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					HP Computer Update
A Publication of Hewlett-Packard'
                                                                  March 1993

                                        I . .   .   -   <

                                                            I   UNIX leaders announce
                                                                common open s-are
                                                                              see page 7

                                                                New capabilities for the
                                                            I   EPLANManager version
                                                                1.4 strengthen the imple-
                                                                mentation on the EP 9000.
                                                                                see page 17

                                                                The new HP Vectra S86BZtN
                                                                and 38W3NI high-pevor-
                                                                mance entry-level PCs
                                                                feature two shelves and
                                                                three ISA slots.
                                                                                see page 19

                                                                The new BP 7 0 0 B Models
                                                                17Ci and 17Ca X stations
                                                                come standard with Sony
                                                                Trinitronmonitors and
                                                                4 M B Juser memory.
                                                                              see page 31

                                                                Fa        HEWLETT
I    Vol. 3, No. 3           March 1993     ,&
                                                         ter Update
I    HP Computer Update is a bimonthly p c a -
     tion of Hewlett-Packard Companyt a provides
                                                         To order HP software or hardware products, call
                                                         your HP representative. A telephone listing for
     infonnation on new Hewlett-Packard computer         sales offices in the U.S. and Canada appears on
     software and hardware products, events, and         Page 22.
                                                         To receive literature or technical information on

I    Editors: Tracy Wester
              Jackie Browning
                                                         HP computer systems and workstations, and to
                                                         order workstations and select computer products,

                                                         call HP DIRECT at 800-637-7740 W.S. only).
     Address editorial correspondence and address
     corrections to:                                     To receive technical information about any HP
                                                         product, call the Customer Information Center:
     HPCmpter U     @
                                                         800-752-0900 in the U.S., or 8003873867 in
     5201 Great America

     Suite 360
     Santa Clara, C 95054
                                                         Send address corrections to:
I    Distribution information                            Attn: Kathie Dailey MS4P4
                                                         2000 South Park Place
                                                         Atlanta, Georgia 30339
I    who are hvolved in specifying or purchasing HP
     computer products and systems. It is also sent to
     HP worldwide value-added business partners. If
     you would like to receive a copy, please contact
     your local HP representative.
                                                         On the cover      ...
                                                         HP sees Interex a s a strategic,value-added

     Note: Not aU HP computer grroducts are sold and     business partner. Interex HP Users Conference to
     supported in aU ccyuntries. Please check with       be held September 19-23,1993,a the Moscone
     gmr h a l HP sales offwe.                           Convention Center in San Francisco, California
     Hewlett-P&rd does not w a m n t the accumcy         See page 5.
     of the i r @ m t hpmuided in HP Computer
     Update and shaU not be liublefor any use made
     of the infmmatioa prowided M n . I r @ m i c w L    Cover illustration created by Molly McGinnity,
                in HP Computer Update is m&iect to       senior graphic designer, Interex.

2                                                                                  HP Computer Update, March 1993
HP Computer Museum

For research and education purposes only.
                                                                                In This Issue

Management Perspective                  Promotions                              Personal Computers
4    HP and INTEREX offer               12                                      19     New HP Vectra 386133N and
     educational fonuns to keep                                                        386133NI PC series
     users informed
                                        HP 3000 systems                                Two-button mouse
5    Feature Story                      15    New HP SharePlex/iX pro-                 discontinued
     INTEREX, facilitating the                vides clustering capabilities            HP Vectra 386/25N PC
     exchange of information
                                              HP OpenView Console lowers               discontinuance
     among HP users for more
                                              price and moves to user-based
     than 18 years
                                                                                    Mass Storage
General News                            HP 9000 Systems                                Two DAT drives added to
7  HP News and Reviews                  17 HP LAN Manager enhance-                     special sale
     UNIX leaders announce                    ments for HP 9000
     common open software                                                              Terminals
     environment                                              option
                                              Data con~pression                        New HP 700/RX Model 17Ci X
                                              discontinuance                           stations feature Sony
9    Events                                                                            Trinitron monitors
     INTEREX and Regional Users
                                                                                       HP Sales Offices
     Groups calendar of events          Workstations
     Empowerment through                18 SCSI disk array for Series 700
     Integrated Solutions Seminars            supported on HP-UX 9.01

           1      Note from the editors:
                  We have decided to change the publishing schedule for HP Computer Update.
                  Beginning with the next issue, HP Computer Update will be distributed every
                  other month. This new schedule will start with the May issue.

                  The May issue will also showcase the exciting redesign of the newsletter and
                  will include several new sections to help you, our readers, keep up to date on
                  HP products and services.

           (      Best regards,

                  Tracy Wester                                                Jackie Browning
                  Editor                                                      Editor

HP Conlputer Update, March 1993                                                                                    3
        Management Perspective

HP and INTEREX offer educational forums to keep users informed
                             Hello, my name is Rich        Experience in North America
                             Sevcik and I am the
                             group general nlanager        Communicating with users
                             for Systems and Servers.      The key issues and needs identified by INTEREX
                             I am writing to tell you      members are driving the content of HP's 1993 customer
                             about the relationship                                           we
                                                           conununication plan. For exan~ple, plan to address
                             between HP and                these topics in North America in custonler publications,
                             INTEREX, and to offer         in sernina3 and Iker Group conferences, and through
                             some insight into the         new formats such as audio conferencing.
                             value of this relationship.
                                                           In addtion to meeting the needs of HP 3000 and
                             HP places special             HP 1000 usels, INTEREX is making tremendous strides
                             emphasis on working           in addressing the needs of HP-UX users. HP is assisting
                             with INTEREX. We see          INTEREX in this effort. For example, HP is cosponsor-
                             INTEREX as a strategic        ing (with INTEREX) special seminars to address
value-added business partner -a strong, effective          strategic concerns identified by HP-LTX users.
channel to communicate with our usels and improve
customer satisfaction.                                     Workirlg with the INTEREX Advocacy Committee
                                                           HP is looking forward to working with INTEREX's
INTEREX's infrastn~cture allows HP to cany on a            recently established Advocacy Committee, which
dalog with its members at multiple levels.                                          board for HP as we work on
                                                           will serve as a souncli~~g
                                                           establishing solutions to sigruficant strategic concerns
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)                             identified by INTEREX members.
Special Interest Groups communicate directly with
appropriate HP R&D and marketing representatives           Regional Users Groups (RUGs)
who are responsible for the products or markets of
                                                           INTEREX-affiliatedRUGs offer local HP Sales and
interest. These relationships have been mutually           Support Managers an opportwuty to interact with local
beneficial. The S y s t e n ~
                            Improvement Conwuttee,
                                                           users and be responsive to locahzed needs. RLIG
SIGIMAGE, and SIGRAPID groups (dscussed later), to
                                                           meetings act as a very effective way for users, espe-
name a few, have been working with HP very success-        cially those who do not have the tin~e resources to
fully. The benefits in each case have been improved
                                                           travel to INTEREX conferences, to hear HP experts
levels of user satisfaction and an established process     speak on a variety of topics and share "best practices"
for HP to get prioritized feedback on user requirements.
                                                           with users. Through the HPANTEREX Speakers
INTEREX n~el-rtbers automatically eligible to              Program, RUGs can request HP experts to speak on
participate in INTEREX-affiliated SIGs.                    key issues at RLIG meetings.
Strategic relationship                                     The HPANTEREX relationship has been mutually
Through INTEREX membership surveys, publicatio~w,          beneficial. From HP's perspective, we would like to
and direct exchange at users group events, senior HP       see even more user involvement on a worldwide
managers are made aware of general opportunities and       basis, and INTEREX provides a valuable channel to
concerns among HP users.                                   accomplish this.

For example, INTEREX's Annual Strategic Concerns
Survey is helping HP understand key user trends. Last
year, we focused on the top issues from this survey
and sought INTEREX's assistance to driU down and
uncover underlying issues and trends to help us make       Rich Sevcik
more sound decisions. Information received from these      Group General Manager
surveys has been a great way to guide our efforts to       Systenls and Servers
improve customer satisfaction.
                                                                                        HP Computer Update, March   199:3
                                                                               Feature Storv

INTEREX, facilitating the exchange of infomiationamong
HP users for more than 18 years
Problem solving made easy               Publications                           RUGs
INTEREX, a powerful resource            INTEREX is the leading information     Hook into a powerful network of
for more than 7,500 HP users and        resource for HP users. Publications    HP computer users - regional user
problem solvers, will help you push     keep you up to date on cutting-        groups serve over 4,000 members in
your system to its limits, tune its     edge technology, providing atl         North America As an organization
performance, and reduce your            the information you need to stay       of computer professionals, RUGs
workload. You'll never have to face     competitive. INTEREX members           promote communication and
another computer problem or             receive two monthly publications:      cooperation among users of HP
project alone. INTEREX confer-          Interact, an award-winning maga-       computers. RUGs are nonprofit
ences, publications, Contributed        zine featuring how-to articles         organizations and function indepen-
Software Libraries, and Regional        written by fellow users, and           dently from HP.
Users Groups (RUGs) have been           INTEREX Press, which offers
providing users with hands-on           industry news from HP and third-       RUGs meet in a variety of formats.
solutions to everyday hardware,         party vendors, as well as associa-     Evening meetings, half-day serni-
software, and operating systems         tion and user group updates. All       nars, annual conferences, and
problems for more than 18 years.        members receive a new bimonthly        vendor exhibitions are all part of an
                                        publication, hp-ux/user,  designed     ambitious program schedule in the
Conferences                             specifically for users of HP-UX.       HP community. Many RUGs draw
The annual INTEREX HP Computer                                                 the finest speakers in the HP world,
Users Conference is the world's         Contributed software libraries         and the carefully designed pro-
largest gathering of HP users, giving   The INTEREX Contributed Soft-          grams provide the most cost-
attendees an unparalleled opportu-      ware Libraries (CSLs) provide          effective educational opportunities
nity to network with thousands of       thousands of user-written programs     available to users today. Members
other HP users, see the latest prod-    and applications. One of these         are often welcome to bring guests
ucts from HP third-party vendors,       programs could save you hours          to user group functions.
and have a direct communication         or even weeks of work; they have
channel to senior HP management.        been tested in real-world environ-     Membership in a local area user
This year's conference wdl meet at      ments by being contributed to          group can provide a close-to-home
the Moscone Convention Center in        the INTEREX library. The CSL is        forum for exchanging ideas, techni-
San F'rancisco, California, and will    available through an annual release.   cal tips, and problem solving and
offer attendees the most compre-        The complete library is available      can help users realize a greater re-
hensive conference program avail-       exclusively to members and             turn on their company's investment.
able today for users of HP systems.     includes CSL telephone support         This is the goal of all INTEREX and
Full conference registration is $695    from the INTEREX technical staff.      RUG activities and senices.
for members and $895 for non-
members until August 16,1993,                                                              continued o n next page
when rates will increase by $100
for both groups. INTEREX has a
special "Join & Go" promotion,
offering new members a $200 con-
ference discount. Daily registrations
are also available at $250 for
members and $300 fornonmembers.
To receive more information or a
conference program, call 800-
INTEREX (8004683739) from
within the U.S. and Canada or
4087474227 internationally.

HP Computer Update, March 1993                                                                                     5
                       Feature Storv

INTEREX is the most du-ect
and effective communication
channel between HP users and
Hewlett-Packard corporate head-
quarters. In effect, each user's voice
is amplified by 7,500. That's clout.
INTEREX is made up of more than
120 users groups organized into a
worldwide network. For more
than 18 years, HP has turned to
INTEREX for help in understanding
what users want most. Your con-
cerns are the priority of the MPE,
RTE, and HP-UX system and
business improvement committees.
INTEREX is a member of HP's
major customer Advisory Council.
Round-table discussions with HP
management and the annual
INTEREX Strategic Concerns
Survey gve you the channels you
need to be heard.

For more information or to join
(1-800468-3739 ext. 637 or 638);
outside the U.S. please call

6                                        HP Computer Update, March 1993
                                                                             General News

HP News and Reviews
UNIX leaders announce common open software
At last month's UNIFORUM show,        This announcement is a strong          Sun, and USL will make available an
worldwide UNM@      system leaders    endorsement for the premise of         implementation for the common
Hewlett-Packard Company; IBM          open systems. Under open systems,      desktop, based on XfOpenspecifica-
Corp.; The Santa Cruz Operation,      unencumbered specificationsare         tion, in the f r t half of 1994 that will
Inc.; Sun Microsystems,Inc.; Univel; freely available, independent           be openly licensable to the industry.
and UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. branding and certiiication proc-          SCO and Univel will strongly
announced their intent to deliver a   esses exist, multiple implementa-      participate in the evolution of this
common open software environ-         tions of a single product may          common desktop environment. The
ment across their L N X system        be created, and competition is         six companies will host a develop-
platforms. This announcement is in enhanced. To this extent, the             ers' conference in early October
response to increased user demand Open Software Foundationr"(OSF")           1993 to give users and software
for consistent technologies across    has agreed to submit the MOW           developers details on products and
multiple platforms, greater technol- specification and associated            direction.
ogy choice, increased cost savings,   support materials to X/Openm   for
and quicker time to market.           incorporation into a future release    The common desktop environment
                                      of X/Openlsportability guide,          will incorporate aspects of HP's
 HP, IBM, SCO, SunSoft (the           including licensing of the trademark   Visual User Environment (VUE),
software subsidiary of Sun            and the branding process. In           IBM's Common User Access model
Microsystems,Inc.), Univel, and       addition, NoveWnivel have agreed       and Workplace Shell, OSF's Motif
USL have defined a specification for to submit the specification for the     toolkit and Window Manager,
a common desktop environment          NetWare UNIX client to XIOpen.         SunSoft's OPEN LOOK@     elements
that gives end users a consistent                                            and DeskSet productivity tools,
look and feel. They have defined      Common desktop environment             USESUNIX SVR4.2 desktop
a consistent set of application       The six companies have d e h e d a     manager components, and scalable
programming interfaces (APIs) for     specification for a common desktop     systems technologies. Specific
the desktop that will run across all  environment that will provide end      technologies to be used by the six
of their systems, opening up a larger users with a consistent computing      companies include the X Window
opportunity for software develop-     experience and software developers     System, Version 11; the Motif toolkit
ers. The six companies have each      with a consistent set of prograrn-     and interface; and SunSoft's
decided to adopt common network- ming interfaces for the HP, IBM,            ToolTalk@' interapplication commu-
ing products, allowing for increased SCO, SunSoft, Univel, and USL           nication product with an incorpo-
interoperability across heteroge-     platforms. This advanced environ-      rated HP Encapsulator. A s most of
neous computers. In addition, they ment will enable users to transpar-       this environment exists today, the
have endorsed specifications,         ently access data and applications     companies will integrate key
standards, and technologies in the    from anywhere on the network.          technologies available in the open
area of graphics, multimedia, and                                            marketplace and innovate where
object technology, and have           The companies plan to publish a        appropriate to give users and
announced a working group in the      prehmary specification for the         software developers a consistent
area of systems administration. Al environment by the end of June            UNIX desktop environment. The
of the new specifications, technole 1993 and will periodically release       common desktop environment was
gies, and products will be designed   updates to the industry. They have     demonstrated at UNIFORUM
to preserve compatibility with the    agreed to submit the specification     running across five hardware and
companies' existing software          to XIOpen for incorporation into the   software platforms.
application environments.             XIOpen portability gulde. HP, IBM,

                                                                                           continued on next page

HP Computer Update, March 1993
                     General News

The companies' goal is to preserve      Multimedia                             systems management area. The
compatibility of existing applica-      The six companies will submit a        companies will initially focus on the
tions written to H P - L J ,IBM AW      joint specification for the Interac-   areas of user and group manage-
6000rM,SCO Open Desktop, SunSoft        tive Multimeda Association's UMA)      ment, software installation and
Solaris, Univel UnixWarer",and USL      request for technology. This will      distribution management,software
UNIX SVR4.2 as they are evolved         provide users with a consistent        licensing management,storage
from their current desktops to the      access to multimedia tools in          management, print spooling, and
common desktop environment.             heterogeneous environments and         distributed file system management.
                                        enable developers to create next-
Networking                                                                     O1993 ISM is a registered trademark of
                                        generation applications using media    International Business Machines Corp., and
In furthering support for heteroge-     as data                                AIW6000 is a trademark of International
                                                                               Business Machines Corp.
neous computing, HP, IBM, SCO,
SunSoft, Univel, and USL will sell,     Object technology                      NetWare is a registered trademark of Novell,
deliver, and support OSF's DCE,         HP, IBM, SCO, SunSoft, Univel,         Inc.
Sunsoft's ONC+'" and NoveW              and USL are working together to        OSF, Motif, and Open Software Foundation are
Univel's NetWare UNIX client            accelerate the development and         trademarks of the Open Software Foundation in
networkmg products. The compa-          delivery of object-based technology.   the U.S. and other countries.
nies will offer users greater choice    They are supporting the efforts of     Univel and UnixWare are trademarks of Univel.
while providing them with a             the Object Management Group
consistent level of support and                                                SCO and SCO Open Desktop are registered
                                        (OMG) that has developed the           trademarks of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc, in
integration. Users will gain in-        Common Object Request Broker           the U.S. and othercountries.
creased interoperability across         (CORBA) standard for distributed
multiple platforms while continuing                                            Sun Microsystems, Inc., SunSofi, Solaris, ONCt,
                                        object n~anagement   solutions. The    and ToolTalk are trademarks or registered
to protect their current investments.   companies will comply with the         trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Individual companies will announce      CORBA specification in their future
pricing and avdability for each of                                             UNIX and OPEN LOOK are registered trade-
                                        product implementations.               marks of UNIX System Laboratories in the U.S.
their products at a later date.                                                and other countries.
                                        In addition, the companies will
Graphics                                work with the OMG to establish         WOpen is a trademark of WOpen Company
                                                                               Limited in the UK and other countries.
To enable consistent implementa-        common guidelines to simphfy
tion of high-performancegraphics        developer transition, spec@ core       All other products or service names mentioned
                                                                               herein are trademarks of their respective
software and promote wider              capabilitiesfor object construction    owners.
availability of applications in the     and development,and further the
marketplace, the companies plan         adoption of common testing and
to support a core set of graphics       certification.
facilities from the X consortium.
These are XlibiX for basic 2D pixel     Systems management
graphics; PexlibfPEX for 2D/3D          As more users move to d ~ t r i b -
geometry graphics; and XIElib/XIE       uted heterogeneous computing
for advanced imagmg.                    environments,enterprise system
                                        management becomes a critical
                                        requirement. To this extent, the six
                                        companies will form a working
                                        group to facilitate the rationaliza-
                                        tion and rapid acceptance of
                                        industry specifications in the

8                                                                                         HP Computer Update, March 1993
                                                                               General News

Events                                 May 4-6. SCRUG - Southern                May 21: WRUG - Wisconsin -
                                       California- Annual Conference           Spring Conference and Vendor
INTEREX and Regional                   and Vendor Show at Burbank              Show. For mformation, call Judy
Users Groups calendar of               Hilton Hotel. The theme is              Gifford at 4 142483625,
events                                 Soaring Ahead. For information,         June 9: BWRUG - Baltimore/
                                       call 310-9894626.                       Washington - Meeting from 6:0&
The following is a hsting of up-       May 11: SACRUG - Sacramento -           900 pm. at the HP Rockvllle
coming HP Regional Users Groups        Quarterly meeting. For informa-         office. The theme is Object-
(RUGS) events and respective           tion, call J.C. Strote, 209-368-2993.   Oriented Programming. For more
contacts. Some events may involve      May 11: TUG - Meeting at the HP         information, call Nick Demos at
costs. Call the contact for complete   Pvksissauga office, 6877 Goreway        410-242-6777.
details.                               Drive, Mssissauga, Ontario. For         June 9-10: MINNRUG -
                                       mformation,call Wanda                   Minnesota- Fourth Annual
 April 18-20: ALL TEXAS - The                          at
                                       Kon~orowski 4164774161.                 Conference and Vendor Show at
 fourth annual All-Texas RUG           May 13: BARUG - Bay Area - The          the Thunderbird Hotel and
 Conference & Vendor Show will         annual conference in Santa Cruz         Convention Center in
 be held at the San Luis Hotel on      has been cancelled. BARUG will          Bloomington, Minnesota. The
 Galveston Island. The theme is        have several one-day events             keynote speaker will be Bob
 Standard or Proprietary Systems:      focusing on several topics. A one-      Green, of Robelle. For informa-
 Choosing the Right Solution for       day seminar will be held at the         tion, call 612-6494213.
 You. The HP keynote speaker will      HP Mountain View Sales Office on        June 9: NTRUG - Quarterly
 be Rich Sevcik. For information,      Distributed Network Computing.          Meeting, 8:0&5:00, at the HP Las
 call Elizbeth Stanley at 713-621-                                             Colinas office, for MPE and UX
                                       May 17-18: RMRUG - Rocky
 2808.                                                                         users. For information, call Dale
                                       Mountain - Fifth Annual Techni-
 April 21: WNYRUG - Quarterly          cal Conference and Vendor Show          Henderson (2 14480-9913).
 meeting. For information, call        at the Sheraton Denver West             June 17-18: AZRUG -Annual
 Brian Carrier at 7164913125.          Conference Center in Lakewood,          Conference and Vendor Show at
 April 25-28: INTERWORKS-              Colorado. For information, call         the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel.
 Interworks and Hewlett-Packard's      Lee Ann Pace at 303-977-6330.           For information, call Henry
 Workstation Systems Group             May 18: GNYUG - Meeting. For            Schubel at 602-582-6055.
 Annual Conference for HP-UX           mformation call Jerry Head at           June 22-25: NECRUG - Annual
 HP Apollo 9000 Series 700,400,        201492-0900.                            Conference and Vendor Show, in
 and DomadOS systems users.                                                    Atlantic City at the Bally's Grand.
                                       May 18: MTLRUG - Montreal-
 The conference will be held at                                                For information, call Scott
                                       Quarterly meeting, 8:30 am - 5:00
 The Pointe on South Mountain in                                               Kauftheil, 215265-0240.
                                       pm. For information, call Mich
 Phoenix, Arizona Gary Eichhorn,
                                       Kabay at 514-931-6187.                  June 27-30: ENUG - European
 group general manager for HP's
 Workstations Systems Group will       May 20: FIORUG - Florida-               Annual Conference in Birming-
 be the keynote speaker. Call          Quarterly meeting, 7:00 pm-10:OO        ham, United Kingdom. The theme
 Carol Relph at 5084365046 for         pm, at the HP Ft. Lauderdale            is Breaking the Barriers. For
 more information.                     office. For more mformation, call       information, call 444-81424-8682.
                                       Walter Hancock, 3059746300.             July 13: TUG - Meeting at the
 April 29-30: MARUG -
 Mid-Atlantic - Quarterly meeting      May 20: SNUG -Meeting at the            HP office, 6877 Goreway Drive,
 and vendor show in Charlotte,         HP offices in Glastonbury,              Mississauga, Ontario. For infor-
 North Carolina The theme is           Connecticut. The topic is Devel-        mation, call Wanda Komorowsk,
 Systems Design. For information,      oping ClienVServer Applications.        416-877-0161.
 call Ray Kelley at 804740-1581.       For mformation, call Dave
 The expected attendance is 50.        Haberman at 617-859-5966.
                                                                                         continued on next page

HP C o m p ~ ~ tIJpdate. March 1993
                er                                                                                              9
July 15-16: MARUG - Quarterly          September 9: SNUG - Meeting            November 17: BWRUG -
Meeting and Vendor Show in             at the HP offices in Glastonbury,      Baltimorflashington - Allday
Roanoke, Virginia The theme is         Connecticut. The topic is Apply-       meeting. The theme is HP-UX
Future Technologies. For               ing Total Quality Management to        Utilities.
information, call Ray Kelley at        MIS/Cost Jusbfymg MIS and MIS          November 18: FLORUG -
804-740-1581.                          Projects. For information, call        Florida- Quarterly meeting at
July 22: CRUG -The topic is            Dave Haberman at 617-859-5966.         HP Ft. Lauderdale office, 7:0&
Integrated Workstation (MPEIiX,        September 14: TUG - Fullday            10:OOpm. For information, call
DOS, and UNIX). For informa-           meeting at the HP Mississauga          Walter Hancock at 305974-6300.
tion, call Jerry Kopecky, 708480-      office, 6877 Goreway Drive,            November 18: MINNRUG -
8667.                                  Mississauga, Ontario. For infor-       Minnesota - Quarterly meeting,
July 22: WNYRUG - Quarterly            mation, call Wanda Komorowski,         board nominations. For infor-
meeting. For information call          416-877-0161.                          mation, call Linda Roatch at
Brian Carrier at 716-891-3125.         September 19-23: INTEREX -             6124553972.
August 10: SACRUG -                    19th Annual HP Computer                December 7: SNUG - Meeting
Sacramento -Quarterly meeting.         Users Conference at the                at the HP offices in Glastonbury,
For information, call J.C. Strote at   Moscone Center in San Francisco,       Connecticut. The topic is Open
2093682993.                            California For information, call       Systems. For information, call
                                       1-8004683739.                          Dave Haberman at 617-859-5966.
August 13-14: ORERUG -
Oregon - Annual Conference             October 7: CRUG - Chicago
and Vendor Show at the Resort          Usermendor Day.
At The Mountains in Wernrne,           October 14-15: MARUG -
Oregon. The theme is Client,           Quarterly Meeting and Vendor
Server & the HP Environment.           Show in Myrtle Beach, South
For information, call Jeff Coffman     Carolina The theme is Applica-
at 503233-8511.                        tion Software. For more
August 19: FLORUG - Florida -          information, call Ray Kelly at
Quarterly meeting at the               804-740-1581.
HP Ft. Lauderdale Office, 7:0&         October 20: BWRUG - Baltimore/
10:OO pm. For information, call        Washington - Meeting in Balti-
Walter Hancock at 305974-6300.         more, Maryland, 6:0&9:00 pm.
August 19-20: SERUG -Fall              The theme is POSM on MPE
Conference and Vendor Show at          Platform.
the Windy Hill Hilton in Atlanta,      October 21: WNYRUG - Quar-
Georgia                                terly meeting. For information,
September 8: BWRUG - Baltimore/        call Brian Carrier at 716-8913125.
Washington- Allday meeting in          November 9: SACRUG -
Baltimore, Maryland. The theme         Sacramento -Quarterly meeting.
is Databases.                          For information, call J.C. Strote at
September 9: MINNRUG -                 2093682993.
Minnesota - Quarterly meeting.         November 9: TUG - Meeting at
The theme is Member Apprecia-          the HP Mississauga office, 6877
tion. The meeting wiU include a        Goreway Drive, Mississauga,
paddleboat ride and dinner on the      Ontario. For information,
St. Croix River. For information,      call Wanda Komorowski at
call Linda Roatch at 6124553972.       416-877-0161.

10                                                                                  HP Computer Update, March 1993
Empowerment through Integrated Solutions Seminars
For the U.S. only                      Dates      Locations              Targeted industry
                                       March 30   Marriott Hotel         Financial
The Empowerment through                           Financial Center,
Integrated Solution Seminars will                 N e w York City, NY
offer corporate decision makers        April 1    HP Novi, M I           Site manufacturing
and influencers the opporhmity to      April 6    HP Mountain View, CA   Site manufacturing
hear how HP will address the future    April 8    HP Burlington, M A     Site manufacturing
business challenges and provide        April 13   HP Paramus, N J        Site manufacturing
integrated solutions to meet current   April 15   HP Bellevue, W A       Site manufacturing
business needs. Events will feature    April 20   Sheraton Premier       Federal government
well-known industry speakers as                   Tysons Corner, VA
well as HP functional management       April 20   Omni Hotel,            Telecommunications
                                                  Atlanta, GA
speakers and solution providers.
                                       April 22   HP Naperville, IL      Site manufacturing
Seminars will demonstrate industry-
                                       April 29   HP Fullerton, CA       Site manufacturing
specific solutions using work-
                                       May 4      HP Englewood, CO       Site manufacturing
station, X station, PC technology,
                                       May 6      HP Richardson, TX      Site manufacturing
and HP MPower collaborative
                                       May 18     HP Orlando, FL         Site manufacturing
computing software.
                                       May 20     HP St. Paul, M N       Site manufacturing

The morning session wd.l feature
the industry-specific topics and the
afternoon session will be targeted
at multiindustry solutions. The
afternoon session will demonstrate
how companies can increase data
access across functions (such as
research and development,finance,
marketing, and documentation),
decrease costs, and increase

To make reservations, call

HP Computer Update, March 1993                                                                11

The promotions listed in
HP Computer Update contain brief
information about HP promotions          HP Transact V to iX                      HP Multi-Seat Il (formerly
currently in effect - including new                                               HP PowerPack)
                                         If you upgrade from HP Transact V
promotions, promotions with              to iX, you will receive a 25%dis-        If you purchase a PowerPack SSP
changes (underlined), and promo-         count on the net price of the            bundle, you wdl receive the follow-
tions that are ending.                   upgrade.                                 ing discount: end users, 34%;VARd
                                           Scope: North America                   OEMdSystem integrators, 39%; and
For more debds on any of the               Eligible products: P/N 30138A,         two-tier distributors, 44%.
following promotions, contact              Opts. 310,315,320,330,335,340,           Scope: United States, Canada,
your HP representative.                    350                                      and Latin America
                                           Start date: December 1, 1992             Eligible products: P/Ns A2870A,
Special considerations may apply to        End date: May 31, 1993                   A287 lA, A2872A, A2873A
some of these promotions,and               Promotion number: 2.699                  Start date: January 1,1993
discount percentages can vary by                                                    End date: June 30,1993
country. Note: promotional                                                          Promotion number: 2.706
programs listed with a "Worldwide"
scope may not be available in all        User-Based Pricing Software
countries. Check with your HP
representative for local availability.
                                         HP 3000 users at certain MPE-user
                                         license levels are eligible for a
                                         discount to match the price set
                                                                                  Open for x Business           n@v
                                                                                  If you purchase an HP 9000 Series
Hewlett-Pachrcl assumes no               prior to a recent price restructuring.   800 Class F, G, II, or I business
respo7rsibility for any errors that      There are no maximum quantities          server (P/Ns A2428N29N30N31A)
might appear in these listings.                                                   during the promotional period, you
                                         on eligible products.
                                           Scope: Worldwide (check with           are eligible to receive a 400h dis-
                                           your HP representatiue for local       count off the purchase of one
General                                    availability)                          HP 700 RX station with 10 MB RAM
                                           Eligible products: P/Ns 30207N         and Series 800 software.
RAM Special Pricing                        9 lA/92A/93A/94A,95A,303 19N             Scope: Worldwide (check with
                                           49A, 36375A178N87N88N97N                  your HP representative for local
If you are a qualified volume
                                           98A, 36920A/23N39N57A,J2167A             availability)
purchase agreement customer, you
                                           Start date: February 1,1993              Eligible products: P/Ns A2428N
are eligible for a special pricing on
                                           End date: July 31, 1993                  29N30N31A
PL5X add-on RAM.This special
                                           Promotion number: 2.717                  Start date: March 1, 1993
pricing is equivalent to a net price,
                                                                                    End date: August 31,1993
after purchase agreement discount
                                                                                    Promotion number: 2.720
of $65 per megabyte of RAM
(US. list price).
  Scope: North America
  Eligible products: Check with
  your HP representative for P/Ns.
  Start date: February 15, 1993
  End date: May 31, 1993
  Promotion number: 2.722

12                                                                                        HP C'irirlputt~rliptlate,March   1!)!):3
HP DTC management                     management improvements include
                                      the integration of the complete
                                      family of HP networking products
                                      in HP OpenView PC DTC Manager.
The new HP DTC management             Users can rack and stack HP DTCs
products offer key enhancements       and E&elTwist products in a 19-
that make the job of managmg          inch EIA cabinet and manage the
DTCs easier for system                products on the same screen.

 HP 9000-based DTC manage-
 ment - The new version of
                                      New DTC products for                      Flexibility - HP DTC16TN
                                                                                delivers 16 RS-232 direct connect
 HP DTC ManagerAJX (PM                HP 9000 Series 800                        or modem ports, or FS423 ports,
 J2120A) gives users capabilities                                               and it has a standard 19-inch EIA
 that were formerly available only    The new HP DTC16TN                        form factor for racking like the
 on the PC platform. Added            (P/N J2060A), a &port Telnet-only         HP E t h e M hubs, bridges, and
 features are switching capabilities, terminal server and HP ARPA               routers. Connectivity features
 support for multiple concurrent      Extensions-TelneVOLTP(P/N                 include the use of RJ45 (tele-
 sessions, Domain Name Server         J2123A), is an enhanced version of        phone-type) connectors or
 (DNS) functionality, and dynamic     the standard Telnet protocol. The         optional DB25 connectors.
 reconfiguration. Users who           new products were designed for            Hardware flow control is also
 require a graphical user interface   HP 9000 centralized or distributed,       available on direct connect ports.
 or HP-UX back-to-back DTC            single-system environments or for         With MUX and DTC transparency
 functionality should continue to     ARPA-based, multisystem,and               to the system, applications can be
 choose HP OpenView PC-based          multivendor environments.                 ported from one environment to
 DTC Manager as their manage-                                                   another without being affected.
 ment platform.                       The new Telnet terminal server,           Ease of use -The new product
 HP 3000-based D E manage-            with a price that is 50%lower than        structure makes the new DTCs
 ment - HP MPE/iX host-based          last year's DTCs, is designed for the     easier to order than older DTCs.
 version 14.0 of the DTC manage-      cost-sensitive, competitive UNIX          HP DTC16TN is easier to use,
 ment supports the new 1 6 2 and      system environment.                       configure, and integrate and is
 72MX DTCs.                                                                     user installable. A comprehensive
  HP O p e n v i m PC D X Manager      Features and benefits                    set of support tools is available for
 enharu:emerzts- For multisys-          Perfomzmz.ce -HP DTCl6TN is             increased supportabihty and
 tern/multivendor environments          based on a new, high-performance        uptime.
 HP OpenView PC DTC Manager             architecture that incorporates
 supports the new 72MX and 16TN         new terminal server technologies.      To address larger system config-
  DTCs. Fault management has            The TelneVOLTP software                urations, a 64-port bundle (P/N
  been improved through a polling       implementation signficantly            A2957AZ) will be offered in midyear
  mechanism to alert network            reduces HP 9000 CPU use and            at a lower price point. An alterna-
      . .                               network traffic, delivering high
  admmstmtols when a problem                                                   tive is HP DTC72MX, which sup-
  exists on the network. New            performance for transaction-           ports 900 Series HP 3000 AFCP
  operator security features and        oriented applications in net-          protocol and Telnet protocol for
  improved power-on default             worked environments. This              UNIX systems. Integration into
  configuration features have been      results in a 25 - W o reduction in     HP 9000 system cabinets (PMs
  added.                                Telnet CPU overhead and up to a        A1896A and A1897A) will also be
                                        90%reduction in terminal 10LAN
                                                                    1          available midyear.
With the announcement of new            packet traflic.
DTC products t a match the
physical fonn factor of the
HP EtherTwist product line,                                                                  continued on next pa-ge

                                                            HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News   March 1993   n
         Channel Partner Promotions

HP OpenView (PC-based) DTC
Manager software is still the
                                                    Channel Partner                          Series 9x7 Reseller Incentives

recommended solution to manage                      promotions                                U
                                                                                             A resellers (HP Channel Partners,
DTCs for ARPA-based HP and non-                                                              OEMs, and systems integrators)
HP systems (including HP Apollo                     The following promotion is specs-        who have an active purchase
9000 Series 700). Only the host-                    c d y for Channel Partners. The          agreement with HP will receive five
based DTC manager (P/N J2 120A)                     promotions featured on pages 6 - 8       percentage points of incremental
is not supported on Series 700.                     of the main publication also apply       discount over the normal purchase
                                                    to Channel Partners. Contact             agreement discount on purchases
Ordering information                                your HP representative for more          of HP 3000 Series 947/57/67/87
                                                    information.                             systems.
Product No. Description

J2060A        HP DTCl6TN                            Hewlett-Packard assunas no               All authorized distributors who
J2123A        HP ARPA extensions-TelneVOLTP         responsibility for any errors llml       have an active purchase agreemenl
                                                    might appear i n these listings.         discount with HP will receive three
                                                                                             percentage points of incremental
                                                                                             discount over the normal purchase
HP 700/RX 16-inch                                   HP 3000 Systems                          agreement discount on purchases of
color X stations                                    1993 HP 3000
                                                                                             Series 947/57/67/87 systems.
                                                                                               Scope: North America
discontinuance                                      HP Channel Partners Installed
                                                                                               Eligible products: Check with
                                                    Base Upgrade
                                                                                               your HP representative
Effective February 1, 199'3, the                    To encourage HP Channel Partners           Start date: December 1,1992
HP 700/RX Models 16CiJ16Ca(PNs                      and systems integrators to upgrade         End date: May 31,1993
C2710A/C'2706A)were discontinued                    their installed base to MPEIiX,            Promotion number: 2.704
and removed from the HP Price                       HP will be offering qualified
List. The products are replaced by                  HP Channel Partners and systems
Models l7CdC,i.                                     integrators an incremental 15%           HP 9000
                                                    discount on Series 927LX-937SC           Open for X Business
Product No.
-   -
                                  -         -
                                                    systems, 5%on Series 947LX and
C2710A         Model 16Ca X station with            above NOVA systems, and 10    0h         If you purchase an HP 9000 Series
               16-inch color monitor, 1,024 x 768   on Corporate Business Systems.           800 Class F, G, H, or I business
               resolution, 93,000 Xstones,
               4 M B DRAM, 1 M B VRAM
                                                    To quallfvfor this promotion,            server (P/Ns A2428N29A130AO 1A)
C2706A         Model 16Ci X station with            HP Channel Partners and systems          during the promotional period, you
               16-inch color monitor, 1,024 x 768   integrators must submit to HP a          are eligible to receive a 40%dis-
               resolution, 93,000 Xstones,
               4 M B DRAM, 1 M B VRAM
                                                    forecast with a minimal intent of        count off the purchase of one
                                                    upgrading 15%of their installed          HP 700 RX station with 10 MB
HP will provide support for Model                   base, a comn~uucation     plan, and an   RAM and Series 800 software.
16Ci116Ca five years beyond the
           for                                      attractive offer on their software.      HP Channel Partners receive a 46%
&continuance date. The last ship                    Contact your HP representative for       discount and two-tier distributors
date is February 28, 1993.                          more information.                        receive a 52% discount.
                                                      Scope: Worldwide (check with             Scope: Worldwide (check with
                                                      your HP representative for local          your HP repesentative for local
                                                      availabilit?l)                           availabilityj
                                                      Eligible products: Check with            Eligible products: P/Ns A2428Al
                                                      your HP representative for P/Ns.          29A/30A/31A
                                                      Start date: December 1,1992              Start date: March 1, 1993
                                                      End date: October 31,1993                End date: August 31,1993
                                                      Promotion number: 2.703                  Promotion number: 2.720

         HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News      March 1993
                                                                               Channel Partner Proqrams

HP Channel Partner sales rep training                                          Registration illformation
program introduced                                                             Channel Partners' sales reps can
                                                                               register attendance by calhng the
For North America only                 SR2813 -Differentiating the             training regstrar at 800-872-4698.
                                       HP 3000 is a two-part course            Registrant5 will receive at no-cost,
The 1993 goal of the HP Channel        designed to enable Channel              prerequisite self-study course
Partner sales rep training program     Partners' sales reps to aggres-         material.
is to respond aggressively to          sively sell HP 3000 business
training needs and provide just-in-    solutions. Part one focuses on          Course Description   Date      Registration
time, easy access to industry-         building a product knowledge
leading Channel Partner training.      foundation on the HP 3000               SR2204 Workstations June 23    May 21
A program announcement letter,         product line and key features           SR2812 Series 800    July 15   June 18
which provided ID numbers, has         and benefits.
been distributed to all Channel                                                HP may cancel classes if minimum
Partners in the VALID database.       Part two of each course focuses          enrollment is not reached by the
                                      on articulating appropriate HP           registration deadline. Students will
The following twepart telecourses     differentiators and responding to        be notified of class cancellations.
will be broadcast via satellite       competitor claims.
begmning at 8 am Pacific standard
time to major sales offices in the    Channel Partners' sales reps should
U.S. and Canada Video copies will     use their ID numbers when attend-
be distributed to Latin America       ing telecourses or requesting testing
                                      information. Attendees should
 SR2204 -Differentiating              bring their ID numbers to the
 HP Workstations is designed to       telecourse. Channel Partners' sales
 enable Channel Partners' sales       reps who need ID numbers should
 reps to sell effectively against     contact the training regstrar.
 Sun Microsysterns, IBM, and
 Sllicon Graphics workstation         A mastery test is available for the
 solutions and PC LANs. Part one      prerequisite self-study associated
 focuses on supplementing             with each teleclass. After complet-
 required prestudy material with      ing the self-study, Channel Partners'
 high-level strateges, messages,      sales reps can access the mastery
 and a business opportunities         test by calling 408447-1448and
 review.                              following the audio instructions.
                                      A score of 80% or better represents
 SR2812 -Differentiating the          successful conlpletion. Test results
 HP 9000 Series 800 is designed to    will become part of each rep's
 enable Channel Partners' sales       training history. Reps who achieve
 reps to take the offensive when      a score of 80% or better on both the
 selling HP business server solu-     prerequisite and classroom mastery
 tions. Part one focuses on           tests will receive a recognition item
 budding a product knowledge          and be entered in a drawing for an
 foundation on the Series 800         HP 95LX pal~ntop (five PCs for
 product line and key features and    each broadcast).

                                                            HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News   March 1993    El
         Channel Partner Promotions

Additions to HP FIRST                                      HP 9000 series 800 Business sewers
                                                           Section 2, Models FXX, GXX, HXX
                                                                                                              HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                                                                              Sewers Section 17, Printers,
                                                          Business Sewers Configuration                       Configuration Guide; 6 pages
You can receive copies of                                 Flow Chart, Configuration Guide; 5 pages 34116
Hewlett-Packard sales literature via                                                                          Hp gOOO  Series     Business
                                                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business Sewers                  Sewers Section 18, Graphic Devices,
your fax machine. HP FIRST                                Section 3, Model FlO/F20/F30                        Configuration Guide; 5 pages
(F'acsimile Information Retrieval                         Integrated Business Sewers,                         HP 9000 Series 800 Business
System Technolom) includes                                 Configuration Guide; 9 pages               34117   Sewers Section 19, Terminals,
literature such asprod~ct briefs,                         HP 9000 Series 800 Business Sewers                  Configuration Guide; 4 pages              34133
                                                          Section 4, Model G30IG40lG50                        HP 9000 Series 800 Business
data            price              and                    lntegrated Business Sewers,                         Servers Section 20, X-Stations,
forth.                                                    Configuration Guide; 14 pages               34118   Configuration Guide; 3 pages              34134
                                                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business Sewers                  HP 9000 Series 800 Business
HP FIRST can be accessed Com any                          Section 5, Model H20lH30lH401H50                    Sewers Section 21, Recommended
touch-tone phone, and literature                          lntegrated Business Sewers,                         Series 800 Peripherals,
                                                          Configuration Guide; 14 pages                       Configuration Guide; 5 pages
can be received on any Group 3 fax
                                                           HP 9000 Series 800 Business Sewers                 HP 9000 Series 800 Business
machine. Dial 8003331917in the                             Section 6, Model 130/140/150 lntegrated            Servers Section 22, Peripherals
U.S. and Canada or 208-344-4809                            Business Sewers,                                   Supported on the Series 800,
worldwide, and you will be con-                            Configuration Guide; 14 pages                      Configuration Guide; 13 .pages
nected to a voice-operated menu                           HP 9000 Series 800 Business                         HP 9000 Series 800 ~ u s i n e s s
                                                          Sewers Section 7, Model FCC GXX, HXX,
that walks you through the litera-                        and IXX Family Upgrades,
                                                                                                              Servers Section 23, HP-UX
                                                                                                              Operating System,
ture selection process.                                   Configuration Guide; 7 pages           34121        Configuration Guide; 6 pages              34137
                                                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business                         HP 9000 Series 800 Business
A special section has been added to                       Sewers Section 8, Model FXX, GXX, HXX,              Sewers Section 24,
HP FIRST. "HP saledtraining tools                         and IXXTypical Memory and                           Database Software,
                                                          Disk Configuration,                                 Configuration Guide; 8 pages
for Channel Partners"(index                               Configuration Guide; 6 pages
                                                                                                              HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business                         Sewers Section 25,
                                                          Sewers Section 9, Corporate                         Application Development Tools,
Partners (in the United States only)                      Business Sewer 890 Configuration                    Configuration Guide; 3 pages
                                                          Flow Chart, Configuration Guide; 6 pages
can order directly through an 800                                                                             HP 9000 Series 800 Business
telephone number.              7    7.    <
                                                           HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                           Sewers Section 10, Corporate
                                                                                                              Servers Section 26. Systems and
                                                                                                              Network Management,
                                                           Business Sewer 890,                                Configuration Guide; 3 pages
The computer systems items listed                          Configuration Guide; 23 pages
                                                                                                              HP 9000 Series 800 Business
here have been added to the                                HP 9000 Series 800 Business                        Sewers Section 27,
HP FIRST system as of March 1,                             Sewers Section 11, Series 800                      Performance Management,
                                                           Cabinets and Packing,                              Configuration Guide; 3 pages
1993.                                                      Configuration Guide; 25 pages
                                                                                                              HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                           HP 9000 Series 800 Business                        Sewers Section 28, System Availability,
Tile/Description                   Fax ID number           Sewers Section 12,                                 Configuration Guide; 9 pages
                                                           Peripheral Interfaces,
STREAMSIUX,                                                Configuration Guide; 8 pages                       HP 9000 Series 800 Business
Technical Data; 5 pages                   31502                                                               Sewers Section 29, System Software,
                                                           HP 9000 Series 800 Business                        Configuration Guide; 17 pages
Wim Roelandt's Letter to                                   Sewers Section 13, Multiplexers and User
Computerworld Editor; 1 page               32166           Communication Devices,                             HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                           Configuration Guide; 5 pages                       Sewers Section 30, Distributed Computir
HP 9000 Series 800 Model H40                                                                                  Configuration Guide; 4 pages
TPC-C Benchmark Executive Summary                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business
(Informix host-based),                                     Sewers Section 14, DTC                             HP 9000 Series 800 Business
Performance Brief; 3 pages                 32242           [Datacom and Terminal Controller),                 Sewers Section 31, Networking,
                                                           Configuration Guide; 9 pages                       Configuration Guide; 16 pages
HP 9000 Series 800 Model 89014
TPC-A Benchmark Executive Summary                          HP 9000 Series 800 Business                        HP 9000 Series 800 Business
(Oracle client/sewer),                                     Sewers Section 15, Mass Starage                    Sewers Section 32,
Performance Brief; 3 pages                32243            Devices, Configuration Guide; 10 pages             Customer Support Services,
                                                _ * I

                                                                                                              Configuration Guide; 10 pages
HP's Trade-up '93 is the Answer,                           'HP 9000 Series 800 Business Sewers
Product Note; 1 page                                        s e w e r s Section 16. Tape Drives,              HP 9000 Series 800 Business
                                                        /configuration Guide; 7 pages                         Servers Index, Configuration Guide;
HP 9000 Series 800 Business                                                                                   9 pages
Sewers Section 1, Introduction
Configuration Guide; 6 pages                  34115                                                           HP-RTIUX Backplane Networking,
                                                                                                              Data Sheet Brochure; 2 pages

       HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News                 March 1993
      Channel Partner Prourams

New audiotape program for Americas                                               HP FIRST 8tMnumber
HP Channel Partners                                                              for CSO fax documents
For the Americas only                     W's objective is to assist the sales
                                                                                 HP Fax Information Retrieval
                                          efforts by providing timely, strate-
                                                                                 Support Technology (FIRST) has
HP launches a new audiotape,              gic, and technical information about
                                                                                 expanded its U.S. and Canadian 800
HP Channel NewsTdk, for                   the latest HP products, programs,
                                                                                 number service to include KP's
HP Channel Partner sales reps.            successes, strategies, industry
                                                                                 Computer Systems Organization
HP Chamnel NewsTalk leverages             trends, and competitive informa-
                                                                                 and networkmg information. The
information from HP Computer              tion. HP Channel Neu~sTalk
                                                                                 2083444809 number i still avail-
NeulsTdk, which is produced for           contains information on HP com-
                                                                                 able worldwide.
HP sales reps. The tape will be           puter systems products including
                     to                   workstations. Headline and feature
                                                                                 An advanwe of the 800-3381917
Partner contacts in the U.S.,             stories are presented in a news
                                                                                 number is a two-call system by
Canada, and Lam America who               reporting format. A new section        which the oriwal can come
x e coded as "sales" in the VALID         features updated information on        from a non-fax phone and beet the
database. L7.S. and Canadian                                    Progm such       H p FIRST infomation to any L.S.
contacts will receive their first tape    as special training programs and       or Canadian fax machine or PC fax
in March. Latin American Channel          events.
                                                                                 card number. With the 208344-4809
Partner contacts will receive their                                              number, the origmal worldwide
first tape in April.                      To ensure that you are coded in the
                                                                                 calls must be initiated from the
                                          VALID database co~~ectly,  contact
                                                                                 receiving fax phone.
                                          Helen Ramshaw at 408447-1497
                                          for U.S. and Canada; or Alfonso
                                                                                 The HP FIRST information
                                          Villaqenor at 408447'846 for
                                                                                 library indexes are updated twice
                                                                                 each month when necessary.
                                                                                 HP FIRST is for the HP field,
                                                                                 factory, HP Channel Partners, and
                                                                                 end users. Formatted text and
                                                                                 graphics information includes
                                                                                 application notes, product technical
                                                                                 data, software/hxdware compatibil-
                                                                                 ity infom~ation,  driver request
                                                                                 forms/information, material safety
                                                                                 data sheets, upgrade forms, product
                                                                                 warranties, press releases, photo
                                                                                 cards, HP senice parts l s s price
                                                                                 lists, configuration guides, buyers
                                                                                 guides, and white papers.

      HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News March 1993

HP internal sales and                         networking products, workstation         Audience: HP Channel Partners
                                              documentation,supplies and               Format: one page, 8%x 11, one
training tools for                            accessories. The catalog also            color
HP Channel Partners                           describes easy ordering and
                                              presales technical support
                                                                                       P/N: 5091-6622EUS
                                                                                       Description: Promotional sheet
For U.S. onL9                                 available to users.                      was designed to fax users the
                                                                                       news about the TradeUp'93
The following sales tools are for HP         1!W VARBUSINESS Annual                    Program. The piece hight~ghts
internal use only but are available to       Report Card Review reprint                discounts and infonnation
HP Channel Partners. Contact your             Audience: HP Channel Partners            resources.
HP representative to receive copies           Format: four pages, black and
  .-                          -.

      DIRECT Systems and Work-
                                              P/N: 5091-6356EUS
                                              Description: Reprint of the
                                                                                       P/N: 50914685EUS End user 20/
                                                                                       20 Special Program Agreement;
                                                                                       5091-66684EUS VARIOEM 20/20
j station Products catalog                    channel write-up in the 1.992            Special Program Agreement; 5091-
                                              VARBUSINESS Annual Report                66866EUS TradeUp'93 20120
  Audience: HP Channel Palners -              Card Review shows that HI' again         Special Program addendum.
  For Canada only                             outranked its mGor competitors.
  Format: 136 pages, 8%x 11, four                                                     Making dhe Right Connections-
  color                                      HP MPower -Empowering the                A guide to connecting worksta-
  P/N. 5091-6017ECA                          User brochure                            tions, PCs, and Apple Macintosh
  Description: Spring edition                                                         computers
                                              Audience: HP Chanrlel Partners
  offers new products including               Format: six pages, 8%x 11, full          Audience: HP Channel Partners
  HP 3000 and 9000 CPU upgrades,              color                                    Format: eight pages, 8%x 11,
  HP Apollo workstation board                 P/N: 5091-53383                          two color
  upgrades, and the HP 2300/1100L             Description: Brochure gives an           P/N: 509143713
  impact printer. Products include            overview of the features and            *Description: Guide includes
  workstations and X stations,                benefits of HP MPower multi-             a description of connectivity
  software, upgrades, peripherals,            media solution. Prospects can            solutions that are available and
  networking products, workstation            learn about collaborative comput-        a sample conliguration to show
  documentation,supplies, and                 ing and accessing all types of           users how these solutions can
  accessories. The catalog also               information including audio and          provide an easy-to-use environ-
  describes easy ordering and                 video globally.                          ment that integrates PCs, worksta-
  presales technical support
  availabktwmms:- - - - -- -.
                            ,                /,   -------\.
                                             TradeUp'BSales Tools             ,
                                                                                       tions, and Apple Macintosh

 HP DIRECT Systems and Work-                                                          HP Education catalog
                catalog (U.S.)           ,
                                              Audience:   HP Channel p m e m           Audience:        Channel Partners
                                                       w x 11,three
  Format: 136 pages, 8%x 11, four
                                              color     --.
                                        P/N: 5091-6122EUS
                                                          '-.                         .Format: 80 pages, 8%x 11
                                                                                       P N 50914467EUS (three-hole
                                                                                       drilled), 509 1-466EUS
  PN. 5091-328EUS                                                     '\,
                                        Description: Datasheet high- \                'Description: March-October
  Description: Spnng edition                                     y~
                                        lights the n a d e ~ p 7pro-,             \    catalog is a direct-response
  offers new products including         formerly the PowerUp'93 Pro-                   vehicle and a sales tool. It
  HI' 3000 and 9000 CpU                 -,     through which users can                 provides details and schedules for
  HP Apollo workstabon board            trade in HI' ~~~u~ workstations,               HP's basic to advanced courses
  upgrades, and the H' 2300/1100L.

                                           teM,       or PCs for an
  impact printer. Products include \ HP Apollo 9000 Series 700 work
  workstations and X stations,                                        +'  +
                                                                                  /    on the UNIXIHP-IJXsystem,
                                                                                       HP MPE, RTE, networking, and
                                                                                       open systems.
                                     \, station or X station.
  software, upgrades, peripherals,      ,

                                                                 HP Computer Update-HP Channel Partner News March 1993   PI


Software Transfer Program
                                      HP-UX CD-ROM
                                      Drive Offer               end
                                      If you purchase a CD-ROM starter
                                                                            All customers, including authorized
                                                                            resellers and distributors, who
Mprogranl allows you to transfer      kit (PIN B2950A) and H P - r n CD-    purchase selected HP Apollo 9000
from one HP workstation platform      ROM material update ser$e (PIN        Model 715 or 735 systems equipped
to one of three other strategc        H2069A or H2077A+S00or compre-        with either a CRX-24Z or CRX48Z
workstation platforms, and to         hensive maintenance), you can         3D-graphics subsystem are eligible     .
transfer your software licenses to    receive a SCSI CD-ROM drive at no     to purchase additional factory-
the new platform as well.             adhtional charge.                     installed RAM memory at 4556%
  Scope: Worldwide   (check with        Scope: Worldwide (except            promotional discount.
  your HP representative for local       Europe)(check with your              Scope: North America
  availability)                          HP representative for local          Eligible products: Check with
  Eligible products: Check with          availability)                        your local HP representative
  your HP representative for PINS.       Eligible products: P/N B2950A        for P/Ns.
  Start date: June 1,1992                and HP-UX CD-ROM material            Start date: March 1,1993
  End date: December 31,1993             update service (either P/N           End date: August 31,1993
  Promotion number: 2.648                H2069A+S00or H2077A+S00              Promotion number: 2.721
                                         or comprehensive maintenance)
                                         and PIN A1999A
                                         Start date: October 1,1992
Domain "Welcome
                                         End date: March 31,1993
Back to Support"
                                         Prdmotion number: 2.686
If you are currently unsupported
and sign up for a minimum of one
year of ApolloLine Support or one
year of DomaidOS Software Only        Power to Empower
Support, you can receive a 50%        Coupon
promotional &count on any Basic       You will receive an after-
Software Update required to bring     salecoupon that may be redeemed
your system up to date.               for credit toward the purchase of
  Scope: Worldwide    (check with     HP Channel PartnerASV software
   your HP representative for local   licenses or add-on PL5X products
   availability)                      sold through HP's Direct Marketing
   Eligible products: Check with      Organization.
   your HP representative for P/Ns.     Scope: North America
   Start date: September 1,1992         Eligible products: HP Apollo
   End date: Mav 31.1993                9000 Series 700 workstation
   (extended from Februarv 281          systems, Model 715133. 715150,
   Promotion number: 2.672              725150,735, and 755; check
                                        with your local HP representative
                                        for P/Ns.
                                        Start date: November 1,1992
                                        End date: April 30,1993
                                        Promotion number: 2.696

HP Computer Update, March 1993                                                                                13

Networks                              DTC 16 and DTC 48                      Peripherals
National User Group                   If you purchase an HP 3000 9x7         Optical Library Trade-In
Discount Coupon                       system at the regular price, you are
                                                                             If you are a current Optical Library
Each person attending the National                                           user, you can trade in your used
User Group Meeting will receive a                                            unit and purchase a new high-
$500 promotional discount coupon      product and appropriate options.       performance drive library (Models
that can be used against the pur-     All additional DTCs and asynchre       20C, 60C, or 100C), of equivalent or
chase of PL 1L products (excluding    nous cards ordered above the           greater capacity, and receive trade-
consulting and all training classes   maximum quantity are not eligible      in credit. Exception: Model 10 can
less than $2,000). More than one      for a discount.                        only be traded in for a Model 20C or
coupon can be used on any single        Scope: Worldwide (check with         higher.
order as long as the total &count       your HP representative for local       Scope: Worldwide (check with
percentage does not exceed 49%.         availability)                           your HP representative for local
  Scope: North America                  Eligible products: Check with          availability)
  Eligible products: PL 1L              your HP representative for PNs.        Eligible products: PNs C1700Cl
  products excluding consulting and     Start date: Fecember?, 1992            04C/10C/14C/15C
  all training classes less than        End date: R a y 3 1 , 1 9 9 s          Start date: September 1,1992
  $2,000. Check with your               Promotion number: 2.698                End date: June 30,1993
  HP representative.                                                           Promotion number: 2.671
  Start date: October 1,1992
  End date: March 31,1993
  Promotion number: 2.685

14                                                                                   HP Computer Update, March 1993
New HP SharePlex/iX provides clustering capabilities                                   HP S h a r e P l e f l advances the
                                                                                       HP 3000 as the system for wony-
                                                                                       free, businesscritical computing.

 -             SharePlexIiX: Corporate
                                                                                       With HP SharePlexIiX,a network of
                                                                                       HP 3000 systems can provide nearly
                                                                                       instantaneous recovery from
                                                                                       natural disasters.

                                                                                       HP SharePlediX provides greater
                                                                                       data availability than limited
                                                                                       function clusters providing
                                                                                       warm standby systems since
                                                                                       HP SharePlex/iX switchover to
                                                                                       replicated data occurs almost
                                                                                       instantaneously. Because
                                                                                       HP SharePlexIiXfunctions over
     Reduced Risk                                   Production workers not idle        LANs and WANs, it provides greater
       Comfort in no single point of failure        Decision support continues
       Easy and fallsafe automatic                  Products/servlces delivered        geographic distribution than
       replication                                  Receivables collected              clusters based solely on LAN or
     Flexiblllty                                     Systems and data optlmlzed        metropolitan networking capabili-
        Centralized or decentralized                 for business needs...not
                                                                                       ties. With these features,
        data, data management, operations            visa versa
                                                                                       HP SharePlex/iX provides protec-
               @a ;:
               :;:?!                                                                   tion from single-system failures,
                                                                                       data center accidents, and full-scale
For the US. onLg                               HP 3000 systems to share data           regional disasters.
                                               transparently, replicate data
The new HP SharePlexIiX (P/N                   automatically, and share computing      Note: This product is currently
B3482A) provides cluster capabili-             loads. HP OpenView Console              available only in the U.S.; however,
ties for networked HP 3000 sys-                allows the central management           availability in Europe will follow in
tems. The new HP SharePlexIiX                  of a network of HP 3000 systems         60 days.
was developed for any industry                 allowing monitoring and full
requiring transparent data access,             console control of all of the systems
enhanced data availability, or                 in the HP SharePlexIiX network.
disaster tolerance.                            As part of the HP SharePlexIiX
                                               product, Netbase has been en-
Features and benefits                          hanced to automatically integrate
HP SharePleldiX provides benefits              with the HP Openview Console so
traditionally associated with highly           that Netbase functionality can be
functional clusters including                  managed from within HP OpenView
enhanced data availability, disaster           Console.
tolerance, shared computing loads,
and centralized systems manage-
ment. The major components of
HP SharePlexIiXare Netbase from
Quest Software and HP QpenView
Console. Netbase from Quest
Software allows a network of

HP Computer IJpdate, March 1993                                                                                           15
                 HP 3000 Svstems

HP Openmew Console lowers price and moves                                     Product No.    Description
to user-based price                                                                          HP OpenView Console;
                                                                                             license must align with
HP OpenView System Manager has         Managed MPEm Node. This                               MPViX user license
been restructured to provide pricing   product has been restructured for       Opt. OAF      20-user license
based on HP MPWiX user levels and      user-based pricing tiers and has had    Opt. UCY      40-user license
to increase the name awareness of      price adjustments.                      Opt. UA9      64-user license
HP OpenView Console. The name                                                  Opt. UBD      100-user license
change reflects greater name           This new pricing structure was          Opt. UCN      160-user license
recognition in the field for           developed for HP 3000 users who         Opt. UAT      Unlimited-user license
HP OpenView Console since it is        want to improve the way they            Opt. UDB      Credit for 20-user license
being bundled with HP 3000             manage a single HP 3000 or to           Opt. UCZ      Credit for 40-user license
Corporate Business System/DX           centrally manage multiple HP 3000       Opt. UB9      Credit for 64-user license
products. The product has been         systems.                                Opt. UD9      Credit for 100-user license
reduced in price and restructured to                                           Opt. UDV      Credit for 160-user license
reflect user-based pricing tiers.      Changes to P/Ns 36936A and              Opt. UBP      Credit for unlimited-user license
                                       36937A are listed below. Additional    36937A         HP Managed MPEIiX Node;
                                                                                             license of node must align with
HP OpenView System Manager             upgrade options exist unchanged                       the node's MPEIiX-user license
Managed Node software                  and are not shown here.                 Opt. OAF      20-user license
(P/N 36937A) has been renamed to                                               Opt. UCY      40-user license
                                                                               Opt. UA9      64-user license
                                                                               Opt. UBD      100-user license
                                                                               Opt. UCN      160-user license
                                                                               Opt. UAT      Unlimited-user license
                                                                               Opt. UOB      Credit for 20-user license
                                                                               Opt. UCZ      Credit for 40-user license
                                                                               Opt. UB9      Credit for 64-user license
                                                                               Opt. UD9      Credit for 100-user license
                                                                               Opt. UDV      Credit for 160-user license
                                                                               Opt. UBP      Credit for unlimited-user license

16                                                                                        HP Conlputrr Llpdatr., March 1999
                                                                                    HP 9000 Systems

HP LAN Manager enhancements for HP 9000                                             Data compression option
New capabilities have been added to       Persistent connections -I a f
HP LAN Manager for HP 9000 (LMIX)         connection is lost, users can             Effective February 28, 1993,
Version 1.4. The capabilities             spec& automatic reconnection to           P/N C1521B Option 800 was
strengthen the HP LAN Manager             specific shared dlsks and printers        removed from the HP Price List.
Version l.X implementation on             rather than getting the global            Deliveries may be scheduled
HP 9000. LAN Technology Magazine          default configuration.                    through May 31,1993. The data
rated Version l.X a b o v x e rest as                                               compression feature of P/N C1521B
                                          Version 1.4is supported on                on HP 9000 Model 8x7 systems is
other platforms. Version 1.4 offers                                                 supported under HP-UX 9.0.
                                          HP-UX9.0 and 8.Xand is cur-
support for Microsoft's latest client     rently avdable.        on support
software Version 2. l a and includes
                                          contract will automatically               Product No.   Description
17 bug fixes and enhancements.
                                          receive ti update from HP.
                                                   hs                               C1521B
                                                                                     Opt. 800     Model 8x7 interim data
Features                                                                                          compression support for systems
                                         Version 1.4 is required to support                       running H P - U X 8.02
 Direct printing to a printer attached   LMR( clients. Older Lm
 to an MSDOSm client                     versions will not support these
 Improved Windows integration -          clients.
 LAN Manager 2. l a clients support
 WinPopup, which allows messages         MS-DOS is a U.S. registered trademark of
                                         Microsoft Corporation.
 to be sent.

HP Computer Update, March 1993                                                                                                17
SCSI disk array for Series 700 supported on HP-UX 9.01
Users who have an HP Series 6000        The patch tape will contain the
Model 1350SAor 420SA                    necessary files for support on either
(P/Ns C2427JK and C2425JK) on an        HP-UX 8.07 or 9.01. These products
HP Apollo 9000 Series 700 work-         are not supported on HP-UX 9.0.
station may install HP-UX 9.01.         New P/N C2425JK and C2427JK
Support for the SCSI-2 disk arrays      orders will include the patch tape.
had been delayed while a patch tape
for HP-UX 9.01 was being tested.        Support of these products on new
Installed-base users should contact     Model 7x5 workstations is offered
their local HP representative for the   only with P/N 25525B EISA SCSI
patch.                                  card. The disk arrays are not
                                        currently supported on the fast/
                                        wide SCSI connector on Models 735
                                        and 755.

18                                                                              HP Computer Update, March 1999
                                                                              Personal Comouters

New HP Vectra 386133 N and 386133 NI PC series                                Ordering information
                                                                              Product No.      Description
                                     N and NI Series: fully tested                             HP Vectra 386133N PC Model 1;
                                     formultivendor connectivity-                              2 M E memory (no hard disk,
                                                                                               no software)
                                     provides full compatibility with
                                                                                               HP Vectra 386133N PC Model 80;
                                     network environments                                      4 M E memory, 85-ME hard disk,
                                     Extensve security system -                                MS-DOS. MS-Windows,
                                                                                               HP Dashboard, mouse
                                     provides network admirustrator
                                                                                               HP Vectra 386133Nl PC Model 1;
                                     control and individual privacy                            2 M E memory, (no hard disk,
                                     Upgradeable to 486 performance                            no software)
                                     via system board upgrade -                                HP Vectra 386133Nl PC Model 80;
                                                                                               4 M E memory, 85-ME hard disk.
                                     provides room to grow and                                 MS-DOS, MS-Windows for
                                     protects investment                                       workgroups, HP Dashboard,
                                     Preloaded MS-DOS, MSWindows
                                                                                               HP Vectra 386/33N PC Model
                                     or MSWindows for Workgroups,                              80C; 2 M E memory, 85-ME hard
                                     HP Dashboard, video drivers, and                          disk, MS-DOS, HP VGA color
The new HP Vectra 386B3N and         LAN drivers (NI Series) -                                 display
386133NI are high-performance        reduces PC setup time                                     HP Vectra 386133 N I PC Model
entry-level PCs with two shelved                                                               80W; 4 M E memory, 85-ME hard
three ISA slots.                                                                               disk, MS-DOS, MS-Windows,
                                    The HP Vectra 386/33N and 3861                             HP Dashboard, mouse
                                    33NI PC Series offer top 386SX                             Manuals for HP Vectra N and
Features and benefits                                                                          N I PC Series
                                    system and video performance to
 33MHz 386SX processor -                                                                       512-KB video memory upgrade
                                    users who do not need the perfor-                          kit
 highest speed currently in 386SX   mance of HP Vectra 486N PC                                 2-ME 60-11s memory upgrade kit
 processor family for increased     Series. These new PCs directly                             for HP Vectra 386133N and 3861
 productivity                       replace the obsolete HP Vectxa 3861                        33NI PCs
 Graphics accelerated video and     25N PC as the entry-level PC in the                        8-ME 60-11s memory upgrade kit
                                                                                               for HP Vectra 386133N and 3861
 fast drivers - subsystem that      HP Vectra PC product line.                                 33NI PCs
 provides two to three times the
 video performance of competitive   Differentiators from the 386SX            ' P/N D2707A i s n o t available i n the U.S. o r
 386SX-based PCs for increased      competition are networking                 P/N D2712A i s not available i n Latin America.
 productivity when using applica-   capabilities, especially for NI Series,
 tions under graphical user         video performance, and extensive
 interfaces such as Microsofta      security system.                          Microsoft i s a U.S. registered trademark o f
 Windows                                                                      Microsoft Corporation.

 NI Series: integrated high-
 performance l&bit Ethernet
 interface, preinstalled LAN
 drivers, standard mulhfmctional
 startup ROM, optional coax
 module, and optional token ring
 adapter - provides plug-and-play

HP Computer Update, March 1993                                                                                                    19

            -                                -
              Personal Comouters

Two-button mouse                       HP Vectra 386125N PC
discontinued                           discontinuance
The HP mouse (PIN 46060A) will be      The HP Vectra 386125N PCs have
&continued and removed from the        been discontinued. The replace-
April HP Price List. Orders will be    ments are HP Vectra 386/33N PCs
accepted through April 30,1993.        which are available on the March
The support part is the three-button   HP Price List. HP Vectra 386125N
mouse (PIN 46060-60202) which          orders will be accepted until
will be used for the five-year         March 31, 1993.
support life. The three-button
mouse has the same functionality       Product No.   Description
as the two-button mouse.                             HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 0
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model OE;
                                                     not available in the U.S.
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 80
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 80E
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 170
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 1,
                                                     2 MB; not available in Europe
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 1
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model 80T
                                                     HP Vectra 386125N PC Model
                                                     40C; 2 MB, VGA monitor
Mass Storage                           Terminals

Two DAT drives added to                New HP 700/RX Model 17Ci X stations feature
special sale                           Sony Trinitron monitors
The price on two 1.3 GR-DATtape                                                The Models 17CilCa are competi-
dnves (P/N C2475F/R) has been                                                  tively priced against other X-
reduced. This adds more products                                               terminal vendor offerings. The
to the special sale that provides a                                            Models 17CilCaare available with
low-cost alternative to purchasing a
                                                                               the MultiSeat I1 promotion. The
2-GB DAT. The DATs use 60-m                                                    17-inch, color, packaged solution
tapes that are forward compatible                                              offers a three-seat system for a
with P/Ns C2297A..T/U,    C2298A/Tm,
                                                                               lower cost-per-seat than a
C2477F/R, and C2478F/R.
                                                                               workgroup of Sun SPARCclassics.
P/N C2475F drives are installable
                                                                               Ordering information
in P/N C246XF storage systenls.
P/N C2475R dnves are installable                                               Product No   Description
in P/N C246XA and C246XR storage                                               C2706B       Model 17Ci X station with 17-inch,
systems.                                                                                    1,024 x 768, 75-Hz, flicker-free
                                                                                            color monitor (PIN A2287A);
                                       The HP 700/RX Models 17Ci and                        X Window processor base unit
                                                                                            (52,000-Xstone performance);
                                       17Ca (P/Ns C2706B and C2710B)                        PSI2 keyboard; PSI2 three-button
                                       are new HP X station models that                     mouse; 2-MB VRAM; 4-MB
                                       come standard with 17-inch, flicker-                 DRAM; power cords; manual
                                       free, ergonirnically designed, color,   C2710B       Model 17Ca X station with 17-
                                                                                                            768.75-Hz, flicker-
                                                                                            inch, 1 , 0 2 4 ~
                                       Sony Trinitron monitors and 4 MB                     free color monitor (PIN A2287A);
                                       of user memory.                                      X Window processor base unit
                                                                                            (93,000-Xstone performance);
                                                                                             PSI2 keyboard; PSI2 three-button
                                       The Model l7CilCa X stations are                     mouse; 2-MB VRAM; 4-MB
                                       low-cost clients for commercial and                  DRAM; power cords; manual
                                       technical applications. When            PIN C2706BIC2710B options
                                       configured as companion products          Opt. 1A2 Delete keyboard
                                       with HP 9000 Series 800 business          Opt. AN7 Delete 2-MB S l M M
                                       servers and HP Apollo 9000 Series
                                       700 workstations, they can meet the     For more information, contact your
                                       needs of cost-sensitive users who       local HP representative.
                                       require low cost-per-seat.
                   HP Sales Offices

For more information about the         Louisiana                       Texas
                                       Baton Rouge                     Abilene
products described in this issue,      New Orleans                     Austin
call your local HP representative.                                     Corpus Christi
                                       Maryland                        Dallas (Love Fd.)
                                       Baltimore                       Dallas
United States                          Rockville                       El Paso
Alabama                                Massachusetts                   Houston
Birmingham                             Andover                         Irving
Huntsville                             Burlington                      McAllen
Alaska                                                                 San Antonio
Anchorage             (907) 563-8855   Grand Rapids                    Utah
Arizona                                Novi                            Salt Lake City
Phoenix                                Minnesota                       Virginia
Tucson                                 St. Paul                        Falls Church
Arkansas                                                               Norfolk
                                       Mississippi                     Richmond
Littl? Rock                            Jackson                         Roanoke
California                             Missouri                        Rosslyn               (703j 204-2100
Calabasas                              Kansas City
Fresno                                                                 Washington
                                       St. Louis                       Bellevue              (206) 6434000
I ~ n e                                Nebraska                        Spokane               (509) 922-7000
Los Angeles                            Omaha                           West Virginia
Mt. View                               Nevada                          Charleston            (304) 9250492
Pleasanton                             Las Vegas                       Wisconsin
Sacrarnrnto                            New Jersey                      Milwaukee             (414) 792-8800
San Diego                              Paramus
San Francisco                                                          Regional Sales Headquarters
                                       Piscataway                      Eastern               (301) 6704300
Santa Barbara
Santa Clara                            New Mexico                      Midwest               (708) 2559800
Ventura                                Albuquerque                     Southern              (404) 9551500
                                       New York                        Neely (Western)       (818) 5055600
Boulder                                Albany                          Canada
Englewood                              Buffalo
                                       Melville                        Alberta
Connecticut                            New York City
Glastonbury                                                            cakar~                         (403) 262-0777
                                       Rochester                       Edmonton                       (403) 486-6666
                                       Syracuse                        British Columbia
Florida                                Wappinger Falls                 Richmond                       (604) 270-2277
Ft. Lauderdale                         Woodbury
Jacksonville                                                           Manitoba
Melbourne                              North Carolina                  Winnipeg                       (204) 694-2777
Orlando                                Charlotte
                                       Greensboro                      New Brunswick
Pensacola                                                              Dieppe                         (506) 858-9800
Tampa                                                                  Nova Scotia
Georgia                                Ohio
                                       Akron                           Dartrnouth                     (902) 4684725
Atlanta                                Cincinnati
Norcross                                                               Ontario
                                       Cleveland                       London                         (519) 646-2900
Hawaii                                 Miamisburg                      Mississauga                    (416) 6789430
Honolulu              (808) 526-1555   Toledo                          Ottawa                         (613) 820-6483
Idaho                                  Westenille                      Quebec
Boise                                  Oklahoma                        Kirkland                       (514) 6974232
Illinois                               Oklahoma City                   Quebec City                    (418) 624-1165
Bloomirlgton                           Tulsa                           Saskatchewan
Chicago                                Oregon                          Saskatoon                      (306) 242-3702
Naperville                             Wilsonville
Roll. Meadows
Indiana                                Harrisburg
Ft.Wayne                               Pittsburgh                      Please send undel~veredcopies of
Indianapolis                           Valley Forge                    H P Computer Update to: P.O. Box51827,
Iowa                                                                   Palo Alto, CA 94303-0724.
                                       South Carolina
Cedar Rapids                           Columbia
Des Moines                             Greenville
Kansas                                 Tennessee
Wichita                                Knoxville
Kentucky                               Memphis
Louisville                             Nashville

                                                         Printed on recycled paper.

22                                                                                 HP Cornput er Update, Marc11 199:3
HP Computer Update
March 1993

To order HP software or hardware products, call your HP representative. A
telephone listing for sales offices in the U.S. and Canada appears on page 22.
To receive literature or techucal information on HP computer systems and
workstations, and to order workstations and select computer products, call
HP DIRECT at 800-637-7740 (U.S. only).
To receive technical information about any HP product, call the Customer
Information Center: 800-752-0900 in the US.. or 800-387-3867in Canada.

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