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					Good Natured Cafe Menu
209 S Raleigh Street, Martinsburg, WV                304-262-9978
                                                                               Kind of Different Entrées - Changes Daily
                                                                               Marinated tempeh or seitan with a side salad.             6.25
Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 8:30 -7:00, Friday 8:30-8:30 & Saturday 10:00-8:30
                                                                               Good Sides or a Light Meal
Extraordinary Soups                                       Add a bag of         Today's Side                                              2.99
To go or in house - small                    3.15         Rt 11 Chips
                                                                               Changes daily. May be coleslaw, potato salad, etc.
To go or in house - large                    4.25         for 99 cents.
See “Specials Menu” for today’s selections. We serve two or three              Roasted Vegetables                                        2.99
homemade soups every day, made from scratch with no preservatives.             Potatoes, onions and carrots spiced with thyme and garlic.
We use organic or local ingredients or greenhouse grown veggies                Noodle or Grain Salad Bowls                               4.45
whenever possible. Sample Soups: Smokey Chipoltle Chilli, Golden               Changes daily. See specials menu.
Shiitake Mushroom, Curried Sweet Carrot & Mom's Vegetable Barley.              We’ve Got Lettuce                                         3.95
Between Bread (Vegan cheese & gluten free bread available)                     Make your own small salad to order - carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers,
                                                                               nuts, raisins, cheeses, etc. with Annie’s Dressings.
Cheese Stuffed Panini                                        4.99
Whole wheat flatbread grilled and filled with cheeses, red pepper and          Genesee’s ‘Made from Scratch’ Goodies
basil pesto, grilled red peppers and vegan mayo.                               Cookies – Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip & Ginger                1.25
Smoked Maple Cheese Fujiyama                                 4.99              Genesee’s Organic Seattle Scones                          2.85
Vermont maple smoked cheese, apple slices, pickled red onions and              Always Different Muffins                                  2.85
greens served on toasted strudel bread.                                        This Week’s Cake Dilemma                                  4.27
"Thinking of Summer" Strawberry Wrap                         5.45              New! Pies                                                 3.47
Sliced strawberries, nut butters, cream cheese, pecans and agave nectar.       Local Trickling Springs Ice Cream                         3.50
Snack Attack Grilled Cheese                                  3.75
Mild cheddar cheese and the best whole grain bread you’ve ever tasted.         Beverages
Toasted Veggie Stack                                         4.99              Coffee/Tea in our Mimbreno Mug w/refill                   1.29
Fried onions and red pepper topped with pecorino and mild cheddar              Iced Herbal Teas or Iced Coffee                           1.29
cheeses, mango, lettuce and vegan mayonnaise.                                  Hot Chocolate, Teeccino, or Roasted Mate                  1.99
“Sweetest” Potato Falafel                                    5.45              Press Pot of your choice (about 4 cups)                   3.99
Traditional falafel made with a touch of sweet potato. Served with             Canned Sodas                                              1 .19
lettuce and red peppers - all stuffed into a whole wheat pita.                 Knudsen Cherry Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Passion Fruit, Light Red
Pears & Gorgonzola Cheese Flatbread                          5.45              Raspberry Spritzer and Light Lemonade. Santa Cruz Lemon Lime,
Grilled fresh pears and melted gorgonzola cheese on toasted flatbread.         Ginger Ale, Cherry, Concord Grape and Root Beer. Selection may vary.
                                                                               Bottled Sodas & Teas                                      1.59/1.69
PBJ with Raisins or Apples or Both   3.65                                      Natural Brew Handcrafted Draft Root Beer, Knudsen Grape and Black
We can make omlettes and eggs too!                                             Cherry Spritzers, Reed’s Ginger Beer and Tangerine Fizzy Lizzy, ($1.59)
Granola and Yogurt!                Just Ask!                                   Honest Teas, Maine Root Ginger Brew & Sprechers Root Beer ($1.69)

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