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Lightning - A to Z Inspections


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   LIGHTNING could “strike” your home a lot more than twice! (One lightning
strike could destroy a lot of items.) Add up the cost of your electrical items that can
be fried by a lightning strike; ceiling fans (didn’t include those in the list did you),
heating and air conditioning systems, high definition and plasma televisions, home
theater systems, surround sound, wired home alarms, personal computers, game
consoles, phones --- those are some of the items you can lose. It is more critical to
understand that lightning, according to the National Fire Protection Association, is
responsible for over 6,000 residential fires per year.
   Individual components can be protected by UL approved surge suppressor. It
should read SVR 330V or Suppressor Voltage Rating of 330 volts and state that it
meets UL Standard 1449. These will cost $15 to $30. Do NOT assume that your
power strip from Wal-Mart will protect your equipment unless it is identified
properly as a surge suppressor. Perhaps the better method of protecting your
individual items is to pay an electrician $250 to $500 to install a whole-home surge
arrester near the main circuit breaker panel. So far, we are still protecting items. If
you want thorough lightning protection for your items and your house, then contact
an electrician for a quote. A lightning protection system usually cost around $1.25
per sq. ft. If you have a newer home, it may already be installed. Ask your builder.
Either way, of its been five years or more since you have had an electrician out, it is
good maintenance and safety to call for a checkup. Ask about your lightning
protection when the electrician is there.
   A to Z Inspections performs complete residential and commercial building
inspections and is a teaching/training inspection company.
A to Z Inspections is owned by:
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                            A to Z Inspections
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                A to Z Inspections Lic. # 255
             Ph: (405) 412-7861 Fax: (405) 946-3293
                                           The Big Easy
                   The top things that we find everyday that are easily avoidable.
                      Please be sure that Gas, Water, Electric, Propane are ON.
1. Hot Water Tank
   • If in the garage, it must be raised, whether gas or electric.
   • Must be double wall pipe all the way through the roof (if replaced since 1990.)
   • Must have new flex gas line, old copper tubing NOT acceptable.
   • Pipe off of pressure relief valve must be metal or stamped approved for 180°.
2. Heat and Cool
   • They must come on!
   • Put in clean filters, have them serviced and they will probably pass. When dirty filters, low
     freon, a bad igniter, etc. prevent proper function, they fail.
   • Pull the floor vents and look in them with a flashlight and your hand. If rusted through they
     have to be replaced. If we identify a rusted through floor vent, we advise the client to have
     the entire system scoped.
3. Electric
   • Loose, cracked receptacles and covers need to be replaced.
   • All electrical wiring in the attic, in the heater closet should be in a proper electrical junction
     box, spliced wiring, taped and/or with ‘twist caps’ is NOT enough.
   • If a bulb is burned out, put a bulb in it.
   • If you don’t want to fix it, remove it. (Ceiling fans, garage door opener.)
4. Windows and Doors
   • Cracked glass must be replaced.
   • Broken/missing window locks must be replaced.
   • Windows must raise and stay up or they must be repaired --- unstuck, springs replaced, etc.
   • Door knobs, dead bolts and striker plates that do not work properly must be
5. Toilets and Sinks
   • Snug toilets to the floor and tanks to the toilet.
   • Turn on all faucets for 20 minutes, then look under them, or behind them, with a flashlight.
     A lot of sinks leak after 20 minutes, but not after just 2 or 3.
   • Kitchen hose sprayers are supposed to shut off 100% of the water at the faucet. Repair,
     replace or remove.
   • Sink/tub stoppers must work.
6. Roofs
   • The most common required repair is no chimney rain cap. Add a chimney rain cap and
     check the top mortar.
   • If your roof is over 7 years old or has been exposed to bad weather, seal it with tar around
     all vents, chimneys, valleys, and small damage spots.
                          A to Z Inspections Lic. # 255
                    Ph: (405) 412-7861 Fax: (405) 946-3293

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