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					Sponsorship Proposal

     Sponsorship Proposal

According to data released by a survey performed for the National Sporting Goods
Manufacturers Association (released Sept 2010) Rugby is the FASTEST growing team
sport in the USA in the last 12 months (>20% annual growth), while participation in
traditional major US team sports is in decline. In fact, more rugby games were shown on
US TV networks in 2010 than ever before.

Women’s Rugby is played identically to the men's game with the same rules, same sized
pitch, and same equipment and is currently played in over 80 countries worldwide.

While it’s true that Rugby is growing by leaps and bounds both abroad and nationally, it
is particularly true in California. The Southern California Rugby Football Union (SCRFU)
has seen the establishment of 12 new clubs in 2010 alone.

Temecula Mountain Lions Organization:

The Temecula Mountain Lions Rugby Football Club (originally men only) was
established in the summer of 2010. The Mountain Lions have expanded their efforts to
include youth, and high school programs. In less than 6 months they’ve been able to
reach roughly 45 men, 44 high school, and 32 coed youth members. In January 2011,
the organization has expanded once again, this time to include a women’s program.
More information regarding the overall organization can be found at the following
link:( ).

Organization Core Objectives:

      To found a sustainable competitive and successful Rugby club serving the
       Temecula Valley region
      To build the club over an initial five year period with achievable goals that cover
           o Paying membership
           o Different age groups and different skill levels
           o Facilities, equipment, and coaching
           o Non playing membership and appreciation of the game
           o Social program
           o Community integration
      To build a club that is competitive in So Cal and subsequently at the national
       level of the game

Growth and Progress:

The Temecula Mountain Lions (Men) have gained entry into the 2011 SCRFU D4 Open
Division. Through this division they will be competing against teams from the Southern
California Rugby Union area. This includes teams from cities as far as Los Angeles, San
Diego and Las Vegas.
Since the establishment of the Temecula Mountain Lions (Women), they have already
accumulated approximately 18 lady ruggers. It is the intention of the Women Lions to
join the SCRU Women’s Open Division (D2) in the upcoming year. The team has
already reached out to all women’s teams in the Union requesting and is actively making
strides towards this goal. Current teams in the Open Division include:

      Kontiki WRC
      LA Coast WRFC
      Las Vegas WRFC
      Santa Monica WRFC
      San Luis Obsipo WRFC
      Tucson Lightning WRC
      Ventura County Lady Outlaws

Las Vegas WRFC and San Diego surfers have already contacted the Lions (Women) to
discuss scheduling friendly matches for this spring.


The Temecula Mountain Lions (Women) Rugby Football Club is actively undertaking
recruiting efforts. The organization is employing various recruitment techniques
including the use of network contacts in the Temecula area, getting press in local news
and media, and recruitment drives at local pubs, town center, and other local events.

The Lions are seeking women of any age, size, and skill level. The intention is to build a
strong team through proper technique and serious guided effort. The organization will
provide coaching and instruction for all levels of fitness.

If you know of anyone interested in joining the organization, please have them send an
email with their contact information to

Club Branding:

In order to establish the Organization, some effort has gone into proper branding of the

The Men’s Mountain Lions Rugby Club shall be represented in the colors Orange, Black
and Green.

The Women’s Mountain Lions Rugby Club shall be represented by Purple, Black and

Examples of the colors can be viewed on our badge.

The Temecula Mountain Lions Club decided that the organization’s badge should be a
reflection of the Temecula Valley Area, and thus it depicts such local icons such as a
mountain lion and grape vines.

The Temecula Mountain Lions (Women) Rugby Football Club strives to ensure that
sponsorship relationships be mutually beneficial for the team as well as the company(s)
sponsoring it.

In 2011, The Lions (Women) are looking to raise money for team kits, uniforms, field
costs, union costs, training equipment, medical kits and rugby balls.

All sponsorships shall be valid for 24 months (or two years)

Benefits of Sponsorship:

Any company that chooses to sponsor the team will have their name printed on our
Jerseys. Depending on the number of sponsors needed to reach our goal, and the size
of the donation, the following potential areas of the kit may be utilized:
Additionally, each sponsor shall be listed on our website and will benefit from any and all
of the publicity we can muster.

Depending on the level of sponsorship, we may be able to provide the sponsor with a
banner to display on the sidelines of all games.

An advantage of supporting any Temecula Mountain Lions Rugby Club Team is that
regardless of which team within the organization that a sponsor chooses to support, it
will gain visibility and support all other levels and team.

It is also important to note that both the Men’s and Women’s teams open divisions
include teams from a very wide array of cities reaching from as far away as Arizona and
Nevada and as close as Southern California, San Diego, and LA.

All home games will have a station set up to provide information about the organization
and its sponsors. Additionally, any sponsor banners shall be displayed both at home
and away games

If desired, the organization would also be happy to provide Temecula Mountain Lions
Paraphernalia to be displayed at the sponsor’s business or place of work.

The Lions (Women) intend to have a close relationship with our sponsors, inviting them
to all Rugby related events and providing them with regular updates on the
organization’s progress and successes.

Gratitude and Invitation:

The Temecula Mountain Lions Rugby Club would like to thank you for taking an interest
in our organization. We encourage any members of the community to investigate the
club further by viewing the Lions’ website ( ) or by attending games,
practices, socials, and fundraisers. Game schedules can be found on our website.

Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9pm. Games will be held
Saturdays at 1pm.

All practice and home games are held at the following location:
Temecula Middle School (42075 Meadows Parkway, Temecula CA)


Should you wish to discuss any of information contained in this proposal in greater detail,
please feel free to contact either of the following Lions (Women) members:
Elizabeth Batista
Vice President
Stacie Straka

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