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									 Tri-State Area Council, Inc.
   Boy Scouts of America
     823 Adams Avenue
    Huntington, WV 25704

               KANAWHA TRACE
               50TH ANNIVERSARY HIKE
               12-13-14 OCTOBER 2012

                    Final Update and Registration

        This is the final information package for the 50th Anniversary Hike.
Included are new maps of the Kanawha Trace, maps to the Trailhead at Wildcat,
Blackjack, the end of the trail, and registration and order forms. A laminated set of
maps of the entire trail will be issued to groups as they start or may be picked up in
advance at the Council Service Center. Also included in this final mailing is a roster
that must be turned in before you start hiking. This form to be filled out in
duplicate. It is extremely important to turn in an absolutely correct and complete
roster of all participants, both hikers and workers, as we have to account for
literally hundreds of youth and leaders over a 30-mile stretch of trail running
through three counties. Final updates on trail routing or hazards will be made as
groups start and are issued their maps.
        There have been some questions regarding various elements of the weekend.
I will try to answer these questions as completely as possible. I will also cover some
salient administrative items as well.

   Some units and individuals have asked whether they may hike part or
    parts of the trail prior to the Anniversary weekend and still get the
    anniversary awards. The answer is yes, so long as you finish the hike
    within a four-day maximum period to conclude on the Anniversary
    weekend. The special anniversary awards will only be available on
    the Anniversary weekend, including the 3” patch that will be available
    to hikers on the Family Camp and Fall Hike also occurring on the 13th
    of October. This hike is tied to the Anniversary as part of the hike
    will be on the Kanawha Trace. Hopefully, through hikers and day
    hikers will both be on the trail during that period.
   Patches, medals and possibly clothing items are available on a first
    come first serve basis. We will order additional items if required to
    do so, with a 3-4 week turn around. To this point, 250 patches will be
    ordered and 250 medals will be on hand. There will also be previous
    anniversary patches on hand for sale. These are only sold on
    Anniversary events and in limited numbers as they continue to be
    purchased through the years. Some years are no longer available.
   As in past years, the 4H group on Barkers Ridge will be selling
    snacks, hot dogs, and drinks on the trail where it crosses Barkers
    Ridge, specifically the forks of Barker’s Ridge Road, about mile 14.8.
    This is a way to meet your Saturday lunch needs and help provide
    income to another worthwhile group. We would encourage everyone
    to avail themselves of this opportunity. Many of these 4H members
    and leaders are also land owners along the trail and have
    demonstrated their support of Scouting and the Kanawha Trace for
    many years. This is another way of thanking them as well. There
    will also be water and portable toilet at this point. There will also be a
    first-aid station at this point with particular focus on foot care. This
    station will be manned by members of the Cabell-Huntington Medical
    Reserve Corps and will have two registered nurses and an EMT on
   Groups, starting on Friday the 12th need to be aware that darkness
    will occur earlier, as the fall season moves on us. The distance from
    the Wildcat Creek trailhead to Camp Arrowhead is a little over four
    miles. It is possible that groups may find themselves in darkness if
    they start much later than 5pm. It is the responsibility of all leaders
    and groups to accordingly “BE PREPARED”. We will cruise that
    section of the trail to make sure that everyone is safely off the trail,
    but we will not be able to provide individual unit guides for every
    group. We are asking all groups, even those starting on Friday to start
    at Wildcat. This to avoid the heavy traffic and congestion at the
    normal start of the trail at the junction of Merritts Creek and Old
    Mud River Road. Please observe the traffic pattern that will have
    units traveling in a clockwise route into [Wildcat Road] and out [Old
    Mud River Road] of the start point. This will set up a one-way
    pattern to limit passing problems on the narrow access roads. This is
    especially important as some units may be pulling trailers. Please
    cooperate in this matter. The traffic /start map is provided in this
    final package.

   A reminder, that if units need help in transporting gear to Blackjack
    please let the service center know. Try to keep gear and vehicles to a
    minimum. Space is at a minimum at Blackjack for non-four wheel
    drive vehicles and, if it is wet, even 4wd vehicles may have problems
    getting in and out of the campground.
   A reminder, units ordering the meal package must have their order
    into the service center no later than close of business on the 8th of
    October. We recognize that your numbers will fluctuate, but other
    groups will probably offset them. We have to have as good a count as
    you can provide, to order and prepare food. If you have requirements
    for special dietary needs please let us know prior to the 8th so that we
    may accommodate those needs.
   Unit leaders should be aware of any medical conditions and
    medications that may impact a youth member or adult over the
    weekend. Please make sure that you and your youth are medically
    prepared. Medical response in remote areas of the trail will take
    time! Advance coordination has been made with emergency response
    authorities in Cabell, Mason, and Putnam Counties.
   We will have radio-equipped guides on the trail during the entire
    weekend. They will be there to monitor and assist, as needed, and to
    provide a means of tracking movement on the trail. We will also
    provide a cell phone number for the weekend so that those having cell
    phones will have a way of communicating in the event of an
    emergency. I would point out; there will be areas where cell phones
    will not have service because of terrain obscuration of the signal.
   There will be on the trail checkpoints operated, as noted on the
    registration sheets. All hikers must check in at these points. We
    cannot over emphasis the need to account for everyone. Please
    cooperate in the matter. Try to keep your group together. Almost
    certainly, there will be individuals who will run ahead or fall behind.
    We all need to watch out for everyone on the trail. The whole body of
    hikers on the anniversary weekend is one trail community. If you see
    someone needing help or assistance, render it. If someone from a
    leading group falls back into your group, temporarily pick them up
    on your roster. If someone joins your group at a faster pace, note it
    on your roster and identify them. This will help to track everyone. If
    you are planning on starting at some other point than Wildcat or
    Camp Arrowhead you must provide that information to us and
    arrange to have a totally accurate hike roster provided to us. This
    may be done by providing it to the Council Service Center or calling it
    in to the provided cell number at the earliest possible moment cell
    service is available. The cell number for the event will be available
    when you start on Saturday morning.
   You will probably encounter dogs along the way that will want to
    become part of this great adventure. Try to run them off. If you
    cannot accomplish this then note where they start following you so
    that we can return them. We don’t want anyone’s pet to be lost or
    run over. Don’t let your kids encourage animals by feeding them or
    petting them.

   We will be at the start of the trail on Saturday morning the 13th of
    October, prior to first light, approximately 0545. No group will be
    permitted to start before first light and confirmation of their roster.
    We will insert radio guides at intervals, with one of our guides being
    near the beginning of the column and one of our guides as the
    absolute last person on the trail sweeping up stragglers. Typically, the
    column will be as long as five miles or more at some point in the day.
    The average hiking time from Wildcat to Blackjack is nine and one
    half hours. No group will be permitted to start the trail from Wildcat
    later than 9:30AM. We will be able to pickup individuals that may not
    be able to continue. 99.9% of the people hiking will make it. Work to
    encourage and motivate your youth. We know that many of you have
    been conducting practice hikes. Great!!!
   Anyone wanting to assist by manning a checkpoint or helping to guide
    please contact the service center [304-523-3408] or Frank Geer at
   Meals will be served for Saturday supper starting about 5:30-6:00 PM
    and run until everyone is off the trail and accounted for. Sunday
    breakfast will be served on a “to order” basis beginning at 7:00 AM
    and run until all have been fed. We will try to have groups underway
    between 8:30Am and 10:00 Am. This will stagger arrivals at the end
    of the Trail. The Sunday trail lunch and drinks will be issued and
    consumed at about mile 26.85 where the trail leaves the road and
    enters the woods prior to Lookout Point.
   The tentative menu: Sat supper is roast, seasoned/barbequed chicken,
    green beans, corn, baked beans, seasoned red potatoes, rolls/bread,
    and drinks. Sunday breakfast will be eggs to order, scrambled, fried
    omelets, sausage, bacon, biscuits, sausage gravy, pancakes, syrup,
    milk, juice, assorted cereals, fruit. Sunday Trail Lunch, to be issued
    at mile 26.85, sandwich, mixed chips, candy bar, fruit, drinks. Water
    will be available at most road crossings and will be provided more
    often depending on temperatures. A REMINDER TO ALL
   The trail for the Anniversary Weekend will end at the Point where the
    trail crosses 5&20 Mile Creek just beyond Mile 30. This is to avoid
    traffic on old US 35 at the end of the trail. Typical hiking time on the
    backside of the trail is five hours. Your group should arrive
    approximately five hours after they leave Blackjack School. You
    should time your arrival accordingly. The world has been turned
    upside down with the construction of the new US 35 at the end of the
    trail, pay close attention to the maps that we are providing on how to
    get to the end of the trail.
   Awards will be issued at the end of the trail. In the event that there
    are not enough awards available, an immediate reorder will be placed

       on Monday with delivery to units or individuals as soon as humanly
       possible. Each medal will be individually numbered.
      Portable toilets will be available at Blackjack and on Barkers Ridge.
       Water will be available at Camp Arrowhead, Eagles Nest Shelter,
       Barkers Ridge, Blackjack, and the lunch site on Sunday. We ask that
       all units haul away there own garbage. We will provide cans for food
       and meal generated trash. Statutory fire season will be in effect, as
       such; we ask that fires at Blackjack be keep to a minimum. Smoking
       is not an approved activity on Scouting events and during fire season
       extreme caution should be observed.
      Camping along the trail will be only at designated or previously
       approved sites. The designated sites for the Anniversary hike are
       Camp Arrowhead, Eagles Nest Shelter, and Blackjack. Any other site
       will require permission. Groups are responsible for their own shelter.
       Special requests for tentage will be accepted if placed by the 8th of
       October. The tents will be delivered to Blackjack. You will need to
       set the tents up yourself.
      The hike will go regardless of the weather. The only exception would
       be flooding or snow conditions that would preclude travel along the
      All groups are responsible for their own personnel transportation.
       Some limited assistance may be provided on special request, for
       example someone hiking in one day on Saturday.
      Groups utilizing gear transport assistance must SECURELY tag or
       label their gear by name and unit number. We will have a truck and
       trailer at the start of the trail on Saturday. Please ensure that your
       request is in by the 8th of October. Gear also will be transported to
       the end of the trail, if required.
      Observe the Scout Oath and Law along the trail. Please do not litter
       or damage fences or other property. If you accidentally cause damage
       report it so that it may be quickly repaired. We continue to enjoy this
       trail because of the graciousness of the many landowners along the
       route. The Kanawha trace is a very unique trail, in that it is totally
       located on private property. If you have the opportunity to meet or
       talk with landowners be sure to thank them for their kindness
      Finally, we will be sharing the woods with hunters; we would
       recommend the use of some blaze orange in each group. Word has
       been passed to the community so we do not expect many hunters to be
       along the trail.

The list of anniversary associated costs and options are as follows:
1. Registration/Trail maintenance fee [required]………………………....$.50
2. Special Anniversary Medal [optional]……………………………… $10.50
3. Special Anniversary Patch [optional] 6 inch diameter…………….....$8.50
4. Special Anniversary Patch [optional] 3 inch diameter……………….$3.00
5. Meal Package, Sat Dinner, Sunday Breakfast, Trail Lunch[opt.].....$15.00
6. There will also be anniversary clothing available [optional], long and
   short sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweat shirts and moisture wicking shirts.
   The prices on these items will range from $12 - $25. These prices are

          based on current estimates. Prices are impacted by quantities ordered
          and materials selected.
       7. A final note to unit leaders. Our policy has always been that no boy will
          be denied a medal or patch due to legitimate limited family financial
          circumstances. You need only to let the registrars at the end of the trail
          know and the matter will be dealt with confidentially.
       8. The anniversary medal will have a gold colored ribbon denoting the
          “golden” anniversary of the trail. Additionally there will be a single
          miniature arrowhead pin gilded in 24 carat gold attached to the ribbon.
          This is a nod to the fact that all hikers on the opening hike of the
          Kanawha trace in 1962 had a miniature “silver” arrowhead attached to
          their ribbon. The 24 carat gold leaf was donated and its cost is not
          reflected in the cost of the medallion.

     The trail is in superb condition. While we did suffer extensive damage during
the storm in June, we were able to clear the trail in time for the 50K and 10K
Anniversary runs in July. Many groups and individuals worked to make this
happen. There are many new features and structures on the trail since the 45 th
anniversary hike, to include, the 238 foot long pedestrian tunnel under US 35 in
Putnam County and six new bridges, three of them eagle projects, and three large
bridges, Big Cabell Creek, Bear Hollow Creek, and Barnett Branch, funded by the
Federal Highways Recreational Trails Program administered by the West Virginia
Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.

     If you have any further questions or suggestion please contact the Council
Service Center [304-523-3408] or Frank Geer [304-638-3440]. Look forward to
seeing all of you on the hike!

                     Charlie Dundas, [304-654-9153]


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