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					       Utah Clean Cities Coalition, 2012 Edition 12
     Clean Fuel - Clean Air - Clean Strategies


                       Idle Free Fleets Conference: Register Now!

                                             REGISTER HERE
                      Join Utah Clean Cities and Kennecott Utah Copper to learn how to
                      implement Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free in your fleet. The conference will
                      include a keynote address from Governor Gary R. Herbert, an introduction
                      to Kennecott Utah Copper's new Idle Free Tool Kit, and panel discussions
                      with representatives from business, industry, government and education
                      who have embraced anti-idling in their fleets. REGISTRATION IS FREE!

                      This is an excellent opportunity for fleet, business and operations
                      managers to come together and learn how to successfully implement Idle
                      Free into their day-to-day operations. More information

                      2013 Governor's Energy Development Summit

                      The field of energy is continually expanding, evolving, and influencing the
                      way we live. During the Governor's Energy Development Summit in 2013,
                      the latest technologies, processes, and hot topics that affect your business
                      will be discussed. The Summit is on January 10-11, 2013 at the Salt
                      Palace Convention Center. This two day event is the largest energy event
                      in Utah.
       The Summit sold out early last year with over 1,100 attendees.
       Participation included representation from 21 states and several
       international companies. This year attendance is projected to expand
       beyond 1,500 attendees.

                                                    For the agenda or more
                                                    information please visit the
                                                    Registration Website.

GOLD   Stakeholder Spotlight:

       CNG America Opens New Station in Lehi UT!

       On Tuesday December 11th State Representative Kay J. Christofferson
       and Lehi Mayor Bert Wilson, commended CNG America President, Kim
       Hugie on moving alternative fuels forward in their community. This is the
       16th new CNG station opened in the State of Utah as part the $14.9
       million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant awarded
       to Utah Clean Cities in 2009. Funds were used to further alternative fuel
       vehicle deployment and infrastructure development. As a result, Utah's
       CNG fueling capacity has increased by more than 300 %.

       UTA Doubles its Commuter Rail!

       Utah Transit Authority made Commuter Rail a reality for our neighbors to
       the south this month. December 10th marked the official opening of the
       new 45 mile line - following a public free fare day Saturday, Dec 8th. The
       new line will run about 50 trains a day, and it is expected to service 6,800
       Utahn's each day. Public Transit is a great alternative to driving. We
       commend UTA for working towards a more sustainable Utah!

       In the News:
       FrontRunner South opens, brings changes to North Line
       FrontRunner officially opened in Utah County
                                              National News & Alternative Fuel Highlights

                                              Clean Cities TV now on Youtube!

                                              Clean Cities TV YouTube channel has been launch! It is a great resource
                                              for learning about Clean Cities projects all over the country and the
           Upcoming Events                    benefits alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. It also houses the
                                              MotorWeek collections. Check it out at:

Are you looking to find out what events are   MAP-21 Webinar Online
happening around the state in the next
couple of months? Maybe an opportunity        Transportation Energy Partners hosts a webinar series to help provide
to display your company or learn more         policy support to the nearly 100 Clean Cities coalitions and their 10,400
about           alternative          fuels?   stakeholders across the US. The October webinar, MAP-21: What the
                                              New Transportation Law Means for Alternative Fuels and Vehicles, was
Visit the calendar on our new website! Or     enormous well received with more than 150 clean energy leaders from
get the latest UCC news on:                   across the continent participating. If you missed it, watch the webinar
UCC Facebook                                  online here.
UCC Twitter
UCC Blog                                      The Cross Country Freightliner Natural Gas Tour

                                              For the month of October we follow the Clean Across America and Back
TRS Question of the Month                     CNG Roadtrip to highlight the availability of CNG refueling. Light-duty
                                              vehicles are not the only ones making this voyage. This summer,
                                              Freightliner drove a CNG-fueled Cummins Westport ISX12 G-powered
Clean Cities Technical Response               Cascadia 113 day cab with a 32,000 lb cargo of cardboard bails coast-to-
Question of the Month:                        coast. Learn more about the trip, and how much they saved here.
Which states have adopted the California      Tesla Model S Winner of Motor Trend's Car of the Year
Air Resources Board (CARB) aftermarket
conversion certification requirements?        Tesla Model S was named Motor Trend's 2013 Car of the Year, one of the
Answer Here                                   automotive industry's most coveted awards. This is the first non-gasoline
                                              powered automobile to win "Car of the Year," which has been awarded
          Contact Information                 almost every year since Motor Trend's inception in 1949. The Model S
                                              garnered a unanimous vote from the panel of Motor Trend judges and
         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                   guest judges, making it the first unanimous winner in the award's history.
                                              Read More
               Robin Erickson
                  435-634-4361                Electric Charging Corridor in AZ
                 c. 801-381-7691     Arizona is driving the golden spike for electric transportation at Picachco
                                              Peak. Electric Vehicle travel between Tucson and Phoenix is now
                                              possible, with a 20-minute pit-stop at Bowlin Travel Centers Picacho Peak
           NORTHERN OFFICE                    Plaza. Scottsdale based start-up, GOe³ is celebrated the 1st of 26 planned
                                              publicly accessible Electric Vehicle (EV) Fast Charge Stations in Arizona,
                  Irene Rizza                 on December 8th. They are blazing the trail of a 1000 unit Electric
                 801-535-7736                 Highway that will make fuel-free coast-to-coast travel a reality by 2015.
               c. 801-824-8380                Read More
     Communications & Northern Coordinator
                                              Cellulosic Ethanol to hit the Market in 2013
                   Carly Ferro
        Carly.      Energy security, climate change and local economy are the three driving
                                              forces of UCCC's mission. Those same issues drive congressional
                                              policies on biofuels, but their vision goes further than corn ethanal - which
          SOUTHERN OFFICE                     has sparked the food vs. fuel debate. Rather, their sights were sent on
                                              was cellulosic biofuels - derived from corn residue, wheat straw or other
    Robin Erickson - Southern Coordinator     biomass. The EPA's 2005 Renewable Fuel Standard calls for 1 billion
                                              gallons of ethanol produced from non-food plant matter, rather than grain,
          Natassia Burgess - Intern
                                              in 2013. Several plants are currently under construction so cellulosic     ethanol is poised to hit the commercial market sometime in 2013, though
                                                far under the EPA estimated 1 billion gallons. Read More.

                                                To learn more about Biofuels in America, check on the National Biodeisel
                                                & Ethanol Conference in Nevada this February (see events calendar

                                                Fuel Cells, commercially successful?

                                                Ever found yourself pondering the commercial success of fuel cells? Well
                                                ponder no more. The Dept. of Energy (DOE) has published an update on
                                                the commercial successes of its Fuel Cell Technologies Program. It details
                                                the advanced fuel cell technologies the DOE has supported and how they
                                                are helping American businesses reduce their energy costs and drive new
                                                market opportunities in the USA.

                                                In all, 36 commercial technologies supported by the DOE have entered
                                                the global market and an additional 65 emerging technologies have the
                                                potential to expand US leadership in the growing global fuel cell industry.
                                                'Pathways to Commercial Success: Technologies and Products Supported
                                                by the Fuel Cell Technologies Program' compiled by the Pacific Northwest
                                                National Laboratory, is available for free download from the DOE's Office
                                                of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

Fleet Managers and Drivers:

GoNatural CNG's New CNG Training Schedule

Go Natural has created a college accredited curriculum including a 150 page text book. The purpose of the course is to
create a pool of compliant, well-trained technicians to safely and accurately service, repair and build Go Natural CNG fuel
systems. Their five day class is taught by expert technicians, and is specifically designed for those new to CNG. It is a
hands on instruction on Go Natural's CNG Kit, and O.E.M Natural Gas Vehicles. The course concludes with students fully
converting a vehicle to run on Go Natural's CNG kit, as well as prep for the CSA fuel systems inspection test. The winter
course schedule:

January 7-11   Woods Cross, Utah
January 17th   Boise, Idaho (this is a one day class, call for pricing)
January 21-25 Tulsa, OK (Tulsa Tech)
February 11-15 Woods Cross, Utah

For more information contact GoNatural CNG: 801-281-4766 or

New CNG Honda Civic Perk:

Honda announced it will be providing a $3,000 fuel card with every sale of its 2012 Civic Natural Gas. Honda has 199
dealers across 36 states that sell and service the Civic Natural Gas. This program, will start at 19 dealers in California,
Washington, Utah, Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio, and will continue until January 2, 2013.

The growing price differential between gasoline and natural gas has already lead to record sales of the 2012 Civic
Natural Gas - Honda has sold 1,576 units since last October. The goal of this new incentive is to reduce incremental cost.
In theory the $3,000 Clean Energy fuel card will translate into two to three years of not paying for fuel.

Ken Garff Honda - Downtown and Ken Garff Honda - Riverdale are now offering a special savings to customers
purchasing a 2012 Civic Natural Gas. Customers can choose from a prepaid debit card that can be used to purchase
$2,000 worth of free compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel at any location or a $3,000 fuel card that can be used at Clean
Energy CNG fueling stations around the country. This is in addition to the Utah State Tax Credit of $2,500! For more
information contact participating dealers.
Mark Your Calendar

Utah Governor's Energy Development Summit
Salt Lake City, UT: January 10th - 11th, 2013

Idle Free Fleets Conference
West Valley City, UT: January 15th, 2013

World LNG Fuels Conference 2013
George R. Brown Convention Center Houston, TX: January 21-23, 2013

National Biodiesel Conference & Expo
Las Vegas, NV: February 4th - 7th

National Ethanol Conference
Las Vegas, NV: February 5th - 7th

2nd Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Conference & Exhibition
Houston, TX: February 25th - 26th, 2013

Green Truck Summit & Work Truck Show 2013
Indianapolis, IN: March 5th - 8th, 2013

Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Conference & Annual Meeting
Washington DC: June 10th - 12th

ACTExpo 2013
Washington DC: June 24th - 27th, 2013

Western Energy Policy Research Conference
Portland, OR: September 5th - 6th, 2013

Utah Clean Cities Coalition
451 So. State St., Suite 345
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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