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					Principals’ Report
August 9, 2007
Don Weber, District Executive for Education and Youth, Nebraska District –

Seeing the Mission Field

Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Mission
In grateful response to God’s grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacraments, the mission of
The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed within our
churches, communities, and the world.

Nebraska District – LCMS Mission
The Nebraska District – LCMS resources leaders, congregations and related organizations in their mission of
discipling the saved and proclaiming Christ to a lost and changing world.

Nebraska District – LCMS Education Unit Mission
The unit provides resources, opportunities, experiences, and encouragement to leaders, congregations, and related
organizations of the Nebraska District – LCMS through education and youth work to carry out the district mission to
disciple the saved and proclaim Christ to the world.

John 4:35....“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”

Call Activities For Commissioned Ministers

Nebraska District Call Activities
For the month of May 2007

Calls Pending:
Sarah Heislen (S’04), middle school principal, Faith, Las Vegas, Nev., to principal, Lincoln Lutheran,
Lynn Biebighauser (MQ’07), teacher, Lincoln Lutheran
Sarah Dagel (S’07), teacher, Lutheran High NE, Norfolk
Tracie King (S’07), teacher, Zion, Kearney
Nicole Koenig (S’07), DCE, Lord of Life, Elkhorn
Darin Suckstorf (S’04), teacher, Lutheran High NE, Norfolk
Mallary Gunnare (S’07), teacher, St. John, Columbus.

Calls Accepted:
Joel Brase (S’01), teacher, Lutheran High Northeast, Norfolk, to teacher, Colorado Lutheran High School
        Association, Denver, Colo.
Curt Fischer (S’69), principal, Heartland Lutheran High School, Grand Island, to principal, Springfield
        Lutheran High School, Springfield, IL.
Bryan Polzin (S’06), teacher/assistant principal, Zion, Tobias, to teacher/assistant principal, Faith,
        Eustice, Fla.
Calls Declined:
Curt Fischer (S’69), principal, Heartland Lutheran High School, Grand Island, to St. Paul Lutheran High
        School, Concordia, MO.
Amy Heuer (S’00), DCE, North Shore Lutheran Ministry, Lake Forest, Ill., to DCE, Faith, York.
Bryan Polzin (S’06), teacher/assistant principal, Zion, Tobias, to teacher, St. Paul, Beatrice.

Dana Chrisman (S’05), preschool teacher, St. Paul, Utica.

Placed into DCE Internships:
Rachel Kohlmeier, St. Paul, Arlington
Michael Kipp, Christ, O’Neill

Nebraska District Call Activities
For the month of June 2007

Calls Pending:
Lynn Biebighauser (MQ’07), teacher, Lincoln Lutheran
Neal Kurtz (S’70), principal, Zion, Pierce, to principal, Linn, Linn, Kan.

Calls Accepted:
Sarah Heislen (S’94), middle school principal, Faith Lutheran Jr/Sr High School, Las Vegas, Nev., to
        principal, Lincoln Lutheran Middle/Senior High School, Lincoln.
Megan Jensen (S’06), teacher, Our Redeemer, North Platte, to teacher, Guardian, Jacksonville, Fla.
Paul Krueger (S’75), principal, St. John, Battle Creek, to teacher, Trinity, Wahiawa, Hawaii.
William Leech (S’73), principal, Our Redeemer, North Platte, to principal, Immanuel, Jefferson City, Mo.
Brian L’Heureux (S’96), candidate, to principal, Zion, Denison, Iowa.
Katie Nelson (S’06), teacher, Messiah, Lincoln, to teacher, Calvary, Kansas City, Mo.

Calls Declined:
Robert Cooksey (S’84), executive director, Christ Community Lutheran School Association, Kirkwood,
       Mo., to executive director, Wider Omaha Lutheran School Association, Omaha.
Sarah Scherer (S’04), teacher, Immanuel, Lockwood, Mo., to teacher, St. Paul, Beatrice.

Other Transactions:
Ranelle Bader (S’99), candidate, to resigned from roster.
Karen Brookens (S’88), candidate, to removed from roster.
Margaret Detmer (S’94), candidate, to removed from roster.
Stanley Fehlhafer (S’66), principal, Messiah, Lincoln, to emeritus status.
Karen Jensen (MQ’02), teacher, Lincoln Lutheran Middle/Senior High School, Lincoln, to non-candidate
John Kinworthy (RF’63), professor, Concordia University, Seward, to emeritus status.
Jennifer Magnus-Duitsman (S’99), non-candidate, to removed from roster.
Jeannine Mauch (S’66), candidate, to non-candidate status.
Michelle Schuster (S’97), non-candidate, to removed from roster.
Margaret Smith (S’64), teacher, Zion, Kearney, to emeritus status.
Mark Thuer (S’00), candidate, to removed from roster.

Sarah Dagel (S’07), teacher, Lutheran High NE, Norfolk.
Tracie King (S’07), teacher, Zion, Kearney.
Nicole Koenig (S’07), DCE, Lord of Life, Elkhorn.
Darin Suckstorf (S’04), teacher, Lutheran High NE, Norfolk.
Mallary Gunnare (S’07), teacher, St. John, Columbus.
Joel Helmer (S’94), professor, Concordia University, Seward.

Nebraska District Call Activities
For the month of July 2007

Calls Pending:
Dave Ricke (S’77), DCE, Divine Shepherd, Omaha, to DCE, First, Papillion.
Martha Sunderman (S’05), teacher, Lamb of God, Las Vegas, Nev., to teacher, St. John, Battle Creek.

Calls Accepted:
Phillip Carlson (S’01), teacher, Cannon Valley, Morristown, Minn., to teacher, Lutheran High Northeast,
Amy Kurtz (S’00), candidate, Nebraska District, to teacher, Immanuel, Memphis, Tenn.
Neal Kurtz (S’70), principal/teacher, Zion, Pierce, to principal/teacher, Linn, Kan.

Calls Declined:
Jon Kohlmeier (S’95), teacher, St. John, Seward, to teacher, St. John, Seward.
David Kumm (S’01), teacher, St. John, Battle Creek, to teacher, Grace-Chapel, Bellfontaine Neighbors,
        Mo.; teacher/principal, St. John, Aurora, Ind.; teacher, St. John, Fraser, Mich.; and teacher, St.
        Paul, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Betty Messing (S’85), teacher, Deshler Lutheran, Deshler, to teacher, Zion, Pierce.
Stuart Tietz (S’70), principal, Faith, Lincoln, to Lutheran South Academy, Houston.

Other Transactions:
Carolyn Brott (S’77), teacher, St. Paul, Beatrice, to non-candidate status.
Tonya Isaac (S’96), candidate, Iowa District West, to candidate, Nebraska District.

Lynn Biebighauser (MQ’07), teacher, Lincoln Lutheran
Harlan Anson (S’05), teacher, Our Redeemer, Staplehurst.

New Principals in the District
St. Peter, Davenport
Our Redeemer, North Platte
Arlan Warneke - Zion, Pierce
Dave Beikmann - Deshler Lutheran, Deshler
Sarah Heislen - Lincoln Lutheran Middle School/High School, Lincoln
Matt Stueber - Messiah, Lincoln
David Kumm - St. John, Battle Creek
John Weber - Heartland Lutheran High School, Grand Island
School Visits
I am scheduled to visit your school for an observation and consultation on the date and time
listed below. Please call our office as soon as possible if this visit will not fit your school’s
schedule. I encourage you to schedule about 20-30 minutes for each teacher.
Make a schedule listing the teacher’s name, scheduled time to begin the observation, and the
subject the teacher will be teaching. Give the schedule to me as I enter the building. This will
keep everyone informed as to where and when the observations are to occur. My visits are
designed for encouragement and for my own personal education about your ministry and that of
your teachers. I will send a written report a few days after the visit. I will not be meeting with
teachers after the observation. Any conversation with them will take please at the observation
time. If your school visit needs to be rescheduled, please contact my office. The schedule is
attached at the end of this document

School Ministry Commission
School Ministry Committee
Meeting Minutes
District Office, Seward
10:00 a.m.

Present: Jim Knoepfel, Stan Fehlhafer, Bob Saeger, Stu Tietz, Ron Bork, Katie Bockelman,
Loren Wilshusen, Don Weber, and Kathy Melton

Devotion (Stu Tietz) — Sharing the Good News with families of our Lutheran schools (taken
from Galatians)

Minutes—Kathy Melton: Minutes were approved as written.


Concordia Report—Ron Bork: No actions taken.

Early Childhood Education Ministry Report: No actions taken.

Lutheran High School Report—Don Weber: No actions taken.

Lutheran Elementary School Report: No actions taken.

District Executive Report: No actions taken.


Objective 1: To develop a fall conference for all Nebraska District-LCMS school teachers.
No actions taken.
Objective 2: To develop a fall teacher retreat for all teachers at the beginning of the new
school year. We should keep track of the teachers that come to this event.

Objective 3: To develop a spring conference for all district school administrators.
Bob Saeger is the new president of the Principals’ Conference. The Principals’ Conference
Committee should meet this summer to start planning. It was suggested that there be two
Principals’ Conferences each year. One could be the format we usually use, the other one be
more of an in-service/informational meeting.

Objective 4: To develop a conference for early childhood center administrators.
No report given or actions taken.

Objective 5: To develop a workshop for all new district teachers. The New Teachers’
Retreat will be held on September 28.

Objective 6: To encourage school administrators toward professional growth and
encourage them to have monthly circuit meetings. No actions taken.

Objective 7: To encourage school improvement through National Lutheran School
Accreditation. No actions taken.

Objective 8: To develop a plan for district wide school improvement. Sharon Witt has
accepted a position in a public school. This committee will have to see if we need to find
another chair for this objective.

Objective 9: To assist schools in preparing for major emergencies and government
mandates. No actions taken.

Objective 10: To encourage development of technology use in Nebraska District Lutheran
Schools. No report given or actions taken.

Objective 11: To annually select an educator to be the Outstanding Nebraska Lutheran
Educator. Kathy will be sending a reminder (with forms attached) to all principals regarding the
September 1 deadline. After September 1, Kathy will mail all copies to Katie and a decision will
be made by September 15. Katie will be presenting the award at APC. It was suggested that we
start having an award for an outstanding early childhood teacher, elementary teacher, and high
school teacher.

Objective 12: To select a project for the annual Hearts for Jesus Project for district
schools. No report given or actions taken.

Objective 13: To help coordinate district-wide school events in sports, music, and
curriculum area fairs, bees, and contests. No actions taken.

Objective 14: To encourage the opening of new Lutheran Schools in the District, using the
Genesis project when possible. No report given or actions taken.
Objective 15: To provide services and opportunities for service to emeritus teachers in the
Nebraska District. No report given or actions taken.

Objective 16: To flexibly respond to the School Ministry needs in the Nebraska District,
sometimes adding new programs and activities and at other times discontinuing those
programs and activities which are no longer helpful or supported. No report given or
actions taken.

Budget: By the next meeting, please submit action team members and your goals to Don at the
District Office. All expense vouchers must be sent within 60 days of the transaction to be
considered for reimbursement. Meals are not reimbursed unless it is a necessary part of the
meeting. Each objective has a budget of $300 for this year. Don suggested that you keep copies
of all records.

Next Meeting:

Date: September 10, 2007
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: District Office, Seward
Devotions: Jim Knoepfel

October Conference
The October Conference will be the All Professional Church Workers’ Conference. It will be
held in Lincoln at the Embassy Suites Hotel on October 22, 23, and 24. The first day of the
Conference will be geared toward Commissioned Workers. We will have the business meeting
for the election of the new officers for the 2008 Teachers’ Conference and the Principals’
Meeting that day, as well as a fine key note speaker, Dr. Jeffery Burkhart, and some workshops
designed for teachers and DCEs. The second day is designed for both Commissioned and
Ordained Workers. There will be no workshops, but there will be a worship service, a fine
keynote speaker, Dr. Reed Lessing, a banquet, at which we plan to present the Outstanding
Educator Award, and an Athletic Directors’ meeting. The third day of the Conference is
designed for Ordained Workers.

Early Childhood
Early Childhood Directors Training
June 20-21, 2007
LEA Workshop
Hosted by the Nebraska District – LCMS
In partnership with the Kansas District and the Iowa West District
With participation from the Rocky Mountain and Missouri Districts.

The Early Childhood Network Leadership Institute was created by LEA and titled “The Building
Blocks of Leadership”. Thirty-three conference attendees from the four districts, four presenters
from the Lutheran Education Association, and the three District Executives from Iowa West,
Kansas, and Nebraska participated in seven training modules titled: #1 Qualities of a Great
Director; #2 Strengthening Staff Relationships; #3 The Director as Manager- The Enrollment
Dilemma; #4 The Director as Manager- Overdue Fees, Policies and Procedures; #5 The
Director as Supervisor- Staffing for Quality; #6 The Director as Supervisor- Mentoring Quality
Staff; and #7 “Immersion.” The participants experienced activities to help them comprehend the
concepts in each module. Out of the 33 participants at the 2007 LEA ECEnet Leadership
Institute, 18 also attended the 2006 event. The plan is to repeat this experience next year using
the same format with different modules.

Principal’s Conference at Aurora April 17-18.
Information on this conference will be coming soon.

From DCS

School Begins Again:

Lutheran Schools will begin the 2007-08 school year in August or September. It is the prayer of
those of us in LCMS School Ministry that God will richly bless all administrators, faculties and
staffs, students and their parents during this school year.


Texas Principal Is 1,000th LCMS CUEnet Colloquy Student

HOUSTON-"I've been stretched. I've been strengthened in the faith," Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner
told the 63rd Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod during sessions July

Gaertner, the principal of Salem Lutheran School in Tomball, Texas, was introduced to the
convention as the 1,000th teacher enrolled in the teacher colloquy program through CUEnet, the
nationwide online technical network of the LCMS Concordia University System. The colloquy
instruction, launched in 2001, allows Lutheran school teachers to obtain the theological
instruction and other necessary courses to become rostered as teachers in the Synod.

"We have an enormous, long distance to go," said Heather Stueve, professor at Concordia
University, Portland, and coordinator of the CUEnet teacher colloquy program, as she introduced
Gaertner. "We have 11,000 teachers in our schools who are without this training."

LCMS congregations operate 2,488 early childhood, elementary and high schools, enrolling
280,000 students. The schools employ 18,000 teachers.

The theme of the July 14-19 convention is "One Message-Christ! His Love is Here for You!"

Release July 11, 2007
Lutheran High FBLA Member Wins National Award

Phillip Hoenig, a student at Lutheran High School of St. Charles County, won top honors at the
Future Business Leaders of America National Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL, June 28-
July 1, 2007. Phillip competed in Introduction to Business against state representatives from
across the United States and placed ninth in his event.

The competitive events program is sponsored annually by FBLA. Individuals, local chapters,
and state teams compete in over 40 events representing a range of business, career, and
leadership development activities. The winners of these challenging and prestigious awards are
selected from FBLA's 210,000 members and have won district and state competitions to qualify
for the national awards program.

FBLA is a nonprofit organization that prepares students for careers in business and business
education. Its mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working
relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Lutheran High's
FBLA chapter was incorporated in 2003 and has sent students to the district and state
competitions each year. Phillip is Lutheran High's first national competitor. Phillip is the son of
Don and Georgia Hoenig of St. Charles.

Lutheran High School of St. Charles County is a member of the Lutheran Elementary School
Association (LESA).

Contact: Amy Eickmann, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Adviser, Lutheran High
School of St. Charles County, 5100 Mexico Road, St. Peters, MO
63376. Phone: 636.928.5100, ext. 202

At Emmaus, Elhambra, CA, we have an outreach ministry to many Asian families. We have a
first grader who has been in our school since he was three. Our first grade teacher this year
really emphasizes The Bible. They spent time on the first commandment this spring. Here's
how Jonathan relates the story, " I was a Buddhist, then I heard there was only one God. I told
my mom three times that I couldn't believe in a lot of gods. Then, my mom wanted to become a
Christian with me.

The mom came and spoke with our pastor, wanting to better understand this God that her son
kept talking about, took instruction class, and she and her son have been baptized.

Praise the Lord.

Nancy Swanlund

Chapel Talks 2007-08 is available to order. Order forms were sent in the May Mailing to all
schools. The books will be shipped in late June or early July.
"Securing Each Child's Future" is the theme for National Lutheran School's Week in 2008.
The theme is based on Jeremiah 29:11. A new Worship and Activity booklet is being developed
and will be available in the fall of 2007. National Lutheran School's Week for 2008 is March 2-

The Lutheran School Portal

It is time to subscribe for the 2007-08 school year. Invoices were sent to
all schools currently subscribed. If you are not currently subscribed to
The Lutheran School Portal and would like to, call Calie at 314-996-1285.

Disclaimer Statement

Part of the mission of DCS is networking resources for our partners in ministry. All resources on
our web site with stock numbers beginning with 'S' and resources published by Concordia
Publishing House have passed LCMS doctrinal review. Additional resources are recommended
from time to time with the confidence that our professional church workers are trained to discern
what is useful and proper for Lutheran churches and schools


Check the website at for information about the convocation.

The theme for LEA's 2008 Convocation is: Fountains of Faith & Knowledge

The 2008 Convocation is April 24 - 26 in Minneapolis.
2008 LEA Convocation News Releases:

Ken Davis
The Convocation planning team is pleased to announce that Christian comedian Ken Davis will
return to the Convocation stage in Minneapolis for the Thursday evening banquet and
entertainment. Mr. Davis has been a long-time favorite of LEA members, bringing tears of joy to
their eyes and lasting warmth to their hearts.

Convocation Keynote
The planning team is thrilled to announce that Reed Lessing is the keynoter for the Convocation.
The Rev. Dr. Lessing has provided stimulating and humorous addresses at many conferences,
including the 2006 LEA National Administrators Conference. Members might remember him as
the author of the Summer 2006 LEA Monograph “Leading the Parade in Faith…and All That
Convocation Schedule

Thursday, April 24, 2008

8:00-4:30      Registration
8:30-11:30     Pre-Convocation Workshops
10:00-2:30     Exhibits Open
12:30-1:45     Sectional 1
2:30-4:00      Opening Worship
4:00-6:30      Exhibits Open
5:00-6:30      Reception in Exhibit Hall
6:45-9:00      Banquet

Friday, April 25, 2008

7:00-10:15     Exhibits Open
8:30-9:45      Sectional 2
10:15-11:45    Keynote
11:45-6:15     Exhibits Open
11:45-1:15     Lunch break
1:15-2:30      Sectional 3
3:00-4:15      Sectional 4
5:00-6:15      Reception and Prize Drawings in Exhibit Hall
6:30-8:30      Banquet

Saturday, April 26, 2008

8:30-9:45      Sectional 5
10:15-11:45    Sending Event

Registration fees for the 2008 Convocation are as follows:

  Early bird registration (on or before January 15, 2008):
   • LEA member: $250
   • Non-member + 1-year LEA membership: $349
   • Non-member: $399
   • Emeriti member: $200
   • Emeriti nonmember: $260
   • Student member: $150
   • Student nonmember: $210
Pre-Convocation Workshops/Events: $25
   Late registration (after January 15, 2008):
   • LEA member: $300
   • Non-member + 1-year LEA membership: $399
   • Non-member: $449
   • Emeriti member: $250
   • Emeriti nonmember: $310
   • Student member: $200
   • Student nonmember: $260
Pre-Convocation Workshops/Events: $25
Hotel rates will range from $124 to $148 single/double
and $146 to $168 triple/quad per night, excluding taxes. (Rev. 12/20)

Hearts for Jesus Project – Sudanese Mission in Nebraska
The Sudanese mission in the Nebraska District is the 2008 Hearts for Jesus Project.

District Happenings
St. Paul, Omaha, began a building project for a gymnasium. Speakers included Governor Dave
Heineman and present and former school officials.

Christ, Columbus, dedicates its new addition on September 9. New classrooms and office spaces
were added to the school building.

On May 3, 2007, Good Shepherd Lutheran School & Preschool in Lincoln, Nebraska, celebrated
its first Latin Awards Ceremony. Nine students from the school took the Introduction to Latin
exam offered by the ACL/NJCL National Latin Examination. According to the National Latin
Examination, more than 134,000 students world wide took the test. Each of the 50 United States
was represented. Even though a total of nine Nebraska schools administered the test, the
students at Good Shepherd were the only ones in the state taking the Introduction to Latin section
of the exam. This section had 16,553 participating students. Of those student participants, 5,177
missed five or fewer questions on the test and received a rating of “outstanding.” Of the
outstanding students, 463 had perfect test scores. One student in Nebraska, fourth grader Anna
Russert of Good Shepherd Lutheran School, received a perfect score on the Introduction to Latin
exam. Three other Good Shepherd sixth graders Hanna Dull, Claire Dull, and Zachary Dull (yes,
they are triplets) were outstanding. One of those missed one question and two others missed
two. Additionally, seventh grader Lisa Holmgren received an achievement award ranking on the

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman presented the awards to each of the four students. He also
named May 3, 2007, as Anna Russert Day in the state to recognize her tremendous achievement.
The Rev. Thomas Obersat, the school’s headmaster, hosted the ceremony. The Rev. Clint
Poppe, the Latin teacher and one of the pastors of Good Shepherd, addressed the assembly and
gave special congratulations to the all the students who had taken the exam. Rev. Lance Berndt,
another pastor at Good Shepherd, delivered the invocation and the closing prayer for the event.
New Teacher Workshop
The annual Nebraska District New Teacher workshop is scheduled for September 28 from 10:00
a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the District Office. Teachers in their first year of teaching should be
encouraged by their principals to attend that workshop. New teachers meet other new teachers,
get some valuable insights from veterans, and review some very important tax information now
that they are actually in the field.

District Commissioner Stuart Tietz, Faith Lincoln; Loren Wilshusen, Trinity, Fremont; Ron
Bork, Concordia University; Bill Chandler, emeritus, Grand Island; Don Weber, Nebraska
District – LCMS District Executive for Education and Youth; and Kathy Melton, Assistant for
Education and Youth met as the District NLSA Commission on June 6, 2007. The Commission
recommended Trinity, Madison; St. John, Columbus; Messiah, Lincoln; and Hampton Lutheran
for accreditation. The Commission also recommended Zion, Hastings; St. John, Seward; Trinity,
Grand Island; Faith, Lincoln; Concordia, Omaha; St. Paul, Arlington; Lincoln Lutheran
Middle/High School; Trinity, Lincoln; Immanuel, Columbus; Christ, Norfolk; and Trinity,
Fremont, for continued accreditation. Zion, Pierce; St. Paul, Utica; and Christ, Juniata, have
applied for the NLSA process. Terry Schmidt conducted a training session for 20 NLSA
consultants at the District Office on February 9, 2007. On February 10th, he led an information
session about NLSA accreditation for eight early childhood educators.

Media Materials
Remember we still have some films and videos for school use. Check with Kathy to see if we
have what you need. Check the reporter for a list of what is being given away this month.

School Visit Schedule

Semester 1
   Number    School                            City              Visit Date   Start Time
         1   Christ Lutheran School            Norfolk           9/4/2007     9:00
             Christ Lutheran School            Norfolk           9/5/2007     9:00
        2    Trinity Lutheran School           Madison           9/7/2007     9:00
        3    Lutheran High Northeast           Norfolk           9/11/2007    9:00
        4    Zion Lutheran School              Plainview         9/12/2007    9:30
        5    Jesus Our Savior Preschool        Winnebago         9/18/2007    10:00
        6    Zion Lutheran School              Bancroft          9/18/2007    1:00
        7    Zion St. John Lutheran School     Wisner            9/21/2007    9:30
        8    St. Paul Lutheran School          West Point        9/21/2007    12:30
        9    Zion Lutheran School (Worms)      St. Libory        9/26/2007    9:30
       10    Immanuel Lutheran School          Polk              9/27/2007    9:30
       11    St. Paul Lutheran School          Arlington         10/3/2007    9:30
       12    Immanuel Lutheran School          Hooper            10/3/2007    1:00
       13    St. Paul Lutheran School          Beatrice          10/5/2007    9:00
       14    St. John Lutheran School           Battle Creek   10/9/2007    9:30
       15    Trinity Lutheran School            Grand Island   10/17/2007   9:00
       16    Heartland Lutheran High School     Grand Island   10/18/2007   9:00
       17    Zion Lutheran School               Pierce         10/19/2007   9:30
       18    Christ Lutheran School             Juniata        10/29/2007   9:30
       19    Zion Lutheran School               Hastings       11/2/2007    9:30
       20    Hampton Lutheran School            Hampton        11/6/2007    9:00
       21    St. Paul Lutheran School           Ogallala       11/12/2007   9:00 (Mountain)
       22    Peace Preschool                    McCook         11/12/2007   1:30
       23    Beautiful Savior Preschool         North Platte   11/13/2007   9:00
       24    Our Redeemer Lutheran School       North Platte   11/13/2007   9:30
       25    Holy Cross Preschool               Kearney        11/14/2007   9:00
       26    Zion Lutheran School               Kearney        11/14/2007   10:00
       27    Good Shepherd Lutheran School      Lincoln        11/19/2007   9:00
       28    Christ Lutheran School             Lincoln        11/26/2007   9:00
       29    Trinity Lutheran School            Lincoln        11/28/2007   9:00
       30    Messiah Lutheran School            Lincoln        11/30/2007   9:00
       31    Our Redeemer Lutheran School       Staplehurst    12/6/2007    9:00
       32    Lincoln Lutheran M/S High School   Lincoln        12/11/2007   9:00
             Lincoln Lutheran M/S High School   Lincoln        12/12/2007   9:00

Semester 2
        33   Pilgrim Lutheran School            Bellevue       1/10/2008    9:00
        34   Zion Lutheran School               Tobias         1/14/2008    9:00
        35   St. Paul Lutheran School           Utica          1/16/2008    9:00
        36   St. John Lutheran School           Seward         1/21/2008    9:00
        37   St. Paul Lutheran School           Omaha          1/23/2008    10:00
        38   Mt. Calvary Lutheran School        Omaha          1/28/2008    10:00
        39   Concordia Lutheran Academy         Omaha          1/30/2008    10:00
        40   Concordia High School              Omaha          2/5/2008     9:00
        41   St. John Lutheran School           Columbus       2/6/2008     9:00
        42   Christ Lutheran School             Columbus       2/8/2008     9:00
        43   Immanuel Lutheran School           Columbus       2/13/2008    9:00
        44   Trinity Lutheran School            Fremont        2/15/2008    9:00
        45   Deshler Lutheran School            Deshler        2/20/2008    9:00
        46   St. Peter Lutheran School          Davenport      2/20/2008    1:00
        47   Faith Lutheran School              Lincoln        2/25/2008    9:00
        48   Emmanuel Lutheran School           York           2/27/2008    9:00

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