November 26_ 2012 - School District of Glenwood City

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					                                  REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                                     November 26, 2012

The Board of Education for the School District of Glenwood City met in regular session in the
Board Room, #441, on Monday, November 26, 2012, at 6:30 p.m.

Board President, Dr. Charles Rasmussen, called the meeting to order at 6:44 p.m.

Members present: Judy Achterhof, Kevin Bonte, Dr. Lisa Kaiser, Lori Klinger, John Logghe, Jon
Mrdutt, and Dr. Charles Rasmussen

Members absent: None

Others present: Tim Emholtz, Tim Johnson, Jim Celt, Tonia Kowieski, Donna Thompson, and
Kelsey Hoitomt


Tim Emholtz conveyed comments he received regarding our football team’s exemplary conduct
both on and off the field.

Dr. Rasmussen congratulated the team, coaches and everyone involved on their fine
representation of our school community.


A motion was made by John Logghe to approve the agenda as presented. The motion was
seconded by Kevin Bonte and carried unanimously.


     A.   Approval of minutes from the November 12, 2012, board and committee meetings
     B.   Approval of St. Croix Valley Foundation Grant of $4,419 for purchase of Euphoniums
     C.   Approval of a boys’ basketball volunteer

A motion was made by Lori Klinger and seconded by Jon Mrdutt to approve the consent
agenda as presented. Motion carried.


Tim Johnson congratulated Mr. Lamb and thanked St. Croix Valley Foundation for the grant.
Mr. Johnson reported on Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)/educator effectiveness which will
impact all teachers and staff who serve students. The system, to be in place in 2014-15, will be
done collaboratively and will impact staff evaluations.

Jim Celt reported on:
1. Fall/winter athletics – He recognized players, students, staff and parents for their good
     sportsmanship; also reported on basketball.
2. Destination Imagination – six teams will represent Glenwood City this year. Diane Nelson
     is leading the program.
3. Music program – Tuesday, December 18, at 7:00 our K – 2 students will perform with the
     5th grade band.
4. Vertical alignment will continue during early release in December.
5. Grandparents’ day held last Tuesday when 300+ grandparents/special friends came to
     spend the morning with our students.

Tonia Miland reported on Smarter-Balance tech issues – pilot studies were done and
technology issues were found in the test as well as practical issues with the workstation setup.
Another pilot will be conducted in February. We are looking ahead to ensure that any
computers that might be purchased in the future will be compatible with the program.

Dr. Lisa Kaiser summarized Community Ed. Coordinator, Sue Nueske’s presentation on her
progress since being hired.
Dr. Kaiser also presented on the International Leadership in Education conference presentation
by delegates Amy Lenz and Betsy Haltinner
Tim Johnson presented on professional development. A handout was distributed and Mr.
Johnson expressed his feeling that the professional development is more systematic and
district-wide than ever.
Mr. Johnson opened discussion on school day length and end-of-day focus time for
remediation, tutoring, PLC, etc. He indicated that the administration is reviewing the success of
this time and is considering adding 10 minutes to the school day by releasing students later.

Dr. Charles Rasmussen presented on Tony Evers’ “Fair Funding for Our Future”.
Dr. Rasmussen also presented on the WisTax report on the financial effects of Act 10, including
reduced retirement, insurance and salary costs.

Donna Thompson provided an update on the upcoming election to be held Tuesday, April 2,
2013, when three board incumbents are up for re-election: Lisa Kaiser, Lori Klinger, and John
Logghe. Two Declarations of Candidacy have already been received from Lisa Kaiser and Lori

Tim Emholtz gave an update on the Topper Partnership Plan including the name change to
Topper Partnership Foundation (TPF). Dr. Rasmussen added that the TPF board discussed its
direction and actions over the last couple years.
Mr. Emholtz also discussed 2013-14 staffing and included that state statute dictates no increase
in salaries. He also shared that all three administrators have requested additional staff.
Lastly, Mr. Emholtz gave an update on the recruitment for an elementary principal and shared
that staff met last week and today and a list of 60 qualities of a good principal was generated
and interview questions will be developed. A posting will be done tomorrow.


Kevin Bonte publicly thanked the anonymous donor for the donation that funded a bus to the
football tournament.

Dr. Rasmussen read the schedule of meetings. Discussion took place and it was decided that,
rather than a regular board meeting on 12/10, a meeting of the committee of the whole would
take place to hear presentations on building and grounds improvements proposals by
architects. The date for another possible meeting was discussed and will be determined at a
later date.


A motion was made by Jon Mrdutt and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser to adjourn to Executive
Session according to Wis. Stat. § 19.85 (1) (c) and (f) for the purpose of discussing:

     A.    Possible approval of a support staff substitute
     B.    Update on technology investigation
     C.    Individual health insurance HSA option
     D.    Evaluation of district administrator

Roll call vote: Kevin Bonte-aye, John Logghe-aye, Judy Achterhof-aye, Jon Mrdutt-aye, Lori
Klinger-aye, Dr. Lisa Kaiser-aye. Motion carried.


Mr. Celt presented the application material and a recommendation for a support staff

Mr. Johnson presented an update on the technology investigation.

No presentation was made on the individual health insurance HSA option.            This will be
presented to the personnel committee.

Last year’s evaluation, evaluations forms for 2012, and the superintendent’s contract were
distributed to members by President, Dr. Charles Rasmussen. Members were asked to fill out
the 2012 evaluation forms which will be used to form the board’s evaluation of the
superintendent. Only the school board was present for this agenda item.
A motion was made by John Logghe and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser to reconvene to open
session at 8:40 p.m.


A motion was made by Kevin Bonte and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser to approve Lu Jasperson as
a support staff substitute. Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Lori Klinger and seconded by Dr. Lisa Kaiser to adjourn the meeting at
8:41 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
Charles Rasmussen read the schedule of meetings and a discussion took place on December
meeting dates.

                                 BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                  COMMITTEE MEETINGS
                                Monday, November 26, 2012
                                       5:30 p.m.
                                   Board Room #441

        A. Community Education update by Sue Neuske
Reviewing e-mails, meeting community members and C.E. instructors; Meeting Friday, 12/7;
working on new catalog;
        B. International Leadership in Education conference update by Betsy Haltinner and
             Amy Lenz; focused on five areas on which to focus in order to improve
             instruction. Noted that worst enemy is status quo—must change methods of
             teaching in order to prepare students for new jobs/future.
        C. Professional development update
        D. Discussion on length of school day

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