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					Your Cardholder Responsibilities Include Green Procurement
Green Procurement (GP) is a program in which federal agencies show preference for products that are:
Made with Recycled Content Biobased (made with agricultural/forestry products) Environmentally Preferable Energy and Water Efficient Alternative Fuels or Vehicles Lacking in Ozone-Depleting Substances and EPA Priority Chemicals Green Electronics

Why Green Procurement?

Resource Conservation And Recovery Act

Federal Acquisition Regulations

Executive Order 13423

2002 Farm Bill

What The Laws Require
RCRA requires each federal agency to have a program favoring the purchase of recycled-content products. This “Buy Recycled” program is overseen by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA designates products that must be purchased with recycled content. The Farm Bill added biobased products to GP programs. This program is overseen by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA designates products that must be purchased with biobased content. The FAR requires federal card holders and contracts to follow all procurement preference program requirements. EO 13423 requires federal agencies to purchase environmentally preferable products.

DOD/Agency Green Procurement Programs
The DOD GP Policy, 27 Aug 04, formally established the DOD GP Program:
Requires that green products and services be considered as first choice for all procurements Assigns responsibility to virtually every DOD employee; notes need for GP awareness training

Green Procurement Benefits You and the Agency
Saves energy and conserves resources Saves money Saves landfill space Reduces pollution and adverse health effects Creates markets for environmentally beneficial products Provides incentive for development of new technologies Promotes environmental stewardship and mission sustainability

EPA-Designated Products Typically Bought with Purchase Card
Paper (including copy paper, computer paper, envelopes, index cards, folders) Toner Cartridges Office products (such as binders, clipboards, portfolios, printer ribbons, plastic desktop accessories) Trash bags Awards and plaques Signs Sorbents Latex paint Antifreeze Lubricating oils Office recycling containers Office waste receptacles Sanitary tissue (including bathroom tissue, paper towels)

Designated products must be purchased with recycled content. See the EPA web site for a complete list …

Designated Product Exceptions: “Price, Performance, and Availability”
According to RCRA, procuring agencies must show procurement preferences for designated recycledcontent and biobased products unless the product: Is available only at an unreasonable price Will not meet reasonable performance standards Is unavailable within a reasonable timeframe or at a sufficient level of competition

Green products can be found within the federal supply system and elsewhere!
Federal Supply Sources
General Services Administration (GSA) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Ability One/JWOD organizations UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries)

Commercial Vendors
Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples

“Environmental” is now a search category in the GSA Advantage online store. Select this link to ensure you are buying green products

DoD Emall Under „Refine Your Search‟ you can search for products with green attributes by using the Environmental Attribute Code (tree symbol)

1. Type in the product you are searching for

2. Click on the Environmental Attribute Code symbol

The tree symbol with the RC code means the selected item has Recycled Content

You may also use keywords such as “recycled” to search for products

How Are Purchases of Green Products Monitored?
EPA and State inspections DOD annual reports of purchasing data from federal sources DOD internal/external environmental compliance audits Government Purchase Card audits DOD Inspector General

What Should You Do?
Buy Green!
Look for labels and descriptions that indicate the product has environmental or energy-saving benefits  Search for green products in catalogs and online sources such as the DOD Emall  Request green products from your vendors and supply sources

Follow Designated Product Requirements!

Refer to the lists of designated recycled content and biobased items when you are making a purchase, and make sure you buy and specify recycled and biobased products

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