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									   Why Go On Caring?

       Compassion Fatigue:
Its causes, effects, and what to do
     A Personal Reflection of Compassion Fatigue

•Craziness I dealt with
•What I had to realize
•Am I accountable or am I a victim?
•Question: If God called you to this work, do
you stop or do you find a way to deal with it?
      Rules I have to come to terms with
1. Life is not fair
2. I can’t change rule #1
3. People don’t act right
4. The system doesn’t work
5. I am not God
6. God has a sense of humor, I should laugh with him
7. I am what I feel, I feel what I do, if I don’t deal with my feelings
   they deal with me
8. Only God can allow harm to me, so if I am harmed God’s will is in
9. Agape love is the only love I have to make a choice in
10.My work matters, I need to act like it
11.Taking care of myself and family is number one. {PERIOD}
         What is Compassion Fatigue?
It represents the cost of caring about and for traumatized
people. Compassion Fatigue is the emotional residue of
exposure to working with the suffering, particularly those
suffering from the consequences of traumatic events.
(ACE Network)

Individual Symptoms
Withdrawal from Family and Friends
Emotional Numbness
Not enjoying things you used to enjoy
Persistent thoughts about the problems others have
Physical Symptoms: Headaches; gastrointestinal problems; muscle
Sleep Disturbance
Feelings of Spiritual Emptiness
Compulsive Behavior
Experience same problems as those you care for
Excessive Blaming
                     TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR SURVEY
  Some Organizational Signs of Compassion Fatigue
   Taken from the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

High Absenteeism
Constant Changes in co-worker relationships
Inability to be a team
Desire to break rules
Outbreaks of aggression
Not completing tasks
Lack of flexibility
Reluctance toward change
Lack of vision/passion
Inability to see change is possible
 Here is some suggestions……
 Be kind and treat yourself
 Get aware of this problem
 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
 Eat healthy
 Choose your battles (Only ones you may change)
 Don’t let your work become your life. Get involved in other things!
 Drink lots of water
 Learn to express needs. “I feel…………because…………I need……”
 Build empathy and compassion for those you work with, but don’t
 Accept where you are and move forward. We all have seasons
 Take positive action to change your environment
 Have a healthy support system. Get some folks who are older/wiser
 Learn to set boundaries
 Learn to enforce boundaries

Taken in part from the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project
Some Resources I have found Helpful:

1. The Emotionally Healthy Church.
   Peter Scazzero
2. Boundaries. Drs. Cloud and Townsend
3. The Wounded Minister. Guy
4. Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and
   Delight in Our Busy Lives. Wayne
5. Twenty-Four Hours a Day. Hazeldon
6. THE HOLY BIBLE. Jesus Christ

                         Rev. John A. Horsley, MSW
                                    (574) 273-9987

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