Best Vacation Spots By Gabriella_ Brandon_ Joey_ and Matt Pascack by yurtgc548


									              Best Vacation Spots
          By Gabriella, Brandon, Joey, and Matt

Pascack Valley Regional High School
     Mr. Ken Sarajian, History
              Places to visit in New Jersey

A Typical vacation place in New Jersey is the Jersey Shore.
The Jersey Shore has great beaches. A lot of people in our
area have houses there. It is probably the biggest vacation
spot in the state of Jersey alone.
                                         Disney World

Disney World is one of the hottest spots in the US. It’s a great vacation spot for families.
Disney World has Mickey Mouse, one of the most famous mascots in the world. There
are many Theme parks with in Disney. Disney is usually the first vacation for many
Kids. It is where dreams come true.
                                    Washington DC

Washington DC is the Capital of America. It is
where the president lives and is where the
United states government is located. They have
many museums, and many Monuments like,
Washington Monument, Jefferson memorial,
lincoln memorial and etc. Most of America visits
DC because it is the capital and to learn about
our history.
                                              Grand Canyon

The grand Canyon is located in Arizona. It is one of the
7 Natural Wonders of the world. Located at the bottom
is the Famous Colorado river. People go there to hike,
and to see the natural beauty of this wonder. It is truly
an amazing sight and many people visit every year.
                                 New York City

New York City is one of the most
recognizable cities in the world. The
memorial of the World Trade Center
that went down in 9/11. It is a great
place to visit because of its amazing
sites, like the Statue of Liberty, The
Empire State building.

New York City one of the best
shopping districts in the US. It holds
many malls, news stands, restaurants,
etc. It also holds many Broadway
shows; popular ones such as Wicked,
Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, etc.

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