Censorship And The Internet by yurtgc548


									Censorship And The Internet

   Rory Jimenez, Jill Wilkinson
German Censorship

 Hate based or Holocaust denial sites
  are illegal and are therefore filtered out
  of searches.
 This censorship mainly affected White
  Nationalistic, Nazi, anti-semitic, and
  radical Islamic websites.
French Censorship

 Similar laws exist that block certain sites
  from being displayed.
 Google complies with these laws by not
  including sites containing such material
  in its search results.
YouTube Censorship

 By agreeing to the Terms Of Service, a
  user agrees not to post anything that
  may violate a copyright, or is
 YouTube uses their terms of service to
  censor all incoming material, even if it is
  not caught immediately.
Chinese Censorship

 There is governmental suppression of
  government complaints and specific
  events like the Tiananmen Square
 sites supporting the independence
  movements of Tibet and Taiwan or the
  Falun Gong movement are also
Great Firewall Of China

 All of the filtering mechanisms are
  collectively known as the Great Firewall
  of China.
 These censors can obviously be seen
  as contrary to Google’s motto “Don’t be
Scientology Censors

 In 2002 Google was found to have
  censored websites that provided
  information about Scientology, in
  compliance with the United States'
  DMCA legislation.
 The DMCA complaint forced the
  Scientology sites to be censored.

 Some of the censor can be viewed as
 Other types of censorship are a positive
  influence for society.
 Censorship varies widely by region and

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