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					Corporate Travel Department
9th Annual CTD Conference
November 5, 2009

Presented by: Mark Windsor, CCTE, CTC
   Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to present this
       session as previously scheduled…….

   Life is all about choices. Yours are:
      1. Hope for a power outage
      2. Pray for a presentation better than missing cocktail hour

You folks don’t have a “Hope” or a “Prayer”……
Measuring Travel Program
9th Annual CTD Conference
November 5, 2009

Presented by: Rock Blanco
              Travel GPA
     The Tools of Our Trade
•    The Basics
     Learning to manage your data
     If it ain’t ‘clean’, what does it mean?

•    Measurements to Consider
       Internal Goals- Policy Compliance
       External Goals- Benchmark Comparison
•    Performance Comparisons
          Ranking/Grading your Travel Program
•    Finding the Solutions
         Best Practices Trend Analysis
         Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics & Dashboards
           When 2 + 2 = 7.8
            What Can Cause Problems?

• Undefined errors – The $13 Trillion annual
  hotel spend
• True system errors – the 40¢ business class
  ticket to Abu Dhabi
• Car / Hotel Duplicates
• Human /GDS Data Entry Errors – (BOS-JFK-
  SIN coded “domestic)
        When 2 + 2 = 7.8
• Do you know how your refunds are reported?
                    When Invoiced
        Fare Paid     Low Fare      Full Fare
          $300          $200          $800

                    When Refunded
        Fare Paid     Low Fare      Full Fare
         ($300)        ($300)        ($300)

                      Net Result
        Fare Paid      Low Fare     Full Fare
          $0             ($100)       $500
Avoiding “The House of Errors”
Why Reporting Matters…
5 Basic Reasons to Report Travel Data…
1. Identify exceptions and trends
2. Respond to special requests
3. Reduce costs through negotiations
4. Monitor overall performance of the travel
5. The most important reason to have good travel
Why You Need More Than Reporting
• Obstacles to Real Travel $$ Savings
   − Rising spend
   − Late bookings
   − Transaction Types
       • exchanges / direct bookings
   −   Policy Violations
   −   Supplier Negotiations
   −   The Economy
   −   The Boss

• Listen to your data
20th Century Reporting
   Measurements: Internal Goals
• Travel Report Cards
   − Goal Management
      • Manage budgets by hierarchy
      • Monitor policy compliance
      • Monitor supplier contracts
      • Identify potential and missed savings
      • Communicate cost of policy violations
      Measurements: External Goals
• Benchmark results against others by:
  −   Travel Spend
  −   Geographic location
                                   You   Them
  −   Industry Sector
  −   Supplier Contracts
  −   Travel Policy

• Stay in Bounds
  − Maintain benchmark diversity
Performance: Grading Your Travel Program

• Find the tutors
    −   Reporting
    −   Dashboard /Analytics
    −   Benchmarking
    −   Best Practices
• Identify your “Top 5” KPIs that most impact your travel spend
• Identify the “A’s” from the “F’s” (problem areas)
• Identify characteristics of top performing vs. poorly performing travel
• Mirror the top performers
 Performance: How Do You Rate?
• Travel Policy Performance: ‘Actual’ vs. ‘Expectations’
• Focusing the data analysis lens
• Make everyone accountable
• Fix the problem areas
    Performance: Listen to your Data

• Fine-tune your travel policy for maximum savings opportunities
• Travel Program “Management by Committee”
Performance: Know Your Suppliers
 Performance: Benchmark Advice
• Consider the source
• Define the relevance
• Monitor & re-calculate frequently
• Nothing is Absolute- beware of ‘mix-n-match’ metrics
Solutions: Best Practices Advice
Solutions: Hitting Your Target

• Do your best to ensure “data integrity”
• Find solutions that solve specific program concerns
• Utilize multiple years of comparison data
• Find ‘Best Practices’ that match your company’s Travel
  DNA= Travel Program Excellence

  Analyze. Interpret. Succeed!

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