around the kitchen as he finished decorating his son’s    over to visit them.
    birthday cake which he had baked for the upcoming            Fitch has had a few career bumps along the way. In
    celebration.                                              2003, he was one of more than 100 Troopers laid off due
       Fitch began his career with the Oregon State Police    to budgetary shortfalls with the Oregon State Police. Fitch
    in December of 2001. After successfully completing
    Recruit School he was assigned to the Patrol Division
    and stationed at the Newport Patrol Office. He started
    his duty there as a young green recruit and has been
    there ever since.
       Prior to coming to work for the Oregon State Police,
    Fitch worked as a contractor for the U.S. Government.
    His job was to seek out and recover all the unexploded
    ordinances in the field areas of newly closed military
    bases. Senior Trooper Fitch explained to me that
    approximately 10% of explosives used for training fail
    to detonate. This was a very important duty as more
    and more U.S. Military bases were closing around the
    country. Individuals like Fitch made sure the grounds
    were safe and devoid of any undetonated explosives
    before the property was handed over to the State.
       How does a person become an Unexploded
    Recovery Specialist? Senior Trooper Fitch gained his
    knowledge of explosives during his service in the
    United States Army from 1991-1998. “I was initially

6   Oregon State Trooper
had to quickly figure out how                                                                     continues to give him
he was going to continue to                                                                       the reassurance and
support his family.                                                                               support he needs as he
   One would think that                                                                           continues refining his
perhaps he would consider                                                                         cake decorating skills. He
re-enlisting in the Army or                                                                       believes she is the biggest
contract with the U.S. Government. After all, he was very          reason he has done so well over the years.
successful in these fields. Instead Fitch decided to go into the      Budgetary issues with the State of Oregon were
business of making cakes. He had learned basic baking skills       eventually sorted out and Senior Trooper Fitch was
as a child from his mother who ran a domestic bakery. Using        offered his position back with the Oregon State Police
those skills as a basis, he taught himself the finer points of     several months later. He gladly returned to his patrol
how to be a successful cake maker. “I learned from trial and       duties in Newport. But he did not stop making cakes.
error and watching a lot of the Food Network Channel,” Fitch       Instead of a career, it became a serious hobby, as
says with a chuckle.                                               attested to by his baking awards.
   So began Fitch’s new career of making cakes for weddings           In 2009, Fitch won the Chocolate Classics which was
and other special occasions. He gives a lot of credit for his      held in Newport. He also was awarded first place at the
success with his baking career to his wife, Sherry. “Anytime       2010 Oregon Coast Aquarium Cake Competition at the
I thought I would not be able to make a particular cake            Cup Cake Camp also held in Newport.
she would say ‘yes you can,’” he says. She always has and             Fitch still makes cakes on special occasions for his

                                   3 Amazing
                                                                   family and friends, but his career as a Patrol Trooper is
                                                                   still his number-one focus and has earned recognition

                                       Cakes!                      for his patrol duties. In 2006, he received the Oregon
                                                                   State Police Trooper of the Quarter Award. In 2007, he
                                      Yes the fish above is a      was awarded State Police DUII Enforcement Officer of
                                      real edible cake. Fitch      the Year. The same year Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
                                      left the wedding guests
                                                                   recognized him for his DUII enforcement efforts. In
                                      speechless as they
                                      admired his artistic         addition to his patrol duties, Fitch also teaches Motor
                                      ability by making this       Vehicle Code to new
                                      cake for two coastal         recruits at the Academy.
                                      State Troopers on their
                                                                      As busy as Fitch is
                                      Wedding Day.
                                                                   with all his various
                                      The Octopus Cake (left)      responsibilities, he
                                      created by Fitch and         always makes sure to
                                      won 1st Place in 2010.
                                                                   set aside time to spend

                                      As a Wedding present,        with his family. He and
                                      Fitch and his wife,          his wife, Sherry, and
                                      Sherry, prepared this        their three sons are
                                      cake for two former          active members of their
                                      State Troopers for their
                                                                   community in Lincoln
                                      Wedding Day. (on right)
                                                                                                  Oregon State Trooper          7
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8   Oregon State Trooper
                           Foot Prints
                             Infant                     Of note was one particular Fingerprint

      by Melissa Lyman, Forensic Scientist,             Consultant, Herman J. Doepner, who called into

 Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division         question the accuracy of the identification after
                                                        reviewing the impressions. He wrote, “My own

   In 2008, I came across an old case file that did     reaction to the application of the point-rule in

not have the appearance of other archived cases.        fingerprint identifications has been usually one

Not only did it look older, but across the front in     of great circumspection, because I feel that it

red pen was marked “Do Not Shred” dated 1982.           is losing prestige”, and his opinions are based

That was enough to pique my curiosity and entice        on “qualities and properties not considered by

me to investigate the contents which lie inside.        others.” Unfortunately his opinion may also have

   The documents inside detailed the 1943 forensic      been affected by the desire for financial gain,

investigation and footprint identification by           as made obvious by additional statements: “I

George Kanz (then Director of the Oregon State          have given you only a preliminary opinion as an

Police Bureau of Identification and Investigation)      accommodation and without charge. However,

of an infant girl kidnapped mere hours after            if your department or anyone else immediately

her birth from a hospital in Albany, Oregon. I,         concerned is desirous of a detailed opinion, which

however, soon discovered the true reason why            would be of extended length, I will be glad to

this case was marked “Do Not Shred”. The file           furnish it at the usual rates.” George Kanz was

contained significant historical perspective and        all too wise to this man’s antics and wrote back,

insight regarding the legal validity of footprints as   “I am somewhat surprised at the result of your

a means of infant identification and of the science     examination, and that I, too, regret that you tend

of friction ridge examinations at that time.            more toward a view of non-identicality than of

   Also of particular interest were various letters     identicality.”

from fingerprint analysts who had read the                 Although this case never made it to trial due

January 1945 IAI Monthly Newsletter recounting          to the suspect’s commission to the State Mental

George Kanz’s identification of the kidnapped           Hospital, the contents of the case file reminded me

infant. These analysts requested copies of the          of the steps an analyst today might take to prepare

known and unknown impressions in order to               for a legal challenge when faced with complex and

conduct their own independent examinations.             novel identification.

                                                                                      Oregon State Trooper    9
        In the years that this file has sat on my desk, I would
     occasionally wonder what had become of the baby girl whose
     birth certificate with inked footprints I had in my possession.
     When I first located the file I went so far as to Google the
     name of the infant, who would have been 65 at that time. A
     couple suggestions appeared but I did not investigate further
     as I figured her birth name had possibly changed due to
        In June 2011, Jon Stimac made his fellow analysts aware
     of David Grieve’s upcoming August 4th visit to the Bend
     Forensic Laboratory and noted David’s interest in George
     Kanz. I immediately knew that David might find this case
     file very intriguing.
        On August 2nd, after forwarding copies of the case file
     to Jon to present to David, Jon responded with an internet
     link to an editorial from the Albany Democrat-Harold. This
     2010 editorial was an account of key events surrounding
     the 1943 kidnapping. What I found most interesting was
     that the grown daughter of the kidnapped baby was
     mentioned in the article and she stated her mother was
     currently undergoing chemotherapy for metastatic cancer.
                                                                                                man Doepn
     Upon reading that, I felt it was my responsibility to make                 Letter to Her
     the family aware of this file and its contents. I wrote the                Letter

     editor and requested any contact information he may be
     able to provide for the daughter. Upon contact with the daughter, she
     informed me that her mother had passed away on July 21, 2011 but the family would be interested in any information
     regarding her story that I could provide. I was happy to oblige.
        Since 1943, this case has been shared with many individuals who find it invaluable. The story is a unique one, but
     the coincidence that strikes me as the most profound is that August 2nd was the day in 1943 that this story’s journey
     began and it is also the day in 2011 that helped lead it back home.

                                                     George A. Kanz, Director
                       Bureau of Identification and Investigation, Oregon State Police, Appointed 1941
          (Re-Printed from the IAI Monthly Newsletter of January 1945, by Charles Parker—Some grammar and spell
       checking done by Charles Parker)
          Sometime during the night of August 2, 1943 a baby girl disappeared from the nursery of a hospital
       located in Albany, Linn County, Oregon. The infant had been born the previous day and was only slightly
       more than 24 hours old.
          The Superintendent of the hospital immediately notified the local Police Department, State, City and
       County Police cooperated in conducting a thorough investigation. There was little doubt that the infant had

10     Oregon State Trooper
been kidnapped although the kidnapper had not left a note and no
word was received by the anxious parents during the week that
   On August 9, a woman with a baby girl was taken into custody
by members of the State and Albany City Police Departments.
This woman the wife of an Army Sergeant stationed at near-by
Camp Adair, claimed to be the child’s mother. She could offer no
proof that the baby was her own, and for that reason was taken
to the office of the District Attorney for questioning. The baby
was taken to the hospital for examination by the medical staff.
   Sometime prior to this, the hospital had instituted the
practice of recording the foot impressions of newly born
infants on the reverse side of birth certificates; fortunately,
the impression of the kidnapped infant had been recorded in
this manner.
   I was called this same day and immediately preceded to
Albany. My first act was to take the footprints of this infant
found in the possession f the Army Sergeant’s wife. The
next step was the comparison of these prints with those
recorded on the birth certificate. This was a slow and
tedious process as the prints on the birth certificate were
very blurred and indistinct. In as much as the fingerprints
and footprints of infants are very small and at best quite         Letter to FB
difficult to classify, the task of identifying a blurred print
can thus be appreciated.
                              The most legible portion of the print on the birth
                           certificate was the extreme left delta and a very small
                           surrounding area appearing on the ball of the right foot.
                           Concentrating on this area, I was able to establish several
                           points of similarity and give as my opinion that the two
                           prints were those of the same infant.
                              In the meantime the woman had confessed to abducting
                           the child, stating as her reason that she had always wanted
                           a baby. A charge of Child Stealing was filed against her and
                           she was held in County Jail pending arraignment.
                              The next day, with the facilities at our Bureau, we were
                           successful in identifying several more points of similarity

                                                                                         Oregon State Trooper   11
       and were quite well satisfied with the identification.
          The next step was, of course, the preparation of the footprints for proper presentation in court.
       Enlarged photographs were made of the print appearing on the birth certificate and of the questioned
       foot print. Extreme care was required in this operation in order to obtain the maximum enlargement
       without losing the necessary detail.
          Copies of these photographs were forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington D.C.,
       for analysis by their staff. In reply to this inquiry, Director J. Edgar Hoover advised that the technical
       experts of his bureau concurred in the opinion that the prints were those of the same infant, and
       one of his technicians would so testify if necessary. (Mention of this case was made in the F.B.I. Law
       Enforcement Bulletin, Vol. 13, No. 4, July and August, 1944.)
          The case did not come to trail, however, as the woman kidnapper, whose fingerprints revealed a prior
       record of several arrests for Check Vagrancy and Shoplifting, was committed to a State Mental Hospital.
          The unusual feature of this case was that although we made inquiry of several identification Bureaus
       in the west, we were unable to locate any agency having knowledge of any case in court where the
       identity of an infant had been established by means of a foot impressions.
          The only comparable case which might have served as a reference was that of the State of Nevada
       vs. Kuhl (‘Pacific Reporter, 1918’) in which the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada held that the ridges
       appearing on the ends of the fingers, palms of the hands, the soles of the feet were a positive means of
          Further research revealed the fact that while many hospitals recorded the foot impression o newly
       born infants, in most instances the prints were quite blurred and indistinct. It was noted that in the
       majority of these prints, the creases on lines that appear in footprints and palm prints were quite clear.
       We became curious as to whether any attempt had ever been made to use these creases or lines as a
       means of identification.
          Inquiry of the Los Angeles Police Department Identification Bureau brought forth the following reply
       from Inspector Bruce F. Clark, Director of Investigation.
                                    “We have had several such cases where examination of prints has been
                                     made. We have had, however only one case which to our knowledge
                                      has been taken to court in this state. This was the case of Mahoney
                                       vs. Lutheran Hospital, Los Angeles County Superior Court No. 434929,
                                      wherein the mix-up of babies was the issue. A fingerprint expert of this
                                     Department testified that the creases in the original footprint recorded on
                                  a document at the time of birth did correspond to the creases in a footprint
                    taken several months later. Another expert, however, testified that these creases did not
                 constitute a positive means of identification. The court gave judgment for the Plaintiff, but
               whether it was on the basis of the crease identification or the mental anguish suffered by the
            mother, has not been fully established.”

12   Oregon State Trooper
                                                         nce from FBI Direc
                                       Letter of concurra

                                                                                                George Kanz
   Similar inquiry was made of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and we were
informed that the technical experts of the Bureau do not use the creases or lines as a
                                                                                                Association for
means of identification, but simply to locate certain areas.                                    Identification
   The knowledge we have gained as a result of this case has convinced us of the need           President, 1953

for an educational and publicity program to institute the proper recording of the foot
impressions of all newly born infants; also for the additional research work leading to the
establishment of a uniform system of classification of both palm and foot impressions.

                           This article has been reprinted with the
                   permission of Jon T. Stimac, Editor of the International
                               Association for Identification.

                                                                                         Oregon State Trooper     13
Oregon State Troopers
photo Line-up!                                                     While on routine patrol, Trooper
                                                                      Andrew Goffrier (Salem Area
                                                               Command) seizes the opportunity to
                                                               initiate a traffic stop on this violator
                                                                    for an obstructed license plate.
                                                                    Never know what one is going to
                                                                                           come across.

                                                          Senior Trooper Jeff Leighty
                                                          (Salem Area Command),
                                                          Lieutenant Eric Altman
                                                          (Salem Area Command) and
                                                          Detective Matt Beeson
                                                          (Astoria Area Command).
                                                          Congratulations on your 25
                                                          years with State Police.

       From left to right,
          Senior Trooper
   Jeff Leighty (Salem
    Area Command) and
Lieutenant Eric Altman
   (Commander – Salem                                                                           Trooper Jeff Moran (Albany Area
         Area Command)                                                                          Command) out keeping the highways of Linn
   celebrate their 25th                                                                         County safe.
year of service with the
   Oregon State Police.

     Whether it is sun, sleet or snow, Oregon State
                                                                        Trooper Ron Clement
     Police Fish & Wildlife Troopers are out patrolling
                                                                        (Salem Area Fish &
     the back roads of Oregon.
                                                                        Wildlife), working on a
                                                                        marijuana eradication
                                                                        as part of his many
                                                                        duties as a State
                                                                        Trooper assigned to
                                                                        Fish & Wildlife.

  14     Oregon State Trooper
                                   Oregon State Forensic Science Division
Left to right, top to bottom:
Odessa Wozniak is processing evidence as part of her role as a Forensic Scientist. Dr. Justin Crossland, PhD., Forensic
Scientist assigned to Latent Prints. Adam Fleischer is a Forensic Scientist is qualified in a variety of disciplines with the
Oregon State Forensics Division. Kathleen Kittell is a Forensic Scientist assigned to Latent Prints. Melissa Gaines, Forensic
Scientist performing her duties with Latent Prints. Angela Gunderson, Forensic Scientist assigned to Toxicology.

                                                                                                 Oregon State Trooper           15
     In Search of

                                                                                       Lay down the badge and gun
         By Captain Valerie Tanguay-Masner                    approach
                                                                                       A new adventure has begun!
           San Bernardino County Sheriff’s                    quickly,
              Department - California                         and
     In the Basic Academy, we instill in the trainees         many law enforcement professionals look upon it as
 that they are to adhere to the Law Enforcement Code          impending doom because they have made no real plans
 of Ethics. Many memorize the oath that describes             for the rest of their lives. When the day finally arrives
 their “fundamental duty is to serve mankind…                 there is a party, the presentation of a plaque or gold
 keep my private life unsullied as an example to all…         watch, nice things are said by friends and bosses, and
 with no compromise for crime and with relentless             then everyone turns and walks away.
 prosecution of criminals… dedicating myself before
 God to my chosen profession… law enforcement.” (Law          Lack Of Preparation
 Enforcement Code of Ethics) These men and women                 After months of training individuals for a career in
 serve for many years with an unblemished record,             law enforcement, we spend little or no time assisting
 valiantly serving the citizens of their state, county or     them as they prepare to leave. Retirees describe
 local municipalities. A few are applauded as heroes for      feelings of despair and explain that they have lost
 efforts above and beyond the call of duty; still others      their identities and no longer seem to have a purpose.
 are laid to rest after becoming victims of violence.         In an interview with a Captain who had retired from
     Individuals who enter the law enforcement field          the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (CA)
 are described as ‘public servants’. Their willingness        after 30 years, he expressed a sense of emptiness; he
 to rush towards danger to assist total strangers lends       felt that he was no longer a member of the “family” but
 itself to the creation of a brotherhood. Together they see   was now simply a “distant cousin”. A Sergeant from the
 the horrors of violence and quietly shed tears for the       same organization who retired after 33 years related
 victims. After all of the triumphs and tears there comes     his experience when he went to the range to turn in
 a time when these officers find themselves in a position     his department-issued equipment during his final
 to retire. It is a day that is not considered when they      week of employment. As the inventory sheet was being
 are rookies, seems elusive after a decade on the job, and    checked off, the final item to pass across the counter
 finally is impending as they reach the twilight of their     was his firearm. For as long as he could remember the
 career. This day that is so important suddenly seems to      Sergeant had been taught to never give up his weapon

16    Oregon State Trooper
– and now he was “ordered to surrender it”. Both of           P.T.S.D. And Suicide
these individuals spoke with great emotion about the             While these issues may not be germane to only the
transition from law enforcement to civilian life.             law enforcement profession, there are some precursors
   In a survey of 25 law enforcement agencies in              that may expose these retirees to danger. Nearly all
California, only the City of San Jose provides any form       police officers witness some of life’s most horrible
of transitional assistance to their pending retirees.         scenes and can be hurled from periods of tedious duties
According to retired Lieutenant R. Saito (letter to author,   into moments of terror. In the same way that military
October 26, 2008) even though San Jose’s 6-week               combat veterans have been diagnosed with stress issues
program is optional, it is highly recommended. In the         because of their experiences, law enforcement officers
first session, the employee and their spouse both attend      may also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and, independently, draw a picture of what retirement         (PTSD). Psychologists and Counselors acknowledge
is going to look like. When the couple gets back together,    that PTSD can surface several weeks, months, or years
they share their pictures and describe the meaning,           after exposure to a critical event. Officers may re-
their hopes and dreams. More                                                         experience critical incidents
times than not, the pictures are
not even remotely the same.
                                              When the day                           through memories, flashbacks
                                                                                     or dreams. They may suddenly
A family counselor guides the                 finally arrives                        cry uncontrollably and sense
couples through the exercise
and explains the importance of
                                             there is a party,                       doom about their future. Left
                                                                                     unchecked, these symptoms
open communication in order                 the presentation                         carry through as the law
to maintain happiness through
the retirement years. Subsequent
                                           of a plaque or gold                       enforcement officer approaches
                                                                                     and enters into retirement.
classes describe financial                  watch, nice things                          An alarming trend that has
planning, medical benefits, estate
planning, and creating exercise
                                           are said by friends                       been tracked for the last few
                                                                                     years, albeit sporadically, is the
programs.                                 and bosses, and then                       number of retired police officers
   Doctors Daniel Goldfarb
and Gary Aumiller (Goldfarb &
                                           everyone turns and                        who commit suicide. The FBI has
                                                                                     compiled statistics which show
Aumiller, 2008, p.2) have run a                walks away.                           that law enforcement officers
counseling center for Long Island                                                    are six times more likely to kill
(NY) Law Enforcement Officers                                                        themselves than members of
since 1984. They have found an                                                       the general public – 60 for every
increase in the number of retirees who are utilizing          100,000 people each year. They claim that this figure
their service because of depression, anxiety and marital      more than triples for police officers who retire. More
discord. On their Heavy Badge website, they define the        disturbing is the fact that officers who are disabled and
five most common complaints from their retired clients:       medically retired are 45 times more likely to commit
  • Retirement as a loss of identity and self esteem          suicide than the average person. (FBI, 2008, 2)
  • Marital difficulties                                         Unfortunately, it usually takes a critical incident
  • Retiring for the wrong reasons                            to bring issues like law enforcement suicides to light
  • Inability to plan and organize time                       at local levels. Most departments still do nothing to
  • Boredom                                                   prepare their employees for the transition from a career
                                                              in police work to returning to civilian life. While many

                                                                                            Oregon State Trooper          17
 departments direct their employees to the Retirement        retiree to participate in counseling could diffuse some
 Association for information regarding their future          of the anxiety that comes from this upcoming life-
 finances and benefits, few provide any pre-retirement       changing event. Inviting the spouse of the veteran
 counseling for the officer and his family.                  officer to attend counseling, much like the San Jose
                                                             model, might alleviate some of the misperceptions
 The Military Solution                                       that lead to the five complaints outlined by Goldfarb
     In that law enforcement agencies are paramilitary       and Aumiller. And when warranted, assisting a
 organizations, we need to focus on the military             service or medical retiree with resume writing and job
 for direction in how to appropriately out-process           placement assistance will allow them to pursue future
 our retiring members. The Transition Assistance             employment opportunities.
 Management Program (TAMP) was established in
 November 1990 and requires all active and reserve           Training And Assistance Programs
 separating and retiring service members to have                Stephanie Samuels is a therapist who works with
 access to permanent transition assistance services.         Police Officers in New York and New Jersey. She explains
 Members who are being involuntarily separated (IVS)         “I describe law enforcement not as a job, not as a career,
 or involuntarily retired (IVR) also receive specific        but as a way of life.” (Violanti, 2007, p. 80) After years
 legislated transition benefits. This complement of          of working professionally with officers, she saw a void
 individual programs, services and benefits, which           in outlets that officers could turn to during times of
 collectively constitute TAMP, include pre-separation        stress. Samuels is the creator and founder of Copline, a
 counseling, employment assistance, relocation               not-for-profit confidential phone service dedicated to
 assistance and benefits for members who are                 helping officers and their families in times of crisis and
 involuntarily separated or retired.                         uncertainty. (COP Line, n.d.) The phones are manned 24
     Director Cynthia A. Bascetta of the United States       hours a day, 365 days a year, by retired law enforcement
 General Accounting Office (GAO) outlines the                officers from police and sheriffs departments as well as
 requirement of every branch of the military to provide      from corrections. The retirees have received 40-hours of
 pre-separation counseling to all military personnel no      specialized training and, since they are no longer on the
 later than 90 days prior to their separation from the       force, they are not obligated to report what the caller is
 military. The counseling must include information           confiding in them. Samuels sees the benefits of utilizing
 about education and vocational rehabilitation benefits,     the valuable experience of the retirees and recognizes
 job counseling and job placement information, selective     that they are a credible source of shared experiences for
 reserve options, relocation assistance services, medical    those who call in times of crisis.
 and dental benefits, counseling on the effects of career       When looking for training programs to be
 changes and financial planning.                             introduced at local levels, the most promising non-profit
     Since the military already has all of these programs    organization available to assist is Badge of Life out of
 in place, it would not be difficult to use TAMP as a        Citrus Heights, CA. This is “a group of active and retired
                                              guideline      police officers from the United States and Canada who
                                              in creating    are victims of trauma-related injuries from our law
                                              similar        enforcement service.” (Badge of Life, n.d.) They are
                                              programs       committed to providing training to departments in
                                              for law        psychological survival, PTSD, and the challenges facing
                                              enforcement.   retirees. In October, 2008 this organization was profiled
                                              Mandating      in PORAC Magazine,, and “CopShock”.
                                              a pending         Through the Badge of Life website, there are links

18    Oregon State Trooper
and invitations to their public service announcement
videos including “Police Suicide”, “Police PTSD” and
their new video that was released in November 2008
entitled “Police Retirement – The Last Trauma”. In
addition, this organization is willing to provide free
lesson plans with correlating Power Point Presentations
for instruction in the topics of PTSD and Suicides with
individual curriculum designed for either Academy
Recruits or Veteran Officers. Currently there are only                 • A Peer Support Officer Program
13 law enforcement agencies and academies using                        • A Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Program.
the Badge of Life materials in their training. Through                 • A cadet training program to include suicide
advertising and the free distribution of materials they                  prevention, mental health awareness and annual
hope to have many more departments incorporate their                     mental health checkups.
program into annual training.                                          • Annual interactive refresher classes at the squad level.
                                                                        In order to make this program successful, the
Bringing It Home                                                     necessity of annual mental health checkups must
   Focusing on support for our pending retirees we can               be encouraged. However, dissolving the stigma of
turn to the military as a model. Departments need to                 psychological counseling within the law enforcement
create their own version of the mandatory Transition                 community is not a change that is going to occur
Assistance Management Program (TAMP) in order to                     overnight. We need to focus on the 50,000 new officers
assist officers months, or even years, before their actual           who come into the profession annually and create an
retirement date. The San Jose model wherein initial                  atmosphere wherein an annual one hour visit to a
family counseling is offered can be a springboard for                therapist is not viewed as a weakness. There is a direct
creating realistic expectations of the future. Additional            correlation between mentally and emotionally stable
meetings can focus on a variety of concerns including                officers on the job and those who carry this mindset
the five most common complaints outlined by Goldfarb                 into retirement. Furthermore, utilizing retirees within
and Aumiller. And Departments can look to outside                    programs such as the department’s Peer Counseling and
sources like COP Line or Badge of Life in order to                   Critical Incident Support can only lend credibility to the
provide opportunities for retirees to become part of an              process.
organization who understands what they are going                        For departments to continue to only focus on the
through.                                                             financial and medical benefits afforded their retirees
   By beginning at the Basic Academy level in                        borders on criminal behavior. Ignoring the emotional
providing information about PTSD and Police Suicides,                trauma that comes with both service and unplanned
we can create an environment wherein these topics can                medical retirements is a recipe for disaster. With the
be discussed openly. Utilizing similar training for the              number of non-profit organizations that are available
veteran officer will reiterate the message that stressors            to assist with counseling and training, a department
are normal occurrences in our profession. Badge of Life              that fails to take immediate action sends a message
recommends the following resources (Badge of Life,                   that retirees have no value. Creating and requiring
n.d.) when initiating this type of training at individual            mandated Transition Assistance, to include the mental
departments:                                                         health component, will greatly enhance the quality of
  • A dedicated staff committed to the task                          life for individuals who have dedicated their lives to
  • A free and confidential contract employee counseling service.    serve and protect.
  • A health service on contract to respond to officers in crisis.

                                                                                                   Oregon State Trooper         19
                              1st  Annual
                        Or ego  n State    rial Run
                                    r Memo
              Fa      lle n Tr oope

                                                    poeg   State P
                                      012   at Cham Challenge
                            J une 3, 2 oss Fit Team           ts
                                 33K Cr           d 5K Even           rial
                                    33K  , 10K an      tr oop er memo
                            ww w.facebo         and
                                                            or g
                                               pm emorial.

20   Oregon State Trooper
                          In the Line of Duty
         “It is not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived.”
                                             ---Vivan Eney Cross, Survivor

                                                                    Amos B. “Spud” Helms
                                                                 August 1, 1931 – December 29, 1931
                                                       Amos B. “Spud” Helms, a former semi-pro baseball player
                                                    and one-time member of state traffic police was shot in the
                                                    abdomen as he and Captain Lee Noe approached a suspect
                                                    vehicle at a service station in La Grande, Oregon. Officer
                                                    Helms died 73 days later from the gunshot wound.
                                                       The car both OSP members stopped matched the
                                                    description of the vehicle used in a Robbery in Idaho
                                                    Falls. Captain Noe was able to return fire at the suspects.
                                                    The suspects fled but were later captured, convicted and
                                                    sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for
                                                    the murder of Officers Helms. One was granted a conditional
                                                    pardon in 1942, and the other was paroled in 1950.

             James D. Rector, Sergeant
          December 17, 1950 – September 2, 1997
   Oregon State Police Sergeant James D. Rector was killed in a
motor vehicle accident along with Trooper Scott A. Lyons while
on patrol west of Crescent, Oregon on September 2, 1997.
   Sergeant Rector was a 24 year veteran of the Oregon State
Police and had been recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant
in June of 1997.
   Sergeant Rector is survived by his wife and their two sons.
   Sergeant Rector was assigned to Klamath Falls Office for the
first 2 years of his career and served the remaining years of his
career at the Gilchrist Office.
   Sergeant Rector was a Vietnam War veteran. He was also
the Klamath County State Police Officer of the Year in 1995
and received the Oregon Police Officer Medal of Honor for his
involvement in a shooting.
   Sergeant Rector had survived five shoot-outs and two bullet
wounds in his career.

                                                                                         Oregon State Trooper       21
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                                                                                                    Oregon State Trooper                      23
                           STATe        by Erin E. Reyes-Smith
       The Oregon State Police (OSP) once had a Motors Unit which was recently disbanded because
    of continued budget shortfalls. The Oregon State Police was forced to make hard decisions as they
    restructured the agency to meet required cuts and still keep within their mission of public safety. One
    of those hard decisions was eliminating the Oregon State Police Motors Unit.
       Oregon State Police is a department deeply rooted in and proud of its history. There has been an
    increase in the number of younger members joining the department as senior members hang up
    their gun belts for the last time to start their well earned retirement. Many of these young members
    are aware of the former existence of the Oregon State Police Motors Unit and the names of the final
    four Troopers who were part of the unit. What they are probably not aware of is the full history of

Oregon State Trooper
the former Oregon State Police Motors unit      Downey (retired), Sergeant Jerry Palmer
and the contributions the Unit has made         (retired as Lieutenant) and Sergeant Randy
to the department. This article will outline    Westbrook (retired), the
the formation, training, and contributions      sixteen members of the
the Unit has made. It is dedicated to the all   unit were selected and
the members of this Unit who exhibited          were ready to begin their                This article
exceptional professionalism each and every      training in February of
day as they served the citizens of Oregon.      1994.                                   will outline
                                                   The newly formed                   the formation,
The Creation                                    motor unit was spread
of the Motors Unit                              out along the Interstate               training, and
   The Oregon State Police created the          5 corridor. Six Troopers               contributions
Motors Unit with the help of the late           were assigned to the
Senator Lenn Hannon. He diligently worked       Portland Metro Area, six                the Unit has
during the 1993 Legislative Session to pass     went to Salem, two were                    made.
legislation allowing for the addition of a      sent to Springfield and
sixteen-member motors unit for the Oregon       the remaining two were
State Police.                                   assigned to Central Point.
   Under the leadership of Lieutenant John         It was the mission of the Oregon State

                                                                                            Oregon State Trooper   25
 Police Motors Unit to not only           selected, they were issued their new     course in Sheldon, Washington.
 assist with traffic enforcement in       Kawasaki motorcycles. Now the real          First things first. The new unit
 their assigned areas but they were       training began. There was just one       needed some basic skill training
 also required to travel statewide        problem: There was no organized          before heading off to Sheldon,
 to support the smaller state police      school in Oregon to train the new        Washington. The responsibility
 offices and local area police agencies   motor officers. So the leadership of     for that training fell to Stephen
 with traffic control during major        the Motors Unit decided perhaps the      Garets who at the time, and still
 events. Many of these events             time had come to form one.               is, the Director of TEAM Oregon.
 drew large crowds and it was the            There were others out there           All the members successfully
 responsibility of the Motors Unit        offering training to new motor           passed their TEAM Oregon course
 to take primary control of the           officers. Washington State Patrol        and spent the following weekend
 enforcement of vehicle traffic. This     (WSP), the California Highway Patrol     practicing their skills and breaking
 allowed the local police agencies to     (CHP) and the Northwest Traffic          in their motorcycles in the manner
 concentrate on other enforcement         Institute had programs that were         suggested by the manufacturer.
 needs that would insure the safety       highly respected within the law          Six hundred miles later, the Oregon
 of all who attended these events.        enforcement realm. After looking         State Police Motors Unit was ready
     Motorcycles are an effective tool    into how these programs were             to report to Washington State
 and well-suited for police traffic       run, leadership of the Motor Unit        Patrol Academy for their first day of
 enforcement. A well-trained officer      decided to send their members to         training.
 on a motorcycle can maneuver             the Washington State Patrol to be           According to the Washington
 through high traffic areas more          trained. Washington State Patrol         State Patrol, the average washout
 quickly and efficiently than motor       was more than willing to assist the      rate in their training course is
 vehicles can. This allows for a          Oregon State Police with the training    35%-40%. When Oregon State Police
 quicker response time to traffic         of their new unit and a date was         arrived to train, instructors from the
 emergencies.                             set to start the 80-hour certification   class expected the same for these
     High acceleration rates and
 maneuverability allow motor
 officers to work traffic enforcement
 with greater ease than a patrol
 vehicle can. Motor officers have
 the option, through training and
 experience, of either making
 themselves visible or not to
 traffic. Due to their compactness a
 motorcycle can access areas where
 motor vehicles cannot. These
 are just a few the ways a Motors
 Unit enhances the performance
 capabilities of any Patrol Division.

 Training, Training and
 More Training
     After the members of the newly
                                            In-Service Training. L to r: Sr. Tpr. Mark Kingma, Sr Tpr Mikes Bates, Sgt.
 formed Oregon State Police were
                                            Cris Cuvas, Sr Tpr Jason Lindland, Sr Tpt, Peggy Bishop, Sgt. Walt Anderson.

26    Oregon State Trooper
out-of-state students. Two weeks
later, Oregon State Police impressed
the instructors of Washington
State Patrol by only losing only two
members during the grueling two-
week training and qualification
course. One of the Troopers who
failed the first time around returned
later in the year to attend training
again along with another new
member and both completed their
courses which brought the Motors
Unit back to sixteen members.
   But there was not any time for
the original recruits to celebrate.          Working the Hood to Coast Walk are; Sr. Tpr. Jason Lindland and
Police agencies from Seaside and             Sgt. Walt Anderson.
the local Astoria State Police office    Illinois State Police.                  plan. At the time, training was based
needed the newly trained unit to            Now the new Oregon State Police      around teaching skills at low speed.
assist with the spring break crowds      instructors were ready to develop       Although low speed training was
on the Oregon Coast. In partnership      curriculum for initial certification    important, the leadership of the
with the local agencies, the Motors      and in-service training for motor       Oregon State Police Motor Unit knew
Unit successfully completed their        officers in Oregon. Hours upon          their motor officers worked daily
mission of traffic safety enforcement    hours of research were devoted          on the Interstate at high speeds,
which helped visitors and locals         to development of the training          therefore, their training needed to
alike to enjoy a safe spring break       program. Much of the reason             reflect how to handle situations in
week.                                    for this research was to gain an        that venue.
   The Oregon State Police Motor         understanding of when and how              By 1995, just one year after the
Unit was now certified and had           motorcycle crashes occurred. While      unit was formed, the Oregon State
completed their first official           developing a training program,          Police Motors Unit was not only
assignment. It was time for them         both Downey and Palmer learned          one of the most skilled agencies
to report back to their assigned         the “danger zone” for a new motor       on their motorcycles, but had also
offices and assist with traffic safety   officer was during his/her first        developed a premier training and
enforcement while the motors             two years. The research eventually      certification motors course. Word
leadership began to work on creating     led to a training regimen that          spread quickly throughout the law
a new training program.                  concentrated on those areas that        enforcement world about the new
   Lieutenant Downey sent two of         would minimize the risks to the         training curriculum developed by
his motor officers to the Northwest      officer.                                the training officers of the Oregon
Traffic Institute to complete the           As part of developing their          State Police Motor Unit.
Train the Trainer Course for Motor       training program, the Oregon State         Several police agencies came
Officers. After completing their         Police Motors Unit introduced a new     to review the lesson plan and
certification course, the new            concept to their training program.      visit training sessions hosted by
instructors headed out to assist in      High speed training was developed       the Oregon State Police. These
training motor officers from the         and included into the new lesson        agencies included the once mentors,

                                                                                           Oregon State Trooper         27
                                              to the monthly trainings to keep      the strength that one would need to
                                              their riding skills up to par.        pick up a motorcycle off the ground

         They were                                With the training in place, it
                                              came time to set up a recruiting
                                                                                    and bring it upright should it fall
                                                                                    over. Since motorcycles do not have
     given very serious                       process for future motor              push bumpers like patrol vehicles,

        assignments                           officers for the department. The
                                              leadership once again researched
                                                                                    the Trooper would have to be able
                                                                                    to physically push a stalled vehicle
         including                            what skills were needed to            out of the lane of travel. As if those

       assisting with                         make sure motor officers had
                                              the enough skills to qualify
                                                                                    tests were not enough, the Motor
                                                                                    Unit applicant would then have to
         escorting                            for selection to attend the           demonstrate flexibility in their neck

        dignitaries.                          certification training.
                                                  As any State Trooper knows,
                                                                                    and back. Flexibility in these areas
                                                                                    is imperative for the motor officer
                                              the Oregon State Academy              to be able to turn to see traffic and
 Washington State Patrol. Even the            training and annual training          hazards around them.
 California Highway Patrol was            required of them make them some of           After the motor officer candidate
 curious enough to make the trip up       the best trained officers in the state.   passed all these tests, they were
 north to see what the buzz was all       If any of these Troopers desired to       allowed to be interviewed by a panel
 about. Idaho State Police also made      become part of the Motors Unit, they      to determine their suitability and
 a visit and motor officers from as far   would have to be able to meet even a      fit within the Oregon State Police
 as Europe came to find out what they     higher standards of training.             Motor Unit. Those who passed the
 could learn and take back to their          First off, before any Trooper          interview process were sent to the
 units.                                   would be granted consideration they       initial certification training course.
     The Oregon State Police had          had to have a minimum of three               Lieutenant Palmer (retired),
 achieved their goal. They operated       years of patrol experience, completed     believes the initial leadership of
 an instructional and qualification       TEAM Oregon and had to have               the Motors Unit was instrumental
 course not only for their new motor      received a recommendation from            in creating the excellent selection
 officers but for motor units from        their front line supervisor indicating    process and training requirements
 partnering police agencies.              they demonstrated the work ethic          that resulted in the exemplary
                                          and character skills desired by the       safety record of the Unit. From the
 Motors Up & Running                      unit.                                     formation of the motors unit all the
     Oregon State Police had their           Once granted a recommendation          way to its disbandment, crashes
 motors unit up and running. A            and selected for further                  involving Oregon State Police Motors
 certification course had been created    consideration, the perspective            can be counted on one hand. None
 and was well received. Continued         motor officers would have to pass         of those incidents led to any serious
 education was in place to keep skills    a physical agilities test. A grip test    physical injuries or death to the
 sharp for the motor officers. Motor      was required and there had to be          Troopers involved. The Oregon State
 officers for the unit were required      equal strength in both hands. The         Police Motors Unit set out to be safe
 to attend monthly training which         reason for this test was to determine     and well-trained, the leadership and
 was scheduled over a 1-2 day period.     if the Motor Unit applicant had the       members of the unit kept standards
 Not only did Oregon State Police         ability to handle the controls and        high and all of them worked
 attend this training, but many local     operate a motorcycle. Second test         together to keep the standards high
 agencies throughout the state came       was a dead lift. This test represented    until their last day.

28    Oregon State Trooper
                                                                                Rodeo, and Chief Joseph Days more
                                                                                than likely came in contact with or
                                                                                remembered seeing Oregon State
                                                                                Patrol Motor Officers. They were
                                                                                there to promote traffic safety and to
                                                                                provide support to the local agencies
                                                                                in the area.
                                                                                   Another important duty the
                                                                                Oregon State Police Motors assumed
                                                                                was to provide school zone traffic
                                                                                enforcement to the rural schools.
                                                                                Rural schools do not have the same
                                                                                luxury as incorporated city schools
                                                                                when it comes to keeping students
                                                                                safe. They do not have local police
                                                                                agencies to depend on to provide
                                                                                traffic enforcement. Members
    Vice President Al Gore congradulating Lt. Jerry Palmer                      of the Oregon State Motors Unit
                                                                                identified this problem and provided
Motors In Action                        they would hear remarks by their        assistance.
   The members of the Oregon            colleagues in patrol vehicles who did      Another somber duty of Oregon
State Police Motors Unit did not        not seem to attract quite the same      State Police Motors is to escort
only perform well in their traffic      attention.                              funeral processions. Motors could
enforcement duties, but they were          However, it was not all fun and      be counted on to assist wherever
a huge asset to the Oregon State        games for the Motors Unit. They         they were needed to make sure
Police in terms of public relations.    were given very serious assignments     these emotionally difficult events
Motor officers often attended           including assisting with escorting      went smoothly. These Troopers
recruiting events, fairs, and various   dignitaries. When Oregon received       never faltered from their duties and
community events. When taking a         visits from Presidents, Vice            always maintained the dignified
break from their enforcement duties     Presidents, Presidential Candidates     image expected of every Oregon
it was not unusual for a crowd to       and other dignitaries, the Oregon       State Police Trooper.
swarm around the motorcycles            State Police Motors were always            Versatility is a word that can be
eager to get a closer look. Children    on hand to provide escorts and an       used to describe the Oregon State
shrieked with excitement when the       extra set of trained eyes to ensure     Police Motors Unit. Whatever was
motor officers allowed them to sit      their out-of-state visitors time        asked of them, these members were
on their bikes, which allowed mom       in Oregon was safe and without          ready to take on their assigned
and dad a rare photo opportunity.       incident. Motors performed these        task and adapt their successful
People always wanted to talk bikes      duties flawlessly and often received    enforcement styles.
with the motor officers which           a personal thank you from the high
made them a big hit at community        profile dignitaries.                    The Final Four
events. These interactions brought         Anyone who has attended events          As budget issues continued to
positive attention to the Motors        such as Cycle Oregon, Hood to Coast,    claw away at the already financially
Unit, sometimes to the point that       the Pendleton Round Up, the St. Paul    strapped Oregon State Police, the

                                                                                         Oregon State Trooper          29
                                                                                  to turn in their motor units. These
                                                                                  final four currently serve in both the
                                                                                  Portland Metro and Salem area.
                                                                                     No one would disagree with
                                                                                  the work ethic, commitment, and
                                                                                  professionalism of the final four
                                                                                  and their fellow team members
                                                                                  who served before them. These
                                                                                  Troopers are too humble to admit
                                                                                  it, but they are an elite part of the
                                                                                  Oregon State Police who met not
                                                                                  only a high standard of training but
                                                                                  also met performance requirements
                                                                                  higher than that for most other
                                                                                  officers. They need to recognize and
                                                                                  be proud of their contributions. The

     The Final Four!                                                              rest of us certainly are. The Oregon
                                                                                  State Police Motors Unit made great
 Executive Leadership was forced to make the difficult decision to disband        contributions to other agencies and
 the Oregon State Police Motors Unit in 2011.                                     the public. They are part of Oregon
     Ongoing budget cuts had brought the once sixteen-member motor unit over      State Police history that shall never
 time down to four. These final four continued the high standard which had        be forgotten.
 become the norm for the unit. They knew there was a possibility their beloved
 unit may be on the chopping block but they continued to
 hope for the best as they performed all the duties asked of
     Members of the Executive Leadership made their
 decision official on October 2, 2011. That day the Oregon
 State Police Motors Unit, which had been an intricate
 part of the State Police history for almost 18 years, was
 disbanded. The final four members of the Oregon State
 Police Motors Unit, Sergeant Walt Anderson, Senior
 Trooper Peggy Bishop, Senior Trooper Mike Bates, and
 Senior Trooper Jason Lindland were asked to turn in                    In the Honor and Memory of
 their bikes and resume patrol duties in a vehicle.                          Oregon State Police
     Although difficult for the final four to hear, they
 understood the reason behind the decision to disband
                                                                          Officer William J. Pierce
 their unit but were all very disappointed to have to
 give up an assignment which was more than just a                                National Association of
 duty, it was their passion. Maintaining their poise and                             Letter Carriers
 professionalism, these State Police Motor Officers for the                            Branch 82
 last time washed their bikes, performed their pre-ride
 safety inspections, and rode off to the State Police office

30   Oregon State Trooper
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                A Behlen Group Company

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                                                              full life
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6626 Table Rock Road • Centr al Point, OR 97502

                                                                           Oregon State Trooper   31
                                              Oregon State Troop
                                                                     O    regon State Troopers out of Albany investigated a
                                                                          Monday morning crash involving a school bus on
                                                                  SR 20 near Lebanon in Linn County. The three-vehicle motor
                                                                  vehicle crash led to minor injuries to the occupants of the
                                                                  two passenger cars involved. The school bus driver and the
                                                                  children on board the bus were not injured.

     A     California man was involved in a motor vehicle
           crash along SR 138E near the Lemolo Lake Junction
 in Douglas County. According to witnesses, the man was
 dressed in shorts and sandals when he fled the scene of the
 crash and headed off into the snow covered woods.
     Oregon State Troopers out of the Roseburg Office spent two
 days searching in the woods during winter conditions for the
 man. Forty-eight hours later, the man was located by two
 State Troopers. The California man was hungry, thirsty and
 obviously very cold. Troopers fed the man the food and water
 they had on hand. He was then transported to a waiting
 ambulance and taken to an area hospital

                                                                     A    Winnebago motor home was traveling north on
                                                                          Interstate 5 near milepost 201 just north of Eugene
                                                                  when the driver was stopped by an Oregon State Trooper for
                                                                  a traffic violation. During the contact, the Trooper located
                                                                  39 plants inside the motor home. The California man was
                                                                  cited to appear at Lane County Circuit Court by Oregon State

32    Oregon State Trooper
pers                                         ON THE JOB!

  W      hile on patrol on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove, an
         Oregon State Police Trooper made a traffic stop on a
  vehicle for a traffic violation. Further investigation led to
  locating approximately 6 ounces of hashish and 15 pounds of
  marijuana in the vehicle.
     The Oregon State Trooper was assisted by an Oregon
  State Police Drug Detection Canine and members of the Lane
  County Sheriff’s Office.
     Both of the vehicle occupants were arrested and taken to
  the Lane County Jail in Eugene.
                                                                     O    n Interstate 205 near the Abernanthy Bridge, a
                                                                          Clackamas County Sheriff and the occupants of
                                                                  two other vehicles were involved in a minor injury crash
                                                                  which blocked southbound lanes for over an hour during the
                                                                  morning commute.
                                                                     Oregon State Police assisted West Linn Police Department
                                                                  in the investigation of the motor vehicle crash.

                                                                     O    n Highway 211 west of Molalla near S. Dryland Road,
                                                                          State Troopers from the Portland area responded to
                                                                  and investigated an injury three-vehicle motor vehicle crash.
                                                                  The driver of the pictured vehicle was extricated by Molalla
                                                                  Fire Department and taken to Oregon Health & Sciences
                                                                  University by Life Flight for injuries sustained in the crash.
                                                                     The driver of one of the other vehicles involved was
                                                                  transported to the hospital by ambulance for minor injuries.

                                                                                                   Oregon State Trooper            33
                                                Oregon State Troop

     O     regon State Police Fish & Wildlife Troopers out
           of Central Point were involved in an ongoing
 investigation which resulted in a search warrant for a private
 residence and the subsequent arrest of an Eagle Point man
 and his 16 year old son.
     The adult was lodged at the Jackson County Jail on 18
 misdemeanor Fish & Wildlife Crimes. The 16 year old juvenile
 has similar charges pending with the Jackson County
 Juvenile Justice Department.

                                                                       A    man received injuries when he lost control of his
                                                                            vehicle on icy roads on US 97 near Chiloquin. His
                                                                    vehicle slid off the highway, onto the embankment where it
                                                                    eventually crashed into a tree after rolling onto its top.
                                                                       Members from Klamath County Fire District #1 and two
                                                                    Oregon State Troopers worked in partnership for two hours to
                                                                    extricate the man from his overturned vehicle. Once out of
                                                                    the vehicle, the man was taken to Sky Lakes Medical Center
                                                                    by Emergency Airlift Helicopter where he was treated from
                                                                    non-life threatening injuries.

     A     n Oregon State Trooper stopped a vehicle on US 97 near
           milepost 190 in Klamath County for traffic violations.
 Further investigation during the traffic contact led to the
 discovery of approximately 24 pounds of marijuana inside a
 large duffel bag.
     Further investigation by the Oregon State Police Troopers
 and Detectives from the Bend Area Command led to a search
 warrant service at the suspect’s home in Sunriver where a large
 marijuana grow was located.
     The suspect was taken to and lodged at the Deschutes County

34       Oregon State Trooper
pers                                       ON THE JOB!

                                                                     A     St Helens man was arrested for Driving Under the

                                                                           Influence of Intoxicants when the vehicle he was
          regon State Troopers out of the Portland Area
                                                                  operating collided into the rear of a Nissan Versa. The impact
          Command responded to a mid afternoon motor
                                                                  of the crash caused the Nissan to veer off the shoulder and
  vehicle crash on State Route 224 just west of Barton. The
                                                                  into a tree.
  driver of a Toyota Scion was traveling east when her vehicle
                                                                     The passenger of the Nissan was transported to Legacy
  crossed over the centerline through a curve, the oncoming
                                                                  Emanuel Medical Center for injuries. The driver of the
  Ford pickup was unable to avoid the Scion which resulted in
                                                                  offending vehicle was not injured. He was arrested and
  both vehicles colliding.
                                                                  lodged at the Columbia County Jail by Oregon State Troopers
     The driver of the Scion was transport by Life Flight for
                                                                  out of St Helens.
  injuries sustained in the crash and the driver of the pickup
  was transported by ambulance to a local area hospital.

     W      hile attempting to avoid an animal in the roadway
            on Highway 26 just west of Madras, a Culver man
  crashed into a commercial truck traveling in the oncoming
  lane. The driver of the commercial truck attempted to but
  was not successful in avoiding the crash. He was not injured.
     The Culver man received minor injuries and was
  transported by a private party to an area hospital.
     Oregon State Troopers from the Bend Area Command
  responded to and investigated the motor vehicle crash.

                                                                                                 Oregon State Trooper           35
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                        Flying Pie Pizzeria

                            3 Monroe Pkwy #5
                             Lake Oswego, OR

                      5429 N Interstate Ave
                       Portland, OR 97217

                  Frank’s 76


                                                      1448 Ashland St, Ashland OR 97520

                                                         Hans Mike Johnson, Jr, CPA
                                                                   28 S Sixth Suite C
                                                                Cottage Grove, oR 97424

36   Oregon State Trooper
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                                                                Economy Towing and Repair

             2615 NW Saint Helens Rd
                Portland oR 97210
                                                                PO Box 1095 • Drain, OR 97435

                            HELSER                                            J&J House Cleaning
10750 SW Tualatin Rd.                     P.O.Box 1569
Tualatin, OR 97062                       (503)692-6909       
                                                                5219 S Pacific Hwy        Phoenix, OR 97535

             VeteRinaRy                                                          Journey’s
             CLiniC                                                                End
             1995 S Highway 395 • Hermiston, OR 97838
                (541) 567-6466 • (541) 567-6467 fax                              Espresso
David Rademacher, D.V.M.               Creigh Lincoln, D.V.M.
Thomas Ptizer, D.V.M.
                    Carrie Marcum, D.V.M.
                                          Jason Down, D.V.M.
                                   55 Basin Street Astoria, OR

                                                                King logging
                                                                 MyrTLE POiNT, Or 97458

                                                                           Koontz Machine
                                                                           & Welding, Inc.
                                                                              600 N Front Street
                                                                              Coos Bay, OR 97420
                                                                                  Since 1906
                                                                                      Oregon State Trooper    37
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                Log Cabin                                                        Steve & Annie Sakaguchi

                                                                                         Northwest Region

                                                                                     SASS Inc. dba McDonald’s
                                                                                                 PO Box 51060

                541-673-6502                                                                 Eugene, OR 97405
                                                                                           Office: 541.726.9866
                                                                                             Fax: 541.744.9042
                4751 NE Stephens St,                                                         Cell: 541.914.0301
                                                                       VM: 800.425.8560: Steve 1041, Annie 1128
                Roseburg OR 97470                                                

                                                                                           319 E. McAndrews
                                                                                            Medford, Oregon
                                                                                            (541) 773-5881

                                                           Family Owned since 1969
                                                         For All Your Glass Needs

     M & M Potato, Inc         822 Highway 395 South                                  Brothers
     541-561-7378                Hermiston, OR 97838                                  Trucking llC
                                                           541-856-3203 or 800-898-2418
                                                                PO Box 248 • Haines, OR 97833

        135 evans McMinnville, oR 97128
           Serving Yamhill County Since 1903

       Maritime                                                                      541-996-9900
       Texaco                                                                        3517 NW Hwy 101
                                                                                     Lincoln City, Or
     1701 Marine Dr,
     Astoria, OR 97103

38   Oregon State Trooper
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                                                                Obsidian Urgent
                                                                   Care, PC

                                                           Walk-In                    Same Day
      l ANDSCAPING , INC                                   Clinic                    Health Care

   “Outdoor Living at its Best!”                                 Daniel Leone, NP-C
                                                                Monday - Friday 8am - 6 pm
                                                 401 Adams Avenue                        Office 541-962-7407
Joe Nichols                   541.389.8474       La Grande, OR 97850                       Fax 541-962-7479

         Mr Pat lavis                            Capital City Company
           1139 exchange St
           Astoria, oR 97103                               503-362-5558
             503-440-2448                                       1295 Johnson St NE
                                                                   Salem, OR 97303


                                                     PO Box 2804 • Portland, OR 97208

         503-659-4988                                                 Bob Hulden
                                                       613 SW Emigrant • Pendleton, OR 97801
   12300 SE Mallard Way, Suite 160              (541) 276-7272 • (541) 379-3601 • Fax (541) 278-8672
      Milwaukie, Oregon 97222                            Hermiston • Pendleton • La Grande

                                                                                Oregon State Trooper           39
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                                            Decking n Fencing
                                            Doors n Windows
                                            Millwork n Siding
                                            Tools and more!

            22 locations in Oregon & Washington
      For store locations and hours visit

                                          Paul l Bentley
                                                        Architect A.I.A. P.C.
                                                                   LEED AP

                                                615 SE Jackson Street
                                                  Roseburg, OR 97470
                                                     541.672.0273 office
                                                        541.673.7560 fax

                                                                                               R & S Supply
     Pendleton Internal
     Medicine Specialists, PC
     Certified American Board of Internal Medicine
                     (541) 276-3537
           1100 Southgate #2 • Pendleton, OR 97801                                             541-770-1615
                                                                                               4768 Crater Lake Ave
        W. Norman Stiz, MD
        Daniel L. Marier, MD

                                                                                               Medford, OR 97405
        Malcolm C. Townsley, MD PhD
        Arian Kargar, DO
        Mohammed A Taher, MD
        Kevin R Andrews, MD
        Dian Payant, Office Manager

                       1405 Main Street
                      Philomath, OR 97370                                          645 A Street • Ashland, OR 97520

         Pioneer Title & Escrow
                                                                                  LA LOGGING
                        541-377-6666                                                     541-396-5813
                        126 SE Court                                                     57012 Fat Elk Rd
                     Pendleton, OR 97801                                              Coquille, OR 97423-9617

40    Oregon State Trooper
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      Robertson Gelbvieh Ranch

   PO Box 134
Drewsey, OR 97904

 Russell & Associates PC CPA
              (503) 655-4710
            14993 SE 82nd Dr
          Clackamas, OR 97015

      Schaeffer & Associates, LLC                     tech 541 388 8188 orders 800 367 1533 fax 541 389 8840
                                                          62958 layton ave., Suite 4 Bend, Oregon 97701
    2761 NE Halsey St. • Portland OR 97232

                                                      Snake River Produce
      PAMELA E. YEE                                   541.372.2205
        Attorney at Law                            Nyssa OR 97913

 Schmidt & Yee, PC                  503 642-7641
 18525 S.W. Vincent                FAX 649-1823
 Aloha, Oregon 97007   email:

      Fire & Water – Clean up & Restoration
                                                                       S O N I T R O L P A C I F I C
          503-695-5701                                                   A Sound Security, Inc. Company
                PO Box 247                                            (503) 223-5822
                Corbett, OR                             
                                                          8220 N Interstate Avenue • Portland, OR 97217

                                                                                  Oregon State Trooper         41
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     Sonora Motors Inc            (541) 734-0655
     501 S Riverside Ave           Medford, Or 97501

     South Coast Ear,
     Nose & Throat
          541-266-0900                                    Terry’s Diesel & Rv Repair
            2695 N 17th Street                                       (503) 224-1516
            Coos Bay, OR 97405                               3345 NW Saint Helens Rd, Portland, oR

                                                                          Top Line Delivery Inc
                                                                          (503) 849-0741
                                                                          17360 SW Hart Way,
                                                                          Aloha, OR 97007

                                                             thomas triplett,
                                                                         360 SW bond St
                                                                            Suite 400
                                                                         bend, oR 97701

                                                                       Big R Stores
                                                                            (541) 830-3713
                                                         Southwest Oregon
                                                         7303 Crate r lake Highway
                                                         White City, oR 97503-1661

42    Oregon State Trooper
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West Roseburg
1790 NW Garden Valley blvd
   Roseburg, oR 97471

                                     370 E. Cascade Avenue
                                              P.O. Box 967
                                         Sisters, OR 97759
 & HOME FURNISHINGS                          t 541.549.3431
                                             f 541.549.6405
                                               License # 78462
                                             Bonded & Insured
                              Allied Member, ASID | Associate IDS


2060 W Main St • Medford, OR 97501

                                                                            Images from the center of my soul.

                                                                                 (541) 574-9450
                                                                                4424 N Hwy 101
                                                                               Newport, OR 97365
       Woodburn Construction
         PO Box 129 • Woodburn OR 97071
                                                                            Oregon State Trooper             43
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    442                                     Barnett Service                          Bull Mountain Dental Image               D’Ascenzo Intellectual Property
    1739 SE Hawthorne Blvd,                 PO Box 306,                              11815 SW King James Pl Ste #10,          522 SW 5th Ave. STE#925,
    Portland, OR 97214   (503) 238-3693     Maupin, OR 97037       (541) 395-2543    King City, OR 97224   (503) 968-6101     Portland, OR 97204   (503) 224-7529
    A-1 Budget Motel                        Baron’s Handyman Svc                     Bunting Mgt Group Inc                    Darrell C. Paulson Logging
    3844 N. Hwy 97,                         4230 SE King Rd # 117,                   2677 Willakenzie Ste#3,                  PO Box 394,
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601(541) 884-8104   Portland, OR 97222     (503) 804-5162    Eugene, OR 97401        (541) 344-0028   Lafayette, OR 97127 (503) 864-2540
    A-1 Professional Exterminating          Bender Steven JDC Chiro                  Business Software Solutions              David Barrows & Associates
    PO Box 26,                              1745 Ashland St,                         22316 Gap Rd,                            1201 SW 12th Ave #200,
    Roseburg, OR 97470 (541) 672-8088       Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 621-4878         Harrisburg, OR 97446 (503) 399-1515      Portland, OR 97205   (503) 227-5591
    Aaron Leis Drywall                      Benham Appraisal                         Cam’s Willamette Nursery                 Deli Store
    2637 NE Brandon Court,                  PO Box 1503,                             9774 Mt Angel-Gervais Rd NE,             75724 Rock Crest St,
    Bend, OR 97701       (541) 280-0841     Scappoose, OR 97056 (503) 348-4155       Gervais, OR 97026     (503) 792-3797     Rainier, OR 97048      (503) 556-8091
    AC Schommer & Sons                      Benson Industries Inc                    Cheri R. Dowhan CPA                      Die Masters
    6421 NE Colwood Wy,                     1650 NW Naito Pkwy #250,                 PO Box 927,                              2305-C SE Palmblad,
    Portland, OR 97218  (503) 287-4646      Portland, OR 97209   (503) 226-7611      Estacada, OR 97023 (503) 630-4480        Gresham, OR 97080      (503) 667-2620
    Access Equipment Rental                 Bergers Top Service Body Shop            Chinese Garden                           Double R Products
    545 SE 1st St,                          180 W. Ingersoll St,                     410 SE 162nd,                            901 NW E St,
    Newport, OR 97365 (541) 753-2020        Coos Bay, OR 97420   (541) 267-4168      Portland, OR 97233     (503) 252-2002    Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 476-1387
    Action Autopart & Recyclers             Best Sushi                               Chubb Insurance                          Dr. Dane E. Smith
    984 E Vilas Rd,                         16066-A Boones Ferry Rd,                 888 SW 5th St # 1120,                    PO Box 1025,
    Central Point, OR 97502(541) 770-3150   Lake Oswego, OR 97035(503) 635-9893      ,                     (503) 221-4240     North Bend, OR 97459 (541) 756-3683
    Adroit Construction Co.                 Bigelow, Pastrell & Buchanan DDS         City View Funeral Home & Cemet Dr. James McMahan, DMD
    PO Box 609,                             1050 SW Grandview Ave,                   390 Hoyt St S.,                   PO Box 818-0818,
    Ashland, OR 97520  (541) 482-4098       Grants Pass, OR 97527 (541) 476-4199     Salem, OR 97302    (503) 363-8652 La Grande, OR 97850 (541) 963-5632
    Advanced Relay Corporation              Blackline Inc.                           Clayton Ward Recycling Co                Duncan Thomas S MD
    1896 Columbia St,                       PO Box 10716,                            3500 Mainline Dr NE,                     595 18th St,
    Eugene, OR 97403  (541) 345-9178        Portland, OR 97201     (503) 228-4321    Salem, OR 97301      (503) 393-8700      Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 325-9131
    Airwave LLC                             Bob Johnson Builder                      Cobblers Bench                           Dura Industries Inc
    9865 NW 307th Ave,                      24010 S. Skylane Dr,                     110 2nd St,                              PO Box 10762,
    North Plains, OR 97133 (503) 647-5999   Canby, OR 97013      (503) 263-6777      Bandon, OR 97411       (541) 347-9012    Portland, OR 97296  (503) 228-7007
    Alderwood Assisted Living               Bob’s Automotive Perf                    Coho Construction Svc Inc.               Eagle Veneer
    131 Alder St,                           4981 Industry Dr,                        PO Box 14398,                            PO Box 908,
    Central Point, OR 97502(541) 664-3757   Central Point, OR 97502 (541) 282-7879   Portland, OR 97201 (503) 233-4197        Grants Pass, OR 97528 (541) 479-3301
    Alpine Property Management              Bob’s Mobile Home Setup                  Columbia River Staple                    Eastern Oregon Mobile Slaughter
    4750 SW Washington Ave,                 14262 S. Maple Grove Rd,                 PO Box 5004,                             253 W Hermiston Avenue,
    Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 641-4620      Molalla, OR 97038     (503) 829-6938     Beaverton, OR 97007 (503) 628-0193       Hermiston, OR 97838 (541) 567-2011
    Anderson Polygraph                      Bogdanoff Construction Co.               Comfort Care                             Eastern Western Corp.
    4233 SE 182 Ave Ste. 268,               PO Box 141,                              1735 Kane,                               1505 SE Gideon St #100,
    Gresham, OR 97030 (503) 585-2202        Shady Cove, OR 97539 (541) 821-2920      Klamath Falls, OR 97603(541) 883-2882    Portland, OR 97202    (503) 236-1978
    Ankeny Insurance Co.                    Boldt, Carlisle & Smith, LLC             Cooper Mountain Research Inc             Ebb-Tide Enterprises Inc
    2906 Diamond Lake Blvd,                 408 N 3rd Ave,                           3075 SW Underwood Dr,                    2410 SE 121st Ave #104,
    Roseburg, OR 97470    (541) 957-7720    Stayton, OR 97383    (503) 769-2186      Portland, OR 97225 (503) 351-0939        Portland, OR 97216     (503) 762-0877
    Antrim’s Heating & Air                  Boldt, Carlisle & Smith, LLC             Corner Club                              Equery’s Inc.
    21330 NW Bendemeer Rd,                  480 Church St SE,                        51 E. Pine St,                           PO Box 296,
    Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 647-7760      Salem, OR 97301     (503) 585-7751       Central Point, OR 97502 (541) 664-2617   Stayton, OR 97383      (503) 769-3041
    Arrtt’s Plumbing Rooter & Drain         Boldt, Carlisle & Smith, LLC             Couch Construction LLC              Ernie Graham Oil Inc
    584 N. 16th St,                         321 1st Ave E. Ste 2A,                   108 3rd St,                         PO Box 929,
    Springfield, OR 97477 (541) 747-1254    Albany, OR 97321       (541) 928-6500    Lake Oswego, OR 97034(503) 784-6418 Canby, OR 97013    (503) 266-3321
    Atlantis Auto Glass & Granite           Botsford & Goodfellow Inc                Courier Direct Inc.                      Ernie Graham Oil Inc.
    PO Box 1201,                            PO Box 889,                              PO Box 3448,                             PO Box 929,
    Tillamook, OR 97141 (503) 842-8296      Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 653-9930       Tualatin, OR 97062  (503) 691-7800       Canby, OR 97013    (503) 266-3321
    Azalia Gardens Mobile Park              Breakers                                 Cracker Barrel Grocery                   Evergreen Garden Supply
    1209 Oak Knoll Ct,                      PO Box 837,                              15005 NW Sauvie Island Rd,               8830 NE Sandy,
    Newberg, OR 97132 (503) 538-8854        Neskowin, OR 97149     (503) 392-3417    Portland, OR 97231    (503) 621-3960     Portland, OR 97220 (503) 408-6635
    Barely Big Childcare                    Breathouwer & Gilman Attys               Crater Chain Saw Co.                     Exit Rookstool-Moden
    9225 SW Hall Blvd Ste #B,               222 SW Columbia #1120,                   1321 N. Riverside Ave,                   1900 Main Street Suite A,
    Tigard, OR 97223       (503) 639-4456   Portland, OR 97201   (503) 450-9331      Medford, OR 97501      (541) 772-7538    Klamath Falls, OR 97601(541) 883-3781
    Bark Zone                               Bruce’s Auto Repair                      Crossover Car Stereo LLC                 EZ Wireless
    21785 SW TV Hwy,                        PO Box 210,                              PO Box 125,                              505 E. Main St.,
    Aloha, OR 97006       (503) 848-4642    Glide, OR 97443     (541) 679-4682       Warrenton, OR 97146 (503) 717-4242       Hermiston, OR 97838 (503) 222-0241

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Ferguson Transfer Company               Hooley Building Supply Inc              Manheim Portland                         Northwest Shot Manufacturing
PO Box 299,                             2 Main Ave,                             3000 N. Hayden Island Dr,                1526 Camp Baker Rd,
Coos Bay, OR 97420 (541) 888-5578       Tillamook, OR 97141 (503) 842-4434      Portland, OR 97217    (503) 240-4390     Phoenix, OR 97535   (541) 535-3404

Financial & Estate Planning             Horizon Marketing                       Marge Thompson                           NW Engineers LLC
2192 NE Stevens Suite 100,              11126 SE Main St,                       PO Box 130,                              19075 NW Tanasbourne Dr Ste#160,
Roseburg, OR 97470 (541) 440-6868       Milwaukie, OR 97222 (503) 652-0366      Amity, OR 97101        (503) 843-2767    Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 601-4401

First Empire Securities                 Horseshoe Lake Farms                    McMinnville Liquor Store                 Obie Consturction
6120 Lone Oak Rd. SE,                   20493 Riverside Dr NE,                  1270 N. Baker,                           PO Box 22336,
Salem, OR 97306       (503) 399-1900    Saint Paul, OR 97137 (503) 633-8191     McMinnville, OR 97128 (503) 472-2841     Eugene, OR 97402  (541) 343-2436

Fisher Douglas Carpentry                Houshour, Inc.                          Mecta Corp                               Oceanside Beach Rentals
14226 Waldo Hlls Dr SE,                 48818 Gaylord Rd,                       19799 SW 95th Ave Suite B,               PO Box 211,
Sublimity, OR 97385 (503) 769-6052      Myrtle Point, OR 97458 (541) 572-3251   Tualatin, OR 97062    (503) 624-8778     Netarts, OR 97143 (503) 842-2114

Fox Clinic of the Chiropractic Arts     Int’l. Longshoremans #8                 Medical Center Eye Clinic                Omni Turn
12395 SW 68th Ave,                      2435 NW Front Ave,                      655 Medical Center Dr NE,                42820 Port Orford Rd,
Portland, OR 97223    (503) 431-2388    Portland, OR 97209 (503) 224-9310       Salem, OR 97301       (503) 399-9250     Port Orford, OR 97465 (541) 332-7004

Gardeners & Ranchers Assc.              Jery’s Towing                           Met-Tek Inc                              Oregon Pacific Construction
PO Box 1685,                            365 Noahs Way,                          15651 SE 125th Ct,                       180 S. Pacific Hwy,
Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 723-6486      Cave Junction, OR 97523         (541)   Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 656-3203       Woodburn, OR 97071 (503) 981-8147
Gary’s Sandy Shake Co.                  Joe Kassab Jewelers                     Metal Masters                            Oregon Pacific Metal Fab. LLC
PO Box 238,                             12000 SE 82nd Ave Ste 2068,             3825 Crater Lake Hwy,                    14351 S. Union Hall Rd,
Sandy, OR 97055   (503) 668-4992        Happy Valley, OR 97086(503) 653-7767    Medford, OR 97504     (541) 779-1049     Mulino, OR 97042        (503) 632-5253

Gastaldi Excavating                     Jonelle McCandles                       Morrow Equipment Co                      Orley’s Stoves & Spa Center
12330 Lisa Rd,                          PO Box 187,                             PO Box 3306,                             3050 Crater Lake Hwy,
Klamath Falls, OR 97603(541) 884-6150   Medford, OR 97501 (541) 772-8428        Salem, OR 97302  (503) 585-5721          Medford, OR 97504     (541) 779-5340

Gene Whitaker, Inc.                     JW Hurd Fabrication, Inc.               Mountain View Paving                     Otis Cafe
PO Box 668,                             939 Antelope Rd,                        PO Box 508,                              PO Box 114,
Wilbur, OR 97494    (541) 673-1166      White City, OR 97503 (541) 826-2323     Talent, OR 97540  (541) 488-7745         Otis, OR 97368         (541) 994-2813

Gold Hill Pharmacy                      K W Timber Inc                          MP Plumbing Company                      Ouskas Forming Company
PO Box 259,                             PO Box 5048,                            PO Box 393,                              21505 Moon Creek Rd,
Gold Hill, OR 97525 (541) 855-1544      Salem, OR 97304       (503) 363-4284    Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 244-6600       Beaver, OR 97108     (503) 398-5688

Gold Wrench                             Kam Meng Chinese Restaurant             Mr. Gordon R. Domes                      Ouskas Forming Company
655 E. Arlington St,                    4424 N Coast Hwy,                       13895 Beck Rd,                           21505 Moon Creek Rd,
Gladstone, OR 97027    (503) 655-7116   Newport, OR 97365 (541) 574-9450        Dallas, OR 97338  (503) 831-5102         Beaver, OR 97108     (503) 398-5688

H & H Machine Works                     Keyser Construction Inc                 Mt.Tabor Dental                          Overton Safety Training Inc.
9819 SE Foster,                         452 SW Alderwood Dr,                    728 SE 60th Ave,                         PO Box 6297,
Portland, OR 97266 (503) 774-5443       West Linn, OR 97068 (503) 997-5895      Portland, OR 97215     (503) 236-1449    Aloha, OR 97007    (503) 531-0403

H&H Paving Co.                          L & H Lumber                            Municipal Money Management               P&C Construction Co
1320 Madison St NE,                     859 W. Lookingglass Rd,                 3317 E. Bell Rd Ste #101-303,            2133 NW York,
Salem, OR 97301        (503) 363-6719   Roseburg, OR 97470 (541) 672-4883       Phoenix, AZ 85032       (480) 776-9527   Portland, OR 97210 (503) 665-0165

Habekost Martin C PC                    Larry Wilson Trucking                   Napa Auto Parts                          Pacific Coast Seafood
PO Box 725,                             165 E. Dutton Rd,                       PO Box 557,                              PO Box 70,
Salem, OR 97308   (503) 378-0405        Eagle Point, OR 97524 (541) 826-3758    The Dalles, OR 97058   (541) 296-9103    Warrenton, OR 97146 (503) 861-2201

Hal Edwards Doerkson Funeral Home       Laufenburg Construction                 Nehalem Lumber Co                        Package Containers Inc
1350 Commercial St,                     1138 SW 12th St,                        PO Box 57,                               777 NE 4th Ave,
Salem, OR 97302     (503) 581-8451      Newport, OR 97365 (541) 265-8827        Nehalem, OR 97131 (503) 368-5619         Canby, OR 97013   (503) 266-2721

Hanscams Bowling Ctr                    Lee’s Chinese Restaurant                No Ka Oi Nut Farms                       Paul Snegirev
3319 S. 6th St,                         144 SE Hwy 101,                         14557 Union School Rd NE,                19602 NE Boones Ferry Rd N.,
Klamath Falls, OR 97603(541) 885-5536   Lincoln City, OR 97367 (541) 994-8433   Woodburn, OR 97071 (503) 981-0802        Hubbard, OR 97032     (503) 678-5871

Harbor View Enterprises                 Line X Of Lane County                   North American Plants LLC                PDM Specialists LLC
PO Box 1060,                            4747 W 11th Unit D,                     PO Box 743,                              14101 SE Sieben Pkwy,
Brookings, OR 97415 (541) 251-1975      Eugene, OR 97402    (541) 463-7938      Lafayette, OR 97127 (503) 474-1852       Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 314-1282

Harmon Construction Co.                 Lisin Metallurical Svc                  North American Taxidermy                 Peninsula Plumbing Co
61393 Hwy 101,                          2335 SE Harrison St,                    PO Box 5353,                             PO Box 16307,
Coos Bay, OR 97420 (541) 266-9725       Milwaukie, OR 97222 (503) 657-0557      Central Point, OR 97502(541) 830-5372    Portland, OR 97216 (503) 761-0500

Heceta Stop N Shop                      Lloyd R. Rice Towing                    North Valley Saw & Knife                 PetroCard
87764 Hwy 101 N,                        4713 Hwy 20,                            1761 NE Miller St,                       PO Box 38,
Florence, OR 97439 (541) 997-8855       Sweet Home, OR 97386 (541) 367-3727     McMinnville, OR 97128 (503) 435-8213     Kent, WA 98032         (800) 950-3835

Hockett Farms Inc.                      Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant           Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm           Pine West Reforestation
7746 St. Paul Hwy NE,                   3480 Tremont St,                        2225-A NE Alberta St,                    PO Box 1067,
Saint Paul, OR 97137 (503) 633-4567     North Bend, OR 97459 (541) 751-9526     Portland, OR 97211    (503) 232-5303     Medford, OR 97501  (541) 941-2210

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Premier Lift Truck Service                Solitude Landscaping LLC                 Thai Beer Restaurant                       Unitech Laptop of Portland
9585 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd,             PO Box 100,                              1130 Lancaster Dr SE,                      8835 SW Canyon Ln Ste. 302,
Tualatin, OR 97062    (503) 691-1430      Dayton, OR 97114   (503) 868-7475        Salem, OR 97317       (503) 585-7701       Portland, OR 97225   (503) 297-3901

Prion, USA                                South Valley Wealth Management           The Mill Casino Hotel                      Used Car Factory
10260 SW Greenburg Rd #400,               810 Main St,                             3201 Tremont Ave,                          1208 Court St,
Portland, OR 97223  (503) 293-8477        Klamath Falls, OR 97601(541) 882-5488    North Bend, OR 97459 (541) 756-8800        Medford, OR 97501      (541) 772-6185

Prolink Solutions                         Southern Oregon Audiology,Inc            The Wrench                                 Vandehey Construction
7105 SW Varns St Suite 150,               45 Hawthorne St #3,                                                                 PO Box 496,
Tigard, OR 97223       (503) 684-6552     Medford, OR 97504   (541) 772-4484       Hillsboro, OR           (503) 693-9170     Waldport, OR 97394 (541) 563-4329

Ritchie’s Chevron                         Straus & Associates                      Thomas Auto Sales                          Vitus Construction, Inc.
1115 Wallace Rd NW,                       100 E. Main St, Ste. B,                  1425 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy,               PO Box 1097,
Salem, OR 97304        (503) 364-4903     Medford, OR 97501       (541) 857-8446   Hillsboro, OR 97123     (503) 640-1635     Gold Hill, OR 97525  (541) 855-7177

River Road Cleaners                       Sublimity Pharmacy Services              Ticor Title                                Waldman & Waldman
5077 River Rd N.,                         102-B Martin Dr,                         1925 NW Amberglen Pkwy #153,               990 Astor St,
Salem, OR 97303    (503) 463-4599         Stayton, OR 97383  (503) 769-4344        Beaverton, OR 97006 (503) 645-5849         Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 325-1055

Rivers Edge Nursery                       Submersible Pump LLC                     Timekeeper Clockworks                      Walker Garbage Service
PO Box 940,                               PO Box 8,                                881 Gardendale Ave,                        21845 NW Cherry Ln,
Klamath Falls, OR 97601(541) 882-3143     Beavercreek, OR 97004 (503) 647-5198     Medford, OR 97504   (541) 857-0880         Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 531-6330

Ron Lee Archt.                      Substation Technical Resources                 Tom Bentley                                Warren House Pub
14342 Sherbrook Pl,                 3701 SE Naef Rd,                               356 NE Winchester St,                      PO Box 271,
Lake Oswego, OR 97035(503) 635-4425 Milwaukie, OR 97267 (503) 654-7231             Roseburg, OR 97470    (541) 673-0412       Cannon Beach, OR 97110 (503) 436-1130

Safe & Secure Foster Home                 Suburban Garbage Service                 Total Solutions Janitorial & Maintenance   Washman Auto Spas
1391 Mailee St,                           6075 State St,                           PO Box 17752,                              PO Box 4124,
Central Point, OR 97502(541) 664-2321     Salem, OR 97317  (503) 362-4949          Brooks, OR 97305         (503) 393-0724    Portland, OR 97201 (503) 255-9111

Salem Campground &RVs                     Subway Sandwiches & Salads               Tracy Johnson/ Licensed Acupuncturist      West Coast Tub Repair
3700 Hagers Groves Rd SE,                 1611 Virginia Ave Box 411,               3835 SW 185th Ave Ste # 200,               2480 Front St NE,
Salem, OR 97317       (503) 581-6736      North Bend, OR 97459 (541) 756-2771      Aloha, OR 97007       (503) 806-6340       Salem, OR 97301   (503) 361-8880

Santiam RV Storage                        Summerfield Retirement Estates           Trapold Farms                              Westwood Farms Inc
PO Box 996,                               11205 SW Summerfield Dr,                 PO Box 30114,                              PO Box 82,
Mill City, OR 97360 (503) 897-4746        Tigard, OR 97224     (503) 620-8160      Portland, OR 97294      (503) 621-9124     Saint Paul, OR 97137 (503) 633-2787

Saracco Agency Inc.                       Summit Cleaning & Restoration            Tree Line Transportation                   Willamette Lutheran Retirement
15328 SE 94 Ave,                          PO Box 493,                              PO Box 8,                                  PO Box 169,
Clackamas, OR 97015 (503) 655-1034        Stayton, OR 97383 (503) 364-1220         Turner, OR 97392    (503) 743-2181         Salem, OR 97308    (503) 393-1491

Scherer Farms                             Summit Land Surveyors                    Tuality Health Care                        Wyman Bedortha
PO Box 503,                               12562 SW Main St Ste # 240,              335 SE 8th Ave,                            13978 S Carus Rd,
Bandon, OR 97411       (541) 347-3062     Tigard, OR 97223      (503) 928-5589     Hillsboro, OR 97123 (503) 681-1562         Oregon City, OR 97045 (503) 632-0260

Seaside Candyman                          Summit Real Estate Management            Tyack Dental Group                         Yellow Cab & Taxi
PO Box 11,                                3811 SW Barbur Blvd.,                    433 30th St,                               2756 Woodland Dr,
Seaside, OR 97138 (503) 738-5280          Portland, OR 97201    (503) 223-7666     Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 338-6000           Coos Bay, OR 97420     (541) 267-3111

Seaside Factory Outlet                    Swan Cleaners & Tailors                  Union Bank                                 Zarosinski Law Group, PC
1111 N. Roosevelt Dr Suite 202,           19121 Beavercreek Rd,                    2416 NE Fremont St,                        520 SW 6th St Ste 1200,
Seaside, OR 97138       (503) 717-1603    Oregon City, OR 97045(503) 650-4844      Portland, OR 97212      (503) 236-1001     Portland, OR 97204     (503) 243-2373

Self Clear Water                          Sweet Breeze Inn
PO Box 1404,                              1627 NE 6th St,
Tualatin, OR 97062     (503) 472-6958     Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 471-4434

Serv-Ver Corp                             Swendsen Concrete
1449 NE 6th St,                           PO Box 1067,
Grants Pass, OR 97526 (541) 471-6303      North Plain, OR 97133 (503) 647-5033

Silver Lining Jewelry & Loans             Swift Steel
2122 NE Sandy Blvd,                       168 E Evergreen,
Portland, OR 97232   (503) 813-9273       Redmond, OR 97756      (541) 548-4536

Skyline Thinning Co                       T & L Home Furnishings
811 53rd St,                              1033 Commercial St,
Springfield, OR 97478 (541) 746-8749      Astoria, OR 97103   (503) 325-5620

Small Business Communications             Taco Bell/OreTaco, Inc.
15000 SW Farmington Rd, Unit #23,         PO Box 854,
Beaverton, OR 97007 (503) 626-8857        Winchester, OR 97495 (541) 672-3044

Smokes’n’Mores                            Terry’s Best Construction
                                                                                                     Thanking all our sponsors
PO Box 407,
Myrtle Creek, OR 97457(541) 863-8823
                                          PO Box 505,
                                          Sheridan, OR 97378  (503) 843-7600
                                                                                                    for their generous support!

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                                                                                                   Advertisers Listing
               This lists the businesses in alphabetical order that have an within the Oregon State Troopers Magazine

Business Name ................................... Page              Frank’s Automotive .................................36            McGinn Brothers Trucking LLC ...............38                   Schaeffer & Associates LLC .................... 41
5 L Timber Inc .........................................22          Full Life ...................................................29   Medford Windshields - Bills Glass...........38                   Schmidt & Yee......................................... 41
Advanced Indoor Gardens .......................22                   Gambrinus Malting Corp .........................48                Miller Professional Transport, LLC ..........38                  Servpro ................................................... 41
All About Landscaping LLC .....................22                   General Trailer ........................................36        Motel 6 ....................................................38   Shinglehouse Auto & Salvage ................. 41
Alpenrose Dairy ......................................22            GH McCulloch, Inc...................................36            Mountain Sky Landscaping, Inc ..............39                   Sign Dude ............................................... 41
Alvadore RV Storage ...............................22               Good Works Handyman LLC....................36                     Mr. Pat Lavis ...........................................39      Small Business Communication ..............43
Arlie’s Trucking .......................................22          Great American Pizza Co.........................36                Murphy Plywood & Veneer ........................ 2               Smith Brothers Pushrods ........................ 41
Armstrong Volkswagon ...........................22                  Greg Stallings Construction ....................36                Newman Paving & Curbing, Inc ...............39                   Snake River Produce ............................... 41
ASI Assured Shotcrete, Inc .....................22                  Gresham Transfer, Inc .............................36             Northwest Community Credit Union ........39                      Snowden Properties ................................48
B & C Hop Farms .....................................22             GSL Properties Inc .................................... 8         Northwest Container Services .................. 8                Sonitrol Pacific Security .......................... 41
B. Young RV ............................................22          Hans Mike Johnson Jr.............................36               Northwest Primary Care .........................39               Sonora Motors Inc...................................42
Bee Gees Diner .......................................23            Heinz Mechanical ....................................37           Obsidian Urgent Card, PC........................39               South Coast Ear Nose & Throat...............42
BMC Transportation Company ................29                       Helser Industries Inc ...............................37           OPT/Capital City Company ......................39                Southern Moving & Storage ....................42
Brim Aviation...........................................29          Hermiston Veterinary Clinic.....................37                Oregon Iron Works Inc .............................. 2           Stage Stop Motel & RV Park....................42
Carlton Dental .........................................23          Hershey Cattle Co ................................... 47          Oregon Moo Duk Kwan ...........................38                Stukel Saw Shop .....................................42
Chuck’s Volks Werks, Inc. .......................23                 Hillsboro Budget Inn ................................37           Oregon Transfer Co .................................39           Sunrise Medical Consultants ..................42
Clarks Plumbing ......................................23            In and Out Gardens .................................37            ORRCO - Oil Re-Refining Company .........39                      Terry’s Diesel & RV Repair ......................42
Cougar Lane Lodge & Store ....................23                    J&J House Cleaning ................................37             Papa Murphy’s Pizza ...............................39            Thomas Triplett, Atty ..............................42
Cow Creek Government Office .................. 2                    Journey’s End Espresso ..........................37               Parr Lumber Co .......................................40         Top Line Delivery Inc. ..............................42
Crown Trophy ..........................................43           King Logging, Inc. ...................................37          Paul Bentley, A.I.A. P.C. ..........................40           Tyrholm Big R Stores...............................42
Darrell Paulson Logging ..........................23                Koontz Machine and Welding Inc. ...........37                     Pendleton Internal Medicine Specialists, P.C. .....40            Umpqua Bank .........................................43
Dent Instruments ....................................23             LA Logging, Inc. ......................................40         Philomath Market....................................40           Village Interiors Home Furn .....................43
Dick’s Towing ..........................................23          Letter Carriers #82 .................................30           Pioneer Title ............................................40     Village Shoes ..........................................43
DL Reforestation Inc. ..............................29              Life of Riley Inc. ........................................ 2     Professional Transportation Service .......40                    Watercolours by Huiya Chen ...................43
Economy Towing and Repair ...................37                     Log Cabin Grocery ..................................38            Quality Tire Corp .....................................40        West Main Liquor Store...........................43
El Paraiso ................................................23       Loveland Funeral Chapel ........................... 8             R & S Supply, Inc. ....................................40        Woodburn Construction Company...........43
Emmett’s Auto Repair Center, Inc. ..........23                      M&M Potato, Inc. ....................................38           Retirement Planning Specialist ...............40                 Yaquina Bay Property Management Inc ..43
Fall Creek Logging Inc.............................48               Macy & Son Funeral Dir...........................38               Robertson Gelbvieh Ranch ...................... 41
Feenaughty Machinery Company ............36                         Maritime Texaco......................................38           Russell & Assoc ...................................... 41
Flying Pie Pizzeria ...................................36           McDonald’s Restaurant...........................38                Santiam RV Storage ................................43

                                                                                                                  4098 S Highway 97
                                                                                                                  Redmond, Oregon
                                                                                                              541-548-3949 Office
                                                                                                                541-480-1370 Cell
                                                                                                                             We Deliver

                                                           Super Top Soil ~ Fill Dirt ~ Bark~Medium & Small Nuggets

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PO Box 881                                                               Permit #178
Salem, OR 97302                                                           Salem, OR

                                                     503 625-6978
                                                  35960 NE Wilsonville Road
                                                    Newberg, OR 97132

        Fall Creek Logging

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