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									BLACKSTONE-MILLVILLE YOUTH BASKETBALL LEAGUE Meeting Minutes October 21, 2008 *** *** *** *** Attendees: David Buteau, Don Cox, Kimberly Peloquin, Michael Peloquin, Dennis Green, Robert Wolford, and Mark Rolleri *** *** *** *** Player Registration Update by Bob Wolford. To date we have 72 players signed up. Bob will Email out a list of current players registered (done) so that each Division Director can compare last years registration list (handed out at today’s meeting by David) against this year’s and contact last year’s players who have not signed up this year. Sponsor Update: Dean Bank (Existing) and Unibank (new) have signed up to be team sponsors during our 2008-09 year. Phil please have the following sponsors on our website. Dean Bank, Unibank, Shumaker Painting, ANP Blackstone Energy, Park-N-Shop, Attorney Bill Ryan, Tellstone Garage, Thrifty Discount Liquor, B&M Landscape. Also, please make sure the following URL’s are linked onto our website. www.deanbank.com --www.unibank.com - - - www.parknshop.net - - - www.attorneybillryan.com - - David will get a list of sponsors who have been mailed a letter to Kim and Mike. Bob Wolford will speak to Blackstone Garage. Tee Shirts: League voted to accept re-quote from Boston Team Sports to provide game tee shirts for our players. If the league has the funds it was discussed that we would supply each coach with a long sleeve tee shirt the same color as their team with the “BMYBL Coach” printed in small letters on the front. Coaching Clinic: Per Ethan, it is a go for November 13th from 6PM to 7:30PM at the high school. Action item for division directors to contact coaches and potential coaches to make them aware of this league service.

Millville: Getting the word out to Millville. Mark Rolleri, a Millville resident, will submit a notice onto Millville’s cable TV station that the league is now accepting registrations.

League Rules: Currently the league has a general 2005 league rules form on our website. This will be replaced by each Division’s set of rules. Fall Clinic: It appears as if we have about 12 players for middle school boys, 10 players for high school boys and 8 girls. First Aid: Discussed that the league should have one first aid kit for each gym. David to contact Jim Laren about bulk rate ice packs. Library Sign Up: We will have one more Library sign up day. To be held November 22nd from 11:00 to 1:30 in the BIG room. Fundraising Director: Mark Rolleri has volunteered to join the board as Fundraising Director. Board voted their approval. Welcome Mark and more importantly thank you for volunteering! Mark will lead us through our 2008-09 fundraising activities such as Shoot-A-Thon and 3 on 3 tournament. Phil, please add Mark’s Email address to our website under fundraising director and board. Thank you. Three On Three: As discussed in earlier meeting we are thinking about a Three on Three basketball tournament to be held the first Saturday of April. New idea brought up would be a three on three basketball league for late August, September and October to be held outdoors.

College Ball Game trip: Dennis Green looked at the Holy Cross schedule and a Saturday evening game on December 27th seems to be our best fit.

Registration Forms: Mike and David will get registration forms to 3,4,5th graders at MES, JFK and AFM. We now have permission to do so. Action item for David to find out how many children are in those grades. Notice Sheets: Notice sheets regarding league sign ups handed out to board members. Asked to hang up at any local place they visit frequently. David has put one up at White Hen Pantry already. Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for November 10th 6:30PM at the library. David will set up.

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