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HARBIN08- eng


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									8D 7N Ice & Snow Dongbei Ski Fun
Dalian + Lvshun + Shenyang + Changchun + Jilin + Harbin + Beijing
Ice & Snow World. Sun Island Snow Sculptures Expo. Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern. Jilin Ice-Rimmed Trees, Lvshun Japan-Russia Prison

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On board Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel -


Dalian Seafood Steamboat Buffet Laobian Dumpling Korean style BBQ Ginseng Chicken Soup Flying Dragon Banquet Eskimo Hot Pot Quanjude Roasted Duck -

Local 5* Hotel
Dalian Grand Mercure Teda or similar Shenyang Shangrila Traders or similar Changchun Huatian or Similar Jilin Century or Similar Harbin Victories or Similar Harbin Victories or Similar Beijing West International Trade or Similar

Chinese Cuisine Chinese Cuisine Herbal Banquet Chinese Cuisine Farm Cuisine Chinese Cuisine Cantonese Delicacy

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4 Major Themes of Ice & Snow: Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo, Winter Swimming, Zhaolin Park Disney Ice Lantern; Jilin IceRimmed Trees; Lvshun Japan-Russia Prison Freebies: Winter coat, cap, Wool Scarf, Glove, Snow boots Local 5* Hotels + Jihua Changshoushan Ski Resort – Ski Fun Russian Cultural Street, Middle Street, Centre Street, Place Centre Point with largest sky screen - shopping Fun Eskimo Hot Pot, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Korean style BBQ, Laobian Dumpling, Flying Dragon Banquet, Farmer Cuisine, Herbal Banquet, Dalian Seafood Steamboat Buffet, Quanjude Roasted Duck


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Kuala Lumpur Beijing Dalian Binhai Road - North Bridge – Tiger Carving Square - Russian Cultural Street - ZhongShan Square
Tiger Carving Square, six different forms of the tiger sculpture, by the famous sculptor Han Meilin.


Jilin – Jilin Ice-Rimmed Trees – Harbin - Sino-Russian trade market - St. Sophia Church Square - Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern - Night stroll Alexei Church - Guogeli Russian Street
Visit the famous Ice-Rimmed Trees. The bank of Songhua Jiang offer up a spectacular wonderland scene during the winter months when the branches of pine and willow trees are covered in needle-like hoarfrost. (subject to weather) Overlooking St. Sophia Church Square, the most stunning century-old Russian style architectures. Zhaolin Park Disney Ice Lantern is the most important winter site in Harbin where you will see the ice sculptures and ice lanterns. (Subject to weather)


Dalian - Lvshun - Naval port Japan-Russia Prison Electric Crag Fort - Shenyang
Naval port - world-famous natural harbour in Northeast China, one of the most important naval port. Japan-Russia Prison. The prison was build by the Russians invaders in 1902. After the Japan-Russian war, the Japanese took over and began to use this prison in 1907 with some additional expansions.
(European, American & Japanese not allow to visit)

Electric Crag Fort the former period of the Qing Dynasty is the Fort, is now opening up China's coast, one of five Fort.


Harbin - Jihua Changshoushan Ski Resort Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo - Anti-Flood Monument Tower Stalin Park - Centre Street Ice and Snow World
Jihua Changshoushan Ski Resort is one of the bestknown ski resorts in China. Known as "China’s ski town” (Ski equipments & activity on own expenses). Sun Island Snow Sculptures Expo for massive and beautifully carved sculptures of snow. It is an amazing ice and snow artwork.(subject to weather) Ice & Snow World, the largest ice and snow art exhibition in the world. It is commonly referred to as possessing four of the key 'mosts': The most art attractions, the most beautiful night views, the most recreational activities and the most forms of entertainment. (Held between December - mid February)


Shenyang - Imperial Palace Zhang’s Mansion – Middle Street ManQing Ancient Street - Changchun
Shenyang Imperial Palace first built in 1625, the Former Imperial Palace of Shenyang is one of two royal complexes extant in China today. It is also the best-preserved royal architecture complex with Manchu characteristics. Zhang’s Mansion - the office and residence of Zhang Zuolin and Zhang Xueliang, his eldest son, and city Hall Square


Changchun - Puppet Manchurian Imperial Palace - Russian friendship Tower - Cultural Square - Jilin Century Square - Longtan Mountain Deer Farm - Songjiang Road
Puppet Manchurian Imperial Palace, which is the palace for the last emperor of Qing Dynasty. The Manchurian government was a puppet kaiserdom supported by Japanese during the WWII. Jilin on the Bund Songjiang Road, near the construction of the 19th century Gothic-style building - Catholic Church location, the Republic Square.


Harbin - Winter Swimming - Harbin Beijing - Yaxiu Market - WangFuJing Street – DonghuamenMarket
Winter Swimming is a very popular sport in Harbin, as dozens of brave locals plunge into the frozen Songhua River. Take a domestic flight back to Beijing.

8 Overlooking Bird Nest + Water Cube Beijing Kuala Lumpur
All Beijing look up The Place Centre point shopping and take photo at the Las Vegas-style large screen, called Dream under the Canopy.

Beijing - Place Centre Point -

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