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					Canada Then…
 The Way We Were…
Canada in 1867
   No highways or paved roads!

                      “are we there yet?”
   Canada did not have a cross-country rail system
    until the 1870’s

                                  “looks like the train
                                  will be late again
                        Native peoples who
                        were encountered by
                        European explorers
                        lived all over the
                        country, living off
                        the land in self-
                        governing tribes and
“hey, down in front!”
             FOOD & SUPPLIES
                                         Many native
                                         peoples and
                                         European settlers
                                         had to hunt for
                                         their food or grow
                                         it on farms.
                                         Hunting remains
                                         an important part
                                         of life for first
                                         nations people
“uh oh, that bear looks pretty angry!”   today
                                                With no modern
                                                people had to get
                                                to know each
                                                other the old
                                                fashioned way,
                                                rubbing elbows
                                                in meal halls, in
                                                the towns and at
                                                social events

“this is the BEST stale bread I’ve ever had!”
               NATIONAL PRIDE
                                            The Canadian flag
                                            we all know and
                                            love wasn’t used
                                            until 1955. Before
                                            that, we had the
                                            “Union Jack” which
                                            was very similar to
                                            the flag used by
                                            Great Britain

“maybe next time we should look at the camera!”
                             Famous Canadian leaders like our
                             first Prime minister, Sir John A.
                             MacDonald were very important
                             in helping Canada become a
                             nation. Politicians used to be very
                             passionate people who impacted
                             life for many Canadians in a
                             positive way. Sometimes their
                             decisions were controversial or
                             biased against minority groups. It
                             has always been hard to please
                             everyone at the same time.

“I wonder if my pants can go any higher”
                WAR & CONFLICT
                                    Weaponry and equipment
                                    used on the battlefield was
                                    usually of pretty poor quality
                                    and unreliable. Tactics were
                                    very crude, and many men
                                    and women lost their lives
                                    fighting in various conflicts.
                                    There were many important
                                    battles and wars that helped
                                    shape the boundaries and
                                    laws of Canada today
“I hope this is pointed the right way!”
   Are YOU ready for History?
                   This year we will be learning about
                      Canada’s history from about 1850
                      until 1914. Many important events and
                      people had an impact on this nation,
                      and their effects are still felt today.
                      Major units are:
                   1. Canada’s Confederation
                   2. The Development of Western Canada
                   3. Canada: A Changing Society
                   What do YOU know about Canada?
                     Get out a sheet of paper and take
“your name here”     this quiz! (no agendas allowed!)
             Captain Canada Quiz!
1.    What city has Canada’s biggest mall?
2.    What city is the Capital city of Canada?
3.    Which province did John Cabot first discover?
4.    Which is the deepest & biggest of the Great Lakes?
5.    Who is Canada’s current Prime Minister?
6.    Who is the Premier of Ontario?
7.    What are Canada’s official languages?
8.    Which province is the farthest West?
9.    Name 5 major Canadian cities outside of Ontario
10.   How many FIFA world cups has Canada won?
1.    Edmonton, Alberta
2.    Ottawa, Ontario
3.    Newfoundland
4.    Lake Superior
5.    Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
6.    Dalton McGuinty
7.    English and French
8.    British Columbia
9.    Answers Vary
10.   None – it’s a TRICK question!

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