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					                                                SUMMARY PREVIEW

CALL                                        FOR                                   ENTRIES
  Online registration opens:        Entries submitted online by:           Judging in Columbia, Mo.:        Exhibition & Programs:
   Friday, December 17                  Friday, January 14                    February 7 - 22                Washington, D.C.

                                                                                 t Welcome to the 68th annual Pictures of
                                                                                 the Year International.
                                                                                     POYi is the oldest and most prestigious
                                                                                 photojournalism program and competition
                                                                                 in the world. Each year, freelance, agency,
                                                                                 and newspaper photographers around the
                                                                                 world document the stories, personalities,
                                                                                 and places that capture our interest and
                                                                                 demand our attention.
                               Thomas Lekfeldt                                       Now in its 68th
                                                                                 year, POYi continues to
                               67th POYi World Understanding Award
                                                                                 recognizes excellence
                                                                                                               When you enter
                               Ekstra Bladet / MOMENT
                               “A STAR IN THE SKY”                               in photojournalism,           Pictures of the Year
                                                                                 multimedia, and visual
                                                                                 editing.                      International, your
                                                                                     POYi is committed
                                                                                 to engaging citizens
                                                                                                               work reaches out to
                                                                                 worldwide with great          citizens worldwide
                                                                                 photojournalism by
                                                                                 sponsoring education-         and becomes a part
                                                                                 al public exhibitions.
                                                                                 POYi believes that it
                                                                                                               of visual history.
                                                                                 is critical for citizens
                                                                                 to experience your
                                                                                 documentation of the news events and
                                                                                 social issues facing our world.
                                                                                     We invite you to enter. This guide
                                                                                 provides an overview of all the divisions
                                                                                 and categories. The complete description
                                                                                 of the categories and guidelines will be
Stephanie Sinclair — 67th POYi Community Awareness Award                         posted Friday, December 17 online at
VII for National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine
“POLYGAMY IN AMERICA”                                                          

                  Pictures of the Year International is a program of the
                               Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
                                   at the Missouri School of Journalism
Newseum to Host POYi Exhibition for 2011
                  Pictures of the Year International, a print and           POYi is deeply honored to collaborate with the
               digital exhibition of some of the best photojournal-      Newseum, the representative landmark for a free and
               ism from 2010, will be displayed at the Newseum in        open press. POYi treasures this opportunity to work
               Washington, D.C. from April to October 2011. New          with the Newseum to celebrate the impact of docu-
               for the 2010 competition are special categories for the   mentary photography and highlight the work of the
                                   coverage of the the Winter Olym-      world’s best photojournalists.
                                   pics, the earthquake in Haiti, the       The POYi exhibition will showcase a selection of
                                   Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and the   the 240 winners from the upcoming judging in Feb-
                                   midterm political races. Plus we      ruary. Through exhibitions and workshops, POYi
                                   are expanding our multimedia di-      serves those photojournalists who chronicle the news
               vision to include a portfolio category for online work.   events, political trends, and social issues facing our
                  Located on Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of         world. The mission of Pictures of the Year Interna-
               the nation’s capital, the Newseum provides the public     tional is to extend the reach of photojournalists though
               with displays and interactive experiences that reflect    educational public exhibitions and engage citizens
               the impact and role of journalism.                        worldwide with great documentary photography.

Special Interest for 2010
               t    Multimedia Portfolio of the Year                     t    New File Uploading Eliminates Renaming
               POYi is expanding its multimedia division to include      The online entry platform has been completely up-
               a premier portfolio category for online visual journal-   graded for easier preparation of your image files and
               ism. Entries in this category will honor the work of a    faster uploading. Entrants will no longer be required
                                 individual photojournalist.             to rename their files to a specific POYi style. Our
 “Multimedia Portfolio           t    2010 Specialty Categories
                                                                         new system will automatically name and process your
                                                                         files, plus you will be able to access your files online
 of the Year” added as a          New for the competition is a spe-      to replace images or make editing adjustments.
                                  cial category — Impact 2010 — for
    new premier award.            coverage of the earthquake in Haiti    t    News Picture Story in General Division
                                  and the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.   General News Picture Story has been moved into the
               The new Impact 2010 category is also included in the      General Division as one combined category. In previ-
               multimedia division. There are two other year-specif-     ous years, stories could be entered in one of two divi-
               ic categories that focus on the Winter Olympics and       sions — either the Newspaper Picture Story Division
               the midterm political races.                              or the Freelance / Agency Picture Story Division.

Awards and Prizes
               t    Photographer of the Year
                                                                         t    World Understanding Award
               Thanks to the generous support of Nikon Professional
                                                                         $1,000 cash award and a Tiffany crystal trophy.
               Services, the Photographer of the Year first place re-
                              cipients, in both Newspaper and Free-      t    Global Vision Award
                              lance/Agancy categories, will receive      $1,000 cash award and a Tiffany crystal trophy.
                              Nikon camera bodies as premiere
                                                                         t    Community Awareness Award
                              awards. Plus both first place winners
                                                                         $1,000 cash award and a Tiffany crystal trophy.
                              will recieve a $1,000 cash award and
                              a Tiffany crystal trophy. Second and       t    Best Photography Book Award
               third places will receive a plaque and cash awards of     $1,000 cash award and a Tiffany crystal trophy to the
               $500 and $250.                                            photographer. Also, the publishing house will be rec-
                                                                         ognized with an engraved plaque.
               t    Multimedia Portfolio of the Year
               The first place recipient will receive a $1,000 cash      t    Angus McDougall Excellence in Editing
               award and a Tiffany crystal trophy. Second and third      Winner will host a sterling silver traveling trophy, a
               places will receive a plaque and cash awards of $500      plaque, and tuition to the Missouri Photo Workshop.
               and $250.
                                                                         t    Individual category winners
               t    Documentary Project of the Year Award                First place winners will receive plaques. All other
               The multimedia team will receive a $1,000 cash award      places will receive certificates.
               and a Tiffany crystal trophy.
                                              Complete description of categories and entry guidelines
                                              to be posted on Friday, Dec. 17 online at
t    Entry and Registration open Dec. 17                   t    Best Use of Photographs
Registration and entries will be accepted electronically   34 - Online Publications
online at Deadline is Friday, January        35 - Newspapers
14, 2011. There is a $50 entry fee per person, which       36 - Magazines
includes up to 15 submissions across single image
categories, multiple-picture story categories, a           t      Premier Division
Photographer of the Year portfolio category, and others.   37 - Photographer of the Year — Newspaper
The fee should be made electronically online during the    Open to photojournalists who are employed as a staff
registration process. The complete “Call for Entries”      member, either full-time or part-time, for a regularly
will be posted on Friday, Dec. 17 at as a     published newspaper, either in print or online. A portfo-
downloadable pdf file. Contact information for POYi:       lio of diverse work from throughout the year.
Email:      Phone: 573-884-2188              38 - Photographer of the Year — Freelance / Agency
t     General Division                                     Open to photojournalists who are self-employed as free-
1 - Science/Natural History                                lance or work, either full-time, part-time, or on a contract
2 - Science/Natural History Picture Story                  basis for a news agency or wire service. A portfolio of
3 - Sports Action                                          diverse work from throughout the year.
4 - Sports Feature                                         39 - Multimedia Portfolio of the Year
5 - Winter Olympics                                        The portfolio should spotlight the visual multimedia
6 - Sports / Picture Story                                 (still photos and/or video) of an individual photojournal-
7 - Sports Portfolio                                       ist who works either independently or with an organiza-
8 - General News                                           tion. The producers and editors for each of the pieces in
9 - General News Picture Story                             the portfolio may be comprised of different members. A
10 - Spot News                                             portfolio of diverse work from throughout the year. The
11 - Impact 2010 (Haiti and Gulf Oil disasters)            portfolio may include up to five multimedia stories.
12 - Midterm Politics                                      40 – Documentary Project of the Year
13 - Feature                                               A multimedia team’s online project comprising of multi-
14 - Portrait                                              ple chapters and/or elements that explores or investigates
15 - Portrait Series                                       an important social, economic, or political issue. The
t     Newspaper Picture Story Division                     series should employ the right mix of still photography,
16 - Issue Reporting Picture Story                         motion photography (video), audio, and graphics to visu-
17 - Feature Picture Story                                 ally communicate the story. There are no length criteria.
                                                           41 - World Understanding Award
t     Freelance/Agency Picture Story                       The World Understanding Award will recognize a pho-
18 - Issue Reporting Picture Story                         tographer’s extended story or essay that focuses on the
19 - Feature Picture Story                                 human condition and portrays a sense of justice or in-
                                                           sight into difficult problems. This could include a facet
t     Multimedia Story Division                            of human relations, a mutual concern for world conflict,
20 - News Story                                            social injustice, or any number of other topics.
21 - Issue Reporting Story                                 42 - Global Vision Award
22 - Impact 2010 (Haiti and Gulf Oil disasters)            The Global Vision Award will recognize a photogra-
23 - Feature Story                                         pher’s extended story or essay that explores issues relat-
                                                           ed to the environment, natural history, or science. This
t     Newspaper Editing Division                           could include a facet of human impact on the natural
24 - News Story                                            world, scientific discovery, coverage of plant or animal
25 - Issue Reporting Story                                 habitat, climate concerns, or similar topics.
26 - Feature Story                                         43 - Community Awareness Award
27 - Series or Special Section                             The Community Awareness Award recognizes a body of
28 - Newspaper Picture Editing Portfolio                   work that demonstrates an understanding of and appre-
                                                           ciation for everyday life within a community.
t     Magazine Editing Division
29 - News Story                                            44 - Best Photography Book Award
30 - Issue Reporting Story                                 Book entries must rely primarily on documentary pho-
31 - Feature Story                                         tography and have been published sometime within the
32 – Series or Special Issue                               last three years (2008, 2009 or 2010).
33 - Magazine Picture Editing Portfolio                    t Angus McDougall Excellence in Editing
                                                           No entry required by participants.

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