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									                          Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work for Boost Contact?

Yes, I am in Authorized Sales Rep for the company.

Can I call the company and verify you work for them?

Yes, the number is 1-888-788-5638 and my Agent ID is

How much will this cost?

The cost is only $99 per month and that is for a 100% unlimited plan: Unlimited number of subscribers AND
unlimited messages/promos every month. The one-time set up fee is $___

Does my cell phone bill go up if I use this?

No, the Boost SMS system is not connected to or associated with your cellular account is any way whatsoever.

Do my customers get charged to receive my SMS messages?

Your customers opt-in to your list by sending a text to your keyword shortcode first. There is never any cost
incurred by you or them from them joining your list. Most cellular carriers have unlimited text messaging
service, however if your customer pays for text messages on a per message basis, then each time they receive
one of your messages that is the only cost they incur.

Do I have to start asking my customers for their cell phone numbers? I don’t have time for
that and/or I don’t think my customers will like that.

No, manually collecting or asking customers for cell phone numbers is not necessary at all. Your Account
Manager will show you the best “non-intrusive” methods to build your subscriber list quickly and with
customers and prospects voluntarily joining (“opting in”) your list. A simple example would be to put a small
sign near the point of purchase that says “Get 2 for 1 on your next visit by texting: saletoday to 368674”.

Is there a contract?

There is no long-term contract. Our services are billed month-to-month and a customer can cancel at any
time. Our Services Agreement explains everything in plain English.

Is there a cheaper plan?

The only plan Boost offers is an Unlimited Plan that costs only $99 per month and there are no other costs
ever. It is a fixed cost plan so you never have to worry about surprises.
What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our services are billed month-to-month and a customer can cancel at
any time.

Do I need a computer to use it?

No, it is possible to send your broadcasts with any cell phone. There are no costs incurred and this process
would not involve you cell phone account in any way. The 2 are not associated.

Where do I go to set it up?

The Rep can sign up the business and get the account set up or the business can go directly to with the ACCESS CODE and sign up there as well.

Can you just set this all up for me?

Yes, the home office can get the account all set up. All we need is to get the Services Agreement signed and
the method of payment in place and we will take care of everything else.

How many people can I send to?

It is unlimited as to the number of subscribers you have and the number of messages you send them. We
suggest you do send messages out in a prudent manner as you would not want to irritate your subscribers.

If I cancel, do I get to have the telephone numbers of my subscribers?

Due to U.S. privacy laws, the subscriber phone numbers cannot be released.

Is my only way of paying to pay by credit card?

No, you can pay by check. We have a simple form for that.

What keyword do I pick?

Pick a keyword that matches your business. If your business name is short and simple, that would be a logical
choice. We ask that you give us your top 2 preferences and we will take it from there. The company has
specialists that will help you determine the best available keyword for your business.

Can I have more than one Keyword?

You can have multiple accounts at $99 each which would each have a different keyword.
What number will people text my keyword to?

The number will be assigned when your keyword is determined, as the keyword will be specific to that short
code number.

Who I do make checks payable to?

Make checks payable to Boost Local Media Services.

How long does it take to get set-up?

Once payment is completed it will take approximately 2 business days to set-up everything.

When I send a broadcast does it have to go out to everyone or can I send to
a small group?

Yes, it is broadcast everyone in your list unless you setup a sub-keyword and capture numbers through the
sub-keyword promotion. Your Account Manager will walk you through that process.

Do you include third-party advertisements in the text messages my prospects receive?

Absolutely not. Your keyword and your subscribers are for your exclusive use and benefit.

Is the BOOST name or logo featured on any of my Text Messages my subscribers will see?

No. Your keyword and your subscribers are for your exclusive use and benefit.

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