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tips for lender certifications of loan status - Harvard Law School


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									                           LOW INCOME PROTECTION PLAN
                        HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, WASSERSTEIN SUITE 5027
                             CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS 02138
                          TEL: (617) 495-0643  FAX: (978) 367-3820

It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate record of your educational loan debt and annual repayment
obligations. In accordance with the LIPP application instructions, you must submit documentation of your
repayment obligations and evidence of your good standing with each of your lenders. This documentation must
include the following information:
      Required monthly payment amount
      Due date of your next payment
      Current amount due
      Past due amounts (if any)
      Current outstanding debt
      Your account status (current, in deferment until, in grace until, in forbearance, past due, etc.)

Loan certification may be in the form of a copy of your most recent statement (either printed bill or statement
obtained via the web), a letter from your lender verifying the information you submitted, or a copy of a repayment
schedule indicating that your first payment is due after the time you file your LIPP application. We may also
request documentation of your payment history if any discrepancies are noted.

Harvard University
       Login to https://borrower.ecsi.net
             o You will be asked to enter your school code which is:        k4
             o In the Account number box enter your 8-digit Harvard ID#. DO NOT enter a Password. Instead
                  click on “Need help logging in?”.
             o Enter your last name and date of birth. After you click “Submit” the system will check to see if
                  they have a social security number on file.
                       If they do, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
                       If they don’t, ECSI will send you an email with a link to the final login page. Make sure
                          emails from ecsi.net don’t end up in your Spam box.
        If all data matches what they currently have on file, you will be able to set up your password and 3
        challenge questions.
       If you are unable to login, please contact them at 617-495-3782 or 800-315-7192 to determine the

US Department of Education
(Direct, Stafford, and Consolidation Loans)
     Go to https://www.myedaccount.com/
     Click on Manage My Account
     Submit the summary letter PDF and/or a screen shot of your home page showing the required payment
        amount and payment history.
     NEW PARTICIPANTS: Online statement information should show the required payment and first due
        date. The best way to obtain this is via the link “View Loan Benefits and Details.”

                                                                                                   Updated on 5/15/12
CitiAssist Loan
from Citi Group (serviced by Citi Group)
    Go to https://www.studentloan.com
    Click on “Pay Your Loans” and then “Manage Your Loans Online”
    Logon using username and password or click on “Set Up Your Online Account” to set up a user profile
    Print out the page with the principal balance outstanding and the last payment amount
    Payment History: under Loan Balance Information, click on View Statement
    NEW PARTICIPANTS: If you cannot access information online, contact CitiBank via phone at (800)
       967-2400 to request a statement that includes your required monthly payment and your first due date. If
       they are unable to provide a statement, request a letter of estimated payments. Note your first payment
       will not be due until approximately December for a 6-month grace or March for a 9-month grace.
       Statements you receive prior to this point may be interest-only statements, and although they show an
       amount due and a payment date, this amount does not need to be paid and will simply capitalize (be added
       into the principal of your loan) before repayment if you do not pay it prior.

Law Access Loan
from the Access Group (serviced by either KHESLC or AES)
If serviced by KHESLC
      Go to http://www.thestudentloanpeople.com
      Logon using your account number, date of birth, and email address
      Print out the page showing the principal balance outstanding and the monthly payment amount
      Payment History: call (888) 678-4625 and request a copy to be sent to our office
If serviced by AES
      Go to http://www.aessuccess.org
      Click on Account Access and log on with username and password, or create an account
      Under Loan Details, click on AES Loan Servicing and print page with principal balance and monthly
         payment amount information
      Payment History: under Loan Details, click on Payment History
NEW PARTICIPANTS: If you cannot access the information online, contact the Access group at (800) 233-
0557 and request a statement showing your required monthly payment and first due date.

(serviced by ACS - Affiliated Computer Services)
     Go to https://www.acs-education.com to set up user registration and access loan status & payment
        information, including payment history
     Under My Accounts, print the Account Details for each of your loans as well as your payment history
     NEW PARTICIPANTS: The required payment and due date should be available through the website.
        Otherwise, contact MEFA toll free at (800) 449- 6332 and request a letter of good standing.

Law Loans
(serviced by Sallie Mae)
     Go to http://www.salliemae.com/manage/index.html
     Click on “Manage Your Loans”
     Logon using your User ID and password or Click on “Register for Online Access” to set up an account
     Once logged on, print the initial page in Manage Your Loans
     Payment History: under Loan Details, click on Loan Payments
     NEW PARTICIPANTS: Contact Sallie Mae directly at (888) 272-5543 to request a statement with the
        required monthly payment and first due date.

                                                                                                Updated on 5/15/12

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