; Sheet1 - UCLA Health Services Research Center
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Sheet1 - UCLA Health Services Research Center


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									                                   UCLA CLINICAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM
                            CLINICAL WORK OF CLINICAL SCHOLARS (March, 2005)

Clinical Scholar                                   Clinical Venue                               Time

Second-Year Scholars:

        Basit Chaudhry                       UCLA Mobile Health Clinic                  Combined clinical work
                              Greater Los Angeles VA Medical Center, West Los Angeles       will be 20%

        Judy Chen                               Kaiser Permantente                        8 hours per week

        Peter Chin                     UCLA Arthur Ash Student Health Center              2 times per month

        Bowen Chung                   Koreatown Youth and Community Center              Combined clinical work
                                     Caring for Children and Families with AIDS                20%

        Kavita Patel                      Burke Free Clinic (UCLA Affiliate)              1/2 day per week
                                             UCLA Mobile Health Clinic                    2 times per month

        Lidia Zylowska               UCLA General Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic          5-8 hours per week

First-Year Scholars:

        Elizabeth Bromley       VA Mental Health Intensive Case Management Program       4-5 hours per week

        David Ganz                      VA and UCLA Affiliated Nursing Home             Combined clinical work
                                              UCLA Geriatrics Clinic                           20%

        Marcia McGory           Kaiser Permanente Panorama City and Woodland Hills       20 hours per month

        Roberto Rodriguez                        Venice Famly Clinic                      1/2 day per week

        Benjamin Sun               Cedars Sinai Medical Center Emergency Room                   20%

        Facika Tafara                   Family Health Centers of San Diego                      20%

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