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									Rutgers University Dance Marathon 2010 Captain Application Personal Information: Name _______________________________________________ Rutgers E-mail Cell Phone _____________________ T-Shirt Size: S No M L XL

9 digit RUID ___________________________

Are you affiliated with a registered student organization? Yes If yes, please list your organization(s) ______________________ Class Rank for 09/10: Freshman Junior Sophomore Senior


Captain Positions (Position descriptions are listed on the next page of this application): Please rank the following 1 through 6, based on your interest in that area of the Marathon: Community Outreach Finance Recruitment Entertainment Operations Volunteer Management

Applicant Questions: Please attach your typed answers to the following questions: 1. Describe your previous DM involvement (if any). 2. What are your time commitments for Fall 2009, Spring 2010? 3. Describe your previous RU or high school involvement/leadership experiences. 4. Please complete attached Proficiency Sheet found on the back of this application. Important Candidate Information: Please note: Not all applicants are guaranteed an interview. Candidates selected to interview will be contacted by phone or email.  Please wear professional attire and arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled interview.  All Captains are required to raise a MINIMUM of $320.00 and staff at least five DM fundraisers.  Important Dates: o Sunday, September 20: Captain Retreat-- Attendance Required o Saturday, October 31: DM Staff Development Forum—Attendance Required o Saturday, January 23: DM Workday—Attendance Required o Friday, Saturday, Sunday, March 26-28: Dance Marathon—Attendance Required

Return your completed application to:
DM Office, 17 Bartlett Street, CAC or

Proficiency Sheet
Please self-rate your skills in each of the following areas. These answers will assist us in placing candidates on the most appropriate teams.

Strong MS Word MS Excel MS Access MS PowerPoint MS Publisher Adobe Photoshop Video Production/Editing Running a Meeting Leading a Team Working in Teams Multi Tasking Public Speaking Event Planning Delegation Time Management Soliciting Donations Website Design HTML Organizational Skills Others:


Low to None

Dance Marathon 2010 Captain Job Description and General Responsibilities Job Description
DM Captains are dedicated, hardworking, and motivated student leaders. Captains are chosen because of their experience and desire to make RUDM great. Captains play a key role in the execution of Dance Marathon. Students selected to serve in these positions should expect to complete projects and tasks for theit assigned team as well as tasks that benefit the overall Marathon. Most Captains will also be responsible for chairing a DM Committee and supervising the students assigned to that committee. Captains are chosen at the beginning of the academic year and serve until the completion of the Marathon. Captains will work together with Directors and CPT to embody the DM Credo, “Families First, Everything Counts, Surrender Yourself.”

General Responsibilities
                Attend weekly meetings with Assistant Director Attend DM staff training events (retreats, seminars, workdays, etc.) Meet regularly with the DM Graduate Intern Participate in the DM Football Concession Stand fundraiser (at least two games) Participate in at least three additional DM fundraising events Commit to raise at least $320 by the designated date Conduct regular DM Committee meetings Assist with the selection and education of Committee Members (CMs) Supervise CMs in the completion of their pre-Marathon duties Supervise CMs during DM weekend Attend the Captain Retreat—September 20 Attend the DM Staff Development Seminar—October 31 Attend the DM Workday—January 23 Attend DM Logistics Walkthrough—March 9 Attend Load-In & Set-Up—March 26 Attend DM Weekend—March 27-28

Rutgers University Dance Marathon 2010 Captain Positions
Community Outreach Team (10-13 positions) Community outreach captains are responsible for the external “face” of the Marathon. These captains will be engaged in a multitude of tasks that will help raise awareness about Dance Marathon among alumni, participant’s families, the media, and the surrounding community. These captains will also be involved with coordinating events for Adopt-a-Family participants including the Family Hours at the Marathon. This is a very exciting team to be a part of because they will be planning and executing different events to increase awareness and morale for our cause. Adopt-A-Family Captains (2-3 positions): Captains will assist the Adopt-A-Family liaison in matching organizations with their families, assist with liaison training, help plan and prep for special events during the school year such as the Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Party, etc. Captains will also be responsible for helping the Adopt-A-Family liaison maintain contact with organizations through the year. Captains will assist with planning and executing Family Hour during Marathon weekend. Media/ Public Relations Captains (3-4 positions): Captains will assist the Public Relations with various Media tasks throughout the year. It will be their primary job to help promote the mission and the Marathon throughout the year. Some tasks will include submitting ads to the Targum in order to promote DM and its events, maintaining Facebook pages, writing and sending Press Releases to news outlets across the state, researching and writing articles for DM newsletters, creating and executing PR packets for different sponsors and news outlets, and researching and executing different events that DM staff can participate in to promote RUDM across the state. Alumni and other support Captains (3 positions): Each captain will directly assist the AD in one facet: Alumni, Parents, or Faculty/Staff. These captains will assist with direct outreach to the groups named above. This will include creating and updating an Alumni Database, researching and writing for DM newsletters, recruiting and maintaining contact with Alumni Dancers, and helping to plan and execute special events for Parents and Alumni. Promotional Events Captains (2-3 positions): Promotional Event captains will assist in the planning and execution of a new set of events for Dance Marathon 2010, which will focus on raising awareness about DM's mission and the Embrace Kids Foundation. Responsibilities will include planning for events, purchasing and soliciting for supplies and giveaways, setup and breakdown of all events, working in conjunction with the PR/Media team to help promote before all events, planning and executing Spirit Week, and other organizational and execution tasks. Entertainment Team (17 positions) An Entertainment Captain plans and organizes various activities, events, and contests dancers

partake in during Marathon weekend. Throughout the year you will work with the Director and Assistant Directors to develop theme hours, research and book live entertainment, and create a morale plan to support the dancers during the weekend. In addition, the Entertainment Team works with almost all aspects of technology used throughout the year and during the Marathon, including filming and editing all videos made for DM purposes. All Captains on the Entertainment Team must attend weekly meetings in both the fall and spring semester prior to the Marathon, as well as participate in any subsidiary DM sponsored events throughout the school year. The ultimate goal of this team is to create a fun-filled weekend for the dancers. Theme Hours (5 positions): These captains will help create theme hours that will occur at different points in the marathon. Captains will need to create the atmosphere of each theme hour through games, activities, decorations, costumes, prizes, and other forms of entertainment. These captains will also help set up, run, and clean up the theme hours at the marathon. Side Entertainment and Tournaments (5 positions): The captains will create various forms of entertainment for the dancers to participate in throughout the marathon. These forms of entertainment can range from side games and crafts to larger tournaments. The goal of these captains is to provide ongoing entertainment for the dancers at all points in the marathon. Line Dance (2 positions): The Line Dance Captain is a yearlong position. The role of the LD Captain(s) is to create a fun and easy Line Dance that will be taught to dancers and volunteers during DM. The LD Captains are responsible for selecting the music, writing the lyrics, choreographing the dance and teaching the DM staff (Board, Asst. Directors and Captains) prior to DM. Candidates should prepare a short dance and lyrics for the interview. Outside Entertainment (1 position): This captain will work to contact performers both inside and outside of Rutgers to perform at Dance Marathon. The main focus of this captain will be to book acts outside of the Rutgers community. Technology (4 positions): These captains will work with technology used during the marathon and help create videos for various DM uses. Two of these captains will work mainly with Mac’s to create powerpoints, slide shows, and other forms of media to be used during the marathon. The other two captains will be working to film and edit the several videos that we will be creating throughout the year.

Finance Team (13-21 positions) Finance Captains work towards achieving Dance Marathon's fundraising goals by assuming primary responsibility for planning fundraising events, overseeing participants’ fundraising efforts and coordinating solicitation for sponsorships. No business background is required. All Finance Captains should be enthusiastic and positive with a desire to help others.

Tracking Captains (5-8 Positions): Tracking Captains will assist in making sure that every DM participant unleashes his or her true fundraising potential. This will involve making sure participants reach their fundraising goals, coordinating the Friend & Family Letter campaign and keeping track of participants’ progress in various fundraisers throughout the year. No special money skills are required for this position. Fundraising Captains (2-4 Positions): Fundraising Captains will help to plan several creative fundraising events benefiting Dance Marathon. Examples include special events at local restaurants, bar fundraising nights, DM Gear promotions and student center nights. Captains for Fundraising must be energetic and have a strong desire to raise money for charity. Group Fundraising Captains (3-4 Positions): Captains will coach a student organization through its Marathon experience by helping the organization formulate and pursue Marathon goals, overcome obstacles and be empowered to do things their own way. Each Captain will be assigned several student organizations and will be responsible for setting the direction of Marathon involvement in each organization, while ensuring that sufficient resources are available to accomplish their goals. Captains should have strong communication skills. Sponsor Relations Captains (3-5 Positions): Captains will work on formulating a marketing strategy to solicit sponsorships from corporations and local businesses. Further, Captains will put this strategy into place, help businesses choose which level of Marathon Sponsorship is right for them, and help to design the Program for DM 2010. No marketing or solicitation experience is required.

Operations Team (12 positions) The Operations Team is responsible for planning the logistical aspects of the Marathon weekend. Tasks include ensuring the safety of all participants, planning meals and snacks to be catered to the marathon, coordinating the set up and clean up of the gymnasium for the event, as well as completing other operational responsibilities. The Operations Team is broken into two divisions, Security and Hospitality. Security (5 positions): Security is responsible for coordinating emergency services for Marathon weekend, training security committee members before the marathon, planning the work schedules for committee members, and overseeing the safety and security of the participants of Dance Marathon. Hospitality (7 positions): Hospitality is responsible for confirming meals and soliciting snack donors, planning the catering area procedures and events, greeting and signing in visitors during Marathon weekend, and providing news updates during Dance Marathon.

Recruitment Team (16-20 positions)

A Recruitment Captain will work throughout the Fall and Spring semesters to recruit Rutgers students, with each captain given a specific focus within Greeks organizations, non-Greek organizations, or freshmen residence halls. Captains will be responsible for giving presentations to student groups, maintaining contact with interested group representatives, and running special recruitment events. One captain will head a committee responsible for increasing faculty awareness and involvement in DM. Captains working with the residence halls will also have committee members to help them achieve their goals. Interested candidates should have a strong desire to help raise DM involvement and awareness.

Volunteer Management Team (7 positions) A Volunteer Management captain is responsible for making sure Captains, Dancers, Volunteers, and DM Representatives are educated, informed, and have an enjoyable experience before and during DM weekend. Dancer Relations (2 positions): Dancer Captains provide training and education for all dancers. They work with creating and updating the dancer database and list-serve, sending dancers weekly emails, soliciting for dancer bin items, and organizing and conducting dancer check-in during marathon weekend. Committee Member Relations (2 positions): Committee Member Captains provide training and education for all committee members. They work with creating and updating the committee member database and list-serve, assigning committee member shift assignments, organizing and conducting committee member training, coordinating checkin during marathon weekend, and planning Dance Marathon Pep Rally during Spirit Week. Spirit Competition (2 positions): Spirit Competition captains are responsible for planning, executing, and tracking the spirit competition as well as soliciting prizes for the spirit competition. DM Rep Relations (1 position): The DM Rep. Captain is responsible for recruiting and regularly communicating with the student organization/Greek organization DM representatives.

Rutgers University Dance Marathon 2010 Captain Interview Outline
Intended Outcomes:  To provide a challenging, real world interview experience for the student participants  To select Captains that fully understand the mission and purpose of the Dance Marathon  To select Captains that are capable of completing their assigned tasks, supervising and training a Committee, and establish a commitment to DM’s cause by all committee members, thereby accomplishing the greater goal of creating an outstanding Dance Marathon

Interview Format – 20-30 minutes
      Introductions Personal Presentation & Questions Interviewer Questions Idea for Improvement Presentation Case Study Presentation and Questions Wrap-Up & Final Questions

Personal Presentation – 5 Minutes Each candidate will present a 5 minute oral presentation. The presentation may be creative (within reason) but must include the following components:  Your understanding of the purpose and mission of the Dance Marathon  Your reasons for seeking a DM Captain position  Which position(s) you would like to hold and why (limit your remarks to your top 2 positions)  Any leadership positions you have held in the past  Reasons why the interview team should select you Idea for Improvement Presentation – 5 Minutes Each candidate should prepare a short presentation on an issue they feel the Marathon needs to address in order to be a more effective organization/event.  Each presentation should state the problem, offer a solution, and how this solution would help the Marathon  This presentation should be brief and should concentrate on one of the top choices of the candidate’s placement Case Study – 5 Minutes Each candidate will be assigned one case study dealing with team leadership or task management  Agree or disagree with the decision of the students in the Case Study; explain your stance  List the factors that led the students to make their decision  List the possible outcomes of the decision (pro and con)  Detail an alternative decision and its possible outcomes

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