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					                SPECIAL COVER-FOLD
 The Houston Ship Channel Security District
November 2012              
District Members and Industry Stakeholders,
         2012 was a year of transition and preparation for the Houston Ship Channel Security
District. As the Board of Directors met, we considered the direction that the District is head-
ing and took steps to ensure that we are balancing the potential improvements we can make
to our port’s safety and security with our responsibilities as stewards of public funds. Re-
flecting on the year, I want to share our goals and vision that have helped guide and inform
our deliberations, actions, and achievements. What have we done this year?
   We have worked to provide an equal level of security to all facilities regardless of size or finances
                                 When the Board supports a project, our goal is that the security measures supported by Dis-
                        trict funds benefit all facilities located within and near the boundaries of the District. The District has
                        supported projects to increase visible water and land patrols in Harris County - law enforcement pres-
                        ence which add additional deterrents to all types of crimes. We have funded projects to increase the
                        eyes and ears on watch in our region through increased patrols, advanced electronic sensors and hu-
                        man monitoring of cameras which not only provide on-scene information about developing events,
                        but also important forensic tools for our law enforcement personnel to analyze and dissect.
   We are developing a vision of security which is a working partnership between public and private sectors centered on
    improved communication and shared information.
          We know that industry's support and guidance is critical to the District's success
and the District needs to be able to show tangible results and benefits to its mem-
bers. The support of District projects that enhance the public good helps not only the fa-
cilities within the District, but also the communities in which we live and work. To this
end, we are excited to be moving through a review by the Chertoff Group. We anticipate
that the report will give us a balanced view of where the District can best move forward
taking into account nation-wide best practices and lessons learned from a multitude of
response plans, scenarios, and experiences. At the same time, District facilities are participating in focus groups and test
groups to determine how best to use the new technology available with message switching, cloud service bus, the expanded
LTE/broadband network, wireless, and other communication methodologies now available to us.
   We are supporting projects that improve interoperability among first-responders.
                                             Watching the Northeast stand up after hurricane Sandy last week, we're remind-
                                     ed about how important our first-responders are in time of crisis. We are proud to con-
                                     tinue our support for the Harris County Security Project by funding the 25% cost-share
                                     for the County’s Port Security Grant awards. By providing support for the Information
                                     Technology Department’s Land Mobile Radio project and the LTE/Broadband project,
                                     we're assisting our local law enforcement and response agencies by giving them the abil-
                                     ity to communicate without being hampered by outdated equipment's restrictions on
                                     frequency switching and technical limitations.
                                             2012 was a year of progress and planning for the District. We’re excited to see
                                     advantages for carefully planned and community-supported growth in our future, but at
                                                                                  the same time, we are cognizant of our
              2012 District Security Enhancements: A Snapshot                     solemn duties and responsibilities which
                                                                                  have been entrusted to us by the compa-
   Deployed 26 of 58 Security Sites with over 120 cameras and sensors
                                                                                  nies and constituencies we represent. I
   Deployed the first Public Safety Broadband (LTE) Network in the nation (6
                                                                                  want to encourage you: if you’re involved
    sites operational along the Houston Ship Channel and in the City of Baytown)
   Built Fiber Optic and Microwave Network to share video feeds                  with the District in any way, or would like
   Linked video feeds to Port of Houston Authority Police, United States Coast to be, come talk to us. We’re here for
    Guard, and Harris County Security Monitoring & Analysis Center                you and ready to help whenever you have
   Allocated Port Security Grant Funds for                                       an issue you’d like to discuss. It was a
         32 remaining Security Sites                                             good year for the District, and we’re look-
         3 Public Safety Broadband LTE Sites for Baytown and Pasadena            ing forward to an even better 2013.
   Secured Port Security Grant Funding for Updating the Houston-Galveston Robin Riley
    Port-Wide Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity Plan                        Chairman
2012 Houston Ship Channel Security District Projects and Progress
                       In early 2012, as the District continued its support of the Harris County Securi-
             ty Project, the Board of Directors also began planning for the future. Releasing a Re-
             quest for Proposal for the Development and Implementation of a Strategic Plan for the
             District, the District looked for guidance and vision to inform its progress forward. The
             Chertoff Group, led by former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael
             Chertoff and headed locally by Admiral Timothy Sullivan, USCG (Ret.) was awarded the
             contract to develop this strategic plan at the August meeting of the Board of Directors.
             Since then, the Chertoff Group has been active in the field talking to District members,
             accumulating information, and developing a report based on nation-wide best practic-
             es and their decades of experience in the response community.
                       An additional step toward planning was taken when the District applied for a
             2012 Port Security Grant to update the Houston-Galveston Port-wide Risk Mitigation
             and Business Continuity Plan was submitted in May and approval came from the De-
 partment of Homeland Security in September. To execute this project, the District will select a
 contractor from a late-2012 RFP and then pay the 25% cost-match required by the Department of
 Homeland Security.
          Continuing work on the 2010 District plan to fund the Harris County Security Project, the
 District funded the cost-match from DHS Port Security Grants rounds 6 and 7. By paying the
 nearly $1.7 million, the District enabled Harris County was able to secure over $6.7 million in Port
 Security Grant funds to enhance video conferencing capabilities, message switching equipment,
 upgrade law enforcement radios and upgrade the Port Information Network—a data back-
 bone that allows the connection of sensors, telephones and cameras across the region. In
                addition, the County enlisted the expertise of Dowley Security Systems to per-
                form analysis and programming of the county’s NICE Situator System. The NICE
                system performs advanced analytics and provides automated security alerts for
                the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, allowing deputies to respond remotely and
                use intelligent video to analyze an event before, during and after it occurs.
                          During 2012, the Harris County Information Technology Center (ITC)
                transferred responsibility for maintenance and operation of the video cameras
               to the Harris County Public Infrastructure Department (PID), signi-
               fying the transition from implementation to operational status for
               cameras covering the Houston Ship Channel Security District. Lo-
               cated to cover facilities up and down the Houston Ship Channel, as
               well as the petrochemical complex of east Harris County, the cam-
               era system feeds law enforcement and regulatory agencies across
               the District such as the Port of Houston Police Department, the
               Harris County Sheriff’s Office Security Monitoring and Analysis
               (SMAG) Center, and the United States Coast Guard Sector Houston
                         Also during 2012, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office
               took delivery of the a new thirty-six foot SAFE boat. This
               brought the complement of boats at the HCSO to 4 boats and
               augments the presence of law enforcement personnel on the
               channel, even assisting with operations conducted by the Hou-
               ston Police Department, and the United States Coast Guard.
                         Finally, during the summer, security operations sup-
               ported by the District took to the air when the District signed
               an agreement with the Houston Police Department to fund
               fuel costs for helicopter flights over District facilities. The Bell
               412EP Twin Engine Tactical Support Helicopter and a MD500
               Patrol Helicopters ensure that tactical response units are able
               to train and deploy in case of emergency and increase the re-
               sponse capabilities of HPD.
                Clayton Curtis                                           Robin Riley
                Oiltanking                                               Harris County Mayors
                Zone One                                                 & Councils Association

                   Richard Henderson
                          ExxonMobil                                               Steve Stewart
                            Zone One                                                Harris County

                Charles King Jr.                                         Tom Schroeter
                Buffalo Marine Service                                   Port of Houston Authority
                Zone Two

                         Lewis Brown
                   Enterprise Products
                             Zone Two

                Gary Schiebe                                            How Do I Find My Zone?
                Shell Deer Park                         North of the Houston Ship Channel?           Zone One
                Zone Two                                South HSC, West of Beltway 8?                Zone Two

                         Mike Stewart                   South HSC, East of the Beltway,
                        LyondellBasell                  West of 146, and North of Spencer Highway?   Zone Three
                           Zone Three                   South HSC, Southwest of the Beltway, South
                                                        of Spencer Highway, and/or East of 146?      Zone Four

                Ray Yellig
                Haldor Topsoe                                                         HSCSD District Boundaries
                Zone Four

                          Jake Leavins
                             Linde Gas
                             Zone Four

The Houston Ship Channel Security District, in
accordance with Chapter 68 of the Texas Water
Code and other applicable laws, will endeavor to
provide an integrated strategy to increase the
level of security for both the waterside and land-
side facilities within the District. The goal of the
District strategy and services is to increase pre-
paredness and response to potential security
threats by providing reliable, cost effective secu-
rity systems. The District will promote projects
to deter future security threats as identified in on-
going vulnerability and threat assessments.

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