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DOC #: TG03
DATE: 2/1/2012

PROBLEM: SQL 2000 (MSDE) will not install during the CardAccess
3000 installation (CardAccess 3000 V2.5.16 and earlier).

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Quick Reference Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Verify the computer meets the recommended computer specifications.
    Refer to the Continental Website (www.cicaccess.com). Click Support
    and Click Document library for appropriate computer specifications.

  • Verify the CardAccess 3000 host has FULL Local
    ADMINISTRATOR permissions. If the computer is on a domain,
    remove it from the domain.

  • Verify the firewall is disabled in Services on XP and Server 2003. Do
    not disable the firewall on Windows 7 and Server 2008. The firewall
    on Windows 7 and Server 2008 must be started and all ports must be
    unblocked (Allowed).
• Configure the “All Users” group for “Full Control” on the
  CardAccess 3000 folder.

• Verify there are no other instances of MSDE or SQL 2000 on the
  computer. There can be a conflict with a component of Microsoft
  Office that uses MSDE. If Microsoft Office is installed, uninstall it
  and determine if the problem is corrected.

• Verify the “Server” service is running in “Services”.

• Prior to starting another CardAccess 3000 installation, delete all the
  files in the “temp” folder. Click “Start/Run”, type “%temp%” and
  click “OK”. All the files in the “Temp” folder will display. Delete all
  the files (Some of these file may be in use, and you will not be able to
  delete them).

• If the computer has a 64 bit operating system on it, you must be
  using CardAccess 3000 V2.8.x. Versions prior to this do not contain
  the correct SQL for 64 bit computers.

• SQL MUST be installed with MIXED AUTHENTICATION mode.

• Do not copy SQL databases without detaching them first. Never
  Pause SQL to copy database files.
Detailed Troubleshooting Tips:

  1) SQL user and password information- Throughout the development
  of the CardAccess 3000, the SQL user and password that the CardAccess
  3000 uses has changed. The CardAccess 3000 creates and uses a SQL
  user with the name of “cic”.

     Refer to the information below for SQL user information:.

     V2.0.25      sa = blank                    cic=cic

     V2.3.x       sa = blank                    cic=cic

     V2.5.x       sa = blank                    cic=cic

     V2.6.X       sa= cic                       cic= cic

     V2.7.19      sa = cic                      cic= cic

     V2.7.26      sa = cic!23456789             cic=cic!23456789

     V2.8.x       sa = Cic!23456789             cic = Cic!23456789

  2) Below are Maximum SQL file sizes for different SQL versions:

  SQL 2000 (msde) = 2 gig
  SQL 2000 (Full version) = Unlimited

  SQL 2005 (sql express) = 4 gig
  SQL 2005 (Full version ) = 16 Terabytes

  SQL 2008 (sql express) = 4 gig
  SQL 2008 (Full version) = 16 Terabytes
SQL 2008 R2 (sql express) = 10 gig
SQL 2008 R2 (Full version) = 16 Terabytes

Note: There are different recovery modes in SQL. We recommend
using the “Simple” mode. This setting determines how much log
information is written to the log file. If the other recovery modes
are used in regard to the Transaction log, the log files get very

3) MSDE is the equivalent of the SQLExpress in newer version of
   SQL. These versions of SQL are installed from the CardAccess
   3000 CD.

4) A database consists of two files. The .mdf (Data) file and the .ldf
   (Log) file.

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