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WOODCHESTER FINE FOODS A range of store cupboard essentials, savoury fruits for cheeses and sweet sauces which are handmade using quality natural ingredients. They are all gluten and nut free and most are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian life styles. MRS MASSEY DELICIOUS DELECTABLES Mrs Massey is a lady who simply spends a lot of time thinking about good food, cooking it, eating it and moreover watching people enjoy eating it! The idea came about when Mrs Massey was sitting talking to her mother one day reminiscing about the apple jelly her grandma used to make. She worked out that if she added fresh chillies it would give the product an unusual twist. It has become a product that can be used with grated cheese and grilled on little crostinis, pop on a prawn and rocket and you have a quick canapé! They do a range of products that you can add, rub, drizzle marinate and mix and do just about anything with to add a sparkle to everyday meals.


Posh Pickles and Preserves are based in Cheshire and all their products are handmade in small batch open preserving pans to maintain individual and impeccable flavour. Their diverse range of jams, chutneys and relished are free from artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives. They use high quality fruit and vegetables which are sourced from the Cheshire area. ATKINS AND POTTS Atkins and Potts make a wide range of speciality food products in their kitchens in Newbury, Berkshire. All products are made to kitchen cooking values in small batches. The company was founded by Lindsay Atkins and Owen Potts who had many years’ experience developing speciality foods. It is now owned by two families The Atkins and the Youngs. Both families are actively involved and there is always at least one family member in the kitchen stirring the pots. THE GARLIC FARM The Garlic Farm provide a range of garlic and garlic themed pickles, relishes, chutneys and condiments produced from their on site kitchen facilities on the Isle of Wight. Established by Colin Boswell and his family over 30 years ago, the passion for garlic and anything to do with garlic has become the driving force behind The Garlic Farm.

THE COUNTRY MONKEY Hand-baked breakfast cereals – wholesome and delicious, The Country Monkey produces a range of hand-baked Granolas and Mueslis. Their aim is to used seasonal, local ingredients and where possible these are organic. They do not use any preservatives, additives or flavourings.

All products are hand-baked in small batches from their country kitchen in rural Gloucestershire. The products are packed full of slow release complex carbohydrates as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Both cereals are delicious served with yoghurt, milk and/or your favourite fruit for a nutritious start to the day. CLIPPY’S APPLES Clippy’s Apples preserves is the home of lip-smacking British-apple based jams, jellies and chutneys. Clippy’s are dedicated to the preservation of British apple heritage. Based in Cheshire all the preserves are lovingly made in small batches to retain their true flavour, with no added nasties.

TODAY WAS FUN TEAS A quirky range of teas with names such as Happiness, Sleepy, Friendship Tea. Lovely packaging. Today was Fun has lovingly created five hand blended, herbal teas that hopefully our customers will love. CRIPS Crips oven baked wheat and potato chips are a healthy option to traditional fried potato crisps, they contain nearly 4 x less fat and they do not use MSG or GM ingredients when they are baked. They use

only the finest all natural flavourings and have no artificial colourings or preservatives. NUDO OLIVE OILS According to Chef Angela Harnett this extra virgin olive oil is ‘Incredibly delicious’. This oil is made from 100% Italian olives. Their artisanal farming methods means that they harvest their olives by hand and cold press them on the same day. They harvest the olives as they are turning from green to black, to produce an oil with a bit more punch. Packaged in tins with quirky artwork - this product is sure to be a hit with our customers!

LOCAL TART COMPANY Home baked tarts hand made by Karen Kemp in Stafford! For sale on the Deli counter made fresh to order each week in her own kitchen. Flavours such as Creamy, Leek and Tarragon, Wild Mushroom and Thyme – Chris and I have had a couple of these gorgeous tarts for dinner with a salad and they are delicious.

STOKES SAUCES Stokes sauces are defined as – Modern, keeping pace with today’s lifestyle trends, cosmopolitan. A lovely range of tomato ketchup, brown sauce, mint sauce and balsamic sauces.

HANDMADE SCOTCH EGGS Served from the Deli counter. Made in Herefordshire – the company is a privately owned and run business dedicated to producing high quality handmade scotch eggs with a difference. They use only the very best ingredients and their own recipes to create what must be the finest collection of Scotch Eggs available. The eggs and meat are all free-range and come direct from the farm mostly within a 20 mile radius of Hereford.

TEA PIGS A range of teas with no airs, no graces. Their fine tea sums up the teapigs world. They offer super quality tea without the pomp, bow ties and gold trim. The product is a biodegradable mesh tea temple. They give all the convenience of a tea bag with the quality of a whole leaf tea. Each tea temple contains whole leaves, whole flowers or whole berries. No dust.

CHEGWORTH VALLEY JUICES A small family business with a passion for growing the best fruit they can in the English Countryside. Based in Kent according to Rick Stein these juices are ‘great tasting, honest and absolutely natural’. All the juices are pressed in small batches with fruit that has been nurtured and grown purely for its taste. They ensure superior quality from blossom to bottle without sourcing apples from around the world.

LUSCOMBE ORGANIC DRINKS Based in Devon – these sparkling and non-sparkling organic range or drinks are superb. Perfect for a summer picnic.

BARE EARTH – BILTONG Originating from Southern Africa, Biltong means ‘strips of buttock’. Sun-drying was the primary means of preserving meat. This enabled tribesmen to carry ready to eat food with them. It was one of the earliest forms of convenience foods! Biltong can now be enjoyed as a premium quality snack reflecting today’s demand for natural, wholesome convenient foods. Biltong is made using prime cuts of silverside beef. The meat is cured with a blend of spices and carefully air-dried for up to six days. The biltong is then sliced into shavings and packaged ready for the customer to enjoy.

KATIES PROPER PATE Sold from the deli counter. When Katie couldn’t find a pate that tasted as good as the one she made herself at home with fresh free range chicken liver, English butter, onions, fresh cream and a decent slug of armagnac, she decided to create one herself. The result is truly a labour of love the two ranges that Katie does are absolutely gorgeous – It is a delicious smooth pate. Katie makes it fresh every week, cooked in open pans by her mum Christine and herself. All it needs is some fresh bread and perhaps a nice glass of red wine!


NUTS The Cheshire smokehouse has been smoking fine foods since 1907 and this expertise together with the highest quality ingredients, ensure that their nuts are very special. These nuts have been traditionally smoked over hickory woodchips in a brick kiln. After smoking they are roasted and salted. This distinguishes them from most smoked nuts on the market, which simply have the smoke flavouring added. DRY CURED BACON AND HAMS Bacon – Using pork that has been hand rubbed with salt, sugar and saltpetre to cure then left to mature for a superb texture and flavour. Air Dried Ham – Selected legs of pork, hand-rubbed with a special blend of salt and sugar every day for weeks. When cured, they are hung to dry and mature slowly for a minimum of eight months. Similar to Parma or Serano ham and eaten raw – sliced very thinly.

SPICE ‘N’TICE Nothing beats a home cooked curry! Spice’n’tice is a family run business with recipes perfected over generations.

The owner Ketan Varu loves telling the story of his mother sending him recipes whilst away at University with sachets of spices already blended together to make home cooked curries. Pretty soon all his friends were asking for recipes and so the idea for Spice’n’tice was born. The aim of the dry spice range is to make life in the kitchen simple and fun. The freshly blended herbs and spices allow home cooks to recreate their favourite ethnic dishes in the comfort of their own home. KITCHEN GARDEN PRESERVES Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, they manufacture a wide range of jams, marmalades, chutneys, dressings and mustards, using traditional methods with no artificial colourings or preservatives. CHOCOLATE AND SWEET RANGES

This range will come from two or three suppliers ranging from licorice, chocolate bars etc. As we get to Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter the range of products will be themed accordingly.

PATCHWORK PATE COMPANY Since 1982 this company have been creating artisan quality traditional foods. From humble beginnings in the family kitchen they committed themselves to making great foods by using the finest ingredients and cooking them in tiny batches. We are going to sell this product in slices from the deli counter weighed on the till. At Christmas time I predict that this pate will sell by the whole packaged pot size.

GREAT NESS RAPESEED OIL Cold pressed in the heart of Shropshire. Lowest saturated fat content of any oil. Ten times more omega 3 than olive oil. Delicious nutty flavour ideal for dips and dressings. High smoke point of 230 ˚C makes it excellent for roasting and stir frying. Low food miles.

FOUR COUNTIES HONEY Local honey – some of the hives for this honey are at Moat House Farm in Acton Trussell at the back of Anthony and Dina Lewis’ house! So very local. It is called four counties because the honey is collected from four counties, would you believe! Don’t forget honey is not only good for putting with whisky and lemon as a cold remedy but superb as a hayfever remedy.

GRUMPY MULE COFFEE Packaged in bright orange packs this company source and roast the best coffees from around the world to bring you better and more complex flavours than most people have ever tasted before! All the coffees in the range come from small farms or co-operatives where there is a constant drive to improve quality –but never at the expense of the environment or local community. AZORIE BLUE COFFEE Fabulous packaging – lovely brown and blue tins which can be refilled with the refill pack. This coffee is marketed as “Imagine a coffee that’s smoother than a tiger in a tuxedo and more luxurious than a cashmere codpiece’. Blended from ethically sourced Brazilian Arabica its dark, rich and

zesty with underlying nutty , chocolate flavours that are brought about by adding milk. We are told it’s a big hit with racing drivers! They have a London address but they are actually based in the Midlands.

TEONIS COOKIES Based in Tiverton, Devon these wonderfully delicious hand made cookies and shortbread are to die for! Simply superb taste sensations with every bite. The very finest ingredients combined with pure passion for irresistible baked delights. Environmentally considerate packaging used through out the ranges. From the most luxurious melt in your mouth butter shortbreads to the fabulously delectable cookie selections.

DAIRY HOUSE Founded over 30 years ago the Dairy House produces some of the finest organic dairy products on the market. Based in Herefordshire they still use traditional recipes and techniques that have been passed down over the years combined with fresh jersey and fresian organic milk produced on their own farms.

SEGGIANO PASTA Seggiano is the name of a small hilltop village at 450 metres altitude on the shoulder of Monte Amiata in southern Tuscany. This company has produced pasta, olive oils etc since 1985. Their experience and familiarity with the Italian language, rural culture and agriculture has been instrumental to the company’s successful collaboration with a variety of the best food producers and olive mills across Italy. We are just stocking the pasta, pasta sauces and risottos to begin with, but who knows we may well expand the range in the future! OLIVES ET AL Based in Dorset this company select only naturally ripened, fully mature olives before water curing them in Dorset. Did you know that some black olives are in fact green olives dyed black! (But not Olives et Al’s). A selection of snacks and nuts are available along with a range of salad dressings and balsamic vinegars to die for!

TIPSY FRUIT GINS Based in Worcestershire, traditionally made fruit gin liqueurs using fresh fruit, Damson, Raspberry, Cherry, Blackcurrant and Seville Orange.

TYRRELL’S POTATO CHIPS These potato chips are naturally grown on the home farm using selected varieties of potato which are renowned for their flavour. They are hand cooked using an age-old recipe to make delicious golden yellow chips. They also produce a selection of hand fried vegetables, beetroot, carrot and parsnip. TRACKLEMENTS The idea for The Tracklement company about whilst the owner was reading John Eveleyn’s diaries and found a recipe for a wholegrain mustard. At the time there were no English wholegrain mustards available and so they decided to make their own. The range today includes not only mustards, but also relishes, chutneys, sauces and jellies. Their products have won many awards over the years and they were voted Speciality Producer of the Year 2007. CHARCUTERIE DIRECT Gourmet cured meats and salami products direct from their Normandy factory. Meaty Munchies – perfect snack size packs of salami – no artificial colourings or flavourings.

TEA FORTE AND REVOLOUTION TEAS A superb range of tins attractively packaged in tins and canisters.

The Christmas range of packaged tea will be perfect for gifts.

SHROPSHIRE SPICE COMPANY This company was created in 1976 with the idea of packaging and selling spices and herbs from their base in the village of Clun, Shropshire. They are best known for their Gourmet range of stuffings and they offer imaginative blends such as Sage, Red Pepper and Shallot as well as family favourites such as Sage and Onion.

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