Incredible Ultralight Flights in Florida - Incredible Adventures by yaofenji


									                                         INVOICE: Florida Trike Flight
You have purchased the following instructional flight package, which is subject to your agreement to abide by all
payment terms and policies.

Name of Flyer: ________________________________________ Email: _______________________________

Flyer’s Address:____________________________________________________________________________


Height: _______     Weight: _____ Age: ______ Florida Tel. Number:__________________________________

Flight Experience, if any: _____________________________________________________________________

Date Choice & Time (AM/PM): _____________________________ Flight Profile:________________________

Purchaser Name if different from flyer: _________________________________________________________

Billing Address, if different from above: ________________________________________________________

Program Purchased
_________Introductory Flight (approx 60 minutes air time)                             $    225
_________Advanced Introduction (approx two hours air time)                            $    425
_________Optional DVD of Aerial Program                                               $     75
_________Custom Flight Profile                                                        $

TOTAL NON-REFUNDABLE AMOUNT NOW DUE:                                                  $_________

I have enclosed a check, payable to Incredible Adventures, Inc.

I authorize the charge of $____________ to my VISA          DISCOVER MASTERCARD AMEX as follows:

Card # _________________________________________ Exp ___________

By signing below, you authorize payment and acknowledge your agreement to the following:
I understand the activities in this program are inherently risky and may involve the risk of serious injury or death. I
understand it is solely my responsibility to judge if I am healthy enough to take part in this adventure and whether I
wish to assume the risks involved. I understand a Release of Liability provided by Incredible Adventures, Inc. must
be signed before being permitted to fly. I understand Incredible Adventures, Inc. will make every effort to meet my
confirmed flight date but cannot guarantee schedules due to matters such as maintenance, weather, winds, or acts
of God beyond our control. I understand I will be notified as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation at which
time IA will attempt to reschedule the program at a mutually agreeable date/time. In the event IA cancels the flight
and cannot reschedule the program within 48 hours of the scheduled date, I understand I may elect to request and
receive a refund, less a processing fee of $25. I understand that if I cancel all or part of the flight package or fail to
show up as scheduled, no refund will be granted. Requests to reschedule once booked must be made at least
seven days in advance of scheduled flight date, are subject to IA approval, and could incur a $25 rescheduling fee.


                   Incredible Adventures, Inc. 941-346-2603 tel / 941-346-2488 fax
           6604 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota, FL 34242 –

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