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Lấy về - So Giao Duc va Dao Tao Thua Thien Hue


									TRƯỜNG THPT VINH LỘC ĐỀ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI KHỐI 12 NĂM HỌC 2007-2008 (Thời gian làm bài 90 phút)

A. Đề thi.
PHẦN I: NGỮ ÂM. Chọn từ mà phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại. 1. A. manage B. sat C. add D. black 2. A. burn B. turn C. curl D. during 3. A. bed B. get C. decide D. setting Chọn từ có trọng âm chính nhấn vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với các từ còn lại. 4. A. occupy B. reside C. inhabit D. alive 5. A. abundance B. logical C. extensive D. emotion PHẦN II: TỪ VỰNG + NGỮ PHÁP: 6. Would you like to have lunch now, or would you prefer........ ? A. Waiting B. waited C. wail D. to wail 7. I don't know what's..............with me today. I keep breaking thin A. wrongly B. wrong C. problem I), trouble 8. The) went to a restaurant.............. Five Star last night. A. called B. calling C. calls P. caller 9. You have ... him. He meant something else. A. understood B. misunderstood C. mislead D. misled 10. I'd like to have.............. his lace when he opened the letter. A. been seeing B. saw seen I). 11. What's a.............. date for the next general election in Vietnam? A. like B. liked unlikely D. likelihood 12. Look here! What do you.............. you are doing with my camera? A think B. know C. say D. promise 13. We need lo think of...... our products to meet the need of potential customers. A. diversify B. diversification C. diversifying D. diverse 14. I usually spend Saturday evening.............. Premier League on TV. A. to watch B. watch C. watching D. watched 15. I wonder if we need.............. sleeping bags. A. to take B. taking C. take D. will take 16. We needn't..............a table. The restaurant won't be full this evening. A. booked B. to book C. hooking D. book 17. Please open the door. I caiTt stand the ........ inside. A. hot B. heat C. heating D. heated 18. We missed the train and had to wait twenty minutes for the A. next B. follow C. second D. other 19. After the storm they have..............the road for repair. A. closed B shut C. opened D. reserved 20. I couldn't forget my ......on the first day at school A. anxious B. anxiety C. anxiously D. anxiousness 21. There are too ......... motorbikes in big cities like Hanoi and Hochiminh A. much B. few C. many D. lots 22. The house ..............I'm living was built in 1890. A. where B. in which C. which D. in where

23. Many people.................. rather have a dog than a goldfish. A. would B. will C. should D. could 24. What are you going to have .................. dinner this morning? - "Bread and butter" A. at B. for C. in D. during 25. I'm sorry but I didn't post the letter. A. time enough B. enough time C. much time D. time much 26. He's so shy. He hasn't spoken anything..................he came here. A. since B. for C. when D. while 27. Please stay here and instruct use the micro-soft of the computer. A. what B. which Chow D. when 28. ...........of the couple is capable of looking after the dog. A. Neither B. Either C. No D. Not 29. Shall we meet tomorrow............half past ten.............the morning? A. on/in B. at/on C. on/at D. at/in 30. We were on the way to the cinema when it began to rain............... A. greatly B. heavily C. severely D. very big PHẦN III: VIẾT Xác định từ hoặc cụm từ có gạch dưới, cần phải sửa, để câu trở thành chính xác: 31. A girl said that she liked the book, but others hated it. A B C D 32. A car can be absolutely useful when you are in a hurry. A B C D 33. According to Alan's opinion, the forests should be left alone. A B C D 34. There are so many good shops that it is easiest for people to buy what they want. A B C D 35. By acting insane, he managed to escape the death penalty. A B C D 36. Many roads have been built therefore it is much easier to travel to the countryside. A B C D 37. This report looks at teaching aids and how it helps teachers. A B C D 38. The Japanese couple at the back of the coach was obviously newly-weds. A B C D 39. Some countries do not have enough skilled workers, which cause serious problems. A B C D 40. Among her achievements are winning a medal in the last Olympics. A B C D Chọn nhóm từ / mệnh đề tốt nhất (ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) để hoàn thành các câu sau: 41. The police wanted to know ..... A. what was into the parcel. C. what was in the parcel. B. that was in the parcel. D. that in the parcel was. 42. .......but he also wants to many her. A. Not only he loves her, C. Not he only loves her, B. He not only loves her, D. Not only does he love her, 43. .........., I have continued to work on my thesis. A. Although all these problems. B. In spite of there are problems C. Despite all these problems. D. Even though there are problems. 44. She never ate or slept properly ......

A. after her husband dies. C. when her husband died. B. at her husband’s death. D. after her husband died. 45. I didn't know that....... A. you appealed to classical music. B. classical music appealed to you C. do you appeal by classical music. D. did you appeal to classical music. 46. ...............if you could come to the party. A. I would appreciate. C. I would appreciate it. B. I will thank. D. I should thank you. 47. It was very late..... A. after we arrived in London. B. as we arrive in London. C. before we arrived in London. D. when we arrived in London. 48. I am ashamed....... A. to say that I am late. C. when saying that I am lazy. B. of saying that I am lazy. D. that am I lazy. 49. I asked him how far...... A. was it to the nearest bank. C. it was to the nearest bank. B. was to the nearest bank. D. to the nearest bank was. 50. I don't understand......... A. how she could treat him bad. B. when she could treat him badly. C. how he could treat so badly. D. how she could treat him so badly. PHẦN IV: ĐỌC HIỂU: Hãy chọn từ thích hợp ( ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) để điền vào chỗ trống trong đoạn văn sau: Earlier this morning when some classmates and I were (51) _____ basketball in the park near our school, it suddenly began to rain (52) _____. We immediately grabbed our basketball and ran for (53)_____. At first we stood together under a tree (54) _____ then it began to thunder. Peter told us that it was (55)_____to stay under a tree in a rainstorm, (56)_____when there is lighting, so we ran to a (57)_____ store to wait (58)_____the rain stopped. From (59)_____we were standing, we could see that the (60) ______ was empty. Before the rain had started, there had been people everywhere but now (61)______was playing basketball or football or doing (62)_____or sitting on the park (63)______reading the morning papers or chatting with their friends. We stood in the (64)_____of the store for nearly twenty minutes (65)_____the rain finally stopped and the sun came (66)_____again from behind the (67)_____. Within a few minutes the park was (68) _____of people again but now the (69)_____was cooler and big (70) ____of rainwater could be seen everywhere. 51. A hitting B kicking C playing D throwing 52. A greatly B heavily C severely D very big 53. A shelter B protection C hiding D avoiding rain 54. A and B so C but D yet 55. A danger B in danger C a danger D dangerous 56. A specially B especially C mostly D chiefly 57. A near B nearby C neighbourhood D close 58. A for B until C when D as 59. A here B where C there D place 60. A park B place C rain D shelter 61. A nobody B none C no people D somebody 62. A exercise B nothing C breathing D jogging 63. A chairs B sofas C stools D benches 64. A doorway B door C gate D window

65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70.


while back rain filled sun ponds


before up wind full air puddles


then out clouds crowded trees reservoirs


as down rainbow plenty park springs

Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất (ứng vơí A, B, C hoặc D) để trả lời các câu hỏi hoặc hoàn thành các câu 71 - 75 If nobody in the United Kingdom smoked, what would happen to your pocket book? Everyone in the UK would be richer. The diseases connected to smoking are a big problem. Doctors think that the annual medical cost for lung cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses connected to smoking is between 12 and 35 million pounds. And smoking cost society money in other ways, between 27 and 61 billions pounds are spent each year: 1. on sick days (when people don't go to work) 2. on wages that you don't get when you don't go to work, and 3. on work lost at the company when you are sick. This money counts the wages from people who die of cancer at young age and stop paying taxes. This does not count fire started by cigarettes, which kill fifteen hundreds people yearly and injure another four thousand. Smoking cost every man, woman and child in the UK from one hundred and ten to two hundred and fifty pounds each year in the lost work and wages. When you add another fifty to one hundred and fifty pounds yearly in insurance cost, that comes to from one hundred and sixty lo four hundred and ten pounds. If everyone stopped smoking, a family of four could have up to one thousand six hundred and forty pounds a year or more. Of course smoking is not going to stop overnight. And NOT smoking will also cause problems, because people who don't smoke will live longer, and so they will lake money from the government when they are old. But they will also work for more years and pay more taxes. In the end the value of a non-smoking nation is not in pounds. The good health of the people is the true value for us all. 71. If everyone stopped smoking, all United Kingdom...... A. would have more money B. would have less money. C. would lise longer. D. would have no more problems. 72. Every year companies lose ......... because of the disease connected to smoking. A. sick days B. wages C. work D. time 73. If everyone slopped smoking, a family of four could have .......... more each year. A. from 110 pounds to 260 pounds. B. from 160 pounds to 410 pounds. C. from 1,340 pounds to 1,430 pounds. D. 1,640 pounds. 74. The true value for the UK of not smoking is...... A. more working people. B. more taxes. C. good health. D. more money. 75. This text is about......... A. taxes which are not paid by smokers. B. diseases that smokers get. C. how much smoking cost UK. D. how much the UK get if everyone stopped smoking. Đọc đoạn văn sau và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất (ứng với A, B, C hoặc D) để trả lời các câu hỏi hoặc hoàn thành các câu từ 76 – 80. Telling the Whole Food Truth

As a teacher of whole-food vegetarian cookery, I do feel a certain sympathy with the "Men for Meat” group. There is both confusion and just plain, unappetizing cooking in this area, when a whole-food/ vegetable diet should and can be highly nutritious and utterly delicious. The words “whole-food” and “vegetarian” are not synonymous: vegetarians do not eat any “fish, flesh or fowl”. Most eat dairy products. Those who don't are called vegans. I tell students not to turn vegetarian until they have become knowledgeable about nutrition, and especially about protein. It’s very easy to become a sick vegetarian. And a whole-food diet just consists of eating the whole of food, with nothing added, and nothing taken away. For example, you eat whole wheat flour, not while flour, which has had had bleach added. In all, no refined carbohydrates are eaten and very fatty and additive-laden foods are avoided and the stress is on fresh products of the best quality. And that's all except you must then find recipes which are both healthy and delicious because you'll have to cook it all yourself. Very few ready-bought meals fulfill both requirements. 76. "Men for Meat' is a ....... A. cookery group. C. group of vegetarians. B. group of men. D. group that eat all kinds of food. 77. The writer of this article feels a "certain sympathy" for this group because...... A. She is a vegetarian. B. They don't know much about vegetarian cooking. C. “Whole food” and “vegetarian” are not the same. D. Her students do not cat meat. 78. A whole food diet ........ A. has a lot of nutrition. C. is added with flour. B. is easy to eat. D. is often fresh. 79. According to the writer, what is wrong with ready bought meals for vegetarians? A. They can't be both healthy and delicious. B. They can be cooked easily. C. They contain some additives. D. They have best quality. 80. What is NOT true about the writer? A. She is a teacher. C. She supports the whole food. B. She is a vegetarian. D. She dislikes ready bought meals. Đáp án: 1. A 2. D 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. C 11. B 12. A 13. C 14. C 15. A

16. D 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. B 21. C 22. B 23. A 24. B 25. B 26. A 27. C 28. A 29. D 30. B 31. A 32. A 33. B 34. C 35. A 36. B 37. C 38. C 39. D 40. B 41. C 42. D 43. C 44. D 45. B 46. C 47. D 48. A 49. C 50. D 51. C 52. B 53. A 54. C 55. D 56. B 57. B 58. B 59. B

60. A 61. A 62. A 63. D 64. A 65. B 66. C 67. C 68. B 69. B 70. B 71. A 72. A 73. D 74. C 75. C 76. D 77. B 78. D 79. A 80. C

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