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									   Which tool is used to measure temperature?

A: stopwatch                 B:   Triple beam balance

C: thermometer               D:   Spring scale
Which tool is used to measure the time that has

A: Stopwatch                B:   Triple Beam Balance

C: Thermometer              D:   Spring Scale
A. Stopwatch
        Petroleum is an example of what type
                of natural resource?

A: Renewable                   B:   Solar Power

C: Inexhaustible               D:   Nonrenewable
  Which type of resource takes millions of years
   to form and will be used up if we use it too

A: Renewable                  B:   Solar Power

C: Inexhaustible              D:   Nonrenewable
       The ability to rust is a _____________.

A: Chemical Property           B:   Chemical Change

C: Chemical reaction           D:   Physical Property
A. Chemical
 The tendency of an object at rest to stay at rest
   and a moving object to continue moving in
    a straight line is called _____________.

A: Work                        B:   Friction

C: Inertia                     D:   Newton’s Third Law
C. Inertia
     You do _____ when you exert force on an
    object that moves the object in the direction
                   of the force.

A: inertia                      B:   force

C: distance                     D:   work
D. Work
  What type of food energy is made by plants?

A: solar                     B:   glucose

C: chemical                  D:   radiant
B. Glucose
      Which type of energy is present when a
                machine moves?

A: Potential                  B:   Gravitational Potential

C: Kinetic                    D:   Elastic
C. Kinetic
   What type of energy is found in diesel fuel?

A: Solar                      B:   Glucose

C: Chemical                   D:   Solar
C. Chemical
         Burning something is a _________.

A: Chemical reaction          B:   Physical change

C: Physical property          D:   Chemical change
D. Chemical
   A material or object that permits an electric
current to flow easily is said to be a __________.

A: malleable                  B:   conductor

C: ductile                    D:   magnetic
B. Conductor
A material or object that is capable of being drawn
  out into wire or thread is said to be ________.

A: Malleable                  B:   Conductor

C: Ductile                    D:   Magnetic
C. Ductile
 The variable in the experiment that the scientist
        Changes is called the _______.

A: Manipulated Variable        B:   Independent Variable

C: Control                     D:   Dependent Variable
D. Dependent
    More than one element joined together by
        chemical bond is called a _____.

A: Compound                  B:   Chemical

C: Mixture                   D:   Metalloid
A. Compound
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