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									What is Community Facilitation?
• It is a confidential person centred service which is
in existence since 2001 in the Castlebar Area.

• We provide support to adults living independently
in the community and also support people who are moving towards independent living. offered an individualised, positive, original & innovative service.

• People availing of Community Facilitation are

What we do
     

 


I.P.’s Named Staff Supervision Networking Group Work Housing Information Gathering Counselling Budgeting Education Benefits

   

Medicals Advocacy Fundraising Employment skills Sourcing of jobs

Personal Assistants provide coaching in the following areas
   

Home management Hygiene Cooking skills Shopping

Focus Areas
Personal Safety Social Inclusion Relationships Childcare Rights Education Bereavement Assertiveness Entitlements Abuse Personal Hygiene Health Employment Loneliness Isolation Poverty Suicide prevention Personal Finance Friendships Anger Management Legal Issues Depression

18 People 12 women 6 men Age 19 - 60 35 People 25 women 10 men Age 21 - 63

Living Situation
Own homes 0 Renting privately 11 Living at home 5 Home Sharing 2 Council apartments/houses 0 Other 0

Living Situation
Own homes 4 Renting Privately 15 Living at home 3 Home Sharing 0 Council apartments/houses 15 Other 1

Employed 12 Seeking Employment 2 Training 3 Work Experience 0 Sheltered Employment 1 Full Time Mum 0 Not seeking Employment 0

Employed 13 Seeking Employment 8 Training 5 Work Experience 1 Sheltered Employment 1 Full Time Mum 2 Not Seeking Employment 5

How we work with people

Individual contact


Group Work

Liaising with other Agencies
Considering the variety of issues that are dealt with on a daily basis, good working relationships with other agencies is vital.
•Consultant Psychiatrist •Mayo County Council for Learning Disability •Castlebar Town Council •Community Psychiatric Nurse •RAS •Castlebar Counselling & •Landlords Psychotherapy centre •Family Centre •National Counselling Service •G.P.’s/Dentists/Opticians •Health Board Executive Social Work / Community Welfare Officer / Public Health Nurse / Hospital Clinics •Aras Attracta •Addiction Centres •Social Welfare Department •National Learning Network •Multi-cultural Agencies •Educational Training •Employers

•Gardai •Probation Services •Solicitors •Redress Board

•Social Services Centre •ISPCC •Neighbourhood Youth Project •Work Web West •St. Vincent de Paul •Meals on Wheels •Citizens Information Centre

Changing Responses

• Sexuality – individuals have identified the area
of sexuality as very important for them. We enable people to address areas such as sexual orientation, intimate relationships, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and other such areas that they request information on. This is done on an individual basis and also in group work.
Relationships Engagements Marriage Children


• Addictions – alcohol addiction is an area that

has come to the fore in recent times. Getting an addiction counsellor or place in a treatment centre can prove difficult as the person may require extra supports that may not be available, i.e., literacy skills. Vulnerability, personal safety and health are also areas for concerns when dealing with addictions. Binge drinking and vulnerability around it, i.e., rape, abuse, physical assault, psychological confusion.

• Housing – the area of housing has always

remained high on the list and continues to do so. We have developed a good working relationship with Mayo County Council and Castlebar Town Council. Currently there are 15 people who have apartments / houses provided by the Council and we will have a further 8 apartments in a new development which should be completed by March 2009. We also have a “Training Flat” which is used by people wishing to try out independent living for themselves.

• Parenting Skills –We work alongside the

Mothers and families together with other agencies (Social Work Department of HSE, NYP & ISPCC) to provide them with the necessary skills to create a loving, caring and happy home environment in which the child can grown up & feel safe in. We also support Mothers and families to deal with any difficulties, responsibilities and challenges that may arise.

• Conflict Resolution –involves acting as a

mediator between individuals who may experience communication difficulties. It also involves working with the Gardai & Probation services to ensure that people adhere to directives given to them by both the Gardai and Court systems.

• Travel – Individuals love to explore places

they’ve never been. Small groups have experienced & visited Lanazorte, Spain, Portugal, France, Majorca, Scotland, England, Dublin, Donegal, Galway, Clare & Kerry. This has expanded to couples and groups of friends travelling for day trips, weekends away, etc.

Mental Health –

individuals experience mental health issues on a daily basis including


Family Difficulties

Suicidal feelings Role in society

What the Drop-In offers
Group Work
Healthy Living Safety Self Esteem Assertiveness Relationships Sexuality

Fire Training
Smoke Alarms Extinguishers Emergency Services

Men’s Group
Health Social Opportunities Sexuality

Social Event Calendar

Breaks Away
Foreign Trips Short breaks in Ireland Day Trips

Safety in the Community

Relationships Friendships Celebrating Socialising

3 monthly basis Organised by Group

Talks by relevant personnel Self Defence Personal Alarms Taxi’s vetted Social Events Self Advocacy Safe Sex Concerts / Plays Supporting committee , Birthdays Access information, source Housewarming speakers, etc. Engagements parties

Confidential Trusting Non-judgemental Safe Supportive Friendly

Therapeutic Activities
Relaxation Art Drama Mime Clay Work Music Yoga

Information Sharing
Rights Entitlements

The idea is that people use the Drop-In as a spring board to access the community

Inclusion in the Community
Dunnes, Centra, Homebase, Supervalu, Parsons, McDonalds, Upper Crust, Welcome Inn Bowling Alley

Gym, Poetry, Drama, Swimming, Drumming , Shopping.

31 people living in the community

Clubs / Organisations
Folk Choir, Prayer Group, Man U Supporters Club, Writers Group, Art Group, Self Defence,

Birthdays Christmas Christenings Engagements Easter

Voluntary Work
Age Action Personal Assistants Personal Shopper Meals on Wheels

Computers, Art, English, Literacy

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