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					Scottish Country Dancing in America’s Finest City

The Reel Thing
friend to come along – we need all of you to help. Flyers will posted on the Branch website http:// and copies will be sent via email to all current members. We ask that you do your part to ensure the continued health of the Branch. It‛s clear that the Branch membership is now concentrated further north than in years past. The Tuesday class in Poway enjoys good numbers due to Gillian Evans and Jeanne Moody‛s effective and enthusiastic teaching, the good venue, and the camaraderie enjoyed afterwards when everyone gathers for coffee at the nearby Denny‛s. Many of us remember when the focus of Branch social dancing was Friday in Balboa Park and despite the lack of a nearby “watering hole,” we often gathered at someone‛s home for post-class socializing. Friday night numbers have been low for some time and teachers and Board members are discouraged at the number of long-term dancers who no longer attend. Many suggestions have been made for ways to halt this decline. One idea being planned is a oncea-month social dance with a program posted in advance, perhaps a theme for the evening, and a scheduled post-class opportunity to socialize with old friends. Teaching and walk-throughs would be minimized, dancing would be maximized, and the program would include well-known, fun, familiar dances. Announcements about these evenings will be forthcoming and we hope that this will encourage renewed interest and enthusiasm for Friday social dancing. Coming up on Saturday, December 13th is our Christmas Ball, jointly sponsored with the Orange County Branch. The cost of the Portuguese Hall, where we enjoyed the last two Christmas dances, went up by a huge amount this year so we could no

Fall 1 2008

Beginning and experienced dancers practice The Reel of the 51st during a Friday night class in April.

Chairman’s Message
By Marjorie McLaughlin Welcome back to everyone and we hope you had a good Summer enjoyed at home or traveling. The Poway and Balboa Park classes have resumed their Fall schedules after a well-earned break. Dancing did continue in Poway through July and August thanks to Lucinda King‛s successful summer beginner series. She was supported in her teaching by a number of experienced dancers; thanks to all for encouraging these new members. Unfortunately, the new beginner class we planned for Fridays in Balboa Park has not materialized. The social class continues to meet, but we had thought there would be sufficient interest to resume a separate beginner series. We all know that recruiting new dancers is vital to our continued success and growth so we are looking towards January as a starting date for a Friday night beginner class. While the Branch Board will generate publicity materials and subsidize print publicity in local magazines and newspapers, nothing recruits new dancers better than all of you! Whether it‛s posting flyers in local businesses, libraries, coffee shops, etc., or encouraging a

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The Reel Thing
Chairman’s Message, cont. from page 1 longer afford it. Orange County was also experiencing a significant increase in their hall rental so pooling our resources seemed to be a sensible solution. The plan is to alternate between Orange County and San Diego venues in coming years. This year‛s dance – the flyer is enclosed with this issue of the Reel Thing – will be at the Tustin Senior Center, the setting for the annual InterBranch dances. It will be decorated for the season and we‛ll enjoy an excellent program to live music with Hood, Wink and Swagger from the Bay Area. Since you need to plan for travel to and from Tustin, we are strongly encouraging carpooling. Many of us have vans that will accommodate 6 or 7 dancers so do consider offering transportation or sharing in the cost of gas. It‛s quite an easy drive up and back in one evening, though there are reasonably priced hotels nearby for those who‛d rather spend the night. La Quinta Inn and Suites or the Doubletree, both in Santa Ana, both look like good options. The dance starts on the early side – 7 o‛clock – as there will be a buffet supper between the first two sets of dances, and dessert served at the second break. We also need to be out of the hall by 11 o‛clock ,so the hour is reasonable for the drive home. It‛s not too soon to begin plans for the 2009 Christmas Ball in San Diego. The biggest challenge is finding a suitable, affordable venue. While we have access to free halls in Balboa Park, they are difficult to schedule at that time of year. Also, we would like to consider North County locations, as they are easier to reach for those driving from Orange County. Please let your teacher or members of the Board know if you are aware of any halls of an appropriate size, decent floor, and, of course – affordable price! I hope to see you dancing soon! Marjorie

Chairman’s Message
Carpooling to the Christmas Ball
Anyone interested in hosting or joining a north county car pool to the Christmas Ball in Tustin, December 13, may contact Cy,, who has agreed to organize a car pool, probably departing from the Park and Ride at I-15 and Via Rancho Parkway or the Park and Ride at I-5 and Highway 78. Others who are interested in driving, riding or helping coordinate carpools, please contact a board member.

Fall 2 2008

2008 Beginner Class
by Lucinda King The 2008 summer class in Poway was well attended, with two to three sets each night. The series, taught by Lucinda King, ran for 8 weeks during July and August. Several new couples attended, including one couple from as far away as Temecula. A number of our regular dancers also participated as schedules permitted, which rounded out the classes nicely. The last night featured a dance party, and included such favorites as the Flowers of Edinburgh. After class, dancers walked over to Denny‛s for an evening refreshment. We look forward to seeing some of the new dancers in the fall classes.

Tuesday night 2008 beginner class

Recent Events
Back to Basics Workshop
by Ann “KC” Fotheringham On Saturday, March 29, 2008, our San Diego branch hosted a Back to Basics Workshop. Guest instructor Tim Wilson from the San Francisco branch led a lively group of dancers from all levels… and there definitely was something for everyone! Did you know that there is an art to “letting go of hands in a circle”? Yes, there is a well-timed moment to unclasp hands… as Amy reported. And Ed spoke for all of us when he said that the workshop was “extremely useful and entertaining.” Yes, the whole day was really fun. Tim had a fantastic energy that enlivened everyone and encouraged even the beginners to do complicated things. Tim‛s instructions were clear and spirited. His lively demonstrated footwork dazzled spectators and dancers alike. “It was fun!”

The Reel Thing
We practiced pas-de-bas in all directions and skipchange -- perfectly timed to each happy, musical beat. Cross-over Reels and corner work in dances held our spectator group‛s attention as some danced around the set while others reeled inside. The beginning dancers said they felt comfortable because the complicated movements were repeated enough to help them, while the advanced dancers gained greater confidence and precision. Everyone did every dance and there were new dances for the seasoned branch members. After our restful lunch break (thank you to Steve Drew for buying the lunches), Tim showed a knack of reviving tiring legs and awaking our siesta minds for an afternoon session on the excellent hardwood floor of the San Marcos High School‛s dance room. The entire day was a wonderful learning experience. And… even more… the Workshop was superb in all the positive aspects of building community. It was group-forming. As we shared the experience,

Fall 3 2008

Tim Wilson coaching dancers at the Back to Basics Workshop in San Marcos, March 2009.

The Reel Thing
Back to Basics Workshop, cont. from page 3 our quips and dancing triggered spontaneous laughter, and many giggles. We felt a sense of fun friendship as we reeled and turned and cast off throughout the day. Thank you to the board for bringing in Tim Wilson… it was an excellent workshop. The after party? Oh, yes! Though our legs were tired, we were ready to celebrate joyously on into the evening at Cy and Maria Chadley‛s home. Once again, the pot luck was absolutely delicious. It was impossible to choose between the rich double chocolate cake and Maria‛s trifle. And that was after the multi-course feast of chili, main dishes and salads. Thankfully, some remembered to bring the traditional favorites; thank you to all for the wonderful food! Our host and hostess “warmed” our spirit with an interesting hearty and stimulating beverage. Congenially, we chitchatted and shared stories in friendship and fun. Luckily we have famously fabulous instructors in our branch. With Marjorie, Ward, Jeanne,

Recent Events
and Gillian present, we danced the night away, continuing the free spirited liveliness of the day. Jesse Evans chose musical magic to drift up into the perfect starry-night air, into our attentive ears and out through our skip-tapetytap dancing on Cy‛s specially-built deck. Amazingly, after a full day of workshop, our healthy physical aptitude was still available to us for a full evening set of dances… with some members comfortably relaxing in chairs on the side to provide supportive spectator encouragement. To one and all… thank you… our dance community is special. One and all loved the Back-to-Basics Workshop with Tim Wilson and Cy and Maria Chadley‛s After-Party.

Fall 4 2008

The women enjoyed watching the men perform The Reel of the 51st (above). Dancers at the Chadley’s post-workshop party (left and below).

Recent Events
O.C. 25th Anniversary Dance
On May 3rd, the Orange County Branch celebrated their 25th anniversary with a dinner and ball. Keith Smith and Muriel Johnstone provided the music. Several San Diego Branch dancers traveled northward to celebrate with our Orange County friends. (Pictures courtesy of Bob Harmon and Chuck Olsen, O.C. Branch)

The Reel Thing
Fall 5 2008

A set comprised mostly of San Diego dancers (left). Below: Marjorie McLaughlin and partner set to their corner (below).

Muriel and Keith (above). A set headed up by Jill and Jesse Evans. Other S.D. dancers are further down the set (right).

The Reel Thing Branch Picnic
On July 20, branch members gathered for the annual picnic. Held at Ventura Point in Mission Bay Park, the picnic was a lovely, casual escape from inland hot temperatures. Karen Kukuk and Eric McLeod organized lunch—chicken and pot-luck goodies—and games—pin the tail on the Scottiedog, created by Nancy Holland, with black licorice Scottie-dog candies as prizes! Thank you all for the lovely day.

Travel Notes
Journey To Ukraine, Moldova and Romania
By Cy Chadley Cy had wanted to visit Kiev, capital of Ukraine and first capital of Russia, for some years; he was interested to see whether there were cultural and nationalistic differences between the western and eastern parts. Since his brief visit to Romania in 2003, he had wanted to return to get to know more of the rural country, and to see how Moldova was faring, having chosen independence from Romania. He took the opportunity to join two tours together to visit the three countries. Each country has a history of being overrun by invaders, and of their peoples being oppressed by despots. It is particularly horrific to think of the suffering inflicted by the Soviets, by the Germans, and by civil wars in the 20th century. Between the tours, Cy spent a few days traveling solo in Ukraine to visit the medieval citadel at Kamyanets Podilski and the famous fortress at Khotyn on the Dniester river. You can see the influence of the Hapsburgs in the architecture in western Ukraine, where Cy had the feeling of being in central Europe, whereas Russian monolithic architecture and dourness come to the fore in the east. While the Cyrillic script is official throughout Ukraine, you see Roman script alongside the Cyrillic more in the west. Russian is the second language, especially in the East, although English is increasingly being taught as the second language in schools. Eastern Ukraine and the ‘autonomous republic‛ of Crimea are very much Russified; these regions did not come under Ukrainian suzerainty until 1954. In fact, there has not been a national united ‘Ukraine‛ since the 13th century Kyivan Rus.

Fall 6 2008

Karen prepares Jesse to be the first contestant (left). Margie adds another tail (below).

Cy takes a stab at it (above). A dog of many tails (right). Brasov Town Square, Romania.

The Reel Thing
In Ukraine, Cy was amazed to observe, as he did in Russia 12 years ago, how, despite decades of Communism the people have restored the power of Christianity. There are churches everywhere, all in spanking condition, many having been subject to recent restoration. There are three Orthodox congregations, the largest being the Ukrainian Orthodox that pays allegiance to the Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Moscow. Another Ukrainian Orthodox congregation, formed in 1992, pays allegiance to the Kiev Patriarch. The third, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox formed in western Ukraine during the 19th century, has bounced back after being suppressed in Soviet times. Additionally there is the Uniate or Ukrainian Catholic or Greek Catholic Church, that follows Orthodox practices while following the Vatican Pope; it was also formed in western Ukraine, in Galicia, once controlled by Poland, and is now centered in Kiev to establish national appeal. We saw weddings in several places; it must the time of the year for them, especially on 8.8.8. Orthodox churches are generally of cruciform structure with their interior walls covered with paintings and icons; worshippers, unless elderly or physically handicapped, are expected to stand throughout services, which may go on for hours, so people wander in and out. We saw some UNESCO World Heritage wooden churches and monasteries in northern Romania and stone built with painted exteriors in eastern Romania. Cy, as happens too often, ate well during the whole journey, starting the day generally with a hearty buffet breakfast with choices of processed meats, simple cheeses, eggs, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, rough breads, cakes, cheesecake, juices, and tea or Having a beer, Lviv Square, Ukraine instant coffee. He snacked during the day and indulged in local cuisine in the evenings; borsch, sautéed vegetables, Chicken Kiev, pork dishes, farmed salmon and river perch; he did not take to the local dumplings; he tried a few sips of wine, but decided to stick to draught beer. Cities had excellent self-service restaurants where you could sample local cuisine and see what you were getting. He did not indulge in the U.S. contribution to local culture and cuisine, McDonalds, TGI Fridays and KFC‛s, represented in the large cities. Now he looks forward to lots of energetic dancing to work off the excess pounds. Anyone who is interested in reading the full report or seeing his photos may contact Cy directly,

Fall 7 2008

St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Reel Thing 2007-2008 Board Members
Committee Members
Chairman: Marjorie McLaughlin Vice-Chairman: Empty Honorary Secretary: Betty Ribble Honorary Treasurer: Jim Mosteller Dance Director: Ward Fleri Program Chair: Eric McLeod Publicity Director: Jack Vandover Member-at-large: Jeanne Moody Member-at-large: Cy Chadley

Upcoming Events
Tuesday Night Classes: 7:30 PM in Poway, 12227 Poway Rd., Poway CA (just behind the Denny‛s in the shopping center at the corner of Oak Knoll Rd.) Friday Night Classes, Beginners and Social Classes: Both classes continue on Fridays at 7:30

Fall 2008

December 13, 2008: 7:00 PM San Diego and Orange County joint Christmas Ball. See attached flyer. Maps available online.


January 31, 2009: Burns Ball and Dinner, LA Branch. Hacienda Women‛s Club, time and cost TBA.

Non-Dancing Events:
October 24, 2008: 8:00 at Poway Center for Preforming Arts: Natalie MacMaster (Celtic Fiddle Player from Cape Breton). Natalie_MacMaster.asp. Discounts for groups of 10 or more.

Editor’s Note
Did you know? All references to websites and email addresses in this online .pdf document are “live.” You can click on them to bring up your browser or email program at the referenced site/address directly. As always, your contributions are welcome! If you would like to write an article about a recent event, please do! Also, please send along information about newsworthy items, particularly notices for upcoming events (dancing or otherwise of Scottish interest), recent travel notes, milestone announcements, etc. If anyone has pictures from the recent InterBranch Dance, please forward them to me. I could not find any in time for this publication. You can easily send me items by visiting the website (link from any reference in this .pdf file), or by emailing me at (put “Reel Thing” in the subject line so I know it‛s not spam!). If you don‛t have internet access, call me or talk to me in class and we can arrange something! Thank you for your support! --Amy

Branch Teachers
Ward Fleri Marjorie McLaughlin Joe Buchan Pat Grivetti Gillian Evans Lucinda King Jeanne Moody Steve Drew

The Reel Thing Editor
Amy Hoffman

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

San Diego & Orange County

200 “C” Street,Tustin, CA. 7:00 pm
$25.00 - Members $27.00 - Non-members $10.00 - Spectator Collichur Currie Mountain Balquidder Strathspey Crockett’s Victory Garden Maitland to Manchester 1314 St. Andrew’s Fair Bonnie Stronshiray Flowers of Edinburgh Jennifer’s Jig Neidpath Castle Pinewoods Reel Cranberry Tart Dream Catcher, The None So Pretty Sugar Candie Quarries’ Jig Montgomeries’ Rant, The J R S R J M J S R J S R J S R S J R B B I B I A B I B B I I I I I I I I


December 13, 2008 Tustin Senior Center

Hood,Wink & Swagger
Book 30 M. Pugh - New Brunswick Coll Book 24 H. Ways - Bicentennial Bk G. Thomas - R. Wallace - Leaflet J. Drewry - Rondel Bk R. Goldring - 5 for 82 R. Campbell - Glasgow Assembly Book 1 J. Drewry - Silver City Book 32 J. Dickson - Yankee Sampler T. Glasspool - Seven Year Itch Book 45 Book 19 Book 26 Book 36 Book 10

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