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									TO:         Faculty and Administration
FROM:       John Bockino, Presiding Officer & Diane Bosco, Secretary
DATE:       May 3, 2000
RE:         Summary Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting, April 12, 2000

1999-2000 Senate-Present: P. Agostino, B. Baird, D. Baruch, J. Bockino, D. Bosco, B. Broomell, J. Byrne,
P. Chirch, C. Gillespie, A. Kucmeroski, A. Lundahl, S. Mandia, D. Miller, M. O'Grady, A. Shields, S.
Sprows, R. Welch, Y. Zhang

1999-2000 Absent: M. Berard,, S. Cox (in class), J. Dempsey, M. Gerien (in class), C. Heck, R. Milano
(softball coach), R. Norman, C. Stearns, F. Winter,

1999-2000 Ex-Officio- Present: D. Bergen, W. Connors, S. La Lima, J. Pryputniewicz,

1999-2000 Ex-Officio- Absent: L. Reichardt

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m.

Minutes from 3/1/00 meeting were accepted with the following correction:
Y. Zhang was present.

Presiding Officer's Report: John Bockino
 The SCC Foundation has asked the three governance chairs to nominate three distinguished faculty
    members to honor at a faculty luncheon at St. George's on Friday, May 5 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The
    governance chairs with the help of the executive committees of the governance bodies have selected
    Joan Garner, Al Cofone, and George Hiltner as the honorees. The Foundation is looking to enhance its
    relationship to faculty, to show what the SCC Foundation can do for students and faculty. Hopefully, all
    senators will be able to attend. At the SCC Foundation Gala, Pete Herron was honored with a
    leadership award.
 As of the last Senate meeting, the executive committee has decided to honor four students who
    represent different areas of the College. At the May 10th Faculty Senate meeting, they will be
    presented with a certificate from the Faculty Senate as their mentors say a few words of their behalf.
    James Beneduce from the theatre, Shantelle Houpe as a member of the first team of All-American
    basketball, Phil Strum from the Compass, and the student trustee, Joseph Del Broccolo, who is on the
    Academic All American team.
 The SCC Foundation will provide refreshments for the May 10 meeting for these presentations. This
    meeting will remain in the Alumni Room.
 The May 10th meeting will be attended by the new senators.
 Please return your preferences for committees for next year with your e-mail address.
 Next year all information from the Faculty Senate will be sent to you via e-mail.

Student Liaison:
 The committee has selected the Student of the Year. The award has been given to Phil Strum.
 John Bockino reported that there has been talk of resurrecting student government on the Ammerman
    campus. The Student Liaison committee should help students to form student government.

College Curriculum Committee: Barbara Baird
 99-00-25 ID 80 Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education and Internships (Passed 9-0-0)
 99-00-26 Liberal Arts and Sciences: Education Emphasis (jointly registered with St. Joseph's College)
    (Passed 9-0-0) After a five minute discussion period, it was accepted.

Campus Curriculum Committee:
   No report. All curriculum issues had to be settled by 12/99 governance meetings due to the printing of
    the new college catalog.

Ways and Means: Bev Broomell
 99-00-27 Committee chairs who are not Senators having a vote on resolutions from their committee
   (Passed unanimously in committee) After a five minute discussion period, the resolution was accepted
   by the Senate.
 The committee is working on revising the Faculty Senate election handbook to reflect the new
    senatorial breakdown by academic areas.

College Wide Academic Standards: Art Lundahl
 Discussion continues on class decorum guidelines.
 The W grade proposal to alter the time period within which the W grade could be given was brought
    out of its subcommittee and defeated. The current policy remains unchanged. An additional
    subcommittee will draft a set of guidelines concerning this issue that will be distributed to faculty.
 There has been little response from academic chairs on the issue of statute of limitations for acceptance
    of course work.
 Discussion also continues on the guidelines for hiring of new faculty.
 The student component to the faculty evaluation process is the subject of a college-wide committee.
    John Bockino noted that this is now being addressed jointly by the Faculty Association and the College
 Academic planning under the Title III grant: an institutional development specialist has been hired.
 Dean Arrigon reported on the new SUNY graduation core requirements. SCCC must provide 21
    credits of this core and is fully in compliance of this requirement.

Quality of Life:
 A list of physical problems on the campus is forth coming.

Old Business:
 None reported.

New Business:
 None reported.

Campus report: John Pryputniewicz
 The inauguration of President La Lima will be held in September, either the 15th or 22nd. This will be
   combined with the 40th anniversary of the College and the new building opening on the Western
 Capital projects' latest word is that early May will be the earliest that the money will be released. The
   contracts are ready to go. One of the first projects is the asbestos abatement for the Babylon Center.
   This will hopefully happen this summer. The Center will be closed for a six week period during the
 All faculty are strongly encouraged to attend graduation. The featured speaker is Trish Bergen, a news
   anchor woman for News12 and an SCCC alumni. Phil Strum will be the student speaker. Grace Dolan,
   who is retiring, will lead the convocation. Bob Gaffney cannot be present. Eric Kopps will attend in his

College Report: President Sal La Lima
 President La Lima expressed appreciation and thanks to John Pry and Bill Connors for coming to the
    Ammerman campus during a difficult time of transition. This has been a period of so many personnel
    changes due to retirements and moves to other positions. In an interim position, it was also difficult
    during personnel and organizational changes. President La Lima is looking forward to years as the
    president of SCCC.
   Bonding for capital projects will be taking place in May. $41 million was approved but not yet
    bonded. The first $10-$15 million should be bonded in May. This is a must for the Ammerman
    campus. County contracts have been lined up so that work can begin quickly.
   The SCCC operating budget will be presented to the Board to present to the County. It represents a $6
    million increase. Most of these costs come from factors that we cannot control, such as health
    insurance costs, county charges for services, new building costs with utilities and staffing, and
    structural salary increases. There is also a request for 23 new faculty positions, in addition to filling old
   The budget will be presented to the county first to comply with the law that there can be no more than a
    $1.2 million or 4% increase. Beyond that increase, an appeal must be made to the county executive to
    support two other incremental items that would be proposed to the legislators as budget amendments,
    one for the 23 new faculty positions and the other for the new building opening costs. Fourteen votes
    are needed from the legislators to pass those items.
   The ceremonies for the fall will hopefully be attended by the State Chancellor. The inauguration will
    be brought into an umbrella of the 40th anniversary and the dedication of the new building. Hopefully,
    Gov. Pataki will attend and it will be a source of positive media coverage.
   Student evaluations component of faculty evaluations: 90% of other colleges have this component.
    President La Lima reported he has met with E. Schuler Mauk about collaboration on this issue.

Next meeting: May 10, 2000

Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Bosco

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