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Spring, 2009 Newsletter
This is the Polish American Historic Site Association’s newsletter. Perhaps you’ve attended a mass at St. Albertus, donated, or joined as a Polish American Historic Site Association (P.A.H.S.A.) member. We appreciate your involvement and want to keep you updated on our future plans and the current status of St. Albertus Historic District.

DEC. 24

10:00 PM. Mass: Polish Heritage mass. Pray for our founders and Polish culture in America. Mass: Papal Sunday – Pray for canonization of John Paul II - Dozynki (harvest) dinner following mass. Mass: All Saints Day – Pray for the deceased . Prayers at Katyn Memorial after mass. Pasterka - Midnight mass – doors open at 11:00 PM - Music sung by Polonaise Chorale.

May they rest in peace
The following members of our P.A.H.S.A. community have recently passed away: Joseph Kulwicki III; Don Samul; Joanne Thiel; and Mike Urbanik. We shall miss them.

Upcoming masses and events
Please support P.A.H.S.A.’s efforts to maintain and restore St. Albertus Church by attending our masses and events. Refer to page 3 for details about special events. APR. 9 Holy Thursday – Church open 7-10PM. APR. 12 Mass: Easter – Wielkanoc - Polonaise Chorale to sing. APR. 26 Mass: Feast of St. Albertus - dinner following mass. Meal tickets are $10. Contact Terry at 313.527.9321 or Jean at 313.664.0257if you want tickets. MAY 10 Mass: Mother’s Day – Dzien Matek – Pray to Mary our Mother after mass. MAY 10 Special presentation at 1:00 PM by the Detroit Institute of Arts about Gothic cathedrals “Art in the Age of Cathedrals” presented in St. Albertus Church. Event is free but donations gratefully accepted. MAY 16 Special for P.A.H.S.A. We will show the Wajda movie “Pan Tadeuz” at 6:PM. There is no admission charge. The movie shows the Poles’ struggle for freedom in the early 19th century. JUNE 6 “Everyman”. Medieval morality play to be enacted at St. Albertus. 4:00 PM. Directed by Justin Vesper. Kielbasa dinner after the performance. There is no charge for the play but the dinner will cost $8.00. JUNE 7 Latin High Mass (Tridentine Mass): 12:00 Noon. JUNE 21 Mass: Father’s Day – Dzien Ojca. JULY 12 Mass: Parish founded July 14, 1872 – Annual picnic following mass. AUG. 9 Mass: Pray for the bounty of the Earth – Blessing of flowers and herbs. SEPT. 13 Mass: Our Lady of Sorrows. SEPT. 19 St. Albertus Music Festival 2:00 -

Your P.A.H.S.A. board of directors
The 2009-2010 P.A.H.S.A. board consists of the following: Matt Baka – president Sarah Hayball – vice-president Terry Manning – treasurer Celeste Grabowski – recording secretary Bob Duda – corresponding secretary Brian Baka – board member Jane Grabowski – board member Dave Grabowski – board member Jean Kulwicki – board member Rick Lapham – board member

2008 financial summary
Thanks to all you supporters of P.A.H.S.A. for the maintenance of St. Albertus Church. Many have given generously of their time, labor, and income. Our fundraising efforts have extended to a variety of cultural activities which have generated new interest in the church. The Tridentine masses that we held were well attended and we will add them to our calendar when dates are in place. The “Beauty Inspires” and memorial Brickpaver projects continue to draw interest. The year started with repairing the organ bellows which extended to repair of the console and now the pipe room. Plexiglas was replaced and secured to protect the stained glass. Tuck pointing the brick has started. The most costly project was the unexpected roof repairs because of the theft of the copper. The copper replacement cost over $23,000 which we are still making payments on. The robbery led us to spend more money on our security measures. A grant for the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund was obtained in July for the purpose of an architectural analysis of the church and developing a plan for repairs, a plan needed to obtain future grants. We needed to raise matching funds of $7,500 for the analysis by June 2009. At this time, because of the payments for the roof, we may have to return the grant and postpone the much needed assessment. We have faith and are

hopeful our efforts will continue to keep St. Albertus Church open as a spiritual and cultural center. Income: Fundraising and gift shop Donations and memberships Mass collections Rectory use Plates and bricks Total 2008 income Expenses: Repairs and maintenance Roof Church gas and electric Rectory gas and electric Water, phone, and outdoor lights Advertising and misc. Total 2008 expenses

Stained glass census
Long inspiring the P.A.H.S.A community, the stained glass windows of St. Albertus recently attracted the attention of the Michigan Stained Glass Census, part of a volunteer national program to record this fragile part of our cultural heritage. St. Albertus has been asked to participate in this documentation and the results will be archived with the Michigan State University Museum, the census affiliate in our state. MSU will make the information available to interested researchers. In addition to Old Testament subjects, St. Albertus has many windows with Polish themes that are of particular interest to the census. Although preliminary photography and identification of subjects has been done, volunteers are still needed to do written descriptions (of subject and material), data entry from the census forms into a database, and to provide copies of photographic prints to accompany the final submission. Your help is needed for this opportunity to learn more about the fascinating stories behind the windows as well as the craftsmanship of the church. No special background necessary, binoculars or opera glasses handy. A brief orientation meeting will be held this spring, before a one day on site working session after Memorial Day, when warm weather and sunny skies return. To volunteer, or for further information, please contact Megan Farrell, project coordinator at 989-832-5111 or <>.


9,313.25 16,680.00 12,976.75 12,650.00 4,325.00 $ 55,945.00

$ 30,099.57 15,700.00 12,930.35 9,338.01 1,387.14 7,380.65 $ 76,835.72

Help P.A.H.S.A. maintain St. Albertus
We have so many projects that need to be done: tuck pointing the brick work; removing the paint from the brick; fixing plaster on the church ceiling; replacing the rectory roof; organ repairs. Please help. P.A.H.S.A. is a 501 ( c ) (3) organization and thus any donation given to P.A.H.S.A. is tax deductible on your income tax. Please consider the following:  Becoming a P.A.H.S.A. member (form on page 4).  Remembering St. Albertus Church (P.A.H.S.A.) in your will.  Including St. Albertus Church (P.A.H.S.A.) as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy.  Participating in the “Its Beauty Inspires..” program. Donations to the “Its Beauty Inspires..” capital fundraising campaign can be made in installments (see website for details).  Participating in the improvement to the Blessed Virgin area between the church and rectory buildings (order forms available at the back of the church).  Giving a cash gift. Giving savings bonds.  Securities can be donated before selling them thus avoiding incurring capital gains tax. The donor can also generally deduct the fair market value of the securities at the time the gift was made up to the AGI (adjusted gross income) limitation. When a charity such as P.A.H.S.A. sells donated, appreciated securities, the capital gain escapes taxation up to the AGI percentage limits.  Real estate. Properties such as personal residence, vacation home, or land can be donated. Besides the tax benefits, this also avoids the inconvenience of selling that property yourself.  Donations of personal property such as art work and jewelry.  Cash donations at our masses and events. Consult your financial advisor for tax reduction details.

Services offered at St. Albertus
P.A.H.S.A. makes St. Albertus Church available for:  weddings  marriage vow renewals  memorial masses P.A.H.S.A. also makes St. Albertus Church available for:  recitals  lectures and other similar events (Note that such events must be in keeping with the spiritual and physical nature of St. Albertus Church and in compliance with the laws of the Catholic Church).

Hands-on help needed
Thank you for being involved in St. Albertus! The Polish American Historic Site Association is the nonprofit, all-volunteer organization maintaining, restoring, and running St. Albertus church today. Our volunteers clean the church, organize the events, plan the special masses, and fundraise for the future protection of this historic shrine. We can use your help! Our group is simply caring people who have seen a need and have come to the rescue. Some people have been involved for a long time, and some are new. We welcome everyone! Our time spent helping St. Albertus thrive is always worthwhile. We hope to see you at a future mass or special event. Would you like to be on any of the following committees?

      

Maintenance committee (Carpentry, masonry, electrical, general repairs, cement work, roofing, etc.) Publicity and fundraising committee (Contacting news media, posters and flyers, graphics, grant writing, etc.) Religious and cultural committee (Organizing events and presenting information relating to our Catholic and Polish American heritage.) Church cleaning committee Restoration committee (specific knowledge of restoration of artwork and historic buildings) Gardening committee (gardening, groundskeeping) Mailing committee

Saturday, June 6 at 4:00 P.M. Arriving from 12 th century Europe, the St. Albertus Everyman Players will present a dramatization of “EVERYMAN”! This highly esteemed drama will both entertain you and cleanse your soul. Come see Everyman deal with his mortality and arrive at the solution to the question – what is the meaning of life? This presentation is directed by Justin Vespers. While we won’t charge for attending the play, we gratefully accept donations - which are used to maintain and restore the buildings that make up the St. Albertus Historic District. After the play, there will be a kielbasa dinner for only $8.00 per person.

Maintenance update
Restoration work continues on the organ. Bellows and electrical connector components of the job were completed previously. Air flow has been redirected and work on the pipes continues. Maintenance of the boiler is an ongoing project. The water piping system is old and crumbling. We are fixing leaks as we find them. Thanks to Dave Grabowski for leading these projects.

P.A.H.S.A. truly wants and needs your help. Please call Bob Duda at 734.464.0076 to get involved. (Please restrict calling times to 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.)

Items needed
If you have any of the following items, in good condition but preferably new, please consider donating them to P.A.H.S.A.:  Photocopier machine – in good working order and large enough to handle a small business’s needs.  24” snowblower.  Rotary lawnmower.  Coffee, sugar packets, paper towels, hand soap, outside work gloves, garbage bags and dust pans (interior).

Further information
Contact Terry at 313.527.9321 or Jean at 313.664.0257if you have questions about P.A.H.S.A., St. Albertus Church, or our events. We also have a web site: We will now accept ads for your business. The rates per edition are: $ 100.00 for full page ad, $ 50.00 for a ½ page ad and $ 25.00 for a ¼ page ad. We print about 800 copies per edition. Thanks to Celeste Grabowski and Megan Farrell for their input. We will try to put out a newsletter 3 times per year. Please correct us if you find any misspelling of names or other inaccuracies - or if you don’t want to receive this newsletter. Contact me by sending a postcard/letter to: St. Albertus Rectory 4231 St. Aubin Detroit, MI 48207 ATTN. Bob Duda Bob Duda, Correspondence Secretary.

Beautiful pisanki (decorated eggs) offered for sale at the APAA office in Eastpointe at 23801 Gratiot (at the corner of Stephens). For more info call 586.778.9766 or visit their website at St. Hyacinth Parish is hosting an Easter Bunny breakfast on Sunday, April 5, 2009 from 8:30 - 12:30 in the school hall. Donation is $6.50 for adults and $3.00 for children. For more information call .313.922.1507.

Special Events at St. Albertus
Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 1:00 P.M. Travel backward to the medieval period to explore the architecture of cathedrals, Gothic chapels, and the objects found in them. The presentation will be given by Becky Hein of the Detroit Institute of Arts at Historic St. Albertus Church. Saturday, May 16 at 6:00 P.M. We will show the movie “Pan Tadeuz”. There is no admission charge. The movie is based on an epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz and depicts the Poles’ struggle for freedom in the early 19th century. The film was directed by the famous Polish director – Andrzej Wajda.

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