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					                                       AS WE WALK DISCIPLESHIP
                                             SESSION #1

                                               By Kara Hand
Purpose: The purpose of this session is to explain through Scripture what it is to be “born again.”

Location: Choose a location in which teens will feel comfortable to relax and converse freely.

Introduction (20 Minutes):
    1. Welcome each member and let them know where the food and drinks are available.
    2. Have teens try to identify baby pictures of group or church members.

Worship (15 Minutes)

Prayer: Ask members to give prayer requests to the group. A teen then should lead the group in prayer for
the requests.

Break: Give students 10 minutes to use the bathroom, get some more to drink and stretch.

Accountability Partners (20 Minutes)
   1. Take specific prayer requests. Teens may feel more comfortable to share requests with a prayer
        partner than the whole group.
   2. Have each accountability partner ask and answer the following questions:
            a. Have you been with anyone anywhere that would appear as compromising?
            b. Have you spent time in prayer and Bible study as you agreed to?
            c. Did you memorize the Scriptures this week?
            d. Have you completed the assigned work for this week?
            e. Have you honored your parents in every way this week?
            f. Have you just lied to me?
Take turns reading your “How I was Born” handout to your partner.
Have you always been faithful to the Lord? Why or why not?

Bible Study (20 Minutes):
-Natural babies are born all of the time…but what does it mean to be “born again?”
This is exactly what Nicodemus asked in John 3:1-2.
Select three students to give a dramatic reading (the more dramatic the better) of John 3:1-12. The
characters are the Narrator, Nicodemus, and Jesus. After the reading, make the following observations:
-Just as physical birth is required to enter the world, spiritual birth is required for a relationship with God.
-We cannot take any credit for our physical births. In the same way, we have to admit that we cannot reach
God ourselves. Spiritual birth is an act of the Holy Spirit. (3:6)
-Just as we have to depend on the stories from our parents about our birth, we must depend on the words of
Jesus for our spiritual birth. (3:11-13)

Scripture Quiz (5 Minutes) (It is expected that your discipleship/accountability group will be required to
memorize Scripture weekly.)
Randomly pick one person for each Scripture and have them quote it aloud.

Collect Homework (5 minutes)
                                AS WE WALK…BORN AGAIN
                                   HOW I WAS BORN…
Write out your testimony of how you came to know the Lord and were “born again”.

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