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        h• T ursday, Oct. 30th — Trick & Treat Night
% Cash Prizes for lieu Outumes Judging at 11 p.m.

% Friday Oct. 31st—Pumpkin Carving Contest-10 p.m.
II        Cash Prizes for Rest Carved Pumpkin
       WRECK ROOM                       266 E. Erie
       Milwaukee Calendar
               This week's cover.

                                                              Photos by Erin Criss
Our cower sublet, this week is hatchet! Gave, • Seggirarme, who has been bar
lending et VOW" Place for the past Haw years His interests include ;dustups and
working as a Ai obstructor during the winter Above are Michael and Marc
Castro. a Taurus, who works as a waiter at the popular S. Firer Street bar

          VOLUME III, NO. 22 — OCT. 24.1980 • NOV. 9,1980
             The Milwaukee Calendar — Published by Ulna Ink, Inc
             812 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204 — 1414) 3449030
             1437 19       St_ Chicago, 1L 50610 — 1312) 751-0130
             Co•Pulainners Rept, Paul Dan D.         o PAarkefino [pm On,
                 Piodumon Md. Waherns o Typmettino Koren Tr..
              Smear Coll:nand Jon Henri Donolsi o COW*. Don Era
               Contributon • Sal Schwa -Tr lestreeeau - Anthony Mollie
          Cesiorool Ronald J. Chensonn o Adansintinn Joseph A- Torah, C-PA.
     Tna 11.4*.o.e. Cal••■., 4 ouni.sned inner 01,or I•aay      C 1940 An,tali
     area. P           al til l. nor.. **torso. or i.e.... oi any ow son. omirm.■
     'ion f oubhcsiion o. not to PO construed sten ...iron of in. lemma/ talents,
     1■041 St proP.ence at Mal ....NI, cnieforalon or ...rte. 1.• 410•••■■.••
     mow oo..ouled funs Ihrouyn our edeertiews Ducoine for all.. or ,■•• MO%
     can r1 Ins 'War ornowd.n. Friday oublicatoon.
           . ,   t

        Legally Speaking
                     by Ron Ehemann

                                                  So. Stave Horn, a Viet vet who win
                                              awarded a bronte star, has been fired
                                              from the Mesa (Arizona) Praha Deport-
                                              ment after serving four years as a nar•
                                              mhos detective ... his downfall? He's
                                              Wr y . No childish temper tantrums.
                                              rather the ACLU has agreed to repre
                                              wnt Sgt. Horn in his tad for reinstate
                                              merit by filing suit in • COW( of law.
                                                  Nineteen year old Andrew Cider of
                                              Orange, California was expelled from
                                              Disneyland September 13th, when he
                                              and a 17-year-old male dire danced
                                             during' "Date-Night" celebration. Au
                                             drew has filed a (incrimination suit
                                              pursuant to the Unruh Act, in a court
                                             of law.
                                                  The city of Virginia Beach refused
                                             to distribute gay Pub lacations via its
                                              library and es a result, finds itself in •
    This past week, I've heard Myna,         court of taw. The ACLU (damn they've
people talking about (ha rise of right       been good to us) filed suit by saying.
wing anti gay (/oops, mo p notably            "censorship is the most dangerous of
Mace! Majorrty. They talk of protests        all curtailments of the freedoms guar-
and demonstrations. One man pointed          anteed by the First Amendment
to my statements in a prior eisueethich           The Playboy Foundation 'another
warned of passivity. 1 address this 1111/,   support from the straight community)
Cle to those people and to those who         has issued a $5,000 grant to the Lamb-
listen to them.                              da Legal Defense and Education Fund
    Growth is relative to ape . . . the      for support of their continued Wigr
very young develop physically and            lion efforts in Amok. , Orient, which
mentally in massive proportions. As          tests the constitutionality of New
the youth matures. change comes              York's sodomy laws sit • court of
much more slowly. The pay creature           Lee
toy liberation/Pay rights) is to differ          With the onset of puberty, the gay
ern.                                         creature seems to have matured. we no
    Born at Stonewall in 1969, our first     Orkin speak as children our won
11 years were filled with dernonstra         merits begin to pattern the language of
lions, protests, and a variety of other      adults. No longer do ... mel t de.
Pawing p.m*. Now we've begun pia.            mrndlll But rather we point to Our
berty                                        rights and guarantees and seek leplu,
                                                                Ntlemskee Calentlet -

live or judicial change. We remind the White it is true that at nwth/chanial
executives that our government is a stows with age . we are not that old.
government ''of the people." and rf We've just begun adolescence. To thou
they forget, we work to remove them. people who talk of protests end
    Growth is not without setbacks ... demonstrations . . . "power pushes,-
(The Rabbinical Alliance of America is they called them .. we we toll mak•
calling for the ouster of New Jersey ing progress at a rapid rate. While we
Supreme Court Judge William D'Am should prepare ourselves for a rise in
nun., after his ruling that a mother homophobic attitudes, we need not re-
can not be denied custody of her chil. sort to the tactics of our youth. Rather.
then coley because of her lesbian rela- we must rely on the tactics we've
tionship'. On the other hand, growth learned over the years,
is not without special joys , (Twenty' Finally, to those few who have been
six-yearold gay activist, John Farael, speaking of violent protest .. well,
was recently named police commission with any puberty, I guess you must ea-
er in Berkeley, California),            pact • little acne and • few zits.

  Editor', Note: Mr. Elsernane a long . time membet of Chicage's gay community and
  termer editor et Gay Chicago Magarine, is • partner in the law firm of KEEFE
  EHEMANN. This mks.n is meant to he a general disatssbn et general legal issues,
  but not individual advice to any panlcular person or organiration. Mt. Ehemann
  member of the Illinois and Federal Bats, and unless otherwise mentioned, hi. advice
  may ha particular to the laws of Illinois only.

                  Paradise Books • Milwaukee
                  225 N. Water St. (414) 21B-9356
                  Open 24 hours a day

                             MOVI • RCADE
         We accept Trod   ns on Film, VHS, Beth
          Magazines     Novels • Also Rentals

                    Popular News • Oshkosh                              JP
                     411 N. Main St. (414) 235-0708
                       Open S a.m. to midnight deity                    Mamie. 8 A.M.
12 - loishoulior Calendar

                by Don Eric
                                           for granted that it is the organization
                                           of pitches into melodies that is primary
                                           in music. Yet much non-Western music
                                           5µ not developed this way. For in-
                                           step°, in a lot of non . Western music
                                           you linen mainly for subtleties end
                                           changes in rhythms and the melodies
                                           are either not apparent or ' 11sO noto-
                                           nous. ' Ito our ears).
                                               Pitch started to be the prime orgeni-
                                           rational element of music in the West
                                           during the Renaissance. Musicsl forms
                                           such as the familiar three-part song,
                                           the sorrels, the rondo, etc. ere written
                                           and structured mainly on the basis of
                                           melody, not in terms of rhythms, d y
                                                      and so on, which have been-namic,.
                                           treated as more or less incidental to
                                           melody. All our Western music except
                                           for the modern expeumentel kind that
                                           almost no one has heard yet and in-
                                           cluding modern rock and even much
                                             experimental" rock still is written
         HISTORY OF                        and heard with melody in mind ft in
      ELECTRONIC ROCK                      the man element
           PART I I                            To cure NI idea of what music with.
   Electronic music began in the Cob       out pitch organization es its main ele•
ogne radiostudo of the 1950s and was       moot would be like, consider this: our
intended es the perfect insIturrientil.    Western music uses • twelve tones-tele
Pon for post•Webren total serial con•      (actually a sewn tone scale with the
trot mum The equipment enabled the         other live note available for less fre
new serious composers to do things         quern use within a given piece). You
that conventional instruments and pro-     can take twelve or any other number
cedures did not allow. The main thing      of speeds 'tempi) or some number of
they wanted to do is to make duration      degrees of loudness and write music
of sound (rhythm), tone C0101 Water-       with Meer as primary, holding the or
mg overtones caused by different im        genizatron of pitches into melodies
suumentsl, dynamics (degree of laud        down in importance (One wey to do
new), attach (whether something is         this is to change the familiar scales and
slecroto or not), and other music ele-     rules of Western musical composition),
ments as important as pitch.                   The Cologne studio enabled aim.
   To this day most people still take it   Posers to control the elements of flIttS•
                                                             OrIrlarisker Calendar -   13

lc in a way that the usual instruments      himself and subsequent performances
cannot. For one thing, consider how         are the same because they have been
hard it was for mernbersof a traditional    taped. Since he knows he can do this.
orchestra to keep in mind the compos.       he can go farther in writing the score
er's strict directions on the sheet music   in the first Place!
for variations in all the elements: tern.       Once this sort of thing got going
po, rhythm, duration. attack, and all       the other type of composition comes
the rest, And think how each time           into play. The other type is that in
such a complex piece was performed it       which control is not desired. Form as
would have to be different from each        such can be abandoned. Such a com-
other rime. When pitch is the dominant      poser may not even notate the pitches,
element, different orchestras can play      letting (when orchestras were used)
a traditional symphony with varying         performers play wry pitches, and/or
tempi and loudness and so on, and cri-      using chance, including rolling dice to
tics can dispute which is hest, hut         determine the musical elements (anti.
somehow it doesn't matter. However,         cipated by Mozart who wrote a piece
if you are a composer who notated and       that had something to do with rolling
wants to control these non-melodic ale.     dice).
meats of music, exactly how they are           Such composers, when they took
played does matter. With electronic         VP electronic realizations of their ideas,
equipment and tape, the composer can        turned not to Cologne. but to Paris
play his own piece as he has written it     studios. Following the suggestion of

        FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 - 9 P.M.
        Prizes for most original, funniest, and more
84 - likleaorkee Caarnear

the Funo ins 119101. these composers       Reply: Tell her first of all a mammy
emphasized the use of taped existing       and daddy agree to have a baby. The
sounds found in the city and in nature     daddy sands a message to the mammy
and manipulated 'her qualities oleo        who thinks about it tor nine months.
tronically, and by splicing and dubbing    Then a stork brings the baby and leaves
the tape. and so on Future articles will   it under a cabbage. The mommy picks
go Into the ancient history of electron.   it up end brings it into the house.
oc music and on how the synthesizer         Deer De. Merbahi I met this number
works lif I can Igoe it out). Don't         at a bar and I'm thinking of making
miss reading about the 200-ton Dyne         him a mambar of my primary support
rnophone of 19061 (Source: Elliott          group. I feel this is necessary since An-
Schwarz, Elocrromc Murk. Praeger.           drew dropped out and Bobby moved
 19731.                                     to San Francesco. Will this work out
                           — DON ERIC       and will it be enough people when I
                                            add the new one and have fiver
          DR. MARBELS                                       Wondering in Milwaukee
Dear Ur. Marbelt: We are a newlywed         Reply: Usually a person become, part
couple and out child Baffles wants to       of one's secondary support group be-
know where babies mme from What             fore being enrolled in the primary
should we tell her                          group, and then the movement tow-
       kir. and Mrs. Morniandedday of       ard you as the center is rather slow.
                           F annlyvolle     FIN some people, however, others pop
                                            in end (All of the various levels rapidly.
                                            Also, don't forget that Bobby can still
                                            he part of your primary support wove
                                            even though he is far away There is al-
                                            ways tlw phone and visits, and besides,
                                            most people's close friends don't lire
                                            near them am/way. Let 11111t be a lesson
                                            to you
                                           DOW   Dr. Matteis: My husband and I
                  735e                     ate entertaining his company's off IONS,
                                           Including several vice presidents from

     DIP/ONAT Eine Dining
                                           the corporate offices in Neer York it-
                                           self We wish to make this a graceful
                                           and tasteful expenente for all con-
                Chef Lois                  mined. Now to add • light touch just
                                           here and there, my idea is to take the
            Mary Ann Davis
         at the organ en-losing            guests out on the patio to look at the
        on Frldals & Sa ddddd ys           petunias while the children sneak
             Serving lintirs               whoop,e cushions onto the chairs.
      lees -Than       ans. • to no.       Then when everyone comes in and
         Fri. • a ass. - reldnidir         makes the amusing noises by sitting
         hat. • I •.w. • widellehl         down, the children will cone out and
          Sma •      am. • le p.m          laugh and ciao their hands, airing.
                                           "Merry°, Then we can all don odd
     11.14h a Lincoln • 445.01114
                                           hats and funn y masks and sing seers!
     The Lost and Found

        COME TO OUR
     Prizes Galore for Best Costume, etc.

      LOST & FOUND
             Courtesy Card Required

          618 N. 27th St. • 931-9144
Disco Room Now Open Friday & Saturday 8 P.M.
    . 5        l o t_
          tlqt S.
 . —aniFs! ,, _.
   1.13F.g.m    2a m s4
                 IU ,-5
 lgts.sg8 t'
:1'2 §a'" ig'i z§
            2f|:g'(z  | /2*x
                         g it
i g1W1Aini; 0 3i2 atzn
illiia 0;&a aWH
  .         '


 2945 S.13


                           18 tkIwavkrr   Calendar

                       have nothing in particular to do. 1 ma'',
   THAT COUNTS        simply allow my mind to ramble nag•
                      uely: to think of some gossip, try to
           The        recall the words of a popular song:
      Milwaukee       may brood on some worry or resent-
                      ment, or about a programme I saw on
       Calendar       television last night. I choose what I
                      use my consciousness /or." And. "It is
         is used      obvious that I can either resist my own
                      tendency to sink into triviality, or ac-
   each week by       cept it and take it for granted." "It is a
      thousands       sad thought that most people take their
                      triviality for granted; accept that they
      of readers      will remain fundamentally unchanged
                      for the rest of their lives...1135,6/
       who want           Wilson says that the first step is to
                      grasp intellectually that man was not
        to know       meant for "a lifetime of the 'worm's
 what's happening     eye view'." And , -"For human beings,
                      boredom and depression are abnormal
            in         - a 'failure to grasp their natural powers.
  Gay Milwaukee       My lowers are wasted so long as my
                      vision is narrow and personal." "For
             •        human beings are intended to 'connect'
                      with values outside themselves and to
      Join those      become aware of them selves as 'person-
     in the know,     alitiee." 11381 Thera is a kind of for-
                      'ening of the sell in high experiences.
        put your       "This capacity to evoke sheer ecstasy
                       is present in us ail the timcbut it needs
      advertising     to be understood before it can be con-
                      trolled." Acting "cool," I might add,'
     message in       seems to be just a kind of refinement
       The Little     of boredom and nothing to aim at. If `,
                      we pat all this together with Susan
       Hot One!       Sontag's observation that we tend to
                      value highest what is most unpleasant,
           The        we can see that we are trained by our
      Milwaukee       culture to be "cool." This means to ac-
                      cept boredom and depression as the
       Calendar       normal state of affairs — as even the
                      desirable state of affairs and think that
        Contact       being high more of the time is !moos..
                      able. Rut it isn't impossible. Wolin
  Our Advertising     Wilson. The Occult, Random Ffouse,
     Department        1971. Also see The Philosopher's Stone,
                       The Sex Diary al Gerard Some and
   1 p.m. to 5 p.m.   other I.
                                                    —DON ERICA
World War III Corpses
and Space Victims
Welcome to ...


                        on Halloween
                Sunday, Nov. 2, 9 p.m.

        $100 Cash for Best Costume
 Free champagne every Sunday 9-9:30 p.m.
        A Horrifying Fantasy!

         500 N. WATER
20 ahlwaoker Calendar.

       with Phyllis

     PROLOGUE OFFERS GOOD                 straight) -Clientele for the pest nine
    FOOD. GOOD ATMOSPHERE                 years.
  The Prologue at 2690 S. 9th St. had       It you like show tunes and sing-a-
a busy afternoon the Tuesday we drop.     longs. Dawn Koreen is at the piano
pad in for lunch. We were greeted and     every Friday and Saturday night at
seated immediately by Barb who pre-       9:30 and Sunday night at 2prn.
sented a smiling face_ She and one          The menu is broad–offering any-
adorable busboy ran the entire din-       thing ham sandwiches to full lunehiM.,
ing room lumina ■maximately 451           The prices range from 62.25 to $6,50. 411-
alone.                                      My luncheon partners–Ron That.
  The dini g room is decorated in •       and Michael Lipke and Tad Hilborn-
pleasant Victorian atmosphere. The        were very pleased with our selections.
bar room is warm and fa lend ly. Casual     Tad had the tenderloin tips; tender
dress is acceptable. The Prologue has     chunks o/ beef in a rich wine sauce
been catering to a mixed Wa y and         teased on e bed of egg noodles 34.251.

                                                                 Photo Dy ere; Gin
A goaciby party was     held   at the Preview. for Diane argil Gregory with this
wild group attending.
                                                     Sidwankee Calendar - 21

                                                      Photo ey fnM Can
   Dawn Korean performs at the piano weekends at the Prologue

A one word description from him- All dinners include your choice of
13.1(11112 homemade soup or crisp chilled salad,
  Rona had a Tenderloin steak served ri loaf of homemade bread and choice
on reel homemade breed 154.251. He of French fries. American fries or
described his meal as fabulous!         onion rings.
  Mikey had the prime rib sandwich Orme manager Jerry Jensen does all
served on toast points 153.751. His his own cooking for lunch. Hours for
description: scrumptious aid Vele lunch we 11:30am to 2pni Monday
tender I through Friday. Dinner hours. 5 to
  I had the barbeque baby bads ribs 10pm Monday through Thursday and
in their very special sauce. The Pro. Sunday. On Friday and Saturday the
109ise is renowned throughout Mil. dinner hours are 5pm to midnight.
wiluntie for their ribs and I was not Reservations are usually not necessary
disappointed. The portion wet huge except for large parties. 1672-94713.
for 54.95. They were "rneluirpyour•                        -PHILLIP PARKS
mouth perfection!"
22 -'eke. Caleader

    At Random
          News • Sports • Etcetera

                                                            phew bl crin C".
The Beer Garden celebrated its Octobertest weekend in high style with great
food and great entertainment. Front left are Laurel Woody Fuller. Jessie ROSY.
Roger EMOrSOn, Ray Romero and David Roeder.

                                         al. organic sponges which live in the
                                         sea. These sponges, which should be
                                         removed about every four hours,
     The recent recall of Rely and other can be cleaned and reused. The cost
 tampons after several women died of generally is less than S2.
 toxic shock has prompted many wo-          Though many retail stores around
 men wound the country to seek al.
                                         the countr y Wevently are Inpatient.
 /Ornate forms of feminine menstrual ing a shortage of the item because of
 Protection                              increased demand, the Sisterrnoon
     According to medical authorities. Feminist Bookstore, 2128 E. Locust,
 toxic shock apparently is caused by reports it presently has an adenuete
 bacteria which forms if the tampon Supply of the sponges.
 is left in place for too long a period.
     One of the more popular new           HOMOSEXUAL OPPRESSION
 methods of feminine protection wo-        TWOPART PROGRAM TOPIC
 men around the country are now us-          Homosexual oppression will be ex.
 ing is sea sponges, made from natur- plored in a two-part educational pril
                                                           Milwaukee Carmel. - 23

gram being presented by the Gay Peo.
plc's Union of Milwaukee,
                                                  MONDAY NIGHT
    Part one, on Nov. 17, embed, "Pub•         IRREGULARS LEAGUE
he Attitudes Toward Homosexuality               Os of 4foodgy, October 6)
and What We Don't Know About Ho-                                      W L
mosexuality" will assess the prevalence    Ball Game Diamonds              33 9
and interrelatedness of attitudes and      Player's Pub                    32 10
perceptions concerned with homosex-        Factory Machines                31 11
uality and their relationship to demo.     Cheap Meet                      28 14
graphic and behavioral eharaCteristiet     Deluxe 30 & Over                25 17
of the American public. A number of        You Herne It                    22 20
                                           Wreck Room Kinks                21 21
sexual "facts" that over the years we
have taken for granted Ind now turn        Finale Fannies                  20 22
                                           Finale Hot Shots                19 23
out to be the basis for heated contro-
                                           Wreck Room Renegades            19 23,
versy alto will be explored
                                           Trashmen                        19 23
    Part two of the program entitled
                                           Your Place Hot Dogs             15 27
"Statutory Oppression: An Overview
of Legalized Homophobia" will be pc,       Five Easy Pieces                14 28
rented on Monday. Nov. 24. In this         Fast Bailers                    13 29
presentation the statutory language of     Finale Flash                    13 29
sex laws and the methods of their en.      Early Risers                    12 30
forcement will reveal a ser ious COnea               HIGH TEAM SERIES
                                                  Ball Game Diamonds, 2874
diction of American life between tra•                  Fast Bailers, 2819
ditionally cherished deals of individual           Factory Machines, 2736
                                                     HIGH TEAM GAME
                                                  Rail Game Diamonds, 1016
        SUNDAY MIXED                               Wreck Room Kinks, 1004
       HANDICAP LEAGUE                                  Fast Ballets, 911
      (As of SootMy, October 19)
                               W L                     FRIDAY 775
 M&M Misfits                IS  3                    MIXED CLASSIC
 The Prologue               17  4                (As of Friday, October 17)
 M&M Peanuts                14 7                                         W L
 Finale jelly Beans         14  7          Player's Pub         •        41 8
 Hot Bups & Honey           14  7          M&M Mustangs                  38 11
 Players                    13 8           Up & Coming                   28 21
 M&M Candymen               11 10          Five of a Kind                26 23
 Green Dolphin Antiques     11 10          Ball Game                     24 25
 Up Your Alley              10             Factory Rejects               20 29
 Ball Game                   9 12          M&M Carnivores                15 34
 Pinheads                    8 13          Wendy's Hot & Juicy            4 38
 Tornados                    7 14                    HIGH TEAM SERIES
 Gutter Snakes               7 14                    MAM Mussanm, 2701
 11.5 Sugar Babies           6 15                     Player's Pub, 247?
                                                      Up A Cueing, 2441
 M&M Alley Baa Rae's         5 16
 Blue Goosees                4 17                    HIGH TEAM GAME
                                                      Up A Coming, 919
       THERE WILL BE NO BOWLING                       Player's Pub, 905
          SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26                         NAM laumanes, 817
                                                            NEW INDOOR GARDEN
                                                             NEW DANCE FLOOR
                                                            NEW SOUND SYSTEM
                                                            NEW SANDWICH BAR
                                                                 NEW HOURS
                                                                GREAT PARTY

              OCT. 31                                       GREAT DOOR PRIZES
                                                             COSTUME CONTEST
                                                               10 P.M. — 2 A.M.

COCKTAIL HOUR 3-7 e DRINKS — SANDWICH BAR 10 P. i 2 A.M. - HALLOWEEN PARTY 10 P.M. — 2 A.M. 645-6490
                                                                    photo 0, Erin Ohs
Dee celebrated her birthday at the Bet; Game        by   presenting a shove entitled,
"Proud as • Peacock "

freedom and a crucial separation of         questions are: Who will own it) Who
ohorch and state on the one hand, and       will control if ?Who will have •ccess to
an ethical stance sanctifying restrictive   it? How much will it cost? What ser-
sexual standards on the other.              vices will we gm?
    Both Programs will begin at ffprn at        The meeting will be held at the Far-
the Farwell Center. 1568 N Farwell,         well Center . 1568 N. Farwell, and is
and are open to the public. A donation      open to the public. A social hour and
is suggested.                    — Opt)     refreshments will follow the discussion.
                                                                             — GPO
    Representatives from the Common.          PROFESSIONAL REFERRAL
ity Controlled Cable Communications             LIST BEING COMPILED
Corporation (5-C) will present an inter,        Gay People's Union of Milwaukee
*sting and educational program on           is constructing a referral list of proles
cable communications (TV) and the           sig nals, If you are a physician. psycho-
concept of cooperative ownership of         logist, dentist. accountant, attorney.
the cable fiandsite at a meeting of the     or other professional with an under-
Gay Peoples Union of Milwaukee at           standing of the gay ...ilia°, whose se,
Born. Oct. 27.                              vitas are available to gay men and wo-
    If you live or work In Milwaukee,       men in a noniudgemental atmosphere,
You have a choice, Either your rabic        write to: the Gay People's Union. P.O.
COMMunocatIons service gan be owned         Box 208, Milwaukee. WI 53201
by a company oriented I./wale making            Gay People's Union Hotline (271-
the most profit possible for investors,     52731 otters information and referrals,
or it can be awned and controlled by        and provides perm counseling for per
you and other people who watch tele         sons with questions about their sexual
vision hare in Milwaukee.                    identity.                         — GPU
    We know cable in inevitable. The
                                                       ehebn by I 'kr   A'/II
The YP bench, shoe e belt 1 ar the F ectw rs now Loading, Dock
35 - nityroolor Calendar

     Calendar of Events
            Every Monday thru Friday
BALL GAME: Cocktail how . 4.30 to fipm FINLANOIA HEALTH CLUB. Stain*.
   Ina SOP, be drinks loll prna, call 799   %patrol . loll w. 1111111011.fikip $5 with
BEER GARDEN !Utaklost spread Irmo           CO up.. in thn wok% moor._
   10mo, doily tondoan wooly. codeuth KGB Kenotho Gay Boma Rap Group, / to
  yank Aorta, 4 /pm. hash Hump 254           lOpto 5611 17th Am., Kenosha . tall
  nth, Maw ons4 olth spacial snot!          857 7935 tor dank
   Yon, Tuesday Ftlay                     PARAY Doolk B.0 1. Cacktotl How, S tit
VEST LA YIE: AN bar stock Minn MN           7pm
   prim own to Shen, all mined Bemis MINT BAR. HHappy h., 5 7wa , toy shall
   Our stock/ am 251 to llwa.               SI, be stock 054 . bank how 1154.
FACTORY en open at Op. wrth Boca            *pros 11:30.m
   Ramos at                               PLAYERS PUB Cocilad how . 4 to Gpia,
FARWELL CENTER O p en from 7 to             hot hot. tomnnos norytel Prig catk-
   lawm.                                    inl houi , p..11 tor noon Prink prim.
FINALE: Lady ,he cocktail hour. 5:30 WRECK ROOM . Ewan. door opens at
   lipm . %inn Int think price              3 309m , hoot bar ot lion.


                                     sat          Los Angeles

                    The Wreck Room,
                   Y   and The M&M.
THE. FAcToircs
WED. OCTOBER 29th 9 P.M.
1st Place — Rd. Trip Airfare to Anywhere
       In Continental USA
2nd—$100; 3rd—$50; 4th—$25
special guest m.c. Diana Hutton

sunday nite you'll get a
numbered coupon. 3 winning
numbers will be drawn that
night. those 3 winners get
an entire nite of free
drinking (any night
except saturday & friday)

158 n Broadway 278-7030
BAM member
                                              room, 2nd Annual Oildo Dip.
                                            SUGAR SHACK, Halloyeren costume party,
                                              prizes for wen original , 'untried and
                                              morn , Rpm
                                            WRECK ROOM: Pamplun caning contest,
                                              cash awes, 10pm

                                             Regular Events
                                             Every Friday
                                            ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: Group 194
                                               (gay group), meeting, 8 10pm, Village
                                               Church, 1108 N. Jackson
                                            BEER GARDEN. Fish Fly . special potato
                                               pineal*, serum' from loam to 2pm and
                                               from 5 to 10pm , dinner larval with spo
                                               Mal Wed bat
                                            C'EST LA VIE: Bem lItt 15 to 9pm.
                                            CLUB BATHS: eddy night - ono Mem.
                                               SW locker SIB 4.10mn,
                                            DIPLOMAT RESTAURANT: Miry Ann
                                               Davis emertains at the organ, Rpm In
                       Moro by Lein Cris,      daunt 3000 W. Lincoln.
Shleafy T Ityparrka winger oat Awn the      FACTORY: Tonight's DJ is Ron, beginning
alley. All llav Wayne, Shaky also played       at 10pm, bar open, Rpm.
                                            GAY AA: troop 194, nuoUng, R 30mn.
                                               Imp Church, 1108 N Jackson
                                            GAY MEN'S RAP/SUPPORT GROUP:
YOUR PLACE. Gratin! hoar , 5 to Isint,
                                               Mating , led by Tim McCoy, Imn, Far-
  25d oft an all driakL                        well Contr.
                                            GPU VD CLINIC: Open from 7 to 10pm,
 Special Events                                Farwell Cantor.
                                            LOST AND FOUND. Elmo opon,Ipm.
 Friday, Oct 24th                           MAN HOLE Given Bay: Disco music horn
                                               8:3 Opm
                                            MEM. Fish fry, el you con oat.
  gnu 1 10pm. Farwell Cantor,
                                            PHOENIX Disco moue from 10pm.
                                            SUGAR SHACK: T-Shirt Nighr, mar a Su.
 Friday, Oct. 31st                             gm Shack Tobin sod main 251( elf bar
                                               drink g 1W oft bank der and Michas
GAY/LESBIAN CONFERENCE: First re               of War for S t75
  ' onal conferynca of the Midwest Goy
  and Labs. Community Network
[051 0 FOUND. Rallosmen Jamison.                WRECK ROOM
  spooks and goblins will ham a spat,
  prizes slalom for Iha bast notlione,      WRECK ROOM: Happy Hour Tickets, 310
  waning card inquind.                        to Tpm, draw Your Mink peso rid par
ROCI PS/Madimn Grand mooning al the Mck        tither full pock ha price or UV,
                                                            Milwaukee Calendar - 31

                                               Sally Dogs, Greyhounds, $1 from 1 Imm
 Special Events                                to 5pin
 Saturday, Nov. fat                         BEER GARDEN: Elmaklast woad from
                                               11am In 4pm. luncheon special, dinnars
GAY TEENS: Awsfsuppon group for per-           sacra( hum 4 to 10prn, dinner mind
  sons undo; 19 , samara( through tho          with spacial salad her.
  UWAII Gay Community, I-3pm, LIN141        GIST LA VIE: All bar Flock drinks hall
  Student Union, Room 5-301, call Joan         once noon to 5pm, bar dunks 25( from
  271 9411 or Gana 264-0450.                   9 to 11 pm, bean 10d 5 to 9pm.
ROD-S/Madisan: Grand panning of the back    DIPLOMAT RESTAURANT: Mary Ana
  room continue.                                Davis anomie, It the organ from 9pm,
                                                311100 W. Lincoln,
 Saturday, Nov. 8th                         FACTORY: Tonight's DJ is lion, beginning
                                                at lOpm, bar open, 9pm.
FINALE. Birthday party for Chuck Paulson,
                                            FINALS: go, crown et 2pin, Stmay Satyr.
   trn wink bear , angartainment, bring a
                                                day Ion
   troy of snacks and mar black mina
                                            FINLANDIA HEALTH CLUB: September
   Sym                                          spacial, half prim membership S5 with
                                                coupon in thismok's
  Regular Events                            GAY RUNNING GROUP/Madison: Motet
  Every Saturday                                East end of Law Park, loam.
                                            GPU YO CLINIC: Climis Nom 11am to 2Pm
BALL GAME: Bloody Marys. Sonydrivws.            for mums, Farwell Carnal

    Ttiesday--FrIday 9‘40-5:30..
     S iturdII' 10:(X)-300
     Sunday 1100-3:00

    City Wide Delieciries

     32529 W. Lincoln
                                                 tp croup roodmo. 6prn. Uniform,
                                                Church , 625 Callop, Rodne, dismouton.
                                                Inane sodal wanness. coil M10
                                                552 7331 for mom infarmatton.
                                             JO DEElifflacum Onco from 9pm to do.
                                                w og.
                                             KOIP Kenotha Cary &nem Rip Group
                                                mom , / to 5pm , 5616 17th Am. Kona
                                               t ha, caN 652 . 7935 for dolts.
                                             LOST AND FOUND Orsco open, lipm.
                                             MAN HOLE/ Groom Ban Ono, tnisSA ham
                                                 ▪ Opm
                                             PHOENIX Onto mom from lOgun
                                             RACING KENOSHA GAYS Rap group,
                                               6 pm , Unrtorran Church, 625 Collar
                                                Ana AKIN, LW 5527331 for demi%
                                             SOFTBAL L BEER LEAGUE: Two lands
                                                played d noon, two at 33 Opro ketund
                                                the dome in Mitchel Park, 27th St
                                             SUGAR SHACK Stumm LIM earth hour
                                                ly ddnk mooed all niht.
                                             WRECK ROOM: Pdchors of Wm for B 1
                                               from 2 to Spnt worth tporttna Mat, Oa
                                               lop sued TY =mon
                                             YOUR PLACE, Cocktml hour , 2 to flPm.
                                                Zdf off on oil donk t

                        Photo by Ed. OW
Aian y l "wry wrh a smiler, Don Glasser,       Special Events
• wailer et fhe NAM, accept. en empty
Osmond works his wa y bark with a loll one     Sunday, Oct 26th
                                             E COM- Emertatners Club of Milwaukee pry
INSIGHT/RK.W1(..0.-      Gay   end ham,         tents "A Return to Elelanc• pageani

                        FEMINIST BOOKSTORE
                          AND ART GALLERY
                   WOMEN AND MEN WELCOME
      2128E Locust St. (Maryland & Locust ) • 414-962.3323
   Sunday Brunch
  11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   Daily Specials
Monday through Friday
 36 -hanker Calendar

                                               HEPHAISTION HEALTH CLUB/Medrsoir
   Regular Events                                 Lockers 52.50. 4 to 80m. $4 horn 01m
   Every Monday                                  to Sem.
                                               JO 13ELS/Raciar BM Bust, 7pm to clos-
C'EST LA VIE: Beer 10( from 5pm to lam.        KGB: Kenosha Gay Buono meets, 10pm,
CLUB BATHS: Bargain asght-lockers $3,            gay alcoholics program, 5410 1,7th Ave.
   rooms $5, 4pm to midnight.                    Kenosha, cell 052 7935 fro (Wails. VO
FACTORY: Tonight's DJ Mark, began at             morning room horn 7 to 10pm.
    10pm, bar owl. Som.                        LOST AND FOUND: Record night-you
FIN LAN 0 IA HEALTH CLUB: Josh mein-             bring it. the bar will spin n, tap hew 101,
   Opin 2am, St oil.                             bar drinks 50d. courmsy card required.
GAY HENS AA/Madison. Meeting. Rom.             PHOENIX: Country disco with Jim, Team
    5_ Paul's University Chaim!.                 harlorqoe sandwich 501411 night.
GAY PEOPLE'S UNION: 110041101" meeting,        PLAYER'S PUB: Cocktail hots! 5 Som. Pull
   tom Fermi! Custer                             for drinks.
PHOENIX: Hot dolt 51, tap hoer 0o1             SUGAR SHACK: Hippy Hour douhlen wry.
   110111 7pm to CIO In                          od Horn 9 to I Ipm.
PLAYER' SPUR: Cocktail hour 54pm, pull         WRECK ROOM: Hippy Hour Tickets, 3:30
   lot drink s                                   to 7pm, draw your drink prime and pay
SUGAR SHACK: Pitchers el book $1.75,             full price, halt pos. or 101.
   Tone right                                  YOUR PLACE: 254 oil on ail drinks ill
WRECK ROOK Roomy Hour Tkkeis . 33 0              night.
   to 7pm draw your dank price and pay                 For Additional Enlists Today
   luN orate half peke or la                           Soo Monday-Miley Listings

                                                 Special Events
  Special Events                                 Wed., Oct.29th
  Tuesday, Oct. 28th                            FACTORY, Halloween costume tomtit
 GPO: Roth. Comminn Melton' tor per               first prim IS a round-trip racket to any
   torn intoroctad in serving es a roluntoer      city in the Continental U.S.; second ono.
   tolephone counselor, 7pm. Farwell Do-          is $100: third price is $50, fourth prize is
   lor, 1568 N. F01111111, 01 S101 2714273_       $25; entertainment emceed by Mona
                                                  Hutto* of Chimoo, in tho Loading Dock.

  Regular Events                                 Regular Events
  Every Tuesday                                  Every Wednesday
C'ES1 LA VIE: Bow 104 from Spots to tem.       BALI. GAME: Tip hoe, 404 front Spin to
CLUB BATHS: Towel oWht-lockors 41, 4              midnight.
   to midnight, with your own towel            VEST LA VIE: 1001 104 horn 5pm to tam.
FACTORY: Tonight's 01 Meek, berm et            CLUB BATHS Bowan night-lockers $3.
   10pm, bar opens et apm.                        rooms $5, 4pm to midnight.
GAY OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS: Most                 FACTORY: Tonight's DJ Ron , belies al
   Mg, 7: 30prn, Farwell Cantor.                  10pm, bar opens. Bp m.•
GAY VO CLINICAtedisan: Intim', 7 to            FIN LAN D IA HEALTH CLUB: Swim trunk
   Iwn, 913 Spring SI.                            night-fipen -midnight, $1 off.
3743 West Vliet Street
Milwaukee. Wisconsin                        eer

   T-linee Steak                                           6.95
   Shrimp ninny r                                          6.95
   Stuffed Flounder                                        6.95
   Pork Chop.                                              5.145
   Fried Chicken                                           495
   Brutkd Cud                                              4.95
   laragna                                                 4.95
   Mnatacetull                                             4.95
   Open Paced Steak Sandwich—                              4.95
   Spaghetti with Meat Sauce ....                          4.50
   Meat Loaf Ihnncr                                   . 4.50
   Liver & Ontunw                                     . 450
   Kahan Omelette                                     . 4.50
   Barn   81   Spinach Omelette                            4.50
   Fhb Frr                                                 395
   Abort order, Include- Salad Bar. Bread Ilanket. choice
   of Corn Fritter, French Frie, American Frt., Potato
   Pancake. .,r Potato Carrtrolc & C.A .. or Tea

                11%1■1111S4161146101014,     '4%

   fliecachunier Platter                                   275
   Hamhuflecr Platter.                                  281)

   Aimee olden. Include , ule Slaw & French        Frie,


   Salad Bar                                               3.60

                                              UNITED/Madsen: Ammo poop niacin%
                                                call 04111255.15112 for details and loco

                                                   WRECK ROOM
                                              WRECK ROOM: LevilembeiWo ern Nie
                                                —wow soy and ill your beer and bar
                                                Minis ale 5PC corn. ban back and Nor
                                                and bar dunks are Et horn Ulm to
                                                [loans beret tarred horn 5 is 7pni
                                                    For Additional Events Today
                                                     St Mondry Friday Lunn.,

                                                Special Events
                                                Thursday, Oct. 30th
                                              WRECK ROOM . Trick and Trent, Night-
                                                Cath pints for boa [Daum, lodging at

                                                Regular Events
                                                Every Thursday
                     )nova by IddCeix.1 C'EST        LA VIE: Mar 1W from S p in to
 Mark Upham, head umpire for the 3781_,
 hit dbeer and rearmdentong day of CD11                   —
 dome,                                             11SELINuNdoolime: Foe /nab lop Me.
                                                 time. 7 to Nen , 1127 Llonionity Aw.
                                              FACTORY: Tomphis DJ Ron, basins al
GAMMA. VIMYbsll lad basketball, 7 to             1 Ipm, ban miens,
    111:30pm, UWM Eno/ornate Gym. sem •       FINALE: Emory drink Ws you a chance on
   from Columbia Hs Oita) (memory In.            a unpin worth line drinks from 10pm.
    twice an Hartford Avarua                  GPO VII CLINIC: Odom Prom 7 to 10/sm,
CPU VO CLINIC. Open flans 7 to Man               for trammant, Frwll Cam.
   earth Otto, an hand /or trratrnant, Far-   GRAPEY/14E, Ihmtino of Worturri
   well tear,                                          7:30pm, 7211 E.Ksootood.
MAN HOLE( Groan Bay- Elmo mum From            CYSISTRATA/Mediion: Wen.; of eh.
     L3 Opm.                                     Coalition for ERA 71.0pm.
Id A IA. Plano hot entartainmard moth Gerry   PHOENIX: Popular reek horn I Sm.
    Parry and Jan *min from !pm to No         PLAYER'S PUB: Cocktail hour S Spin, pull
PHOENIX Margarita Nish!—Twat 754.                for drinks
    Margaritas 75d Ipm to dodos               SUGAR SHACK: Happy Hour doubles swv.
PLAYER'S PUP: Cocktml hour SIpr,y                ad Prom l to I Ipm.
    lac drink s                               WRECK ROOM: Happy Hoof Tickets, 3,30
SUGAR SHACK: Btu bust from Sam to                10 l'am, draw lb• pima of your drink
     lam $ 21 or II you can drink                and pay lull prim hit prier or 104.

the phoenix disco
all night also!

bar stock 50c — 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.
complimentary buffet 4:30 p.m.

235 south second.

                             Mambo. B.A.M.
10 VtIeLukte I:bleeder

       The Bulletin Board
             Messages • Personals • Unclassified
 Way., LM'. beer It I 1.•.1,00 am* eneek.s.
 bar era., Owl tiny set WOW,. Wol
 and Wren, went., eon.l a hint_        &le
 Tllur Clirlt are	   Glititi                            Happy Birthday
 newer bay II Awn Ceekte Sue went to in*              Chuck of the Factory!
 InneAtioro and att../ nue 114•O - On.                    Staff at the Factory
 Von 1.11
             Iv ale wlin seinen. IL nil to me
 hr	 . . I. die en!, Itecta nobody
    Ii .111.0 10 dim tell• 01, nobody
    4 .11.1 le leolt	        Int ...-
                                                         wen.. IL lei. 11. 41.6...
 Debt. tn. a,11: Darn., what kaapanwl 1 . can eIte •nolner WY. MOW,
 11. nu, .4• 61 hrle Aron. on Su.. 1101121 r bl four Muni.                  Gary H.
 Dear, tee ba• tMI didn't last yew Ire
 .11.	                                                g      t
                                    An Oble. p IS. Y OI ha toys& up Uslat
             101141.. erownl L. Clyde.
                                                mien. Yy swab Ind low.            Cray, k0nny
                                                Jimmy  [Man• Cdionlryp I w you
                                                                     Son A. (liartnnOor]
   Chuck: Best wishes for your
                                                To, roe.. Oa York: 11 nee to - you,
   Birthday.              Erin
                                                s•n., Wormhal
                                                mad queen bitiewn nee te cieatb DO nod run
                                                away t 	   1                  torn, Toronto
Attention 11111nOmilk•o! TMI .••• Ow.*
'Teddy 11.11 lit In >ow IF...IL oecoet          110 are a b1     0 1 1an.n I°
ler gale .!'Ten A LW' - et nail toe wIee
Ilonv loll Morn bar on Cadre SI. In S.F.
                                [long Waal
CAApatOklOonii: Lanny a [esti Tnalt
VW Mewl
                                         ....      Milwaukee: Worth cannot e -            y
                                                   elets the finitude mid the lore
Dae.	    Iletserell                                   my hart for you. Thinks to
   7,4          r =1,1r                            everyone for making the Y.P.
                                                   Benefit the suttees that it mos!
area   tin.    -° din—.	             to tin               Thank You, Crazy Lenny

        411.1. .4
Rona & led: Creelionl grereorwanw.
                     own M.. 4 a.. rev
Put 1.1	 QC" t110 Ow..
                                                :411:tr,Caw: IX":
                 Loy. Va. A Pinola Al•nolo      Is It iree Inat no. pocoron • plat.,     doll..
MAW 1 5110111 Mo... Mel on Ieur Oa.,
                                 due. wItei     ▪     Poll: New mut too inn. it am, ern.
                                                Ao I Vol .7 11010.roi nom         11
T. Amonault or Wise. Vlsboli yen III nem.                                                LooNly
1• IN be...l wite your I... secretary.

t oellIa	   leekerne Id
                             Mena. - MAI
                                                attn,.?..,tt°„: "°" -0 111:7 1■7314f;71
                                                        intoosAve in a   baliollofill pro.
Soot SICK Ino tion el Oeuntor                    a
                                                pnt   111$ *OM, 0111 Ga ry at Ill.
            Patty, Da, Milo., T. •
O.S. You'r0 gal	           •ooniA• In Muni
Ow.: Von wensown in	
wee been toe law. Sari el	
                                twine anti
                              to eau. Clio
                                                100. n 1roY en, lop                :Art
                                                                        r:vta°,7.1:5., .141-C -1
                       41*44 V
                      iNer                                      1
    A Return to

                              cordially                       you   to-
                  MISS GAY WISCONSIN

                    MR GAY WISCONSIN

                       October       74. 1910
    Ar the   Mo.. Mom    Cryinial Ballroom

                                         •caranc•   on Seh woof

         -Cocktail Halo    5'30
         'Champagne Dirmer 6 30
         'Pogoonl          100

       %goon, tork•r t only. $12 50
       Champagne Dome. and Pageant,               120.00
                                       !wk•,* on soft of
                                       year ilaworo• bor.

4   parking available   in   the Marc Placa parking payillion   room rotas     Pot   Iho bylining    3 35°° single
                                                   B40 .. deubio

                  for r..f •   information Conrad*
         •ry Payroll           1329 W. /Am•ral             645-1011

42 -              Glenda
                                                        eanna wash Met 111,0. slant come' 74:
Jen. an• Paul Mut 6E10111 00..0. oce Leta • °abbe 1,0..l
emu. lot your bewsicanty Ir. always •                       lay taken tor • ride in
p. p. 10 na y . cell. wise ye,         Veni Imo Cost lamoklaut.                Erin
                      W0110     IM.C.1
                                               Tony B. You mill owe infra dam So 0.1 on
                                               ense phomr end .1 1R.W
Jul: P01 • mb1e1 on tM Floor and
                                    ""1,11.4             7i 0 Croonn         Iron.
                                                                            Wrie Lift8 Hog,

          Milwaukee                              Persenals
                                               Gay white malt. 28. 145 Ihs.. 51", brown
    THE BULLETIN BOARD                         emir and blue eyes, desires lo mate new a1•
      WORKS FOR YOU!                           qualm       with sincere people, 74 . 29, who
                                               seek a fposuble} permanent reLnionshim, if
                 MESSAGES                      you are sincere, and looking /01 TOM then
  bileteepas er• Ire: And nii.11 de sub.       int sea. write P.O. Bo g 541. Portage, WI
  mitt. usanrin met" rneeseso
 • on • terostate piece or paper or 00/1:1_    53001, Photo appreciated. Will reply with
  70 blow man y 001 st* as pow1514             lonse• No fate. sane, drugs, 11i kinky SCA
  to participate m Ina Imo messeoe sec•
  tlon, •memowturn of four mesiaged            Kenn please
  nom uch person sem pe Accepted
  Nolewage• p.m. at Inn Orwoll-
  att. of Ina publosner And el 1.4
  Permits_ Iwo                ea mono,
  ort onio toe              .
                                                 ROOMMATE/APARTMENT DESIRED
                 PERSONALS                     Seeilny to Mare an apartment and CPSI1On
  Pommies, cost 113 a wens for In. Ins)
  30 words and msrat be 10510I11ed In          the East side MTh a male. Need to haw
  **tiny, Each .OhIlonal weld o                soroe.e who Is clean /since 1 am). Need
  the 30 m..lmu root. to fer*1. All            some privacy merlable. Ain warm, friendly,
  parsorear must be prop•kilmon sub.
  'maroon and must he •ccompanied by
                           1011                and caring. Enjoy cooking and sharing re-
       P dmlarabon that         ere of         umnalbillty. AM fro Ralph only. (414/ 276.
  mai PH and ere submitting y. 01 t.           1278. PI not home, Save name and Mins.,
  Meal fro yoursed only and only al •          Or wile P.O. Box 20712, Milwaukee, WI
  moans to eno. anothee person et no
  motioned ••rniara on then Pam Coo            53220.
     ad mein. Ina ....tumor
  both parties. Ns 011 .11.110011 ea ae•                 CHICAGO ATTORNEY
  moms over e. ono..
                                               [hirer Hawn. with IMP MY practice and
           UNGLASSIFI EDS                      sonsta01 Inquiry from Milwaukee area Clients
  unessiii. 001 cost 13 a week 101
    00 1 30 IVOILIS. 410 .04101111 wore        seek. WIMonsin attorneY (la y or pro gay}
  costs 10 cents. All unmasso.n mina           association. Write with derails, Ron E.-
       ulein-ltred in wiring ana I. pre        mann, 27 W. Randolph Sutte 520
  pawl open unalliMan. No unmaser
  rods will be accepted a wa y the phone.      CNC-ago I L 60601
                 DEA D LINE                            BROAD STREET 101.1artm.
  Deadline     tar sei. of all arm
  messages, personal, and uncieselfsada        The MOW Street low./ h • Pocono! ad
    sns ',bey error to Me 11.130y pub.         Publicanbn for pernns of all ages. For our
  matron date, Sub mit to the liaitwau.
  boo 0a1•ndo1 L3437 N. Weill St. Chi•         1.1te1 law, please send 52 Kash or money
  teen, IL 6obia 01901.[1,/, In                order/ to The Broad          Journal, Box
  ...on et Inn lame adore. bet..               II 0, Esane, CO *0602.
  the news 07 I and 500 Reenday 10
  LT *1 rod CL .?lit'esnkt.17:gr■ :
                  0                                           HELP WANTED
                                               Captain*, *411010. and bufperS011{. MInketuni
         SUBSCRIPTIONS                         of fire years experience required. Must be
  Oneye•r lemur Orisons cost                   25 Or Older 10 apply. E.0101 Mark Only.
  rime is mall. welly in • Mem en•             which includes weekends and holidays. This
  m.o. wan Lamm ink, inc. es • return
  adorns. All Aubliernalkinionuil be pre       is • tarp Hi retell. Eon"      skiing private.
      and ada pt. to tn. munreineee            Send room. In confidence to Andrew Nor•
  Calendar. 1437 N. Went SI_ Chwreen,          bares. P.O. Box 327 • Pardemille, WI 53954,
   17, 40410                                   a photo It most helpful. bur not required.
                                                                        k et rak04a1 - 43

          Entertainment & Organizations

                                                236 S. 2nd Sr                 276 9659
         REFERENCE CODE                      Playnet Fob-54
  114 ...... • . ProdowananIN 1414.             332 N. Milwookm               273-6998
              Pt...dominantly Fermi*         Sludown-El
  MF ..                Wit Fmnak                914 5 2.4545•6490
                                  Ono,       SobsMuck- F, E
  L                      Low.. 1.44111w         136 E. Nwbonal 444            643 9758
  98                           1114614wn     Twn 14uouldwd Ent-74
  $     . E. Imponowtow Shown                   1000 E. North Atm             2639117
  ▪                Livw Enunammwni           This Is 11-N1
             Rmbnitani. Food 94wv•sw                           1
                                                419 F. 15415279-9192
                                             Wm* Room-M, L
                                                766 E- ENO St                 2738900
                                             Vow Intn4-44, 0
                                                013 S. 141 51                 6479335
        MILWAUKEE, WI 14141                  BATHS
BARS                                         Club MO...ob.
Ball Gann-M
   196 S. 2nd et             273-7474           704A IN Nittonwol Aw . . . 276-0246
                                             Lw Club Finland,.
Boo Gartlen-14F, R                              707 E. Kevin. PI              2766614
   7743 VI41 M . . . . 3445760
C'est La Vie-M                               BOOKSTORES. ADULT
   231 S. 2nd ft             2766150         6wdes Elooknots
Fan. w-M. 0                                     753 N Plwnitnnat AM           2769236
   158 N. 13.oadyny        . 278-7030        Lob Elookstont
F orog-MF                                       601 N. Frfth                  2789401
   808 E- Cam.. SI „ „ „ 372-6864            P4n410130cArlent
Lon & Found-F                                   225 N. Wolff Fa               279-9368
   810 N. 2716 a             931.9914        Satennoon Feminist BookNom, Art Galin
MAM-44. F                                       2128 E. Locnwe St             962 1323
   124 N. P yle, It          347-96E2        GAY THEATERS
Mint 114,-/RF                                34144nry 71144-Mr IMbrithly1
   422 W. Maw 9.             279.9199           364b & Lobon              , . 342.2440
    100 gay                         -A legendary schooner penetrating the
                                       clear blue Caribbean. Six adventurous
 guys with                         - • \ daysand nights of cruising. bare feet,
                                        ' bikinis. romantic isles. reggae. bmbo,
 one thin                                       great food. Join all-male gay cruises
                                                  or regular weekly cruises
   in mind.                                  .56
                                                     from 5400.
                                                       Cable PAW. P.O. Boa III, Dna_ 1448
  Cruising.                                                    &ow& F1.13311
                                                          Sod Int 'Ono Adnnarw !mode

 CAI NE 644140I).323-2400
    - Milwaukee Calendar

AGAPE METRO CHRISTIAN CHURCH                   For pm.. with a drinking problem.
   Meet. Sundays. 2Pm, FWWWIlLente,            meets Sunday N.. at Ow F emelt
AMAZON                                         Center, call for group 94, 272-3011.
   Feminist newspaper, published every       GAY COMMUNITY AT UWM
   other month. II each, 35 a yew, 2211        010m, Student Union Room E . 164, re-
   E. Renwood Bird., call 964-6111 for de-     ferals, counaellng. inimmallan is well as
   tails.                                      ongoing social and educadonal events.
   Catholic cream Senseless, 6pm, 2506 N.      An emergency hot line Wiled by pro-
   Wauwatosa Am (76th St.), use the side       famlenals foe your use. On call all
  entrance. 6451490 for decals Mennen          weekend and from 4.10pat to Ram,
   1pen and gons.                              Monday -Friday, 142-2779.
FARWELL CENTER                               GAY MEN'S RAP,SUPPORT GROUP
   Chopin center, peer counselera and          Led by Tim McCoy, growge nests every
   meeting site of many organization,,         Friday at fpm In Ow Farwell Center.
  open from 7 to I 0pm, 1561 N. F usu.!.     GAY OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS
FREE SPACE                                     Group Iwo° at 7-50pm Twulays at
   Oise wisken group for Yonne. wt...          the I *well Center.
  questmning 1566 at Call 271-               GAY PEOPLE'S UNION (GPU)
   4610 for information.                       Meets gyps, Monday or Ilprn In Inn
GAMMA                                          Farwell Center. Wellness meeting Is the
   A social and athletic orgarwation whose     ars. Monday of the month.
  members solo, such HOW., Including         GAY TEENS
  bowling, volleyball, football, soccer,       A rap, supper/ grow for youths under
  swimming, and *thee social mon°. Me           19, meets flint and third Sattadays,
  Information side. GAMMA, 2011 N.             UWM Studem Union. Room 301 from
  F wag ed , Unit L. Milwaukee, WI 33211.      1 he leem. phone (4141%74555.
GAY AL-ANON                                  GPU NEWS
  For losers and friends ol someone mutt       Monthly imam publication, contain.'
      chinking problem, meets hem Sun-         new, articles, review, poetry, fiction,
  days at the F arwell Center.                 P.O. Bon 92203.2760612.

                         SUBSCRIBE NOW!
                           1 Year Subscription 51 5.00


 City, Static Zip

 I in, • consenting adult
                                                    IStRaarturit for pusonalsO
                       Mail   check or money order to:
                                 ULTRA INK, INC
                                1437 N. Weds ST.
                               Ch1copo, IL 60010
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   Uiiii iiiAil
             Sunday, Nov. 9th • 2 p.m.
              $3.00 entry fee • Food

                  — SPECIAL
       Cocktail Hour — Mon.—Fri. 4:30-6:00
Top Shelf: 11 00 — Call Drinks: 754 — Bar Stock: 1/2 Price
         Bottle Beer 504 — Draft Beer: 35¢

            Wednesdays — 40¢ Tap Beer

            Sat, & Sun. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  Salty Dogs — Bloody Marys — Screwdrivers: $100

       196 S. 2nd Street • 273-7474 • Milwaukee
                  Open 11 a.m. Daily
                                               Membor El A PIL
      Come See Our Grand
       Friday, October 31st
      Saturday, November 1st
         Enjoy your trip to our
         NEW BACK ROOM

      Also Friday Night, It's Our
            Second Annual
             DILDO DIP

  ___ /         41110111111

636 W. Washington Ave. • Madison, Wisconsin

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