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									                               2012 PIPERS BY THE LAKE
                                  SPRINGFEST MARKET
                                10.00am to 4.00pm. Sunday November 4, 2012
                                  Lake Foreshore, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat
                                  Stallholder Enquiries: Kate Burrows, Mobile: 0400 148 787
                                           Email: stalls@ballaratspringfest.com.au
                                       P0 Box 452, Ballarat Vic 3350. Fax 03 53313 3031

                         STALLHOLDER REGISTRATION KIT
The Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc welcomes your registration for Pipers by the Lake SpringFest Market Sunday, the feature event held
as part of the 2011SpringFest Season of Events. Rotary is an international humanitarian organisation which “encourages and
fosters the ideal of service as the basis of worthy enterprise.” All monies raised from SpringFest events help fund Rotary-based
community projects and many worthy local charities in the Ballarat region.

Despite the challenging weather conditions we all faced at SpringFest Market Sunday in 2011 the event was deemed an
overwhelming success. Our stallholders were brave, facing the cool wet conditions of the early morning with gusto and were
rewarded with a consistent crowd by mid morning keen to visit stallholders and view the wonderful array of wares and goods for
sale. Just over 300 stallholders supported the 2011 event and generally reported good sales for the day. The Rotary Club of
Ballarat Inc SpringFest Committee sincerely thanks the stallholders who continued to support the event and work through the
challenging conditions.

Some key features of the 2012 event that may be of interest to our stallholders will include;
 The traditional site layout incorporating a good mix of stalls around the entire Lake foreshore precinct (6km walking track) will
   be maintained. Additional sites have been added to cater for increased demand.
 The management of the event will continue to be completed by the Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc. Stallholders will have one point
   of contact via our Stallholder Coordinator, Kate Burrows providing consistency to communication in the lead up to the event.
 We are investigating opportunities to provide and / or encourage;
        - the return of the RAAF Roulette Aerobatic Team
        - Dragon boat regatta on Lake Wendouree facilitated by Dragon Boats Victoria (Area 12)
        - Multicultural festival showcasing various cultures through dance, arts, produce and food (area 11)
        - LeisureFest displays comprising pools, caravan & camping, garden, landscaping etc. (area 13)
     The Pipers by the Lake, SpringFest Market Sunday event will provide a host of attractions to compliment your stalls and
     ensure there is something to suit the interests of our visitors of all ages.

 Stallholders from 2011 have the exclusive opportunity to re-book the same site they operated from last year, without site fee
  increase between March 1 & May 1, 2012. From May 2, 2012 site fee increases will apply and all bookings will be allocated in
  order of application.
 Stallholders who cancelled sites and did not support the event in 2011, do not have first right of refusal on the cancelled site.
 Site fees are not refunded in the event of cancellations.
 Stallholders are permitted access to the site from 7am Sunday November 4, 2012 for set up. Stallholders must trade /
  operate from 10am – 4pm. Stallholders are permitted to close stall and commence packing up from 4pm.
 All stall sites around Lake Wendouree have a 6-metre frontage and a 6-metre depth. Displays and equipment associated with
  your stall (inclusive of guide ropes and display vehicles) must be kept within this space.

                                                                              SpringFest Market Sunday Registration Guidelines & Information
 Some equipment including marquees, trestles and chairs can be included as part of your site package if ordered at the time of
  booking & will be sourced from a local hire company and delivered to your site by the organisers. (see Registration form for
  more detail & costs) Alternatively stallholders are reminded that they must provide all equipment needed for their own site and
  display. This includes items such as gazebos, tables, chairs, wet weather coverings, water buckets, power leads etc. Ballarat
  Party Hire may be able to assist with additional needs. Phone 03 5335 5200. Please note there is no water available for use at
  the site.
 MARQUEES. For stallholders who wish to hire a marquee package you will note there are options are only for weighted
  marquees. In All areas weighted marquees must be used.
  Area 1 & 2 – weighted marquees only
  Area 3A, 3B & 4 – weighted marquees only
  Area 5 – weighted marquees only
  Area 6 –weighted marquees only
  Area 7 & 8 – weighted marquees only
  Area 9 – weighted marquees only
  Area 10 – 12 weighted marquees only
  Area 13 – weighted marquees only

 PRIVATE GAZEBOS. Stallholders are reminded that the same conditions with pegs apply to private gazebos. Water & sand
  filled weights can be made at home or purchased from retailers like BCF.
 Stallholders are responsible for clearing and cleaning their site area at the conclusion of the event.
 All products sold on the day are to be of high quality – trash & treasure will not be accepted.
 The Rotary Club of Ballarat Inc has the exclusive right to raffles at this event and will sell tickets for the SpringFest Trailer
  & Goods prize. No other raffles or games of chance will be permitted without the prior approval of the SpringFest
  Committee. The SpringFest Committee reserves the right to remove non-approved raffle sellers from the designated
  SpringFest permit area, which encompasses the entire Lake Wendouree area from Lake edge to the far side of Wendouree
  Parade between 10am – 4pm on Sunday November 4, 2012.
 A receipt and site map will be forwarded to you two weeks prior to the event.
 The SpringFest committee reserves the right to refuse entry or to close down a stall (without refund) if these guidelines and
  regulations are not met.

 The Ballarat City Council recognises current Food Act registrations of businesses from other Victorian municipalities when
  attending events in Ballarat. Operation under these provisions is dependent upon the food business providing notification of
  their intention to sell food in our municipality, in this case at Springfest in November 2012, and demonstrating that they have a
  current Food Act registration in their own municipality by providing copies to the Environmental Health Unit. These provisions
  apply to Victorian food businesses only. Any interstate food business intending to sell food at Springfest must apply for a
  one-off registration which requires completion of a ‘Food Act Application Form’ and payment of a registration fee, which can be
  completed by contacting the Environmental Health Unit on (03) 5320 5702, after which time they will be issued with a Food Act
  registration certificate.
  Council’s Authorised Officers will be conducting random inspections throughout this event to check compliance with these
  provisions. Any business who fails to demonstrate they have a current Food Act registration by producing it on-site upon
  request, will be considered to be operating an unregistered food premises and as such will be required to cease providing food
  for sale immediately..
  Should you be unsure about any of the above requirements, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit on
  (03) 53205702 prior to the event to discuss.

 Stallholders offering sales and tastings of alcohol are reminded that they too must hold BOTH a food permit with the City of
  Ballarat and a Temporary Limited Licence to offer sales and tastings of alcohol at SpringFest Market Sunday. For more
  information and to complete an online application please go to; www.consumer.vic.gov.au/liquor Go to “Services” and then
  click on “Apply for a Temporary Licence”.
 Failure to meet these requirements may result in all fees being forfeited and a registration being cancelled.

 All stallholders must have at least $10 million in Public Liability insurance. Proof of such insurance must be submitted you’re
  your registration form. If you do not have adequate cover, please advise us on your registration form so that we can include
                                                                               SpringFest Market Sunday Registration Guidelines & Information
    your business within our event policy. The SpringFest Committee reserves the right to reject your registration if you are not
    currently insured or if you are uninsurable under alternative policies.

 Stallholders are responsible for assessing and requesting the correct power requirements at the time of registration.
 If in the opinion of the SpringFest Committee, the power load exceeds the amount requested, additional connections / leads
  required on the day will be charged at $85.00 tbc per 10amp outlet prior to the power connection and only if extra power is
 If no power is requested at the time of registration, no power will be issued on the day.
 Stallholders requiring power must provide a 20m lead (minimum) for each 10amp outlet to connect to Distribution Boards.
 As a requirement of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, all electrical leads used in a public place must be tested and tagged
  for current date usage by a licensed electrician. The SpringFest Committee reserves the right to reject untagged leads. No
  refund will be given for those rejected.
 Extension leads, if coupled together, must be securely connected and the plug interface sealed with tape to prevent moisture

Advertising & promotion displayed by stallholders is only permitted within the stallholders own site.

 Pruning of trees & shrubs, the installation of nails and screws and the tying of ropes to trees is not permitted.
 Ropes and other obstructions to patron’s movements will not be permitted.
 Stallholders are asked to minimise vehicle movement over tree root zones (under leaf canopy)
 Sullage is not to be discharged into Lake Wendouree.
 Fats, oils, grease, fuels etc must be discharged into a robust container and not onto the lake side ground. If pollutants are
  discharged, contact your Area Marshal for the EPA / City of Ballarat services to attend.
 Digging of holes in Lake foreshore precinct is strictly prohibited.
 Please check with your Area Marshal on arrival, whether parking on the foreshore is permitted (weather dependant)
 No tiered seating is to be erected without City of Ballarat approval.

                                                                                 SpringFest Market Sunday Registration Guidelines & Information

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