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Blog Post Editing Proofreading


									                   Blog Editing and Proofreading Checklist


___ 1. The title on the blog post clearly alerts the viewer as to the topic or subject.
___ 2. The font size of titles, headings, and/or text is large enough to be easily read.

Sentence Structure

___ 1. Each paragraph (for longer pieces of writing) begins with a topic sentence.
___ 2. Complete sentences are used unless otherwise directed.
___ 3. Transition words are used to help organize and structure my work.
___ 3. There is variety in the way sentences begin (i.e. not always with the subject).

Word Choice

____ 1. Grade-level and appropriate vocabulary is used.
____ 2. Homonyms are used correctly. (Examples: to, too, two/ their, there, they’re)


___ 1. All pronouns agree with other parts of the sentence.
___ 2. All subjects agree with the verbs in the sentence.
___ 3. Verb tenses are consistent and correct.
___ 4. Abbreviations and other informal language have been eliminated (b/c, &, etc.).
___ 5. Spelling and homonym errors have been corrected.


___ 1. The first word in each sentence is capitalized.
___ 2. Proper nouns, but not common nouns, are capitalized.


___ 1. Proper end punctuation is included in all of my sentences.
___ 2. Commas are used correctly and only when necessary (after an introductory
phrase, in a list, with appositives, etc.)
___ 3. Apostrophes are used in contractions and to show possession.

                                                                                        Created by:
                                                                       Mrs. McCabe, Media Specialist
                                                                                     February 2010

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