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					                                              SPACE 7

SPACE 7                                                                        Our premier rooftop space, big enough for full-scale music-theatre
                                                                               with a fine acoustic for text work. Fully equipped with goods lift
                                                                               access for the most demanding work in a fantastic, relaxed ambience.

Facilities and Technical specifications                                        16.1m x 15.6m x 4.8m* to grid              53’ x 51' x 16’* to grid
                                                                               (*3.2m to side bulkheads)                  (10’6” to side bulkheads)
                                                                               Sprung floor (with Harlequin Fiesta surface)
                                                                               Mirrors (with curtains) across full width of room
                                                                               Air-conditioning/warm-air heating
                                                                               Blackout curtains + adjustable sunshade louvres
                                                                               1 x Strand Act 6+ Dimmer Rack & LX 12 or 18 board available
                                                                               5 x transverse lighting bars; 6 sockets per bar; will take flying rig
                                                                               Acoustically balanced for music & text
                                                                               Piano (can be played through speaker system)
                                                                               Bose sound system:
                                                                                   6 x Bose 402 MkII Speakers
                                                                                   1 x Cloud AX6 Multichannel amplifier (6 x 150 watts)
                                                                                   1 x Bose B1500 Power amplifier
                                                                                   1 x Bose DSP System equalizer and crossover
                                                                                   1 x DBX 166 Stereo Compressor Limiter
                                                                                   1 x Stage Line Audio Mixer
                                                                                   1 x Marantz Pro-CD Player
                                                                                   1 x Yamaha DVD/CD/MP3 player + iPod dock
                                                                                   1 x Input Patch - 2 x Phono (stereo pair); 1 x stereo jack

                                                                               Production Office 7 available (long-term bookings only) with
                                                                               ‘phone/broadband connection

Space 7 Prices (ex-VAT)                                                        Hire Period                       Weekdays                   Exclusive
                                                                                                                 (8 hours)                  9am-9pm w/days
                                                                                                                                            10am-6pm w/ends

Hourly: £49.80 (£67.23 w/ends)                                                 Daily                                     £378                     £538
NB: This is the full rehearsal tariff which applies to all performing arts
rehearsal or development activity. Substantial subsidies may be available to
                                                                               Daily (Business Rate)                     £756                     £1076
young & emerging artists and rates will be tailored to the scale of the
project and its funding – click here for more information
                                                                               5-day week (Mon-Fri)                      £1793                    £2390
Hourly Business Rate: £99.60
All business bookings (e.g. meetings, conferences, events commercial classes   6-day week (Mon-Sat)                      £2032                    £2540
and film/photographic shoots) taking place in Space 7 are normally charged
double the rehearsal rates shown.
                                                                               7-day week (Mon-Sun)                      £2231                    £2649

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