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									                         ls through technology
               ting schoo                                                        Edition 4 · Summer 2012

                           A 3-school Federation is
                              using Lync Instant
                          Messaging to keep in touch
                             “It’s great for                              who is sitting next to you, but neither of
                                                                          these are software issues, more to do with
In this issue ...           short questions”                              how you use it.
                                                                                   Mary Haney – Village Federation
2   What is Lync?         Some schools have been using Lync
                          Instant Messaging (IM) and its predecessor      Lync is really easy to set up for your users.
3   What can Lync do
    for your school?      for some time now. The Village Federation       Your School KLZ administrator can
                          is a group of three schools in the Swale Dis-   choose which users have the facility by
4   Lync & Learn
                          trict who have been using Lync.                 going into the User Management Tool.
5   Focus on Lisa
                                                                          Simply tick the selection box against one
    Goslett               This is what they had to say about the KLZ
                                                                          or more users and then click on the
5   UMT gets even         product:
                                                                          ‘Enable IM’ button at the bottom of the list.
6   Home Connect
                               a             federation and
                          “ Aswethree schoolLync invaluable acad-
                          emy,   have found                 as we
7   Customer Survey       have several staff who work over all three
    Feedback              sites, and a Principal who moves around
8   Collaboration Sites   a lot. It enables us all to keep in touch and
                          quickly get a response from someone to a
                          query. It takes less time than a phone call
                          and we can hold conversations with sev-
                          eral members of staff at once. The Heads          Strong Passwords
                          of School have formed a strong support            – a useful tip
                          network over Lync and the admin staff are         Our Remote Access to SIMS/FMS
                          often using it to confirm and book appoint-       features a strong password offering
                          ments or check invoices.                          additional protection for your
                                                                            school’s data. These passwords
                          We have now downloaded the iPad app
                                                                            are set to expire every 90 days
                          and this has helped us to keep in contact
                                                                            which can mean they expire during
                          even when we are off-site. It is great for
                                                                            the summer holidays. To avoid this
                          short questions and if you need to ask            happening when your KLZ
                          where something is. Things I would                Administrator is unavailable during
                          change? Not a lot really although there           the holidays, we recommend
                          are times I don’t log in as I have to really      changing your password before
                          concentrate and the other downside is             the summer break.
                          that the other person doesn’t always know
What is                                                         Personal
Lync?                                                           message
More and more
schools are
moving to Lync.
But what is it?                                                                      Personal
Microsoft Lync delivers real-time
communication tools through KLZ, a
cost-effective and efficient way for all
school staff to stay in touch.
                                                                information shows
1. Presence Information                                            if someone is
   Presence information tells you, at a                             available for
   glance, when someone is available                                   contact
   and by right clicking their name
   you’ll see all the options for con-
   tacting them (see screenshot).
   Lync uses a traffic light system to
   let you know if someone is free to                                Organise contacts
   converse with. Green stands for I’m                               into logical groups
   available now, yellow; I’m away
   temporarily and red; I’m busy so
   cannot chat!

2. Instant Messaging
   Unlike emails there’s no need for
   lengthy conversations and hours
   spent waiting for a response. Instant
   messages are brief and sent and re-
   ceived immediately, reducing the
   clutter in your inbox and giving you
   the answer you need in an instant.

3. Voice and video communications          5. Host online meetings                 your contact list, presence informa-
   Adding something as simple as a            You can invite any number of         tion and send and receive Instant
   headset to a PC or laptop can              people to an online meeting. It      Messages. All you need is a KLZ ac-
   allow you to make voice calls              features everything listed above     count but you won’t be able to use
   without incurring conventional             and allows the meeting to be         the voice, video or remote desktop
   telephone costs. Add in a web-             recorded. So you can conduct         sharing features. Just ask your school
   cam and those calls can include            your own webinar. All you need       KLZ Administrator to tick the box in
   video so that you can see who              is the full Lync client.             the User Management Tool.
   you are talking to. Calls can be
   made between just two people or         How do I access                         Desktop Client – The preferred
   an entire group.
                                           Lync?                                   method is to use the full Desktop
4. Remote desktop sharing                                                          Client which is licensed as part of
                                           There are several ways to access Lync   Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
   By sharing your desktop with an-
                                           and you can mix and match methods       Plus suite. You need a KLZ account
   other user you can work together
                                           depending on where you are and what     to logon and the Desktop Client will
   on a single project or document.
                                           devices you have to hand.               give you access to all features of
   You can even hand over control
   of your desktop to the person           Outlook Web Access – With Outlook       Lync including creating and hosting
   you’re working with.                    Web Access you’ll be able to see        your own online meetings.

Web Access Client – The Web Client         iPad, Android and Nokia Symbian de-      to use the Lync 2010 Client will need
can be used by anyone who’s been           vices and the apps allow access to       to have purchased a Lync 2010
invited to join an online meeting. You     contact lists, user presence informa-    Client License or an Office Profes-
don’t need to have a KLZ account           tion and Instant Messaging. Again,       sional Plus 2010 License on or after
and you’ll be able to send and receive     you need a KLZ account to logon.         December 1, 2010.
Instant Messages with the other par-
ticipants, contribute to the meeting via   Lync client                                 Civica Licensing Information:
voice and video, and see all the pres-     licensing                                   Microsoft® Lync 2010 Sngl
entation materials. The only thing you                                                 Microsoft Volume License 1
                                           The Microsoft Lync Desktop Client is        License £2.13
won’t be able to do is to share your
                                           part of the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro-
desktop or record the meeting.                                                         Microsoft – 6YH-00595 :
                                           fessional Plus suite. Schools with li-
Mobile Clients – We mentioned in           cense rights to Office Professional
the last edition of the KLZ newsletter     Plus 2010 with active Software Assur-       oductdetail.cfm?vendor=micro
that Lync features can be accessed         ance coverage on December 1,                soft&vendorFamily=Microsoft&
via a number of mobile devices. Ap-        2010 are licensed to use the Lync           partcode=6YH-00595
plications are available for iPhone,       2010 Client. All other schools wishing

                                                                                    throughout the school without hav-

   What can Lync do                                                                 ing to gather everyone together.
                                                                                    Head Teachers can contact anyone

   for your school?                                                                 on Lync outside of the school in-
                                                                                    cluding other Head Teachers.

  Teachers                                 IT Support Staff                         Meetings with Governors are noto-
  With its voice and video capabili-       Lync enables IT support staff to do      riously difficult to organise but with
  ties, teachers can use Lync to bring     their job efficiently, even remotely.    Lync Client they can participate re-
  experts into their classroom. Au-        The desktop sharing features mean        motely even when they can’t be
  thors, industry and education spe-       the school IT technician can access      there physically. Governors can
  cialists, even parents with exciting     a laptop or desktop computer, lead-      communicate with staff and senior
  or unusual jobs can all interact with    ing teachers through technical           leaders using Instant Messaging
  the class without having to physi-       tasks and demonstrating proce-           and if Governors have the right de-
  cally travel to the school. This not     dures, without having to be in the       vices at home they can make Inter-
  only saves time and expense but          classroom. In fact, they don’t even      net voice calls to the school without
  makes it easier for busy people to       have to be onsite but can work from      having to pay the cost of a phone
  contribute. With just a simple phone     anywhere with an Internet connec-        call.
  call, pupils can interact with people    tion, offering a quick response with-
                                           out disrupting the lesson.
  from around the globe, and les-
  sons, knowledge and experiences                                                   Your school decides who has the
                                           SLT                                      Lync feature enabled on your KLZ
  can be shared with schools up and
                                           The Senior Leadership Team can           account. If you choose to include
  down the country.
                                           benefit from everything that Lync        pupils then they can communicate
  Office Staff                             has to offer. When used with per-        with pupils in other schools, across
  With Instant Messaging, office staff     sonal calendars, the presence infor-     peer groups and with their teach-
  no longer have to interrupt their        mation will tell you when staff are      ers. All Instant Messaging conver-
  work, leave their post and run           available and how they can be con-       sations are logged centrally and
  around the school delivering mes-        tacted and you can stay in touch         can be monitored, older pupils can
  sages. They can send Instant Mes-        with senior staff whether they’re on-    talk to teachers while on exam
  sages to teachers, leadership            site or off. Communication with the      study leave, joint sixth forms can
  teams and support staff and re-          school office is quick and simple        communicate with remote staff and
  ceive an immediate response with-        and the web conferencing facilities      students can offer peer group revi-
  out leaving their desk.                  allow messages to be broadcast           sion support.

Toast for Lync
If you keep missing the Instant
Messaging notifications when they
pop up on your screen, there’s a
                                            Lync & Learn
piece of free software called ‘Toast’
                                        Lync’s built-in online meeting functionality allows us to
that should help. Available from
Modality, Toast will bring your         deliver training sessions in a new way. We’ve put
notifications to the front of your      together a programme of Twilight Training Sessions
screen after a definable number of      which we can deliver to you at your desk, via Lync.
seconds. So if you’re away from         These thirty minute updates will cover specific
your desk for any length of time you    elements of KLZ and with the technology now also
won’t miss them.
                                        available to Kent’s eSafety Officer, there will be
                                        sessions on all our popular e-safety topics. Twilight
                                        Training Sessions are completely free and early
  Lync at                               feedback has been extremely positive. We’re now
  iT12 and                              looking to see how we can roll out Lync and Learn to
                                        the rest of EiS but in the meantime, you can sign up for:
  Twilights                             l   KLZ SharePoint 2010 – Permissions
  If you’d like to see more of
  Lync in action then don’t forget      l   KLZ SharePoint 2010 – Creating a Picture Library
  to join our elective session at           Slideshow
  our iT12 Conference and
  Exhibition on 14th June at the        l   KLZ User Management Tool
  Ashford International Hotel.
  Members of the KLZ team will          l   e-Safety – Using New Technology in the Classroom
  be available to talk to on our
  exhibition stand and the              l   e-Safety – Developing Acceptable Use Policies

  exhibition itself is entirely free
  to enter. So make the most of             e-Safety – Engaging with Families
  the opportunity and come
                                        Check the EiS website for details of the sessions on
  along and see us, even if you
  aren’t attending the                  offer and to register your attendance.
                                        We’d also love to hear your ideas for sessions for future
  Later this year we’ll also be
                                        EiS events so please email them to us at:
  running some regional Twilight
  events to demonstrate the             consultants@klz.org.uk
  latest KLZ features and answer
  any questions you may have.
  We’ll let you know about them
  nearer the time.

  We can also arrange for a KLZ
  Consultant to join your meeting
  or come in to your school to
  make a presentation.
  Alternatively, we can run a
  quick update session via Lync,
  saving time and money and
  demonstrating the technology
  into the bargain!

                  Focus on Lisa Goslett                                         Twitter
                      KLZ Consultant                                            If you’re a Twitter user
                                                                                you can follow our KLZ
                    I have worked within EiS since 1997. I started out as       twitter feed: @klz_eis.
                    a member of the National Grid for Learning team             Here are some of our latest tweets:
                    within the Technical Support Team, providing training,
                    researching the web and generally supporting
                    schools in their IT needs.
                    I then moved to installing, training and supporting RM
                    SchoolShare network systems, working on small proj-
                    ects such as the installation of wireless networks,
                    Espresso boxes and Broadband networks.
I took on the role of KLZ Trainer approximately three years ago, joining
the KLZ Team (officially) in January 2010.
I have continued as the Lead Tutor for all KLZ training courses with addi-
tional duties specialising in projects such as the organising and develop-
ment of Lync and Learn for use within schools. This tool allows schools to
take advantage of the Microsoft Lync software for Instant Messaging and
providing interactive video sessions.
We hope this software will inspire schools to interact and collaborate with
                                                                                  UMT gets
each other, along with hosting their own sessions within the school and           even easier
the surrounding environment, “Lyncing” up with other schools and indus-
                                                                                  The KLZ User Management
tries in Kent, all over England and even the world – and all from the com-
                                                                                  Tool (UMT) has been updated
fort of their own desks.Examples of uses could be to host curriculum              recently to make the administra-
sessions involving a class or the whole school or CPD sessions for staff          tion of your school’s KLZ ac-
in school or within your cluster. The potential is only limited by your imag-     count easier still. The UMT now
ination and it’s incredibly easy too!                                             takes account of year groups
                                                                                  and registration groups for stu-
SharePoint LMS, KLZ’s Virtual Learning Environment is another project
                                                                                  dents, as well as tracking join-
within my remit. It provides targeted learning for the individual with an au-     ers and leavers. So your KLZ
tomated marking feature, quizzes, surveys and learning paths.We are               accounts will automatically be
busy building content on behalf of schools and hope to go live in the very        updated whenever the office
near future.                                                                      administrators make changes to
                                                                                  SIMS, with the exception of ac-
I love SharePoint. It’s one of those tools that you never knew you needed
                                                                                  tivating accounts for new users.
but once you have it, you just can’t imagine how you worked without it.
Some of the best features include Document Version Management, Wiki’s             Users will automatically change
and Blogs.It’s incredibly useful, flexible and fun – sharing information has      classes and year groups and if
never been so easy. I particularly love finding out how and what schools          class names change, then it’s
                                                                                  best practice in SIMS to create
are using it for to develop best practice for incorporation into courses and
                                                                                  new class names rather than
support documentation, all to help spread the word.
                                                                                  edit existing classes. Users that
With only the core KLZ SharePoint features explored so far, there is still        are marked on SIMS as leaving
so much more to learn and utilise.There are a number of web parts I’d like        will also be removed from your
to include in my training courses or within a Lync and Learn session, such        user lists automatically. This ap-
as the Content Query Web Part and the Traffic Light Status Web Part, all          plies to staff and student ac-
                                                                                  counts and the process allows
or any of these will aggregate data and display it in a meaningful and ex-
                                                                                  for the movement of KLZ users
citing way.                                                                       between schools, keeping their
We’re also looking to improve and develop our KLZ Customer Zone,                  mail history alive.
where KLZ subscribers can access support documents, videos and also               If these changes don’t seem to
download an assortment of templates.                                              be happening then your user
                                                                                  records might need ‘matching’.
As you can see, we are a hugely busy and dedicated team, working hard
                                                                                  Refer to EiS Information Notice
to support and assist schools in improving education in Kent.We are
                                                                                  12-E28 for more information
friendly and approachable and welcome your input and feedback so don’t            about matching users and the
be a stranger, working together is the future!                                    user deletion process.

Get ready for
Home Connect
Home Connect, due to be launched
in the Autumn, is an amazing new
feature that will allow schools to send
emails and mobile phone SMS mes-
sages to parents. There’s no addi-
tional charge for Home Connect as
it’s covered by your KLZ subscription
and text messages will be charged
at just 0.04p per message sent.                                      l Automatic updates of parents’
These can be purchased in blocks,                                      details direct from SIMS database,
as you need them, via the web-                                         so there’s no need to send school
based interface.                                                       data to a third party.
                                                                     l No need to send PDFs and
Access will be controlled from the                                     documents to a third party for
KLZ User Management Tool so you’ll                                     distribution
decide who can send messages,                                        l Schools have total control over
and parents’ details will be extracted                                 content, timing and recipients
automatically from your SIMS data-                                   The KLZ User Management Tool has
base. You’ll then have direct control                                been updated to take account of the
over the groups of parents you wish                                  extra information that Home Connect
to contact. There are a number of                                    needs to work with. Within the ‘View
                                                                     Data’ menu option, there’s a new tab
benefits with Home Connect over
                                                                     called ‘Contacts Missing Key Data’.
similar systems:                                                     This area will highlight any data miss-
                                                                     ing from SIMS like mobile phone
                                                                     numbers and email addresses.
                                                                     During our pilot studies, schools ac-
                                                                     tually found that this process helped
                                                                     them to manage their SIMS data
                                                                     more effectively. So if you don’t al-
                                                                     ready have email addresses and mo-
                                                                     bile phone numbers for parents in
                                                                     your SIMS data, now is the time to
                                                                     gather it in readiness for the launch
                                                                     of Home Connect.
                                                                     For more information, see          our
                                                                     Information Notice 12-E28

                    KLZ Support
    1.   Log support calls with EiS Service Desk: 01622 672779

    2.   Get online KLZ support from: www.klz.org.uk ‘KLZ Support’

    3.   Email consultants@klz.org.uk for onsite consultancy

    4.   Follow us on Twitter @klz_eis

             Customer Survey Feedback
This year saw the first dedicated survey of KLZ                              Which SharePoint
customers. We had a fantastic response rate. Feedback                        features do you make
                                                                             use of?
was overwhelmingly positive with some constructive
comments that we can build on and can make                                   Calendars                       73%

improvements.                                                                Announcements                   50%
                                                                             Document Libraries              48%
Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.
                                                                             Contacts                        37%
Here’s a summary of the results:
                                                                             Email alerts                    36%
                                                                             Picture Libraries               24%
  Current Usage:                    How much of your school                  Tasks                           15%
  The results show that many        community is using KLZ?
                                                                             Overlaying multiple calendars   14%
  schools have engaged with
  Governors before parents or                                                Discussion Boards               13%
  pupils. We will happily provide
                                                                             Links                           13%
  additional support and
  guidance to show you how KLZ                                               Surveys                          7%
  can be used with pupils and                                                Custom Lists                     4%
                                                                             Wikis                            4%
                                                                             Blogs                            3%
                                                                             Document Version Control         3%

Support Services                                          Excellent   Good      Satisfactory     Poor   Never used

How would you rate your               How would you rate the                 How would you rate your
KLZ telephone support                 information in the Customer Zone       experiences of the KLZ
experience overall?                   help files?                            Consultancy overall?

86% of respondents who called         58% of respondents have never          46% or respondents rated our
our support desk rated the            used our support site on KLZ.          free advice service as Excellent
service as Excellent or Good.                                                or Good.
                                                                             49% of respondents have never
                                                                             taken advantage of the service.

                                                                           n in our
                                                      quality of informatio
                We know from th  ese results that the                        ready
                                                        proved. Plans are al
                 Customer Zone    Help Files can be im                     will prove
                                                      files which we hope
               underway to introduce video support                      F files.
                                                  than conventional PD
                    more us eful and accessible

                          Collaboration Sites
 Did you know that we have the                             Kent’s e-Safety officer maintains an excellent site
 facility to give schools extra                            loaded with resources and advice.

 SharePoint sites to use for                               We have already reserved sites for each of the
 collaboration amongst each other?                         Districts to make use of to share teaching
                                                           resources, meeting minutes and whatever else
 If you have a project or activity between multiple        they can think of. The sites can be as open or
 schools then EiSKent can set you up a separate            private as you need and the KLZ Advice service
 site to help support that project or activity. This       will help you set up your site to meet your needs.
 site doesn’t count against your school site
 storage capacity, so it won’t cost you anything.          Please call the EiS Service Desk if you would
                                                           like to have a KLZ collaboration site created to
 Federated schools can also be given a separate            support activities that you are involved with or
 site if they think it will make sharing resources         would like to know more about using your
 easier between the schools in the Federation.             District site.
 This is a really underutilised area of KLZ at the
 moment. There is no cost to KLZ schools to have
 these extra sites setup.
 EiSKent are currently
 working with a number of
 external parties that also
 engage with schools to
 set up their own
 collaboration sites to give
 access to resources and
 For example; Kent Police,
 Kent Fire and Rescue, Kent
 Libraries, KCC Schools Per-
 sonnel Service and the KCC
 Governors Clerking Service.


Our passion in EiS Kent is                                                            Tel: 01622 683708
                                                                                      Fax: 01622 663591
to make a real difference
in education and
                                                                                      EiS Kent
ultimately children's lives
                                                                                      The Shepway Centre
by providing innovative                                                               Oxford Road
solutions and outstanding                                                             Maidstone, Kent
support services.                                                                     ME15 8AW

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