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The board of directors of the Myrna Loy Center met Monday, July 17th in the Myrna Loy Center at 7 PM. Present were President Bob Anderson, Leigh Bohn, Chip Clawson, Ellen Alborn, Toni Broadbent, Bev Gibson, Michelle Allen, Peter Bovingdon, Allen Lefohn, and Ali Sheppard. Also present were Ed Noonan, Virginia Niccoluci, and Mike Schechtman. Not present were Tim Speyer, Martin Holt, Alan Nicholson, and Hattie Jo Lehman. The minutes of the June 26th meeting were approved with corrections with Chip Clawson making the motion and Ellen Alborn seconding it. The motion carried. Ed Noonan presented the Interim Administrators report. The Helena Symphony has moved into its space at the Myrna Loy Center. Contracts with the Symphony, Les Benedict, and himself are being drawn up by Kim Beatty. NEA grant reports from previous years are required and Ed will ask Les to write them and submit them by August 31. The Bricks are in and new bricks are ordered. The telephone line restructuring is almost complete. Meetings are scheduled with Grandstreet and the Civic Center the first week of August. Ed described the events that took place at the Block Party. Highlights of the Block Party included the presence of children, new people at the Center, high school involvement, and the positive effects of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company Concert. Ed summarized the current status of the Ying Quartet performance and indicated that the Center being drawn into the event at the last minute has resulted in a very positive effort by people’s hard work. The Myrna and the Muses benefit will be a great night and it is important that it receive public awareness support from the Myrna Loy Center. Ed reminded the Board that its presence at both events would very much be appreciated. Ed described the financial difficulty associated with the Artisan Dance Theatre Benefit and Artist Group. The financial package suggested by Ed was approved by the Board for the theatre benefit. Ed reminded the Board of the Writer’s Night benefit that will take place on August 18. He mentioned that, Christian Swenson, Tom Harpole and the parlor Pickers benefit concert will take place on September 13. The Bill Miller concert will be performed


for $3,500 and Guy Klusevek will be paid $3,000 for the cancellation by the Myrna Loy Center of his performance. By the next Board meeting, Ed will have addressed the following items:  Job descriptions written;  Ready to implement staffing and hours by September 1: Les (3/4 time to full-time, Ed (fulltime for 11 months), ½ to ¾ time arts and community coordinator, ½ time fundraiser, and projectionists. Plans for the film intern should emerge soon;  Lay plans for aggressive film marketing and education that will be major emphasis from September 1 – December 31; and  Work with Program Committee to schedule an exciting short season starting in January 2001. After school arts program is being developed for once a week in conjunction with the Archie Bray Foundation and Holter Museum of Art. The age categories are below 8, 8-12, and 13-17. Press release strategy is needed and Ed will work with the Executive Committee. He is working with Mike Casey on the parking issue and hopes to establish a better parking policy that would allow greater parking flexibility that will result in additional times during the day for Myrna Loy Center performances and the use of the Center. Ed indicated that he would be on leave during the week of July 24-30 and that there were no performances scheduled for the week. Bob Anderson discussed the status of the Bylaws and suggested an ad hoc working group. Beverly Gibson, Peter Bovingdon, and Al Lefohn will work with Bob and Kim Beatty in suggesting appropriate language for modifying the Bylaws. The draft revisions will then be presented to the Board. There were no Executive Committee announcements. Ellen Alborn and Leigh Bohn presented the Finance Committee report. They presented the details of the budget and suggested that each committee provide them input regarding the income and expense categories and actual estimates. The budget will be placed on the Agenda for the next Board meeting. After a short discussion about two vehicles owned by the Myrna Loy Center, it was moved by Ellen Alborn and seconded by Ali Sheppard that Ed Noonan dispose of the two vehicles. The motion carried.


It was moved by Chip Clawson and seconded by Peter Bovingdon that Bob Anderson, Leigh Bohn, and Ellen Alborn be the individuals whose signatures will appear on the Money Market Account. The motion carried. Virginia Niccolucci summarized the Fundraising Committee activities. The MLC has raised $216,107 as of July 14. Of this amount, $186,979 is in cash and the remaining amount of $29,128 is in-kind donations. The Montana Logging and Ballet Company performance grossed $2,630. Michelle Allen presented the Fundraising Committee report. Michelle and Toni will be co-chairs of the committee until the end of August. The Fundraising Committee is presently working on its organizational structure. The division of responsibilities are:  Business: Ali Sheppard  Major Donors: Michelle Allen  Foundations: Ed Noonan Mike Schechtman presented the history of the proposal for securing funds for a Critical Analysis and Strategic Planning study. Mike suggested that the $15,000 grant from the Lora L. and Martin N. Kelley Family Foundation Trust be combined with a grant request of $15,000 from the Liz Claiborne & Art Ortenberg Foundation to fund the study. Mike suggested that a proposal letter be sent to the Liz Claiborne & Art Ortenberg Foundation to explore the interest of the Foundation in helping to fund such a study. In a motion proposed by Al Lefohn, it was moved that the Fundraising Committee prepare a proposal letter to the Foundation to explore the possibility of obtaining support for part of the Critical Analysis and Strategic Planning effort. Leigh Bohn seconded the motion. The motion carried. Mike will prepare a draft of the letter and circulate it to the Board and then prepare the final version for Bob Anderson’s signature. Michelle Allen discussed the status of the Major Donor Outreach Program. Assignments were discussed, as well as the plans for sending letters to the potential donors. Michelle asked each of the Board members to review the list and place their names next to the individuals on the list that they know and would like to visit. It was agreed that the Board members would return the list to Michelle. Michelle suggested 10 or more names per Board member. It was suggested that additional individuals in the community might be willing to visit the major donors.

Mike presented the status of the planning for the Ying Quartet reception. The reception will be held at Alan Nicholson’s office. The Board responsibilities for greeting the individuals invited to the reception were discussed. Chip Clawson presented the Program Committee report. The first Program Committee meeting will be July 24 and a second meeting will take place on July 31. Al Lefohn, Peter Bovingdon, Chip Clawson, and individuals from the community will meet on July 24 at the Myrna Loy Center at 7 PM. Al Lefohn presented the status of the web site and the ProTix computer situation. The number of visits to the web site has been increasing steadily and averages approximately 300 visits a week. The most popular web pages are the Events and Film web pages. Al indicated that Tina Hatch of Prologue had successfully accessed the data within the computer and had transferred the information to him for inclusion in the Myrna Loy Center database. Additional databases have been transferred to Al and he is presently working with staff members to develop an overall strategy for database management that will serve both the Program and Fundraising Committees, as well as other groups and staff within the Myrna Loy Center. The next meeting will occur at the Myrna Loy Center on August 7th at 7 PM. The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 PM. Approved (date): ____________________________________


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