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					Case Study: Mercedes-Benz
 Case Study: Kalunga

                            “Using Campaign Commander has
                            significantly improved the effectiveness
                            of our email marketing. Our messages
                            are now more relevant and provide
                            greater sales opportunities.’’

“Campaign Commander makes it simple for us to
segment large amounts of customer data and deliver
highly targeted, automated campaigns that lead to
significant increases in customer engagement.’’
Case Study: Kalunga

Kalunga™, Brazil’s largest office supplies distributor uses Campaign
Commander™ to deliver targeted email marketing and grow conversion.
Challenges                                                        The Challenge
• Eliminate manual process of creating and scheduling email       Customer retention is at the heart of’s marketing
  campaigns                                                       strategy and email provides an important communication
• Create more advanced email marketing campaigns based            channel for the business to engage with their online community
  on customer responses                                           of consumers and business customers. However, Kalunga.
                                                                  com’s email marketing was not proving to be effective enough.
• Segment customer database to send more relevant offers          Too many of their emails were not targeted and opportunities to
• Monitor performance of campaigns                                convert sales were missed. Without segmentation capabilities
                                                                  or campaign performance reports on deliverability or customer
                                                                  engagement,’s email marketing platform did not
Key Achievements                                                  enable them to engage customers effectively and determine
• Doubled open rates due to more targeted approach                the results of their email campaigns. In addition, the process
• Grew conversion rate by 137%                                    of creating email campaigns was resource intensive, typically
                                                                  requiring 3 days of preparation.
• Saved marketing resource with automated campaign       needed a flexible platform with automated
  management capability                                           campaign management, robust reporting and the ability to
• Improved deliverability                                         support advanced email marketing features such as triggered
Emailvision Product
• Campaign Commander for Email Marketing                          The Emailvision Solution
                                                                  Working closely with Emailvision’s client services and account
                                                                  management teams quickly identified key areas
                                                                  to enhance the performance of their email marketing. As a
About Kalunga                                                     starting point, Emailvision helped to improve
Founded in 1972 by ex-traveling salesman and entrepreneur         their deliverability by recommending a programme of data
Damian Garcia, Kalunga began as a small stationery store in       cleansing and regular refreshes of their database. This
Vila Mariana, south of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Forty years later,    initiative led to a reduction in hard and soft bounces across
Kalunga is now Brazil’s largest distributor of stationery and’s email campaigns.
office supplies with over 80 stores nationwide. In addition       Using Campaign Commander’s segmentation feature,
to the business’ retail stores, Kalunga has a unique multi- can now gain customer insights and create
channel offering which consists of an online store, Kalunga.      more relevant messages, which increase engagement with
com, as well as an offline division focused on serving both the   their brand and grow sales. The business also uses triggered
corporate and public sector.                                      campaigns to capitalize on opportunities for ongoing
                                                                  communication with customers based on events such as
“Using Campaign Commander has significantly improved              birthdays.
the effectiveness of our email marketing. We now have             By working with Emailvision to develop a targeted approach to
the ability to create relevant messages to our customers          their email marketing, saw a substantial return
that increase customer engagement and provide greater             on their investment. Open rates doubled and conversion rates
sales opportunities - all without needing to dedicate             increased by 137%. In addition,’s marketing team
substantial marketing resource. In the future, we plan to         has saved significant resource due to Campaign Commander’s
create more intelligent and sophisticated campaigns that          campaign automation capability.
are even more relevant to our customers.”                         In the future, aims to work with Emailvision to
                                                                  segment their customers by profession and develop more
Felipe Algazi                                                     personalized and intelligent campaigns. This will enable the
Head of Marketing                                                 business to grow sales by positioning relevant products and
Kalunga                                                           services according to the different needs of their customers



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