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					  PROFILE SHEET                                                          LASER & SKIN

                                                   Franchise Details
                    LASER & SKIN

                                                   Category                             Med Spa
                         Spa 810
        Spa 810 Laser Skin Laser & Skin
is the first medspa franchise to offer 3
                                                   Established                          2007
distinct services under one roof.
Massage, Facials and Laser, both pain
free laser hair removal and cosmetic laser         Began Franchising                    2012
treatments.         We are a results driven
                                                   Franchised Units                     0
model. We offer Memberships for
Massage and Facials.                               Company units                        2
        Our goal is to provide our clients
unparalleled service from the moment they          Projected New Units                  2012 Projected sales
w a l k t h r o u g h o u r d o o r s . We a r e
continually researching the industry to find                                             6 Masters
the latest and greatest equipment and
treatments to deliver results to our clients.
We offer Pain Free Hair Removal through
                                                                      KEY ADVANTAGES
our top of the line equipment and highly
                                                   •   Hands-on assistance with all aspects of running a spa
trained staff.                                     •   Experienced Directors of Field Operations available for
        The Health and Wellness Industry               support
is booming, the demand for anti-aging              •   Regional developers and corporate staff offer guidance
procedures and the desire to increase              •   Business Operations and Policies and Procedures manuals
overall health and wellness has never              •   Membership Driven Revenue
been higher, there is no better way to feel        •   Assistance in USP Marketing
great than to reduce stress and to look            •   Extensive Training
your best, through the benefits of
massage for overall wellness to facials
and laser procedures to help you acheive
your goal of looking your best.
                                           LASER & SKIN

Financial           Single Unit        Master               Conversions

Minimum Cash        88,750-220,000     125,000-300,000      30,000-100,000

Total Investment    295,800- 639,900   343,950-1,023,900    100,000-200,000
                                       (includes one free

Minimum Net         350,000            500,000              200,000

Franchise Fee       45,000             50,000- 398,000      No Conversion
                    (2nd 45,000 3rd                         Fee

Royalty             6%( pays)          2.5%(Receives)       6%(pays)

Advertising Fund    1%(pays)           0                    1%(pays)

Financial                              3rd Party

Site Selection      Yes                Yes                  N/A

Lease Negotiation   Yes                Yes                  N/A

Semi Absentee                          Yes
                                         Additional Notes:

  Tim and Kanna Reilly built their business from a 3 room office to a fully
booked 7 room office from 2007-2009. From there, they opened a second
  location to handle the overflow of clients at the first location. They are
closed only 4 days per year . They offer Membership driven revenue from
 both Facial and Massage services. Year after year there is an increasing
        demand for both anti-aging services as well as hair removal.
  Current jobs reports in the US. indicate that the only growth industries
                  that are seen are from personal services.
  Furthermore Tim and Kanna have been franchisees themselves, in the
 past , they have learned first hand how important the Franchisor’s role is
                        to the success of all involved.
 Their vision is not only to make anti-aging treatments and pain free laser
      hair removal an accessible luxury for Americans, but to provide
unparalleled support , service and assistance to the franchisees and Area
Developers to develop highly successful and profitable spas and regions
           and enjoy the value of being a part of the spa 810 team.

                                        Training and Support
•   Site selection assistance
•   Lease negotiation
•   Marketing assistance
•   Assistance with Area Buildout
•   We will provide you with two weeks of Initial Training for up to 2 Trainees
    at our training facility in Scottsdale, AZ.

• In addition we will spend one week with you in your own spa when you

• Initial Training will include instruction in owner-operator responsibilities,
  administration, instructor training, technology, sales, operations,
  interviewing processes, marketing, and franchisor relations.

       Fifteen states have franchise investment laws that require franchisors to
       provide pre-sale disclosures, known as "offering circulars," to potential
       purchasers. Thirteen of these state laws treat the sale of a franchise like the
       sale of a security. Oregon and Michigan do not require a filing of offering
       circulars, as noted in the list of state offices below. If the state has been
       highlighted below, it has been registered for this franchise.

       Any state not listed is available for franchise sales









      N. Dakota 	




      Rhode Island	

 S. Dakota

       New York	



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