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									      May 2009                                                                           AMERICAN ASSEMBLY FOR MEN IN NURSING
      Volume 27                                                                                   Providing a framework for nurses as a group to meet, discuss,      1
        No. 2                                                                              and Influence factors which affect men/males as Nurses and Men's Health

                                                                                                   SEE YOU IN CINCI!
                                                                                               34th AAMN Conference
                                                                                         Men Making a Difference in Nursing
                     Official Publication of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing

                                                                                        Mark your calendar and join us for an exciting experience at the 34th
                                                                                        Annual Conference of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, on
                                                                                        October 23 & 24, 2009 at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel
                                                                                        in Cincinnati, Ohio. The conference theme is Men: Making a Difference
                                                                                        in Nursing and our conference host, The Cincinnati Children’s
                                                                                        Hospital Medical Center, is promising to bring that theme to life!
                                                                                        This two-day event will be filled with informative presentations
                                                                                        highlighting the male nurse contributions to nursing, men’s health and
                                                                                        health care.

                                                                                        Some highlights you won’t want to miss:

                                                                                        Keynote seakers:

                                                                                                               Patrick Hickey

                                                                                              "Seven Summits: A Nurse's Quest to
                                                                                                                        and Life"

                                                                                        Maggie Thurmond Dorsey R.N., Ed.D
                                                                                        “My Hero, My Dad, The Nurse”.
  2   AAMN

                                                                                        You'll also want to attend:

  3   Listening to                                                                      the Thursday evening opening reception;

  4   Chapter News                                                                      the Luther Christman Dinner on Friday evening;
  5   Membership
                                                                                        and the Annual Business Meeting where our
  8   Scholarship                                                                       “Strategic Plan” will be presented and elections
                                                                                                                         continued page 6
                                                                                                   May 2009
  2                                     AAMN   InterAction                                         Volume 27
                                                                                                     No. 2

   2009 AAMN Board of Directors
                                                   MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT
 Demetrius Porche, DNS, Ph.D. (c), APRN                   Demetrius J. Porche, DNS, PhD(c), APRN
         dporch@lsuhsc.edu                     Support AAMN Mission Through
                                                National Men’s Health Week
      Kevin D. Hook, MA, MSN, AGNP
          Vice-President / Bylaws
            kevinnp1@aol.com              As American Assembly for Men in Nursing
                                          (AAMN) members, we have two aspects
      Jim Raper, DNS, JD, CRN             to our mission. Our mission focuses on
 Immediate Past President / Nominations   influencing national policy, research and
                                          education about men in nursing and
Michael L. Williams, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNE   men’s health issues. To align with and
                 Treasurer                support our mission, I am calling all
     michael.williams@emich.edu           AAMN members and supporters to focus
                                          on the men’s health aspect of our                Demetrius J. Porche,
      Danny G. Willis, DNS, APRN-BC
      Secretary / Communications
                                          mission. This focus on men’s health can           DNS, PhD(c), APRN
            willisdb@bc.edu               be mobilized at a grassroots level as a member of AAMN, in
                                          your local AAMN chapter, or through the coordination of events
   Luther Christman, Ph.D., RN, FAAN      in other nursing association in which you are affiliated or through
        Chairman of the Board             your employer. This effort should be coordinated in concert
       Don Anderson, CMSRN, EdD
                                          with the national agenda during the National Men’s Health Week.
       Board Member / Education
       danderson0703@curry.edu            As you read this newsletter, there should be sufficient time to
                                          plan men’s health week activities. Men’s Health Week is planned
 Michael Burnett, RN, MSA, BSN, CNOR      for June 9-15, 2008. This time is not arbitrarily selected. Former
           Board Member
      malenursecmh@aol.com                President Bill Clinton signed Public Health Law 103-264 on May
                                          31, 1994 establishing the week ending on Father’s Day as
                                          National Men’s Health Week. The primary agenda for Men's
        Danny Lee, PhD, RN, CNE           Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health
            Board Member
                                          problems and encourage early detection and treatment of
                                          disease among men and boys. Engagement in activities during
 William T. Lecher, RN, MS, MBA, CNA-BC   National Men’s Health Week serves as a national awareness
      Board Member / Membership           campaign to health care providers, public policy makers, and
       william.lecher@cchmc.org           the media.
  Ryan Lewis, RN, BSN Board Member
       rmlewisrn@hotmail.com              As an AAMN member, support our mission while joining the
                                                continued page 12
      M. Bridget Nettleton, Ph.D., RN                                             NEEDED
              Board Member
          bnettlet@excelsior.edu                                               ARCHIVAL INFORMATION
         Alfredo L Guzman, CSE                  For all you                   Have AAMN Memorabilia?
          aguzman@uab.edu                      AAMN Needs                      AAMN Member Pictures?
        Byron McCain, CAE AAMN                     VISIT                      Articles on/or about AAMN?
            Executive Director
         bymccain@bellsouth.net                 AAMN.ORG                      Please contact AAMN Archivist:
        6700 Oporto-Madrid Blvd.
          Birmingham, AL 35206                   TODAY!                       Chad E. O'Lynn, Ph.D., R.N.
             Mailing Address                                                           olynn@up.edu
              PO Box 130220
          Birmingham, AL 35213
              T 205-956-0146
              F 205-956-0149
     May 2009
     Volume 27                                  AAMN     InterAction                                      3
       No. 2

    LISTENING TO STUDENTS                                                          AAMN Committees
                                                                                    Bylaws Committee
 an editorial by Michael Burnett, RN, MSA, BSN, CNOR
                                                                                   Kevin D. Hook, Chair
    AAMN Board Member -Co-Editor, InterAction                                       kevinnp1@aol.com

ATTENTION: SEEKING STUDENT NURSE INPUT                                         Communications Committee
The nursing students of today are the workforce                                   Danny G. Willis, Chair
of tomorrow. Transitioning from the role of                                         willisdb@bc.edu
student to that of registered nurse (RN), students
need and ask for resources, information, and                                  Membership & Chapters Committee
helpful hints to assist with process. The American                              William (Bill) Lecher, Chair
Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN)                                              william.lecher@cchmc.org
acknowledges and supports this philosophy.
                                                                                  Education Committee
The editorial staff of InterAction would like to integrate a student column        Don Anderson, Chair
in each edition of the newsletter. We want to hear from you. Do you              danderso0703@curry.edu
have an inspirational story to share? How about a helpful hint that has
allowed you to function more efficiently, or perhaps, maybe you have              Nominating Committee
an idea for a future story or a question to submit for publication in the             Jim Raper, Chair
newsletter? With any questions or submission issues, please contact                 jimraper@uab.edu
Michael Burnett by phone (614-203-6890) or email
                                                                                          May 2009
 4                                AAMN   InterAction                                      Volume 27
                                                                                            No. 2

       CHAPTER DIRECTORY                                   CHAPTER NEWS
     Northwest Georgia Chapter       The AAMN board has approved the Triad AAMN Chapter as our
          Contact Pending
             Louisiana               newest chapter. Located in the Greensboro area of North Carolina,
   Southeast Louisiana Chapter       the chapter is the 4th chapter in the state.
              Danny Lee
  New England (Boston) Chapter
                                     Ramesh Chandra Upadhyaya, RN is the chapter president and has
         christopher.orourke-                                                   .
                                     been instrumental in organizing the chapter Ram may be reached
            978-456-9991             at (336) 334-4944 (w) or (336) 259-0122 (c) or
          North Carolina
 East Carolina University Chapter
       Phil Julian, MSN, RN
          252-744-6457               The 10 other founding men and women of the Triad AAMN include:
          at Chapel Hill
                                     Dennis Sherrod, RN, PhD
   Ed Halloran, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
     ehallora@email.unc.edu          Brad Sherrod, RN, MSN
                                     Richard Cowling, RN, PhD
     Duke University Chapter
      John Brion,RN,PhD, CHES
                                                                               Membership is
                                     Don Kautz, RN, PhD
       John.brion@duke.edu                                                      E-A-S-Y as
           919-684-3865              Randy Williams, RN, MSN/MBA
               Ohio                                                             AAMN.org
  Greater Cincinnati Chapter         Ernest Grant, RN, MSN
    Contact: Glenn LeBlanc           Michael Rieker, RN, PhD
          513-636-6211               Lynne Pearcey, RN, PhD
Mid-Ohio American Assembly for       Anita Tesh, RN, PhD
    Men in Nursing (MAAN);           Russell “Gene” Tranbarger, RN, PhD
   Southeast Michigan Chapter
   michael.williams@emich.edu                        CHAPTER STARTER KIT
          South Carolina                         http://www.aamn.org/chapstart.html
  Hunter Jones, MBA, RN, CNAA
          864-455-9196                                        SAVE THE DATE 2009
            Wisconsin                                     AAMN 34th Annual Conference
       University of Wisconsin-                      Men…Making a Difference in Nursing
          Oshkosh Chapter                                      October 23 - 25, 2009
     Brent MacWilliams, RN, ANP                      Hilton Motherland Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio
        bmacw@earhlink.net                            LOOKING FOR CONFERENCE SITES
            920-424-2160                  AAMN is looking for HOST for the AAMN Annual Conference
                                                                2011, 2012, 2013
Your State Chapter Belongs Here                   ALL chapters, hospitals, schools of Nursing are
     Start a Chapter Today!                               welcome to submit bids to HOST
  william.lecher@cchmc.org          for details contact:
                                    Demetrius Porche, AAMN President : dporch@lsuhsc.edu
         May 2009
         Volume 27                                                               AAMN          InterAction                                                   5
           No. 2

                                                                         MEMBERSHIP REPORT
                                                             Bill Lecher, Chairman, Membership & Chapters Committee

                                                   We are please to report continued improvement in member growth and retention and chapter
                                                   development. The following data highlight these outcomes:

                                                   Membership:           May, 2008 – 220     May, 2009 - 346, a 58% increase from same time prior
                                                                         April, 2009 - 315   May, 2009 – 346, a 10% increase from prior month
                                                                                             346 represent approximately 0.25% of men in nursing

76543210987654321                                  Member Retention: March 31, 2008          58% retention rate
76543210987654321                                                    March 31, 2009          75% retention rate
76543210987654321                                  Donations to AAMN Foundation: when paying AAMN dues, individuals are offered an opportunity to
76543210987654321                                  make a donation. $1,020.42 has been donated this year; amounts range from $3.75 -100.00; the most
76543210987654321                                  common sum is $20.00 (n = 36). This adds to the diversification of foundation revenue; please consider
76543210987654321                                  making a donation with dues and conference registration
    updated Conference Information

76543210987654321                                  Monterey Peninsula Community College; Men in Nursing Conference, April 23-24: AAMN received
76543210987654321                                  a complimentary exhibit booth; recruited 9 new members and since then the Bay Area Chapter has been
      Go t o A A M N . o r g f o r a l l y o u r

76543210987654321                                  formed; a Southern California (LA) is in formation as well as 2-4 other California chapters. If you are
76543210987654321                                  interested in recruiting for AAMN at a conference you are planning to attend, please contact Bill Lecher at
76543210987654321                                  (513) 407-6425 for permission and materials
76543210987654321                                  AAMN Chapters:        May, 2008    7 chapters
76543210987654321                                                        May, 2009    14 chapters, a 100% increase
76543210987654321                                  New Chapters Recognized:
76543210987654321                                  Triad AAMN Chapter was recognized in January, 2009 and is located in the Greensboro area of North
76543210987654321                                  Carolina. Triad is the 4th chapter in the state. Ramesh Chandra Upadhyaya, RN is the chapter
76543210987654321                                  president and has been instrumental in organizing the chapter. He may be reached at (336) 334-4944
76543210987654321                                  (w) or (336) 259-0122 (c) or ram_upadhyaya@uncg.edu The 10 other founding men and women of the
76543210987654321                                  Triad AAMN include: Dennis Sherrod, Brad Sherrod, Richard Cowling, Don Kautz, Randy Williams, Ernest
76543210987654321                                  Grant, Michael Rieker, Lynne Pearcey, Anita Tesh and Russell “Gene” Tranbarger
76543210987654321                                  They have mailed an invitation to all the nurses within a 100 radius of Greensboro to attend free
76543210987654321                                  educational men in nursing event and build interest in the Triad Chapter. The University of North Carolina
76543210987654321                                  Greensboro provided financial support for the printing and postage.
76543210987654321                                  New York Consortium of Men in Nursing at Molloy College AAMN Chapter was recognized in March,
76543210987654321                                  2009 and is located in the Long Island area of New York. Bernadette D. Curry, RN is the founding
76543210987654321                                  chapter leader. She may be reached at (516)-678-5000, ext. 6253 (w) or (516)-507-7616 (c) or
76543210987654321                                  bcurry@molloy.edu Patrick Bourke and Richard Nadan are the other two founding chapter members.
76543210987654321                                  Their initial work will focus on promoting the image of men in nursing, advancing scholarship among men
76543210987654321                                  in the profession and serving as a milieu for support and networking.
76543210987654321                                  Bay Area AAMN Chapter was recognized in May, 2009 and is located in the San Francisco area of
76543210987654321                                  California and is the first chapter west of the Mississippi. Bob Patterson, RN and Michael Davidson,
76543210987654321                                  RN are the founding chapter leaders. Bob may be reached at (510) 486-0627(w) or (510) 333-1436 (c)
76543210987654321                                  or bob@cinhc.org. Michael may be reached at (510) 207-9799 or Davidson83@gmail.com Additional
76543210987654321                                  chapter formation members include: Juner Valencia, Garry Johnston, Jerry Thompson and Jericho Staana.
76543210987654321                                  They are now appointing acting officers and planning for the formal election of officers and committee
76543210987654321                                  chairs for November. Their initial work will focus on recruiting at least 10 chapter members by December,
76543210987654321                                  31st, recruit local speakers to share experiences and best practices and develop professional relationships
                                                   with other men in nursing and to begin addressing identified issues and concerns.
                                                                                   May 2009
  6                          AAMN    InterAction                                   Volume 27
                                                                                     No. 2

        (CONTINUED SEE YOU IN CINCI! 34th AAMN Conference
                     FROM P.1)

            Men Making a Difference in Nursing
The Chapter Breakfast on Saturday.

Numerous presentations and focus
sessions throughout the two days
focusing on the men in nursing making
a difference.

What does a mountain climber author
and a children’s book author have in
common? They are both nurses who are
making their mark in the male nurse
arena in the most creative ways. The
Friday Keynote speaker Patrick Hickey,
a Clinical Professor of Nursing at the
University of South Carolina, has
climbed the 7 summits of the world,
including his last climb of Mt. Everest
which raised $1 for every foot of altitude
which contributes to the Nursing Summit
Scholarship fund. Pat has been a nurse
for 30 years, mostly in patient care and 10 years as a trauma nurse. He was honored as the
2002 Palmetto Gold Nurse of the year and as the 2004 SC Partners of the Americas Volunteer
of the year and has a book being released in May of 2009 recounting his experiences.

The Saturday Keynote speaker is Dr. Maggie Thurmond Dorsey, an Associate Professor in
the School of Nursing at the University of South Carolina Aiken, where she has taught for many
years, and holds the Ione Wells Hanly/Bank of America Chair in Nursing. She has authored the
children’s book “My Hero, My Dad, The Nurse” which is a colorful children’s book about a little
boy who ponders different career choices, but decides that he wants to follow his dad’s example,
and become a nurse.

The Opening Reception Thursday evening offers a great opportunity to network with colleagues
from throughout the US and the world! This reception will provide the chance to meet new, and
reconnect with, nursing friends and colleagues. It also creates a means to meet some of the
national leaders in the male nurse arena.

The Luther Christman Dinner and award ceremony will feed both your appetite and your
soul. It is a “Who’s Who” of “Men in Nursing”. This dinner is the vehicle used to recognize the
best workplace for men, the best school of nursing for men, the Luther Christman Award, and
the Lee Cohen Award (contact Ryan Lewis, rmlewisrn@hotmail.com to submit nominations).
This event occurs on Friday evening, and typically sells out, so sign up for Luther Christman
Dinner at the time you register for the conference to avoid being shut out.

The Annual Business Meeting and Elections are on the “Saturday Must Attend List”. This
meeting provides the membership an opportunity to participate in the organization directly.

                                                                        continued page 14
May 2009
Volume 27                                          AAMN            InterAction                                                       7
  No. 2

                               I thought earning my nursing degree and
                                  becoming an RN was a good idea ...
                                                It’s the Greatest
                                              Decision I Ever Made!

                                                               Rue Education Has
                                                               Made The Difference ...
                                                                       Dedicated Team of Academic Support
                                                                       Access to Mentor Connection, an Online
                                                                       Forum Led by Graduates
                                                                       Ability to Speak with Nurse Educators
                                                                       and Subject Matter Experts
                                                                       CPNE and NCLEX Preparation Materials
                                                                       Choice of Tutor-led Online or Self-paced
                                                                       Low Monthly Payment Plans

                                                                                 Call Rue Today
                                                                               for an Academic Assessment

                                                                                Helping Nurses Become
                                                                                   RNs for 20 Years.

                                                                          Rue Education is
                                                                           Recognized as
                                                                          Meeting Excelsior
                                                                           College’s Best
                                                                          Practices for Test

                  www. RueEducation .com
       Rue is the country’s leading provider of educational services, courseware, and academic support to those studying to become
       registered nurses. Rus is not affiliated with Excelsior College. Rue is not a degree granting institution.
                                                                                      May 2009
  8                        AAMN       InterAction                                     Volume 27
                                                                                        No. 2

                            2009 AAMN Foundation /
                   Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarship Grantees
                    AAMN Foundation and Johnson & Johnson’s Campaign for
                     Nursing’s Future are partnered to offer this scholarship
                    campaign for male students pursuing professional nursing
 education. Established in 2004, these scholarships are intended to support male students who are
                     seeking a pre-RN licensure or graduate degree in nursing.

*Frank P. Amling - Edgewood, IA -Clarke College
"Thank you for selecting me as a recipient for the 2009 AANM Foundation/Johnson & Johnson
Nursing Scholarship. I am honored to have been selected and truly appreciate you taking the
time to personally call me. Thank you again."
Joshua J. Aydelotte - Northlivert , IA -University of Iowa College of Nursing
"Now that I've caught my breath. I would really like to know where to send an appreciation
letter. Do I just send it to the same address as before? Yours? God Bless."
Cornelius M. Carter -Wichita, KS -Wichita State University
"I am absolutely elated to hear back from you. I am sure you can attest to the great need for
financial assistance while in school. If my bank account was a gas tank, it would probably be on
“E”. Over the past few months, I have come into contact with many male nurses and nursing
students who have found interests in our organization. In Wichita there is not an established
chapter but I am interested in knowing how to get involved with the larger organization.
Thank you again."
Kevin David Colwin -Madison , WI - University of Wisconsin Madison
"I am very happy about this award. Thank you for the recognition. I yelled in excitement when
I read the email. Best wishes"
Frantz A. Edouard - Boston, MA -Northeastern University
"I would like to thank you Dr. Raper, along with the entire AAMN Foundation for choosing me as
a recipient of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) Foundation/Johnson & Johnson
Nursing Scholarship. It means a lot to me, and it makes a very big difference. Thank you once
*Shannon L. Harper - New York, NY - Columbia University
"It is an absolute honor to receive a 2009 AAMN Foundation / Johnson & Johnson Nursing
Scholarship. I am grateful for the foundations help as I pursue my degree in nurse anesthesia.
Thank you very much for supporting nursing education"

                                                               continued page 10
May 2009
Volume 27   AAMN   InterAction   9
  No. 2
                                                                                      May 2009
 10                           AAMN    InterAction                                     Volume 27
                                                                                        No. 2

      (continued from p. 8) 2009 AAMN Foundation /
                   Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarship Grantees
Kristopher J. Jackson - Farmington, NH -Monmouth University
"I would like to thank you sincerely for considering my application. I must say it was an extremely
pleasant surprise to see such good news in my e-mail inbox! Once again, thank you for all of
your assistance and support; I am truly honored."
Harry Jean-Michael - Wellington, FL - Miami Dade College
"Thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient of the 2009 AAMN Foundation and Johnson
& Johnson Nursing Scholarship! I am very honored to be selected."
Alexander David Johnson - Brookings, SD - South Dakota State University
Jonathan S. Lenarte -           Augusta, GA - Augusta State University
Jeffrey Oppus - Chandler, AX - Arizona State University College of Nursing
Joshua C. Palmer- Madison, WI - University of Wisconsin Madison
"Thank you very much for your work. I look forward to taking a leadership role someday as a
nurse. I'll make sure to help those coming along, as you are doing"
Justin R. Parsley - Plattsmouth, NE - Creighton University
Jeffery A. Pecson - Fresno CA - California State University Fresno
"Hi Dr. Raper. I am honored to be a recipient of the 2009 American Assembly for Men in Nursing
(AAMN) Foundation/Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarship. Thank you so much for this much-
needed scholarship."
Kale D. Roseen - San Diego, CA - San Diego State University School of Nursing
*Morgan C. Smith - San Francisco, CA - University of California San Francisco
"Thank you for the incredibly great news! I am thrilled and honored to have been selected for
a 2009 AAMN/Johnson & Johnson Nursing scholarship. This award will provide a tremendous
amount of support as I enter the final year of my Masters work at UCSF this fall."
Karl J. Rusterholtz - Springfield, MO - Southwest Baptist University ST. Johns C.O.N.
*Mark P. Toles - Chapel Hill, NC - Duke University
Roque Anthony F. Velasco - Chula Vista, CA - San Diego State University
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in choosing me to receive
the AAMN Scholarship. I am much honored to be a recipient of this award. This award will be of
great assistance in my journey of pursuing a degree in Nursing. With your assistance, I became
much closer in realizing my dreams of becoming a nurse. With sincere thanks"
Suraj P. Wagh - St Petersburg, FL - ST Petersburg College
"Thank you so very much. I can't believe it. You have made my year. Thank you again."
May 2009
Volume 27   AAMN   InterAction   11
  No. 2
                                                                                      May 2009
12                         AAMN      InterAction                                      Volume 27
                                                                                        No. 2

                Support AAMN Mission Through National Men’s Health Week

nation in the celebration of National Men’s Health Week. I am encouraging each of you to
engage your AAMN chapter, colleagues, fellow organizations, employer, and other community
organizations to coordinate events in the community focusing on men’s health. This is an
excellent time to capitalize on the national focus of men’s health and promote AAMN’s voice
on men’s health and men in nursing. We are one of the few organizations that specifically
acknowledge men’s health as a essential component of our mission.

Some suggested activities to promote National Men’s Health Week is to request the major or
governor to issue a proclamation regarding the acknowledgement of National Men’s Health
Week, distribute press releases through your local media, coordinate a health awareness/
educational session and screening at your state capital, plan a health fair in your local community
through community based organizations or your employer, or plan continuing education
programs during this week focusing on men’s specific issues.

Assistance in planning National Men’s Health Week activities can be secured through the
Men’s Health Network (http://menshealthnetwork.org/) or the National Men’s Health Week
website: http://www.menshealthweek.org/index.htm. Promote men’s health by focusing
awareness, prevention, education and family, the theme of National Men’s Health Week.
May 2009
Volume 27             AAMN        InterAction                                 13
  No. 2

               Forensic Nursing
            at Johns Hopkins
                    Discover the new Certificate in Advanced
                    Forensic Nursing for RNs who hold a master’s
                    degree. Presented through executive session
                    and online formats, the new certificate
                    joins the MSN, DNP and PhD degrees in a
                    comprehensive program of evidence-based
                    forensic nursing education. All are offered
                    at The Johns Hopkins University School of
                    Nursing—A place where exceptional people
                    discover possibilities that forever change their
                    lives and the world.


            525 N. Wolfe Street   Baltimore, MD 21205   www.nursing.jhu.edu
                                                                                   May 2009
 14                          AAMN    InterAction                                   Volume 27
                                                                                     No. 2

         (CONTINUED SEE YOU IN CINCI! 34th AAMN Conference
                      FROM P.6)

             Men Making a Difference in Nursing

This year, you will hear about the 5- year AAMN Strategic Plan the board has developed for the
organization. With your input and help, AAMN can move to the level of greatness we are
destined for. At this meeting, nominations will be taken and elections held for President, Vice
President, Secretary, 3 Board Members and 2 Members of the Nominating Committee. So,
bring your nominations to the conference.

Presenters Wanted: If you would like to be a presenter or submit a poster presentation, go
the AAMN website and follow the conference link to download the abstract form. We encourage
individual and group presentations. Multi media presentations are most welcome too.


It’s easy. Follow the Conference on AAMN.org to the 2009 Conference Registration link. Fill in
the information and submit the form at the bottom. Payment options are flexible and listed on
the registration form. You may also download a conference brochure and attendance form at
the bottom of that same page.

The AAMN Conference Venue is one of Cincinnati’s most respected conference centers, the
Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel. This hotel is a perfect environment for our conference
with finely appointed meeting rooms, restaurants and impeccable guest rooms. We have secured
a block of rooms for attendees at a substantial discount. Please mention you are reserving a
room for the AAMN Conference to get our discounted room rate. You must reserve your room
before September 18th for the discount.

Single or Double Guest Rooms: $149.00

Junior Suites: $179.00

                            Call for Reservations


                            1.800. HILTONS

                            Hotel check-in is at 3pm and check-out is 12 noon. Guestrooms
                            feature ‘’The Serenity Bed’‘, coffeemakers, iron and board and voice
                            mail. The hotel has a fitness room, an indoor pool, and high-speed
                            internet access.

So, as they say in air travel, fasten your seat belt and prepare for takeoff!

Don Anderson, AAMN Education Committee Chiar , danderso0703@curry.edu
   May 2009
   Volume 27                          AAMN         InterAction                                                                                      15
     No. 2

     AAMN Nominations Committee                                                                                   College of
                                                                                                                Health Sciences
            encourages you to:                                                                             An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution

           Get Involved in AAMN                                    Begin, advance or even change your career!
                                                                              School of Nursing
  AAMN is now accepting nominations for the
                                                        On-Campus and Online Offerings:
       following leadership positions                    MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner / Adult Nurse Practitioner
                                                              **Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
                                                                        **In collaboration with Thomas Jefferson University
                                                                CNS Adult Health
                                                                CNS Pediatrics
* President Elect                                               CNS Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
                                                                Post Master’s Certificate Options in All Specialties
                                                                Health Services Administration
*Vice-President                                           MS – Health Services Administration
                                                          RN to BSN & RN to MSN – CNS Programs
                                                          School Nurse Certificate Program
*Secretary                                                                  Division of Special Programs
                                                       Certificate Programs –
* Board Members x 3                                     Online RN Refresher Course
                                                             – Spring 2007 class begins February 6 – Register by January 29, 2007
                                                             – Summer 2007 class begins June 5 – Register by May 25, 2007

* Nominations Committee x 2                            Register at anytime for these certificate programs earning
                                                       contact hours for relicensure:
                                                        Cognitive Therapy: Interventions for Healthcare Providers
Nominees for the 2009 election must submit              Cognitive Therapy: Advanced Applications for
                                                                             Healthcare Providers
        the following documents:                        Online Injury Prevention Basic Certificate Course
                                                        For additional information contact:
                                                        Division of Special Programs                                    School of Nursing

· Consent to serve 2009                                 Phone: (302) 831-0442
                                                        FAX: (302) 831-4550
                                                                                                                    Phone: (302) 831-1253
                                                                                                                     FAX: (302) 831-3292
                                                        Email: DSP-email@udel.edu                             Email: UD-Nursing@udel.edu
(available at www.aamn.org)                             WWW.UDEL.EDU/DSP                                     WWW.UDEL.EDU/NURSING

· Election Biographical Data Form 2009
(available at www.aamn.org)
· Electronic self-portrait suitable for
display at the annual meeting
Nominations should be submitted to
jimraper@uab.edu no later than 9/23/2009.
                  Nominations received after
                  that time will be accepted
                  from the floor during the 2009
                  Annual Meeting.
                  Documents submitted after
                  September 23, 2009, may
                  not be available for poster
                  viewing at the 2009 Annual

      AAMN Needs YOU!!!!
    May 2009                       AMERICAN ASSEMBLY            FOR   MEN    IN   NURSING
    Volume 27
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      No. 2

 Call For Abstracts!!! en3
                         r            AAMN                                                 Save the Date
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      LQQking for           INTERACTION DEADLINE             TIME TO RENEW YOUR        34th Annual Conference
2009 Conference Focus              for articles                  MEMBERSHIP
                                                                                          "Men Making a
                                                           IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED
 Session presentations         & Chapter News is           YOUR MEMBERSHIP FORM  ...   Difference in Nursing"
       contact                 August 10, 2009                 PLEASE CONTACT               Oct 23-25, 2009
   AAMN Education                                                                      Hilton Motherland Plaza
                                                              Byron McCain
   Committee Chair           email submissions to:         bymccain@bellsouth.net           Cincinnati, Ohio
    Don Anderson               Michael Burnett, RN, MSA,
                                                                                        for further information,
danderso0703@curry.edu                 BSN,CNOR
                                                           Deadline for Conference
                                   Interaction Editor
                                                                                                 Go to
                                           or                                                 AAMN.org
                              Jeffrey Hamilton, BSN, RN
                                Interaction co-Editor      Last date = Oct. 10, 2009         for all your
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