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November 2010 Newsletter - HB_EC AERO CLUB


      NOVEMBER 2010
           Christmas Bar Hours
            President’s Report
                CFI’s Report
           Club Captain’s Report
               Admin Antics
         Great Northern Air Race
   Regional Competitions at Masterton
“My Final Days as a Student” by Trevor Doig
 HB&EC vs CHB Aero Club Softball Match
          New Runway Markings
                Contact List

          The Newsletter of the
 Hawke’s Bay and East Coast Aero Club Inc
               Hastings Aerodrome
             Bridge Pa, P O Box 2199
             Hastings, New Zealand
              Telephone 06 879 8466
                 Fax 06 879 9805
                  IN JANUARY 2011.
              THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.
                 HAPPY NEW YEAR.
              A REALLY GREAT EFFORT.

                 EDITOR SUE

       BAR HOURS
 The last night the bar will be open is
        Thursday 23rd December.
It will be reopening on Wednesday 5th
              January 2011.
        Normal bar hours resume
             after that date.
                                   First - an update on the progress of Gary Skedgwell and Sam Metzger
                                   who were injured in the EHY accident back in July. Gary continues to
                                   do well and is up and about and regularly out at the Aero Club, still
having to use crutches occasionally. Sam is still doing hard yards on the road to recovery and has been
back in hospital recently for a couple of small operations on his leg related to the rods he received
earlier. That’s five operations to date. He is up and walking and displaying some real grit. Doctors
originally told him he would be walking again in 18 months and here he is six months down the track
walking steps without crutches. He still has some hurdles ahead – another operation planned in a
month or so for a bone graft to help some of the breaks in his leg heal faster and then having to stay off
his leg again for a while. He is on a get fat (replace 10kg lost weight) and strong program ahead of the
operation so it sounds like he is being well fed! He still experiences pain off an on and says he is having
to regrow the nerves from his lower spine to his foot which Doctors tell him is the longest part of the
rehab as they grow 1mm per day. Sam’s positive determined attitude is amazing. He was at the beach 2
days after last week’s operation. He is about to start studying for some remaining CPL/IFR exams and is
heading out to Ardmore for a flight to Cape Reinga with a friend next week. He has his sights set on
rejoining us in 2011. I am sure you will all join me in wishing them both well and good health for
Christmas and continued steady progress for Sam’s recovery to when we see him walk in the door
again here at the Aero Club.

Congratulations to our competition team for their great effort at the RNZAC Cook Strait region rally at
Masterton. By my count we will have competitors in eight of the 26 events at the Nationals hosted by
Canterbury Aero Club in West Melton on 17-20 February 2011. Fantastic. Mark it in your calendar for a
South Island summer flying trip – it would be great to have a large contingent of supporters there in

With this newsletter you will also have received the Aero Club membership list with names and phone
numbers. We will publish this each year. There are 178 members currently and we have five pending so
we will finish the Jan 31 financial year with 183 members. There is always room for more so if you
know someone who might enjoy flying – bring them out to the Aero Club, show them around, take them
for a flight.

The sealed runway markings were repainted on Sunday 28th November. This was last done about 6
years ago. The piano keys now look dazzlingly white and the visibility is much enhanced. You will
certainly notice the difference the next time you go flying.

The airfield has had a general tidy up in recent weeks – thanks to all those who helped out. One of the
most obvious differences is an industrial clean of all the carpet throughout the Club rooms. It actually
looks blue again! Club Captain Chris Rawlings has had a big hand in organising the runway repaint and
carpet clean initiatives – thank you Chris. There are still a few more jobs coming up so everyone please
lend a hand if you are able.

                                                                                           More over . . . .
Don’t forget to keep checking the new Club website at Graeme Claridge and
Tim Whittaker are regularly updating it with new photos, links, and Club news. Send them any
photos, articles or news you have and let them have some feedback about the website.

Just a reminder - if you want to check the weather out at the aerodrome you can take the link
from the Club website to the Hastings Aerodrome Weather Station or go directly to: Yes, the station and PC
interface is based at Marty’s hangar. We had a few hiccups recently but it is up and running
again. Always a great distraction at work!

The Aero Club has made a submission to CAA re their Funding Proposals, voicing our concern
about the financial impact they will have on the Aero Club and our pilot members directly. Many
other General Aviation organisations are up in arms over the scale and reasons for the fee
increases – RNZAC, AOPA, AIA etc.. so it will be interesting to see how receptive CAA are to the
concerns of General Aviation.

Flight training Industry negotiations continue with Government re the future structure of
Government funded NZQA loans for aviation training. It may be several months before the final
outcome is known and any changes are likely to take effect from 1 Jan 2012. We have a general
idea of what the new NZQA required pilot course may look like and one of the challenges in
2011 will be preparing to integrate any changes into our commercial course & company

Financially the Aero Club is on track to make a small profit for the consolidated result for the
January 31 financial year, less than budgeted. We remain focused on keeping the debt within
manageable levels.

Strategic Plan Consultation.
With Christmas nearly upon us and work still being done on these CAA and Government funding
issues we will hold the two Strategic Plan meetings in the New Year – February & March. So
hang onto those hard copies.

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your summer flying.

Bruce Govenlock
                             Hello all . . . .

                             Well, this will be the last report for the year, so I wish
                             all members a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New
                             Year, and don't forget the Christmas party on Friday
                             evening the 10th December See you there.

CFI’S                        RUNWAY REMARKING
                             The runway was remarked last Sunday, and is

REPORT                       looking pretty good now.
                             Members may not know that the runway was starting
                             to grow moss, and thanks to the efforts of
                             Helicopters HB, a spray was applied some weeks
                             ago to kill the moss, and after a couple of weeks, our
                             Club Captain and others swept the runway with a
                             road sweeper kindly loaned by Russell Roads to
                             remove the dead moss. A great effort by club

Again, thanks to the efforts of a few, we have kept up with the spring flush, and
                                          Photo to brown off, so
with less rain now, the aerodrome is starting courtesy David Walker the mowing
requirements are reducing.

I wish to thank the following members for their efforts on the mower. Andrew
Hamilton, Neale Thomson, Ian Sowman, Brian Sutherland, Craig
Wellington, Sean Husheer, Malcolm Belcher, and Gavin Grimmer using his
own mower. If I have missed anyone, sorry but many thanks anyway. A great
effort by all. For the interest of members, the savings made on mowing by not
having to pay a contractor means that we have paid for the cost of the mower,
and are on the way to paying for the tractor. I think that this is a great effort by

We did it!! Our club competitors at the regional's had a field day, winning or
being placed in everything we entered. A full report is elsewhere in this
newsletter. Well done all, you did the work guys, and got the results.

The Club will be closed on Christmas Day, and open on New Year’s Day by prior
arrangement. Staff have been arranged for the weekdays over the Christmas
period, and I will be available on the weekends. It would be helpful if members
could give us as much advance notice as possible if you wish to fly or hire an
aircraft between the 24th December and the 10th January, especially if dual is

Max Dixon
                                             The month of November has been concentrated

                                             on the RNZAC Area Rally competitions being
                                             held in Masterton Saturday 27th November. As
                                             per usual the team members were practising
                                             when the weather co-operated and it seemed

                                             we didn’t get to practice much. As you were
                                             aware last month, the team consisted of:

                                             Wigram Cup Team
                                             Mads Slivsgaard - Senior Landing

  Report                                     Clem Powell - Non Instrument Circuit
                                             Sonny Soper - Junior Landing
                                             Frans Krause - Instrument Flying

Then we had Steve Shepherd and Graeme Campbell - Life Raft Dropping
Graeme Campbell - Rotorua Bombing Trophy
Mads Slivsgaard and Clem Powell - Formation Pairs
Also the following competed in other events: Mads – Sir Francis Boys Precision Circuits,
Frans - GM Spence Forced Landing, Clem - Airwork Cup Low flying and New Zealand
Herald Challenge Trophy Navigation, Sonny – Jean Batten Preflight and Circuits,
Airways Corporation Trophy Flight Manoeuvres and Rejoin.
Well, it comes to the competition day. I spent the day out on the landing grid and the
bombing/life raft grid watching and judging all the competitors. It was also a very hot day
when one puts many a layer of sun screen on.

So how did we do? Well all I can say is “we kicked ass”. May not be the appropriate words
to use but that really sums it up. Wigram Cup - Mads 3rd, Clem 1st, Frans 1st, and Sonny 1st.
So yes, we are going to the Nationals to compete against New Plymouth (beat out Tauranga),
Canterbury and North Shore. But that’s not all. Steve and Graeme won the Life Raft
Dropping, Graeme won the Bombing and Sonny added another 1st and 2nd in his two extra
events. What a team effort.

A special thanks to Rhikit and Charlotte for judging, Gladys Soper (very nervous mum when
son competing) for cooking breakfast on Sunday morning while we watched the All Blacks
play Wales, Max and Sue for driving to and from to the airfield and also Chris Soper for doing
the same.

We now need the club members help with raising some funds to help “offset” some of the
expenses that will be incurred by the team to practice for the Nationals. So keep an eye on
your emails to see if you can help.

We returned to Hastings to see the sealed runways all nicely repainted and man, are they
bright. We will be doing another work bee soon to lay new lime around the lights and piano
keys to finish it all off.

As you now it was also Club Day on our return and we had invited Waipuk to come up for a
softball game and BBQ. Well we started off really well but our pitcher, Mads, took a very hard
hit on his thumb that saw him retire to the hospital to get assistance. He did make back in
time for a great BBQ, thanks Stephanie, and a few celebration drinks. As for the game, well,
let’s say it was a draw with a rematch pending.

So now I will sign off for this year. Remember the Christmas Party on the 10th December and
take pleasure to wish you all a Happy and a Safe Christmas.

               ADMIN                                      ANTICS
Hi everyone!

It’s been AGES since my last contribution. You are probably all really relieved not to have
to listen to my ramblings. However, seeing as this is the last Newsletter of the year, I really
should make an effort to get something down on paper.

The Year One’s are now into their C Cat training and finding out that it isn’t quite so easy
flying from the right-hand seat. The Year Two’s are on holiday, except for Josh Nysse, who
will be working over the summer, and the Year Three’s have gone their separate ways. I
understand that Andrew Hamilton will be working here over the summer as well. I’d like to
wish you all the best with your aviation futures. It only seems like yesterday that I was
showing you all around during your EIT interviews, prior to the first year.

CONGRATULATIONS must go to our team that has just competed at the Area Rally in
Masterton. What a great effort! I will really look forward to watching all the practice going
on over the next couple of months, in preparation for Nationals. Best of luck to you all.

I am still waiting on the result for my university paper. The exam was horrendous and every
question was on something I didn’t know very well, or didn’t know at all! Syphilis would be
a prime example. My health hasn’t been very good this year and I was only able to study
half of the paper, so I will be very grateful to get a pass. Next year I am doing a compulsory
paper called “Introduction to Academic Writing” which will hopefully be a bit easier than the
Black Death. I’ll let you all know how I get on.

I’ve just had a few days at Kairakau Beach and had lovely weather. It was so nice to get
away, but I was dedicated enough to come back in to work halfway through the week for
the last day of the EIT course and the annual Costume Day. This year I came as a gypsy.
Hasn’t anyone noticed that a lot of things have gone missing from around the place? It was
great to see such a huge range of costumes and thanks to Terry Longley for arranging it all.

I had a trip down memory lane a month ago when I went to my Intermediate School
Reunion. It was so much fun! Sadly, not many people from my era went, but there were a
lot of ex-students from the 60’s and 70’s. However, it was very nostalgic to sit in the old
school hall and see my old teachers and headmaster up on the stage. At least this time, no
one could make me stand up for talking, or putting lipstick on in the middle of assembly.
Who would want to go back to childhood? I am now looking forward to the next one in 25
years time.

You will be amazed to hear that Fynn the Goldfish has now been here for nearly five years.
He has gone through three fish tanks, two air pumps, one container of fish food, and
probably hundreds of litres of water. I will be bringing in chocolate fish for the staff and
students shortly, to celebrate Fynn surviving for this length of time.

To finish off, I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and lots
of safe and enjoyable flying over the festive season. Just to annoy you all even further, I
have finished all of my Christmas shopping!

Justine Fisher
Santa is arriving at
5.45 pm
Christmas Dinner at
6.30 pm
Monty Awards
Trivia Quiz
Usual Friday night
raffle applies

 Please send in nominations for the Monty Awards to
   Sue by NOW. Perhaps someone has had a “duh”
           moment or something humorous.
             All nominations considered.
         The Great Northern Air Race 2011 will run from
  Saturday 29th January 2011 until Monday 31st January 2011.
           Overnights will be in Kerikeri Saturday 29th
                    and Tauranga Sunday 30th.
Entry fee is $100 per aircraft entry only, there will a small fee
          for lunches at KT (Saturday) and WT (Sunday).
        Entry's close 31st December 2010 and are limited.
Please see website or for further info
                           and entry form

Colin Mead
Air Race Manager
      Some thoughts from those competing
   at the Regional Competitions at Masterton
                       From Clem Powell . . . . .

Flew to Masterton, competed, did ok, flew home, had softball game against YP,
CJB is complete!!

Clem’s photos are below . . . .

               Clem’s Captions: Somewhere along the Wairarapa Coast.

                                                                       More over . . . .
                       From Sonny Soper . . . . .

Friday was not looking promising. With gusting winds and menacing clouds, I spent a
lot of my NCEA Level 2 Geography exam wondering if my cross country to Masterton
for the RNZAC Regional Competitions was still going to happen.

When I arrived at the Aero Club around lunchtime, Charlotte restored my excitement
by telling me that the trip was going to be bumpy, but she was still keen to do it, and
so was I. After creating my first ever flight plan, we were soon airborne in FTP and
heading towards Masterton where the rest of the Hawkes Bay Team waited – having
left earlier in the morning.

My map reading skills were sufficient enough to find town after town, and on the way
we had a nosey at the Tui Brewery. About an hour and forty minutes after departing
Hastings, we arrived at Masterton Aerodrome. An awesome trip began an awesome

As Mum and Dad were driving down, I had beaten them to the motel, and I claimed
the double bed as mine. Also, Charlotte and I had a humorous game of tennis, during
the course of which neither of us improved. The barbeque dinner was last on the
agenda and an early night saw me sound asleep in preparation for an early wakeup.

Like a typical teen, I sleep through the alarm, and Mum had to wake me up. Charlotte
and I were dropped off at the airport fairly early, as I wanted to get a bit of practice in
before the comps started. A few circuits, and before I knew it, it was the competitors
briefing time.

I had three competitions to do this year – the Wigram Cup Junior Landings which
were precision approaches and spot landings, the Airways Corporation Trophy flight
manoeuvres and a standard overhead rejoin, and the Jean Batten Memorial Trophy
for precision circuits. The day drained my energy. It was excellent that so many club
members of ours came down on the day to show their support, thanks to you all.

All in all, the Wigram Cup Team came first and qualified for Nationals. I had my
revenge and came first in the Junior Landing this year, along with a first for the Jean
Batten Trophy. Graeme and Steve also qualified for the nationals in their bombing and
life-raft dropping competitions. I understand that Hawke’s Bay holds a reputation for
being the longest to stay at the bar on the night, which we certainly retained.

Sunday’s flight back was interesting. A bit of sightseeing followed by a trip up the
coast was topped off when Charlotte gave me the foggles, and I got lost. Amazingly, I
found where I was, and my way to Waipukurau, and then on to Hastings for a game of
softball – a game that I have never understood.
   Some pics from our winning weekend at the Regional
                Competitions in Masterton

                               The debrief after the Formation Pairs Competition

                                                             Clem having a well
                                                             earned rest


Steve Shepherd

                                          Mads and Clem and the infamous rum
       Mads in his
       “not quite sure
       what” outfit!!!
       earned rest       Club Captain Chris

Gladys “before”.

                           Gladys “after”.

                               Gladys and Graeme
Mmmm, not quite
sure what’s going on
  Clem’s blowfly!!!!

The all important
                            The traditional cigars

                                                              Sonny and Gladys

                      Waiting . . . . waiting . . . .

                                                    Christelle and Frans
Bruce and Stephanie

            The winning Wigram Cup Team, Frans, Sonny,
            Mads and Clem
to all
     My Final Days As A Student
                                     by Trevor Doig
Here I was, 4000 feet over Castle Point, looking down on the part of the world with the lighthouse
that had blinked at me so many times before. Those times were always at night, about 16 hours
from Napier, me thrashing and bashing my way in the inevitable Southerly chop enroute by yacht
to Wellington. Me, cold wet and miserable wondering what the hell am I doing here, and with the
certain knowledge that things will most decidedly be worse when I rounded Palliser. But that is
not what this is all about. This is about a journey that was already reaching its end.

This was the final leg of my solo cross country, a journey that I had started about 18 months
before when I walked into the Aero Club and made that fateful enquiry, “what’s involved in
learning to fly”. Silly question.

What was involved was hours of sitting next to Andrew Leech in the cockpit of a Tomahawk.
Hours of studying and trying to remember endless check lists, nights when I couldn’t sleep trying
to remember PAT, APT, BUMPHS, EFATO, FLWOP and more stupid sounding stuff. Then it
was overhead rejoins, airspace radio calls and stuff like that, and trying to remember not to flare
and throttle off 15 feet above the deck. Poor Tommy.

But that I would get there Andrew was never in doubt, or was he? I certainly was. Then there was
the exams. I had not swatted and sat exams since I was at school. Don’t tell anyone, but that was
about 56 years ago.

After I went solo, most think I bribed Max with some of my home made rum, I made the decision
to buy a plane for myself. Ah La, Tecnam TRD. That seriously motivated me to go on with my
training, as it would, I did a run of different instructors, and was taken up by some really talented
pilots and shown more on how to fly.

Weather and examiners other commitments got in the way of my final flight tests. I seriously
wondered if I had done the right thing not buying another yacht, until November this year when all
of a rush everything worked for me. Ross McDonald had previously done my first flight test for
my Intermediate status. I must have remembered most of what Andrew had told me as it seemed I
had not frightened him too badly as he passed me and put his hand up to do some more with me.

A dual to Taupo with memories of Mads looking over my shoulder while he steered my plane
nagging me about my navigation. and then back home via the Boyed where I had recalled Jerry
Chisholm telling me about mountain flying, valleys and stuff, and Malcolm Belcher going on and
on about nasty looking white fluffy things, rotors and horrible stuff: I was really glad he told me.
With all their help I found our way back to Hastings and Ross seemed happy enough to move on
to the next stage. A flight test that would frighten off an Airbus pilot. I took Andrew Leech and
Jerry on my shoulder for this test, and although Ross tried to get me turn TRD upside down, inside
out, back to front, we survived. We did short landings, flapless landings, stalls, turns, things that I
thought no sane person would ever do, and circuits that I swear would win competitions. Well,
maybe not.

But that got me Advanced and Passenger Rated. Now was just the three hour solo flight.

                                                                                          More over . . . .
I decided there was never a better time to do it than the weekend everyone was going to go to
Masterton. What can go wrong when there were all those other planes in the air? What they
could do for me I wasn’t sure, but it gave me Dutch courage. Mike was going in his Cub, so I
gratefully latched onto his experience in regard to weather planning, but that was about it. I soon
realised I was on my own. Just me and all those white fluffy things again. I really must come to
terms with them as they always seem to be about when I fly. However, some really serious
flight planning, and the wonder of those shiny satellite things floating around above me, (they
don’t seem to mind clouds), soon saw me orbiting in the Masterton overhead as number 5. Geez
I hate that. But I got down without sending anyone else frantic, although it seems I owe a few
beers for calling “Hastings Traffic”. Not done in Masterton.

A quick sossy, another nervous trip to the boy’s room, and off I was back home up the coast.
That is where I started this story. What a wonderful flight. If anything ever made this all
worthwhile it was that part of my “journey”. Pure magic.

To hell with the boat. I am an aviator now. Thanks to all that made it possible.

Trevor Doig
Tecnam TRD

                   Can anyone guess where this airfield is?
                          Answer next newsletter.
         Guess who this is? Answer last page.

If you have any contributions for our
    website please forward them to
          Graeme Claridge at

Website address:
            AT BRIDGE PA
November 28th – the last Sunday of the month and the regular monthly BBQ out at the Aero
Club. This time with some guests from Waipuk with the CHB Aero Club invited for an
afternoon BBQ and softball match.

Cue 2.30pm and the Waipuk squadron appeared overhead. The weather was fine and hot,
the BBQ sizzling in the background and the two teams strode out to do battle on the newly
established softball oval on the grass. It was a game of several innings and softball was the
winner on the day. Somehow the final score was mislaid but I think HB&EC may have been
well out in front until the match took a heroic turn with our resident commando Mads
Slivsgaard being flayed by the ball and having to retire to the attention of a half a dozen
female medics. Off to A&E, he made it back in time for some medicine in the bar. That stuff
works miracles. Several other players, whose joints hadn’t done so much running and
swinging in years also benefited from Dr Kev’s snakeoil and a BBQ feast that would make a
vegetarian wince – ok we had salads too.

A fun day for all and a good practice for a much anticipated rematch at a coming joint beach
fly-in this summer with our friends from Waipukurau.
“No not the morning rush for the half price pies at the Napier airport
café, but keen club pilots taking to the skies for formation practice”.

            The Club’s FRASCA Mentor G1000 simulator.
    The runway markings received new paint on the morning of Sunday 28th
November. The aerodrome was closed to all traffic for the morning with the grass
 runway 01-19 being opened at midday and the 01-19 seal and 11-29 re opening
 early afternoon. It certainly improves the visibility of the runway markings. To
complete the job, lime will be applied to the 01-19 seal runway boundary and the
               outer stripes of the 01-19 seal piano key markings.
A big whoops . . .
                              Sum m er’s nearly here
                              so protect yourself
                              from the harsh
                              H aw ke’s Bay sun
                              w ith a stylish
                              H B& E CA C cap.
                              A vailable at the

                Congratulations to:
              Marthimus Bothma and
                  Dean Thompson
        for achieving their FIRST SOLOS
                  Mitchell Steele
                   Glenn Rooke
                    Nick Martin
                Mark Biddlecombe
                 And Sam Pattullo
  For achieving their INSTRUMENT RATINGS

                    And to Justine
for passing her university exam “The Black Death and
Other Plagues” which goes towards her achieving her
                    Diploma in Art.
                         W A N TE D
           Who would like to drive this beast?
   Available at $0.00 per hour. Travels at 5-8kms per hour and has an
                    endurance of about seven hours.

We are looking for keen people to hire it free of charge for a maximum of
                          two hours at a time.

            Type rating free and dual will be given if needed.

 Contact Max at the Club or at home on 879 6461.

    Technical Data: Massey Fergusson 165 4 cylinder diesel 58hp.
                         Power take off 52hp.
 Gears high and low ratio and multi power giving 12 forward gears and
                             four reverse.
               Spring loaded seat, and power steering.
             Model Perfect made in Holland 2.5 meter cut
            Three rotors belt driven with 2 blades per rotor
                       Rotor RPM approx 3000
                      Mowing speed 5 to 8 KPH.
                   Mowable area, approx 80 hectares.
                   2.5m cut 5 to 8 kph takes a while,
                      but easy with a team effort.
                                           Contact List
                     PATRON           Cyril Whitaker

                     PRESIDENT        Bruce Govenlock              06 879 8860

                     VICE PRESIDENT   Neil Lawrence                06 876 8933

                     SECRETARY        Justine Fisher               06 879 8466

                     TREASURER        Steve Shepherd               06 845 3002

                     CLUB CAPTAIN     Chris Rawlings               06 870 0110

                     VICE CLUB
                     CAPTAIN          Stephanie Eilers             06 879 8860

                     COMMITTEE        Steve Algar                  06 843 4052
                                      Bruce Chambers               06 874 9894
                                      Phillip Gray                 06 871 0081
                                      Gavin Grimmer                06 879 4950
                                      Clem Powell                  06 842 2212
                                      Jan White                    06 879 9493
                                      John Clare                   06 877 3990
                                      Marty Lloyd                  027 443 6094

                     RNZAC CONTACT    Kevin Lloyd (Cook Strait Rep)
                                      Max Dixon (Instructor Council)

                     CHIEF FLYING
                     INSTRUCTOR       Max Dixon                    06 879 6461

                     EDITOR           Sue Dixon                    06 879 6461

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