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					The 17th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

Trademark Management in a Global Economy

                        Steven H. Hartman
                        Vice President, Trademark & Copyright
                        Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
                        April 11-12, 2002     Washington, DC
The Complexity of a TmPP Grows with the Newness
      and Multi-Nationality of the Business


                        National         National
                        Low Difficulty     Moderate
          Established                      Difficulty

 Type                     Moderate       High Difficulty
             New          Difficulty
Elements of a Trademark Protection Program

         •   Structure
         •   Registration
         •   Use
         •   Policing
         •   Enforcement
          TmPP Structure

• Determines What Tms are Protected Where

• Determined by the Business

• Key: Understand the Business
Trademark Inventory

  • Core (Strategic)

  • Work

  • Minor
Core Trademarks: Brand Equity Sources of Long
          Term Growth and Revenue

              • Umbrella Trademarks

              • Product Brands

              • Tied Trademarks
Front Grille of Rolls-Royce
Work Trademarks

 Loss May Have Short Term Loss
But No Long Term Economic Impact
Minor Trademarks

 Loss Would Have No Impact on
• Major Countries: Strategic Importance

• Minor Countries: Opportunistic Value

• Currently and in the Future

• Customers

• Consumers or End Users

• Competitors

             Protection Scheme

Trademarks      Geography        Marketplace

                     Major    Opportunistic

             Core     Yes        If Used

Trademarks   Work    Maybe       If Used

             Minor    No           No
              Global Protection Scheme

          Major Markets                    Opportunistic Markets
                                             (E.g., Export/Lic)
AMERICAS        EMEA           APAC

Regional &     Regional       Regional               (All) Core
  Global       & Global       & Global
   Core         Core           Core

  Work          Work           Work                    Work
  Minor         Minor          Minor                   Minor

      100 COUNTRIES

       = Protect Trademarks

       = Protect Only If Trademark Is In (Continuous) Use
Trademark Registration

     • Adoption

     • Ownership

     • Clearance
       Trademark Adoption
• Avoid Descriptive Trademarks

• Does the Trademark have a Non-Trademark

• Fanciful Marks are Best if Sole Criteria is
Trademark Ownership
• Who Should Own the Trademarks?

• What Should be Protected?

• Proprietary vs Non Propriety?
       Madrid Arrangement (International Registration)
Albania           Czech Republic   Macedonia     San Marino
Algeria           Egypt            Moldova       Slovakia
Armenia           France           Monaco        Slovenia
Austria           Germany          Mongolia      Spain
Azerbaijan        Hungary          Morocco       Sudan
Belarus           Italy            Netherlands   Switzerland
Belgium           Kazakhstan        Aruba        Tajikistan
Bosnia and        Kenya            Poland        Ukraine
Herzegovina       Korea (North)    Portugal      Uzbekistan
Bulgaria          Kyrgyzstan       Romania       Vietnam
China (People’s   Latvia           Russian       Yugoslavia
  Republic of     Liberia           Federation
Croatia           Liechtenstein
Cuba              Luxembourg
         Trademark Use
General Principle:
       Trademarks are economic assets, and
are not allowed to lie fallow indefinitely, at
least not in the face of others interested in
investing in the term and imbuing it with
economic value (brand equity or goodwill).

      Non-use will be excused for a
reasonable period of time in certain circs
beyond the control of trademark holder.

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